• Sandblasting Film

Sandblasting Film

WeProFab sandblasting films are accessible with many features and customizations. We have multipurpose, frosted, resistant, and many more types of sandblasting films to purchase. You can let us custom your orders as well.

Get WeProFab Sandblasting Film to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a professional provider who develops and controls each sandblasting film quality. Through this, we can help customers get their desired products in quality controls to delight customers.

Heat Resistant Sandblasting Film

Aside from many features we have for sandblasting films, WeProFab assures to protect every application by creating a great resistance.

Industrial Sandblasting Film

There are many customizations of sandblasting films for industrial at WeProFab to attain. Each type of sandblasting film has its own rates offer which is acceptable.

PVC Sandblasting Film

WeProFab PVC sandblasting films are attainable in many types. It is attainable at affordable rates. WeProFab will be your great choice in finding a tested sandblasting film.

Sandblasting Film Manufacturer

WeProFab has a wide range of sandblasting film which has affordable total cost offer. We can be one-stop solutions when needed a qualified sandblasting film.

Self Adhesive Sandblasting Film

WeProFab has a self-adhesive sandblasting film that is truly supported. Films are durable and effective for sandblasting materials and many applications.

Vinyl Sandblasting Film

If you choose WeProFab to be your vinyl sandblasting film supplier, your orders are in good hands. We are ensuring all the products supplied will be suited to many applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Sandblasting Film Manufacturer

WeProFab can manufacture different sandblasting films for your options. Your business really needs this since it has attractive and negotiable capability to help your business generate great profits.

In manufacturing different products, we have lots of capabilities to give full support for every project. We can customize sandblasting films based on your demands.

We are a sandblasting film supplier which is certified in supplying large or bulk orders. We will help you get an awesome sandblasting film you deserve.

Custom Sandblasting Film to Boost Your Business

Semi Transparent Sandblasting Film

These types of sandblasting films are durable and amazing for building materials. WeProFab semi-transparent sandblasting films can save a budget.

Multi Purpose Sandblasting Film

WeProFab multipurpose sandblasting films are quality tested and negotiable for business. We offer you to custom your orders.

Frosted Sandblasting Film

WeProFab frosted sandblasting films are perfect for walls and many other glass products. You can avail better cost offers.

Decorative Sandblasting Film

Sandblasting films has a lot of effective applications such as a wall, glasses a many more. Each application of decorative sandblasting films has an amazing look.

Colored Sandblasting Film

We have many colors of sandblastin film available to choose from. Each color has a unique and elegant look that will be matched on many applications.

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Why WeProFab Sandblasting Film

Sandblasting Film

WeProFab sandblasting films are designed to provide a creative and unique design for glass walls, plastics, and any application including steels and stones. There are different types and customizations for sandblasting film you could choose.

WeProFab will also let you decide your ideal text or designs, especially for wall applications. You can send your drawings at WeProFab so we can provide better satisfaction for your business or personal needs. WeProFab has a lot of sandblasting film options when purchasing and searching for the best one.

Sandblasting Film

For wall applications, sandblasting films are perfect for glass, plastics, stones, etc. It is suitable for offices, stores, boutiques, and many other establishments. Tell us your target applications.

WeProFab will help you and suggest the best for your final applications to make it more creative and attractive.

There are different sizes and meters when looking for a sandblasting film. When choosing sandblasting films, WeProFab has medium-duty perfect for polished stones.

Sandblasting films are also accessible at light duty films which are suitable for glass applications. We, WeProFab always manufactured products and ensure to create unique features, styles, and many more. We assure you that it will be suitable for your target application.

Sandblasting Film

A premium duty of WeProFab sandblasting films is suitable for both glass and stone applications which has a 230 microns thicker version. If you need it for business or personal needs, both purposes will be fulfilled.

In finding a tested sandblasting film for different applications, WeProFab can supply what you demand. We have ready to ship sandblasting films suited to your business’s special requirements.

Even how hard it is to handle a project and running a business, WeProFab will guide you all the way.

Don’t hesitate to call WeProFab if you need sandblasting films urgently. We will make every process safety, secured from damage and returns, and most especially we will provide a smooth sailing production.

Send your inquiries now. We have plenty of 24/7 workers to give full support.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Sandblasting Film

If you are looking for additional protection for your surfaces, sandblasting films are the right choice.

These films not only improve your material’s lifespan but also offer beautiful display options.

Sandblasting films are multi-purpose materials with a premium construction process.

These are thin laminate films with adhesive tacks made from a synthetic resin like polyethylene, PET, and PI.

You can use these films on various surfaces to provide a smooth finishing to them.

Whether you want to improve the interior design or ensure privacy in commercial spaces, these films are quite useful.

The film thickness varies with your end purpose.

You can find all details on all such information on sandblasting films below.

Here is an extensive FAQ guide covering the uses, types, and quality of the sheets.

