• Transparent Face Mask

Transparent Face Mask

WeProFab is your best transparent face mask manufacturer in China since we can produce a high-quality, durable, lightweight, and comprehensive protection for everyone. You can also guarantee with our transparent face mask products since it is safe to use and feel comfortable when worn. We have full capabilities and advance types of equipment in fabrication.  Get in touch!

Get WeProFab Transparent Face Mask to Delight Your Customers

Our transparent face mask is applicable to different types of applications. We can provide a wide range of face cover for adults and kids. This will also help the business that gains profits.

Transparent Anti-Droplet Face Mask

WeProFab provides a high-quality transparent anti-droplet face mask which enables clear vision every moment. We can produce practical and suitable for adults and children use.

Transparent Anti-fog Face Mask

WeProFab provides a durable and useful transparent anti-fog face mask. Our transparent anti-fog face mask offers supreme visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight.

Transparent Dust Proof Face Mask

WeProFab transparent face mask is dustproof which is ideal for industrial, home, and even for traveling since it effectively prevents dust. We can provide high-quality and full protection.

Transparent Reusable Face Mask

If you’re looking for a reusable transparent face mask, WeProFab will provide you a lightweight, extra comfort, and full protection even you communicate.

Transparent Sanitary Face Mask

If you need a transparent sanitary face mask for business, WeProFab provides a comfortable, high-quality, and affordable and offers a clear interaction with the customers or patients.

Transparent Splash Proof Face Mask

WeProFab can give you a perfect and durable transparent face mask for your kitchen protection. Our transparent splash-proof is effectively prevents hot oil from splashing on the face and eyes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Transparent Face Mask Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, so we offer you a great solution for plastic and metal fabrication. We are your one-stop-shop of practical products like a transparent face mask.

Our transparent face mask has plenty of types that are suitable for industrial and home applications. We have anti-droplet, anti-fog, dust-proof, reusable, sanitary, splash-proof, spit guard, full face shield, top hat, and more. We have an available size for adults and kids. You can free to choose from our transparent face mask products since it has a flexible head belt to make sure it fits for most head sizes.

WeProFab performs product processing like thermoforming, CNC cutting, bending, and so on. In that case, we can assure our clients to have satisfaction with our products since we fabricate base on their specifications. If you want to purchase now, please contact us now!

Custom Transparent Face Mask to Expand Your Brand

Spit Guard Transparent Face Mask

Our spit guard transparent face mask gives protection against spitting and block germs coming from your mouth. WeProFab can provide high-quality, reusable, and economical.

Transparent Face Mask for Kids

We fabricate a transparent face mask for your kids. WeProFab offers the best selection of design and size for your kids. We can produce base on your desire specifications.

Transparent Face Mask with Mouth Panel

If you want to have a transparent face mask with mouth panel, great news! WeProFab can produce a durable, competitive rate, and economical. It is accessible in any size.

Transparent Full Face Shield

WeProFab transparent full face shield provides full protection in your face. We are your best supplier for having high-quality, durable, and affordable prices.

Transparent Top Hat Face Mask

WeProFab offers a unique design for your transparent face mask. You can have our transparent top hat face mask design and it provides lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Why WeProFab Transparent Face Mask

Face masks are part of our daily living even if we leave the house, we make sure to bring a mask. So WeProFab produces a practical transparent face mask to be applied in many applications. We are the entrusted transparent face mask fabricator in China since we fabricate over 20 years. WeProFab transparent face mask has plenty of different types that you can choose from.

Transparent Face Mask

Our transparent face mask has a transparent anti-fog face mask, transparent dust-proof face mask, transparent sanitary face mask, transparent splash-proof face mask, transparent reusable face mask, and so on. Our transparent face mask covers a wide range that protects the full face and has a clear appearance.

WeProFab transparent face mask is perfect for industrial and home uses. It is also applicable in different types of businesses such as restaurants, dental, hospital, skincare, nail shop, food manufacturing plant, offices, and more. Our transparent face mask is ideal for traveling since it has a dust-proof and best for kitchen use since it has splash-proof.

