• Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is an outstanding perforated acrylic sheet manufacturer and a great partner for your business. As a professional manufacturer, we have a large selection of standard perforated acrylic sheets, with great ability to create tooling for virtually any custom of perforated acrylic sheet. Send us your ideal perforated acrylic sheet!

Get WeProFab Perforated Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is proven that one of the best-perforated acrylic sheet manufacturer. We can manufacture perforated acrylic sheets which can give a high impact on your customers and for your business.

Transparent Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab transparent perforated acrylic sheet creates the highest-quality perforated plastic components and it is ideal for incorporation into your building design.

Optical Clear Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab optical clear perforated acrylic sheet is much less expensive so it’s ideal for tighter budgets. If you are needing optical clear perforated Weprofab is the excellent choice.

Prismatic Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab prismatic perforated acrylic sheet has a chemical resistance. Perfect for some harsh environments such as factories and storage that contain corrosive chemicals.

Anti-scratch Perforated Acrylic Sheet

If you are needing anti-scratch perforated acrylic sheet for your business project, Weprofab can provide it to you immediately.

Glass Perspex Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Glass perspex perforated acrylic sheet of Weprofab has an impressive visual elements to any design and it has the capacity in improving ventilation and enhancing airflow.

Decorative Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab decorative perforated acrylic sheet has a natural colored and stress-relieved. This is available in several thicknesses and perforations and can be used in a variety of applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Perforated Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Weprofab is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of perforated acrylic sheet. We provide perforated acrylic sheet not just in China but all over the world with great finished and functions in an amazing cost.

As experts and experienced in the industry, we analyze and improve the manufacturing process from the start to the end.

Send us an inquiry now, we will not ignore your inquiry!

Custom Clear Perforated Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Perforated Colored Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab has a perforated colored acrylic sheet available on sheets stock. We also customize the perforated acrylic sheet to meet our customer’s needs.

Acrylic Sheet Perforated Plexiglass

Weprofab acrylic sheet perforated plexiglass with its lightweight nature and high impact resistance can be used in a wide range of applications.

6 mm Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab can able to cut the 6 mm perforated acrylic sheet. It is more cost-effective because it avoids wasting materials.

HDPE Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab HDPE perforated acrylic sheet is so strong, it makes the best option for structural glazing. You can find the best HDPE perforated acrylic sheet.

Impact Resistant Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Impact-resistant perforated acrylic sheet is a versatile and multifunctional product. Highly customized based on the purpose. Made with an impact-resistant acrylic with enhanced performance.

Bulletproof Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Bulletproof perforated acrylic sheet is accessible in a wide range of colors, hole sizes, and distinct patterns. Admired for its abrasion resistance and flexible design. Perfect in a wide range of ballistic applications.

High Gloss Perforated Acrylic Sheet

A high gloss perforated acrylic sheet is ideal for various purposes. Can be cut to size with drilled hole options. Comes with a glossy surface and a pliable film for added safety and easy transport.

Matte Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Matte perforated acrylic sheet is capable to soften lighting. Designed specifically for display applications, photography, and laser projects. Includes a matte surface finish that will not scratch easily.

Perforated Clear Acrylic Sheet

A perforated clear acrylic sheet is applicable for both indoor and outdoor sign production. Produced with a UV coating that can withstand years of usage. Made with clear acrylic and offers natural strength.

Custom Color Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Custom color perforated acrylic sheet is made to match any environment. Colors are highly customized together with some features. Ensures excellent light transmission that is ideal for lighting applications.

Perforated Gray Acrylic Sheet

The perforated gray acrylic sheet offers excellent strength and durability. Commonly used in corrosion-resistant tanks, ducts, and spacers. Highly chemical-resistant with good electrical insulation properties.

Perforated Black Acrylic Sheet

Perforated black acrylic sheet is beneficial for many architectural and industrial applications. Engineered with high-quality acrylic ranging in different sizes. Comes in black color with a sleek design.