What Is The Process Involved In Making Sandblasting Films?

Sandblasting is a technology that involves the spraying of minute sand particles on plastic films.

This process gives a matt finishing to the film with a lower reflectance.

The entire process is environment-friendly, as it does not involve the use of chemicals.

The films go through a series of specialized processes to attain the end product of premium quality sandblasting sheets.

The clear film passes through a sandblasting machine.

This machine blows the sand using rotating impellers and centrifugal force.

The input sand is delivered through a pipe that is attached to a sand tank.

The next thing you need to do is to water wash the film and then dry it using hot air.

Sandblasting Film Role

 Sandblasting Film Role

What Are The Types Of Sandblasting Films Based On Performance?

Sandblasting films are available in different types, each one fulfilling a specific purpose.

Some of these include the following:

· Heat Resistant Sandblasting Film

If you are facing issues with too much heat entering from your roof, a heat resistant film will come in handy.

Heat resistant sandblasting films have an additional coating that allows them to deflect heat particles and control the temperature in a space.

This saves a lot of energy loss that is required to keep a constant temperature.

You can use these films in greenhouse glazing or various other applications.

Heat Resistant Sandblast Film

Heat Resistant Sandblast Film

· Industrial Sandblasting Films

These films are for industrial use or equivalent applications.

Whether it is for industrial-grade products, automobile industry, or the packaging department, these are ideal.

If you are looking for highly durable films for your usage, these will fit right in.

Industrial sandblasting films maintain high-quality standards and have many customizations.

· PVC Sandblasting Films

These films are made from quality PVC material.

PVC films are impact-resistant and last much longer.

You can use these films for all kinds of purposes, whether it is for glass surfaces or plastic surfaces.

The PVC sandblasting films provide a smooth finishing to any rough surface.

 PVC Decorative Sandblasting Film

 PVC Decorative Sandblasting Film

· Self-Adhesive Sandblasting films

If you are looking for an additional layer of protective films, use the self-adhesive ones to avoid any hassle.

Most of the sandblasting films have adhesion in them, while there might be some that do not.

These films are easy to use and stick.

The special adhesives do not leave any marks or residues on removal.

These films are also beneficial while installing with limited logistics and labor force.

 Self Adhesive Sandblasting Sheet

Self Adhesive Sandblasting Sheet

· Vinyl Sandblasting films

If you are looking for something fancier, vinyl sandblasting films are great for the purpose.

Vinyl material is mostly used to create marketing collaterals.

You will see vinyl standees with brand marketing everywhere around you.

However, this material can also be used as a film to provide quality effects.

Vinyl Sandblasting Film

Vinyl Sandblasting Film

· Semi-transparent Sandblasting Films

There is a wide array of films available based on the transparency level.

Some film sheets are quite transparent, while others are mostly opaque.

Here, you can find a balance between the two to achieve customizable semi-transparent sandblasting films.

You can use these as a construction material, use on patio covers, or any other application.

These translucent sheets are also suitable for maintaining privacy through a clear glass wall, while still allowing adequate light to pass through it.

· Multi-purpose Sandblasting Films

Along with purpose-specific sheets, we also have a range of multi-purpose films.

These are thick, durable, and impact-resistant in nature.

Moreover, you can use these films on various surfaces with ease.

These films are quality tested and suitable for a large number of applications.

Why Are The Sandblasting Films Better Than Sand-Blasted Glass Or Other Material?

The sandblasting films are much better as compared to glass or other materials in various aspects.

The key differentiators are mentioned below:

· Ease of use

While sandblasted glass provides the desired frosted effects to add to interior designing or for privacy purposes, these cannot be changed frequently.

The glass material, once installed, is permanent, till the time you decide to spend huge sums of money to change the frame.

On the other hand, you can easily change or remove a sandblasting film from any surface at any time.

· Saves costs

A sandblasted material is permanent and costs a lot of money.

It is not easily replaceable.

Moreover, you might not like the end result but still have to put up with it due to the huge investments.

On the contrary, sandblasting films are quite cost-effective.

You can also change them frequently to suit your requirements.

· Ease of maintenance

If you compare the sandblasting films to sandblasted glass, maintenance is one huge advantage in the former one.

These glass or plastic material can be extremely difficult to clean.

Whether it is cleaning the frequent fingerprints or other stains, these materials require a lot of effort.

This is not the case with sandblasting films.

You can watch this video to find out more about sandblasting film.

What Designs Are The Sandblasting Films Available In?

As the sandblasting film sheets fulfill an essential purpose of decorating and adding colors to indoor spaces, you will find a variety of options.

For this, the film sheets can be divided into different categories.

You can get these customized as per your requirements.

The categories of beautiful films are:

· Frosted Sandblasting Films

Frosted sandblasting films offer a translucent effect on the surface.

These are a good alternative to frosted glass materials.

