• Acrylic Switch Plates

Acrylic Switch Plates

Weprofab acrylic switch plates are constructed for various electrical applications. They are highly made from high-quality and 100% durable acrylic materials. Available with traditional and modern designs depending on the customer’s desire. Moreover, Weprofab acrylic switch plates can be customized in various styles!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Switch Plates to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab acrylic switch plates are perfect for adding to the business. They can attract customers due to their durability and versatility. Available in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Weprofab acrylic switch plate offers worth-it services in the electrical industry!

Acrylic Wall Switch Plates

The acrylic wall switch plates are designed for coving the electrical boxes. They can be installed or attached easily. Moreover, acrylic switch plates have a professional and good polish.

Acrylic Glass Switch Plates

The acrylic glass with plates adds an excellent design and superior accent for the room, offices, homes, and other fixtures. It comes in various sizes and styles spending on particular applications.

Standard Acrylic Switch Plates

A standard acrylic switch plate is highly made from good and durable acrylic materials. It gives a desirable impact for walls, making it very in-demand in a different marketplace. Available at an affordable price yet high-quality.

Acrylic Switch Black Plates

The acrylic switch black plates have a smooth surface and are easy to clean. It has great resistance to mechanical stress associated. Applicable for multi and single gang applications.

Acrylic 1 Gang Switch Plates

Acrylic 1 gang switch plates have great versatility, making them popular for most markets. Due to their durability, acrylic switch plates have a longer service life.

Clear Acrylic Switch Plates

The clear acrylic switch plates provide the best accent and decor solution. It is safe for indoor and outdoor applications. Durability and long-lasting strength are guaranteed.

Acrylic Light Switch Plates

The acrylic light switch plates are available in different dimensions, measurements, styles, and colors. It offers a simple preparation for installation. Acrylic light witch plates are not prone to dirt and rust.

Acrylic Mirror Switch Plates

The acrylic mirror switch plates can be customized in different required sizes. They are perfect for homes, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, and other applications.

Acrylic Fan Switch Plates

The acrylic fan switch plates are 100% high-quality and highly made from long-lasting acrylic sheets. Usually, the acrylic fan switch plates are typically used for a wide range of fan devices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Switch Plates Manufacturer

Weprofab acrylic switch plates have good and superior polished in every age. They can be cust in any size depending on customer’s required. CE and RoHS certifications are achieved of Weprofab acrylic switch plates. You can request your acrylic switch plates according to your modular fitting designs.

Weprofab acrylic switch plates are manufactured with the highest material quality and advanced equipment. Reliable quality and long-lasting durability are guaranteed!

Custom Acrylic Switch Plates to Boost Your Business

Acrylic 1-Duplex Wall Switch Plates

The acrylic 1-duplex wall switch plates can be installed in a few minutes. Applicable for showroom, home, hotel, bar, office, and other indoor usages.

Acrylic Single Switch Plates

Acrylic single switch plates have been well-polished at the edges. It is constructed with an attractive and interesting design, making the switches more elegant.

5-Gang Acrylic Switch Plates

5-gang acrylic switch plates are perfect for multi switches applications. Achieves a longer lifespan and tensile strength. It can be printed with a logo or any business slogan.

Decorative Acrylic Switch Plates

The decorative acrylic switch plates are great for mirrors or any wall type. They can be customized in different sizes, decorative designs, gang, and other specifications.

Acrylic Socket Switch Plates

Acrylic socket switch plate protects the switches or electrical boxes from finger marks. They are highly polished edges, easy to attach, and no need to unwire.

1 Way Indicator Acrylic Switch Plates

1-way indicator acrylic switch plate features ni deformation, high stability, and good decor impact. Applicable for light switches and other electronic items.

Grey Acrylic Switch Plates

The grey acrylic switch plates have a unique and desirable design. They are usually offered at affordable and reasonable wholesale prices. Great for any outdoor and indoor usage.

2 Gang Big Acrylic Switch Plates

2-gang big acrylic switch plates are made from sturdy and strong materials. It can serve for many years and can be cleaned easily. Available in a wide range of colors like cream, white, clear, black, and more.

Rocker Acrylic Switch Plates

Rocker acrylic switch plates offer an apparent home decor emphasis. Thus, it is an economical and friendly plate for various device switches.

Modern Acrylic Switch Plates

The modern acrylic switch plates have the latest and modern construction. It protects switches from abrasion, rust, scratches, and other harmful situations.

1 Gang Acrylic Switch Plate

There are many selections if you are looking for 1 gang acrylic switch plate. Whether you used it for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, you can get all the sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

5 Gang Acrylic Switch Plate

5 gang acrylic switch plates are widely used for industrial and commercial applications. Featured great property of resistance for longer life span. It has great durability and effectiveness that commonly customer choice.

220V Acrylic Switch Plate

The acrylic switch plates are more durable than any other switch plates. It has high impact and corrosion resistance that offers a long life span. Affordable but the highest quality.