2mm Perforated Acrylic Sheet

2mm perforated acrylic sheet provides reliable and comprehensive solutions for a lot of companies. Made with a piece of advanced production equipment and can be modified to any requirements.

10mm Perforated Acrylic Sheet

10mm perforated acrylic sheet arrives in a wide variety of colors, style finish, and design options. Available with 10mm thickness making it suitable for laser cutting, bending, and welding.

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Why WeProFab Perforated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is specialized in processing or developing acrylic sheet for more than 20 years.

We have acrylic sheet products that range up to more than hundreds of different types of acrylic sheet came from standard raw materials.

We have all types of perforated acrylic sheet that may help boom your business.

Perforated Acrylic Sheet a

Whether you are looking for a perforated plastic sheet, perforated sheet, corrugated and perforated sheet, we have all the best for you.

Weprofab perforated acrylic sheet has numerous industries applications.

You can utilize perforated acrylic sheet in the construction industry, furniture industry, chemical industry, leisure industry, food processing industry, automotive industry, agriculture, and so on.

Perforated Acrylic Sheet b

Also, you can use the perforated acrylic sheet in different aspects like in sound insulation, warehousing, architecture, in ventilation and many more.

In terms of the acrylic sheet it is available in unlimited length, shapes, thickness, and colours depending on customer’s requests.

The good thing about perforated acrylic sheet is that it has a scratch-resistant, acid-resistant,  and lighter compared to plastic and glass.

We have large diversifications of restriction and specific developments in our products that probably has no equal in the market.

Perforated Acrylic Sheet c

Weprofab has a wide capacity to produce perforated acrylic sheet according to your requirements at economical prices.

Furthermore, Weprofab can manufacture top perforated acrylic sheet such as a transparent acrylic sheet, optically clear perforated acrylic sheet, prismatic perforated acrylic sheet, anti-scratch perforated acrylic sheet, and decorative perforated acrylic sheet.

Weprofab is ISO 9001 certified and passed the standard product quality test.

You can ensure that our product is highly monitored and calibrated with our expert personnel.

We give our full attention to every production to ensure its quality.

If you have questions regarding our perforated acrylic sheet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will give you an amazing perforated acrylic sheet that you deserve.

Get an instant quote on Weprofab perforated acrylic sheet!

Perforated Acrylic Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything about perforated acrylic sheets such as benefits, cost, surface treatment, quality standards, color options, and applications, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to be an expert in a perforated acrylic sheet, read this guide.

Take a look:

What is a Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

Perforated acrylic sheet

Perforated acrylic sheet

It refers to a thermoplastic panel designed from acrylic material stamped or punched be it mechanically or automatically.

Stamping or punching forms holes, slots, or decorative material on the surface material.

It offers an excellent alternatives for a wide range of applications where lighter weight is a concern.

This design of acrylic material also provides unique features suitable for integrating into your specific applications.

What are the Benefits of Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

It offers a wide range of advantages, of course in specific applications, which include the following;

1) It offers exceptional regulation of airflow, making it suitable for structures in various applications.

In other words, it provides ideal airflow and still does not get hot even when exposed to high temperatures.

2) It is relatively lightweight, especially compared to glass sheet. Of course, this is beneficial since it enhances convenience as far as transportation, handling and installation are concerned.

3) You can easily customize or reshape this component to suit your particular needs.

It is soft and flexible; thus can be bent or remolded to specific extents.

4) It is resilient since it has incredible resistance to several elements including temperature, moisture, UV rays and corrosion.

In essence, it enables you to cut on costs related to replacement and repair.

5) It has a strong surface material hence making it difficult to break.

It is the reason it can resist impact without breaking or cracking irrespective of the intensity.

How do you Determine the Suitable Perforated Acrylic Sheet for your needs?

You have to figure out specific aspects when selecting the best type of perforated acrylic sheets for your needs.

Some of these elements include the following;

Brand – It is always vital to look into the specific brand of this component you are choosing.