You can stick them to clear surfaces to achieve a low cost and effective frosted look.

These films are quite useful for providing privacy to certain spaces with clear boundaries.

Moreover, there are different designs available among frosted films.

There are checked, stripes, and many more designs available.

 Frosted Sanblasting Film

 Frosted Sandblasting Film

· Decorative Sandblasting Films

If you want to get specific designs on your sandblasting films, we have you covered.

Whether it is intricated floral designs or minimalist outlines, you can get the films customized.

All you need to do is provide a suitable drawing of your requirements.

These decorative films are ideal for adding an aesthetic touch too bland spaces.

 Decorative Sandblating Film

 Decorative Sandblasting Film

·  Colored Sandblasting Films

You can get the films in various colors too.

Whether you want to match the colors of the films to your walls or interior designs, you can choose from the options.

You will find bright colors like red, blue, yellow, green, and many more.

Each of these films offers elegant and smooth finishing that will add colors to your space.

Colored Sandblast Films

Colored Sandblast Films

Are Sandblasting Films Customizable?

Yes, your manufacturer may offer various customizable options to match your business requirements.

You can get these film sheets in various shapes and sizes.

The sandblasting films are extremely user friendly and convenient.

You can cut them to fit the size of the target application on your own or let your manufacturer know your desired size.

What Are The Functions Of A Sandblasting Film?

While the functions of the sandblasting film sheets might differ with the variations, some basic features remain the same.

Some of these are:

· Friction reduction

These films allow a smooth and even finish to the surfaces.

Even with rough surfaces like stone, these films help to reduce the friction from them.

Friction reduction is advantageous in terms of the use of the material and also for its appearance.

· Resistance

The sandblasting films offer an additional layer of protection to your material or surface.

Often, the sheets are inclusive of certain additional resisting properties.

These might be heat-resistant, UV resistant, or light-blocking properties.

Such resistance makes the films useful for outdoor applications or with construction materials.

· Matte Finishing

These allow the surface to have a high-quality matt finishing with extremely low costs.

If you do not want to invest in expensive matte finished or frosted glass material, you can use these sandblasting films instead.

A matt finish also provides a translucent effect to the material.

Hence, you might want to use it for controlling light transmission.

What Is The Ideal Thickness Of Sandblasting Films?

The ideal thickness varies with the target application.

For simple surface matting, sandblasting sheets of 80 microns are available.

If you need to cover your glass or stone surfaces, a 230-micron version might be the right choice.

For surfaces that have deep carvings that have high-stress degrees, you should use a thicker sandblasting sheet, say up to 600 microns.

You can use cutting plotters to cut films of thickness up to 600 microns.

What Surfaces Can You Use Sandblasting Film On?

· Metal

Sandblasting films can be used on a lot of metal surfaces.

One common metal includes stainless steel.

Whether it is a container, steel shed, or steel window frames, you can use the films to cover these.

· Stones

While you might not think that a sandblasting film can hold on stones, it certainly can.

You can use them on marbles or granite walls.

These will also work fine on countertops and doors.

·  Plastic

Whether it is polycarbonate or acrylic, you can use these films to cover them.

You can use these films on top of greenhouse glazing or roof covers.

The colored films can also help to control light transmission.

· Glass

Glass is the most common surface for a sandblasting film.

It covers a variety of glass surfaces without any issues.

Whether it is the cabin dividers or conference room walls, these will prove to be quite useful.

You can also use them for any other type of glass wall or doors.

· Wood

These sandblasting films go well with wooden products as well.

You can use them for wooden doors or for furniture protection.

What Are Some Of The Utility Areas Of Sandblasting Films?

· Glass walls

The printed or frosted film sheets are quite useful in covering the glass walls.

For instance, your office has consecutive glass cabins that do not allow any privacy to the employee.

Instead of changing the entire structure, you can use the long-lasting sandblasting frosted film.

You can utilize it in conference rooms, house glass doors, or glass walls.

· Automobiles

You can use these sheets to cover your automobile windows.

Use the 100% transparent film that does not compromise your vision.

These films can also offer the tinted black look that you see in certain cars.

Sandblast Film for Car

 Sandblast Film for Car

· Furniture

If you want to cover your glass showcases with elegant designs, these might be perfect for you.

You can get rid of the films at any time you want.

You can also use these for kitchen backsplashes or cabinet doors.

· Construction material

These films are quite useful for covering your glass doors and window panes with exquisite designs.

These are also ideal for use on top of rooftop glazing or skywalks.

You can also use these for any of the stone walls, stainless steel surfaces, or plastic materials.

These films are also useful as stencils to give shapes to glass or other materials.

 Sanblasting Film on Windows

 Sandblasting Film on Windows

· Labels and packaging

These films can be used as a good package wrapper.

Moreover, these are also useful for creating industrial labels.

The thick films with adhesion wrap themselves around the package and do not allow any physical harm to it.

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