Our transparent face mask is made with super transparent material which gives maximum visibility and maintains clarity in which gives your vision clear every moment. WeProFab transparent face mask offers high quality, durable, practical, and comprehensive protection.

Transparent Face Mask

WeProFab transparent face mask can prevent fog from covering your sight. It protects your eyes and face from droplets, saliva, dust, splatters, sprays, smoke, splash, water, wind, ultraviolet rays, aerosols, pollen, and flying debris. WeProFab transparent face mask can impressively prevent hot oil from splashing on your face and hurt your skin while cooking.

Our transparent face mask provides a simple and practical design. You can feel no hassle since it is easy to use and clean. WeProFab transparent face mask has adjustable elastic to suits for adults and kids. We have different standard products in our transparent face mask that you can choose from. We have a spit guard transparent face mask, transparent face mask with mouth panel, transparent full face shield, transparent top hat face mask, and transparent face mask for kids.

Transparent Face Mask

WeProFab offer different sizes for your transparent face mask, you can have the adult size and the kid sizes. We can produce base on your specific details. As an ISO 9001 certified company, WeProFab manages the quality of the products and guarantee you to have good items before delivering to you.

If you want to have a transparent face mask for your personal and business use, WeProFab is your best supplier. For more questions about our transparent face mask, please message us now.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToTransparent Face Mask

As cases of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to increase, it’s certain that face masks are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

Wearing face masks is now compulsory on public transport, in public places, and in shops in almost all nations of the world with defaulters liable to pay fine.

Transparent Face Mask

Transparent Face Mask

However, as you put on your face masks in favor of the effective prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the masks also cover a significant part of your face which may have a detrimental effect on the way you communicate with another person.

Opaque face masks cover your nose, mouth, as well as your facial expressions, lip patterns, and visual cues, which all aid communication especially with children or the elderly ones who are deaf or have some form of hearing loss.

As a result, the transparent face mask has proven to be more effective than the opaque face mask because it offers the same level of protection as the opaque mask without impeding the effective flow of communication.

This guide provides all the necessary information you need on a transparent face mask.

If you have a question about the transparent face mask, read on.

What Is A Transparent Face Mask?

Just as its name depicts, a transparent face mask is a type of face mask specially designed with a transparent window that allows others to see the facial expressions and visual cues of the users as well as read their lips.

While a transparent face mask offers you the same protection as an opaque mask in preventing the spread of COVID-19, it is primarily designed to improve communication and make contact between users less impersonal.

A Woman Putting On A Transparent Face Mask

A Woman Putting On A Transparent Face Mask

In a nutshell, a transparent face mask keeps the view of the user’s face free and clear.

You can watch this video to find out how you can make a transparent face mask at home if you wish.

Why Is The Transparent Face Mask Better Than The Traditional Opaque Mask?

The transparent face mask has several benefits over the traditional opaque mask.

More than 50% of our communication is visual, which includes facial expressions, visual cues, and emotional displays.

The traditional opaque face mask covers almost half of the face and blocks these communications, leading to loss of communication, misinformation, or mistranslation of information.

Miscommunication or misinformation is one of the major causes of medical errors and this can only be prevented by using transparent face masks.

More so, especially in the clinical setting, facial expressions are very important for building perceived rapport or empathy.

The ability to see a smile improves relationships and reduces confusion.

Opaque Face Mask vs Transparent Face Mask

Opaque Face Mask vs. Transparent Face Mask

The transparent face mask enables natural and empathetic communications.

It also eliminates all communication barriers caused by opaque masks.

Lastly, the user’s identity is partially lost with an opaque mask, making it difficult most times to identify the person wearing the face mask.

You may find it is more difficult for law enforcement and government authorities to verify identities with the face mask.

However, the transparent mask gives a clearer view of the user’s face.

Transparent Face Mask with Elastic Straps

Transparent Face Mask with Elastic Straps

Will You Encounter Any Problem With The Transparent Face Mask?

A transparent face mask is made of plastic and plastic isn’t porous.