They are quite several in the market, but it is necessary to go for a popular and reliable brand.

Personalization – You also need to determine whether or not you are going for customized designs.

If so, you also have to specify the customization extent, which suits your project’s requirements.

Cost – It is the factor, which determines all the other elements as far as purchasing this component is concerned.

You can always shop in different outlets to compare prices to get a better deal if not best.

Specific project – Your particular application also determines the specific type of perforated acrylic sheet you’ll choose.

Ensure you consider all the essential elements of the structure before making your choice.

Dimension – This component is often available in different sizes and thicknesses.

It is thus vital to consider all these aspects in relation to your application when making a choice.

What is the Difference between the Perforated Acrylic Sheet and Perforated Glass Sheet?

In general, these two materials are the commonly used types of perforated sheets in various applications.

But they vary in differences in many aspects such as the following;

Strength – Perforated acrylic sheet is about 17 times stronger than the glass sheet.

It thus shows acrylic can withstand impact resistance better than glass.

Clarity – Perforated acrylic sheet allows a higher amount of light to pass through it compared to the glass sheet.

Acrylic permits up to about 92% of light in comparison to glass, which allows up to about 85% of light.

Weight – Perforated acrylic panel is relatively lightweight than the glass sheet.

The former is about half the weight of the latter.

Durability – Perforated acrylic sheet is relatively durable compared to the glass sheet.

It can resist different environmental, mechanical, and chemical elements hence exhibiting better resilience than glass.

Flexibility – Perforated acrylic sheet is more flexible than the glass sheet.

Therefore, you can easily customize the acrylic sheet upon heating it to a pliable temperature.

On the other hand, glass is stiff and hence can break easily upon fabricating.

So in a nutshell, perforated acrylic sheet is far a much better option compared to glass sheet since it offers superior features, quality, and efficiency among others.

Does Perforated Acrylic Sheet Scratch easily?

Black perforated acrylic sheet

 Black perforated acrylic sheet

Not necessarily, but to some extent, it can easily scratch.

Essentially, a perforated polycarbonate sheet is somehow a soft-surfaced material.

And this is critical since it makes it relatively vulnerable, especially when exposed to scratchy objects.

However, you can always control or prevent the surface material of this component from scratching easily by integrating anti-scratch treatment coating.

This treatment entails applying an anti-scratch coating on the surface material to reinforce its ability to protect it from the abrasive objects.

How much does Perforated Acrylic Sheet Cost?

Perforated acrylic sheet

Perforated acrylic sheet

The cost of a perforated acrylic sheet often varies depending on numerous prevailing factors.

For instance, the dimension of this component is a great determinant of the specific amount of money you’ll pay for it.

The other determinant of cost, in this case, is the quality of material used to manufacture this piece.

Higher grade acrylic will, of course, be a bit expensive compared to low-quality grades.

Furthermore, customization needs will also determine the precise amount of money you’ll pay for this component.

Also, if you’re importing this material, the cost will be slightly higher compared to a local purchases.

In other words, there is no exact cost of perforated acrylic sheet.

What is the Standard Size for Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

There is no specific size for the perforated acrylic sheet.

It is entirely dependent on the specific dimensions of the application.

In essence, different projects require varying sizes of this component, thus making it a bit challenging to define the standard size.

Also, most of the customers making orders for this component usually request for customized units.

This is a clear indication there are no specific dimensions of this component, and it is instead dependent on the requirements of the customers.

How Strong is Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

Perforated acrylic sheet is, without a doubt extremely strong.

In essence, acrylic is a hardy material derived from natural raw materials, especially gas.

The molecules forming this component are therefore solid hence making it one of the strongest components.

Additionally, the manufacturing process of a perforated acrylic sheet also guarantees better results as far as strength is concerned.

In most instances, numerous additives are often incorporated during the manufacturing process as a way of reinforcing its strength.

And it is the reason this component has extreme resistance to impact.