Acrylic Matte Switch Plate

we can design your ideal matte acrylic switch plate orders for your business. Easier to use and understandable even for industrial and commercial use.

Black Mirror Acrylic Switch Plate

If you are looking for an affordable, but elegant mirror acrylic switch plate, then there are plenty of selections. It has high gloss, matte, and clear options that suit to many applications.

Custom Clear Acrylic Switch Plate

We can customize your clear acrylic switch plate orders. You can choose standard sizes and oversized with complete sizes options, colors, finishes, and more. An affordable price offer but proven quality for your business.

Custom Color Acrylic Switch Plate

We can customise your ideal acrylic switch plate colors and finishes. You can use it in various applications such as light switches,

Custom Shape Acrylic Switch Plate

If you want customized acrylic switch plates, WeProFab can help you meet your needs. Custom shapes, dimensions, colors and finishes, and styles.

Decorative Acrylic Switch Plate

If you are searching for an affordable, elegant, and high-quality decorative acrylic switch plate, WeProFab can help you provide your needs.

Decorative Clear Acrylic Switch Plate

For fashion and art applications, the acrylic switch plates are designed as decorative styles. It has many selections such as solid switch plates, clear, and different finishes.

High Gloss Black 2 Gang Acrylic Switch Plate

High gloss black acrylic switch 2 gang plates are available in many styles and designs. You can request glitter glossy switch plates, marble and smokey, and more options at affordable price offer.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Switch Plate

The acrylic switch plates have high impact resistance that is safe for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Provides great electric shock protection available in various sizes, colors, shapes, and other options.

Rectangular Acrylic Switch Plate

Rectangular acrylic switch plates are more effective than other materials. It features dust resistance, is waterproof, and more.

Solid Glossy White Acrylic Switch Plate

Solid glossy white acrylic switch plates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has various sizes, dimensions, Colors, and shapes. It can be customized colors available in different numbers of switches.

Square Acrylic Switch Plate

Square acrylic switch plates are available in different numbers of gangs such as 1 gang, 2 gangs, to 4 gangs with various styles and designs.

Standard Acrylic Switch Plate

You can always find all types of standard acrylic switch plate selections for your applications. Whether you need it for your retail store, wholesale purposes, and distribution, you can get a friendly offer.

Tinted Transluscent Acrylic Switch Plate

Tinted translucent acrylic switch plates are used for home decor, offices, art galleries, and more. Helps save electricity and security. It features scratch resistance and dust proof to prevent damage.

Translucent Acrylic Switch Plate

Translucent acrylic switch plates are commonly available in transparent colors and used for art galleries, model making, DIY projects, and other industrial and commercial purposes. Offered affordable and high-quality switch plates so your business can gain the best profits.

Ultra Clear Acrylic Switch Plate

Ultra clear is used to prevent wall decor designs and paints. It has various options such as shapes, sizes, and dimensions, perfect for your business. It can attract customers’ attention and gain the best profits.

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What are the Functions of Acrylic Switch Plates?

Acrylic Switch Plates Design

The acrylic switch plates are used for concealing, covering, and protecting electronic switches.

They serve in a very useful and practical way, especially avoiding any electrical accidents situations.

Moreover, the acrylic switch plates offer a higher level of safety.

Aside from protection, the acrylic switch plates also served as decoration for walls.

They give the best decor accent when attached.

Are Acrylic Switch Plates The Same Sizes?

The standard wide size of acrylic switch plate is 2.75 inches, while the height is 4.5 inches.

However, the acrylic switch plates don’t have the same sizes.

Acrylic switch plates can be customized in various height and width measurements.

Standard sizes are preferred sizes, and oversized are achievable of acrylic switch plates.

What are the Advantages of Using Acrylic Switch Plates?

Using the acrylic switch plates will bring several advantages and benefits.

These are the following benefits of acrylic switch plates:

  • Complements the wall, home, offices, and building’s decor.
  • Offers better safety and security against electrical accidents, especially for children.
  • Gives a conventional socket and electrical boxes design.
  • Excellent choice for protecting the internal part of an electrical socket.
  • Allowing the switches and switchboards to have better longevity.
How to Choose An Acrylic Switch Plates for Your Business?

Selecting acrylic switch plates for business is a serious and crucial decision.

It would be best if you considered the different factors in choosing the right acrylic switch plates.

These are the practical tips on how to choose the perfect acrylic switch plates for your business:

  • Consider the styles and designs that your customers prefer.
  • Be careful about choosing the acrylic switch plate’s sizes.
  • Think about the business budget without compromising the product’s quality.
  • Consider the colors, looks, and especially the applications.
What are the Special Features of Acrylic Switch Plates?

The features of acrylic switch plates are:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Dust-proof
  • Stable quality
  • Tensile strength
  • Versatile
  • Good quality
  • Polished edges
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