This can make it difficult for you to breathe well.

More so, transparent masks may also fog up easily, impeding visibility.

However, some transparent masks are made of a polymer membrane, which offers the right combination of transparency, porosity, anti-saliva, and resistance.

Does The Transparent Face Mask Provide As Much Protection As Traditional Opaque Face Masks?

Originally, the traditional opaque face mask is designed to prevent saliva (or any other body fluid) and particulate materials from dispersing from your mouth.

It blocks back any body fluid and particulate matters and prevents their spread.

The transparent face mask does the same functions as the opaque mask by using a full, transparent, anti-saliva, and anti-fog plastic barrier, which also prevents droplets and particulates from passing through.

Just like the opaque face mask has gaps on the sides, the transparent face mask is also not airtight along the sides of the mask.

This allows easy air circulation so you have breathability and comfort.

Hence, the transparent face mask is similar to the opaque face mask in terms of protection.

Only the N95 respirators can completely filter out the air you are breathing in and out as they do not have gaps on the sides.

Can A Transparent Face Mask Protect Me Against COVID-19?

Yes, it does. The transparent face mask protects you against COVID-19 when fitted and worn properly.

What Material Are Transparent Face Masks Made From?

Transparent face masks can be made of various plastics but you will find they are most commonly made of comfortable and durable polystyrene material.

You can refer to the website of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for more information.

Is The Transparent Face Mask FDA-Approved?

The transparent face mask can be used when the FDA-approved masks are unavailable.

Presently, due to the rising cases of the coronavirus infection, the transparent face mask is in use in clinics and hospitals and by healthcare workers and the general public without objection from the FDA.

However, there are various cases where using the transparent face mask is not recommended according to FDA guidelines.

These include using this transparent maskin the presence of flammable gas or high-intensity heat source, where there is a high risk of infection through inhalation exposure or where significant exposure to body fluids, particulate matters, or other hazardous particles/fluids may be expected.

Only the N95 respirators are allowed in such cases.

Is The Transparent Face Mask Latex-Free?

Yes, the transparent face mask is latex-free and suitable for those who are allergic to latex.

What Is The ASTM Level Rating For The Transparent Face Mask?

Transparent face masks meet the ASTM Level 3 ratings for fluid resistance and flammability.

ASTM F1862:160 mmHg for resistance and 16CFR Part1610: Flame Spread = 1 for flammability.

Transparent Face Mask Level of Protection

 Transparent Face Mask Level of Protection

However, differential pressure tests, particle filtration efficiency, and bacterial filtration efficiency do not apply to the transparent face masks because there is no airflow through the mask.

Does The Transparent Face Mask Have Filters?

Only the N95 respirators and other fabric face masks are designed to have filters.

The transparent face mask does not function in the same way and does not have filters because there is no airflow.

Are The Transparent Face Masks Reusable?

Though some other face masks such as the N95 respirator masks are intended for single-use and not reusable, these transparent face masks can be reused.

Since they are plastic, they can be hand-washed and disinfected.

Are Transparent Face Masks Intended For Medical Use?

While transparent face masks are intended mainly for personal use, you can still use them in medical settings where significant exposure to body fluids or other hazardous particulate matter is not expected or where there is no risk of infection via inhalation exposure.

Although transparent face masks, when properly worn, can significantly reduce exposure to bodily fluids or particles, you should be aware that there is no guarantee that they will eliminate the risk of contracting an infection or disease.

These transparent face masks are not as effective as medical-grade and N95 masks and should not be used in place of hospital-grade face masks.

Are Transparent Face Masks Available In Multiple Sizes?

No, transparent face masks are generally not made in multiple sizes but one size only.

However, you will find that transparent face masks have elastic loops which can be adjusted to fit different face sizes for a more personalized fit.

Does The Transparent Face Mask Fog Up?

It’s not unusual for plastic face masks and shields to fog up unless they have an anti-fog coating.

You can request your manufacturer to have anti-saliva and anti-fog coatings on your transparent face masks that helps in minimizing fogging in the mask when you are breathing or speaking.