It also hardly breaks nor cracks under ordinary circumstances.

What are the Applications of Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

You can use it in different types of applications in industrial, commercial and residential settings such as the following;

Perforated acrylic sheet

Perforated acrylic sheet

Architecture – They are used in different architectural aspects such as column covers, fencing screens, sunshades, infill panels, cladding, and signage, among others.

Building and construction – It is commonly used in most modern construction for various purposes.

For example, they help in noise reduction, sun protection, balustrade screening panels, and climate control units, among others.

Food and beverage – It is a vital component in this sector since it is used as baking trays, wine vats, sorting machines, drain dryers, and fruit presses, among others.

Chemical processing – It is used to manufacture battery separator plates, coal washing, centrifuges, mine cages and gas purifiers, among others.

Automotive – It is used by many vehicle manufacturers as oil filters, engine ventilation, running boards, radiator grills and silencers etc.

How is Perforated Acrylic Sheet Formed?

It is a relatively demanding process, which uses advanced equipment and also requires relevant skills.

Even so, the pressing process is the primary method used in manufacturing this sheet.

It is a process, which forms different thicknesses and perforation designs.

Nevertheless, there are three main methods often used in producing this sheet.

Laser perforation – It is an advanced technique, which entails the use of laser machines integrated with advanced technology to provide the necessary results.

This process provides and maintains an exceptional level of consistency as well as control over the size of holes and designs.

Rotary pinned perforation – It is a technique, which utilizes rotary pinned perforation roller.

This roller is basically a relatively large cylinder with sharp and pointed needles on the outer surfaces for punching holes into the acrylic material.

It rotates and stamps holes on the passing sheet.

Die and punch perforating – It is a process, which entails pressing of needles on to the acrylic panel repeatedly hence creating holes and designs on the sheet.

It is a relatively effective technique necessary for yielding fast results on large pieces.

Can Perforated Acrylic Sheet Leak?

Not at all!

The manufacturing design of this component makes it difficult for it to leak.

Also, in this case, is there is an internal layer integrated on this component, which helps in blocking any possible leakage.

This lining is intact and strengthened using various waterproof materials guaranteeing leak-proof.

What is the Service Lifespan of Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

Generally, the perforated acrylic sheet is quite durable given the material is naturally resilient to many environmental and physical factors.

It has incredible resistance to corrosion, impact, extreme temperatures, UV radiations, and moisture, among others.

This component also has formidable dimensional stability.

Therefore, under ordinary conditions, it can last for as many years as possible.

Notably, it can withstand different mechanical and climatic conditions for at least 20 years without degrading or distorting.

Additionally, if such conditions are even relatively better, it can as well last for more years in some cases up to 40 years or beyond.

The service lifespan of this component thus is dependent on the specific prevailing conditions it is exposed to often.

How does Direct Sunlight Affect Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

Direct sunlight often emits ultraviolet radiation, which can be harmful since they attack the molecules forming this component.

When the effect of direct sunlight persists for a prolonged period, the attacks might result in the weakening of these molecules completely.

And this can be disastrous since it will lead to fading, dulling, or yellowing of the component.

It is thus necessary to always ensure you go for a perforated acrylic sheet, which has a UV stabilizer.

This stabilizer is essential in preventing the UV rays from penetrating through the surface material of this component.

Can Perforated Acrylic Sheet Shatter?

Not at all!

The building units of perforated acrylic sheets are quite sturdy. In normal circumstances, they can hardly break nor shatter.

And it is the reason it’s regarded as a suitable material to use in areas where public safety is a concern.

In the unlikely event it breaks, this component can only fracture in large and dull-edges, but it at no point can it ever shatter.

What is the Best Surface Treatment Coating for Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

The best surface treatment for a perforated acrylic sheet is dependent on the specific application or conditions subjected to.

For instance, the anti-scratch coating would be suitable if the component is exposed to abrasive objects.

The anti-fog coating will also be a suitable surface treatment if you are using the sheet in a moisture infested area.

Also, the essence here is to help prevent any form of moisture from accumulating on the surface material leading to distorted clarity.

Furthermore, an anti-corrosive coating is suitable for settings such as factory and processing plants.

It helps to prevent chemicals from eroding the surface of this component.

And if the material is subjected to direct sunlight, the ideal surface treatment would be anti UV coating.

This substance is magical when it comes to preventing ultraviolet radiation from attacking and weakening the molecules of the material.

Apart from Clear Perforated Acrylic Sheet, What other Color Ranges are available?

It is also available in wide-ranging color hues of up to 32 variations depending on the capacity of a specific supplier.

In some instances, you’ll find other manufacturers providing up to more than 32 colors, including special shades.

Moreover, you can as well find multicolored perforated acrylic sheets, which integrates at least two or more colors in one sheet.

What are the Available Design Options for a Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

They are quite a several both standard and custom-made depending on what suits your needs and the particular supplier.

Some of the common design options from WeProFab include the following;

  • Optical clear perforated acrylic sheet
  • Glass Perspex perforated acrylic sheet
  • Anti-scratch perforated acrylic sheet
  • Transparent perforated acrylic sheet
  • Prismatic perforated acrylic sheet
  • Decorative perforated acrylic sheet
  • 6mm perforated acrylic sheet
  • HDPE perforated acrylic sheet
  • Frosted perforated acrylic sheet

Can you use Polycarbonate in Place of Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

 Perforated polycarbonate sheet

 Perforated polycarbonate sheet

Absolutely correct!

In fact, a perforated acrylic sheet is often considered as a budget alternative to perforated polycarbonate sheet.

These two materials share a wide range of similar features and qualities hence making polycarbonate a suitable replacement for the acrylic sheet.

Is Perforated Acrylic Sheet Safe?

Most definitely!

First, it does not corrode nor emit any toxic fumes or substances even when it comes to contact with any chemical.

This shows it is safe to use both in public and private spaces.

Secondly, this material is shatterproof.

Therefore, even if it accidentally falls, it can never cause harm to people or other objects within the surrounding.

How can you Polish Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

There are three main methods you can use to polish acrylic sheet depending on your preference, and they include the following;

Vapor polishing – It entails exposing this particular acrylic component into a chemical vapor hence making the surface to flow and subsequently enhancing the surface finish.

Buffing – It is a polishing technique, which involves using an abrasive substance glued on a work wheel and paste.

The wok wheel rotates on the surface material at high speed as it smears the paste and cleaning the component.

Flame polishing – It is a method, which utilizes a hot flame to polish the surface and provide a visually clear material.

Where can you Buy Perforated Acrylic Sheet?

You can purchase this component from a wide range of manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers across China.

They are numerous and have established different online platforms to make it easier for overseas customers to make their orders.

Some have also partnered with third party popular online vendors where you can order and get the consignments delivered to your destination.

If not, you can as well consider WeProFab, a leading manufacturer in China with an exceptional specialty in developing acrylic sheets for over 20 years.

You only need to visit their website, and you’ll get all the necessary information to facilitate your order irrespective of your location.

Does Perforated Acrylic Sheets Conform to any Quality Standards?

Most definitely!

This component has to conform to a wide range of quality standards since this is the ideal way if guaranteeing efficiency and safety.

Most of the quality standards it conforms to are approved by reputable international organizations.

Such agencies always ensure they carry out the relevant inspection, tests, approvals and certifications before the component gets to the market.

Some of the common quality standards for this component include ISO 9001, SGS, ASTM, RoHS, CE, and UL, among others.

All these and many more standards guarantee safety, consistency, and conformity of the product to the specific customer and regulatory requirements.

As you can see, there are many things you should consider about the perforated acrylic sheet.

So, before you import a perforated acrylic sheet from China, consider everything mentions in this guide.

For questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us.

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