Where Can You Use A Transparent Face Mask?

You can use a transparent face mask anywhere and in any setting.

However, you will find that transparent face masks are best suited for indoor settings and are recommended to be used in low-humidity, ventilated, and room-temperature environments.

Is The TransparentFace Mask Breathable?

Transparent face masks provide an impermeable frontal barrier against sprays, particles, or fluids, performing similar functions as opaque face masks.

However, while the transparent face mask is not porous, it is breathable.

A transparent face mask is not airtight along its sides and allows air circulation to occur.

This allows for breathability and comfort.

Can You Return The Transparent Face Mask After Purchase?

No, you cannot return the transparent face mask after purchase.

Due to the increasing coronavirus cases and raising concerns for safety and hygiene, it is very unlikely that any manufacturer would not accept any returned mask.

However, if you have received any damaged or defective transparent face mask in your order, you can take pictures of the defective items and contact the customer support agents for your manufacturer immediately.

How Can You Make Effective Use Of The Transparent Face Mask?

To make effective use of your transparent face mask, observe the following guidelines:

  • Avoid touching or hold the front or covering part of the mask.
  • Before touching the face mask, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water or any alcohol-based hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  • Fit the transparent mask perfectly around your nose mouth, and chin.
  • Keep the transparent face mask away from your face.
  • Make sure that you’re using a clean transparent face mask.
  • Pick up your transparent mask from the straps or ear loops only.
  • Take off your transparent mask only by removing the straps from behind your ears.

What If The Transparent Face Mask You Ordered Is Too Large For Your Face?

Most transparent masks come in one size but have adjustable straps, which can be adjusted to ensure that the masks fit your face perfectly.

Is There Any Standard Color For Transparent Face Masks?

Unlike the opaque face masks that come in standard blue or green varieties, transparent face masks do not have a standard color.

While the clear part has no color, the straps may come in a variety of colors depending on the manufacturer.

Is There Any Standard Design or Shape For Transparent Face Masks?

No, there is no standard design or shape for transparent face masks.

Transparent Face Mask in Different Shape

Transparent Face Mask in Different Shape

Transparent face masks come in a variety of designs and shapes depending on the manufacturer but this does not affect their level of protection or functionality.

Transparent Face Mask in Different Shape

Transparent Face Mask in Different Shape

Is The Transparent Face Mask Similar To The Clear Face Shield?

No, the transparent face mask is not similar and does not work in a similar way to the clear face shield though both of them offer similar transparency.

A transparent face mask offers respiratory protection, which is lacking in a face shield.

Face shields have gaps and openings around the mask and do not fit firmly to the ears or chin.

They do not offer as much protection as the transparent face mask.

However, face shields can be used in conjunction with face masks to reduce exposure to large infectious particles.

Faceshield vs Transparent Face Mask

 Face Shield vs. Transparent Face Mask

Are Transparent Face Masks For The Deaf Available?

Yes, you can make use of transparent face masks for the deaf to facilitate lip-reading and communication.

This can be a very helpful alternative for the deaf when the most popular options have been opaque face masks.

How Can You Make Transparent Face Masks At Home?

First, cut out two strips of fabric of measurements 40 inches by 2 inches.

Cut out two pieces of the mask which you will use as the main part covering your mouth.

There are patterns available online to guide you on the correct shape and sizing for this.

There should be a space in the pieces that will be a clear piece where your mouth is visible.

Place the two pieces together and sew a line on each side so that you can secure them together.

Use glue or any other adhesive to stick a piece of clear plastic over the hole where your mouth will be visible.

You can place a piece of clear vinyl between the two fabric layers to give the mask some structure.

Fold pleats in your mask, pin them and sew them in.

Next, sew in your fabric strips which you can tie to hold up your mask.

Fold over your ties a few times and sew into place.

You can watch this video to find out how to make your transparent face masks.

Alternatively, if you would like to avoid the hassle of making your own transparent face masks, you can always order transparent face masks from a manufacturer who will often be able to offer you a volume discount.

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