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Acrylic Pool Wall

WeProFab custom every plastic-molded material and fabricates a luxury styled acrylic pool walls. WeFroFab is the skillful manufacturers of any desired acrylic pool walls fabrications designs. We have an unestimated capability in providing the most practical and elegant acrylic pool walls. When wishing for manufacturing assistance, WeProFab staffs are ready to serve you.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Pool Wall to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab used its brilliant ideas and well-enhanced tactics to create acrylic pool walls into different designs or compositions. With our capability, we made numerous quality acrylic pool walls that available in any colors and dimensions.

Above Ground Acrylic pool wall

WeProFab Above ground acrylic pool walls is well-tested and confirmed as the most unbreakable walling sheet material. WeProFab innovate most durable type for pool installments.

Acrylic Pool viewing panel walls

WeProFab Acrylic pool viewing panel walls are both used at private homes, hotels, resorts, etc. This brings out the elegance and makes you do fun things while swimming under the water.

Clear size Acrylic pool wall

Clear size acrylic pool walls are most located at hotels. A comfortable swimming experience will be memorable. WeProFab is the number trusted manufacture to work with.

Custom underwater Acrylic pool wall

Wishing to purchase custom underwater acrylic pool walls for pool projects? Here at WeProFab, you can find clear structured walls that are good for any pool walling applications.

See-through Acrylic pool wall

All See-through acrylic pool walls at WeProFab are made aesthetic and elegant at the same time. It can be attached with colorful LED lights for highlighting the pools for night swimming.

Acrylic pool walls manufacturer

No other than WeProFab can supply you with high-quality acrylic pool walls. We have the ability to supply you with the most convenient walls. For fulfilling all your pool walling projects, acrylic pool walls fromWeProFab is suited for your applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Pool Wall Manufacturer

WeProFab is the top leading source institution at China. We have full abilities to supply the most convenient and 100% functional acrylic pool walls. With years in service, we have brilliant tactics that could help your business progress.

WeProFab offers helping hand and assistance for an effective improvement capacity.

Let us know about your ideal designs, draw a sample and pass it to us for faster operations.

Custom Acrylic Pool Wall to Skyrocket Your Brand

Luxury Acrylic Pool wall

For business addition, luxury made acrylic pool walls are most ideal. Every sheets are available at most affordable prices.

Modern Acrylic Pool wall

Modern acrylic pool walls from WeProFab are truthfully coming from high-quality acrylic materials. This manufactured to last longer that expectations.

Unbreakable Acrylic Pool Wall

An unbreakable acrylic pool walls are definitely proven to lasts for several years. With proper cleaning maintenance, acrylic pool walls still be pleasing even years passed by.

Plexiglass Acrylic Pool Wall

Weprofab Plexiglass Acrylic Pool Wall has a 1.2g/cm3 and 1mm to 30mm thickness. This acrylic pool wall features high surface hardness.

Clear Acrylic Outdoor Pool Wall

Weprofab Clear Acrylic Outdoor Pool Wall has 93% light transmittance and 140℃ to 180℃ thermal forming temperature. It features a high UV light resistance.

Adult Outdoor Acrylic Pool Wall

Weprofab Adult Outdoor Acrylic Pool Wall is used at normal temperature. It has 20mm to 300mm thickness and has a 95% light transmission.

Vacuum Acrylic Pool Wall

Weprofab Vacuum Acrylic Pool Wall is excellent in transparency and weather resistance. It has a comprehensive performance also a good processing performance.

High-Quality Acrylic Pool Wall

Weprofab High-Quality Acrylic Pool Wall is widely used for pool, decoration, advertising, constructor, etc. It has customized sizes and thicknesses.

Transparent Acrylic Pool Wall

Weprofab Transparent Acrylic Pool Wall is made of 100% high-quality acrylic material and is cost-effective. It is available in 1220mm to 2440mm size or customized.

Thick Acrylic Swimming Pool Wall

Weprofab Thick Acrylic Swimming Pool Wall features a 0.8mm to 120mm thickness, and you can customize it. It has a glossy, waterproof, and flat surface.

Clear Acrylic Pool Glass Wall

Weprofab Clear Acrylic Pool Glass Wall has a thickness of 20mm to 300mm and a high gloss surface. It is ideal for pool windows, pool walls, and aquarium tunnel applications.

Acrylic Sheet For Cylinder Pool

Acrylic Sheet For Cylinder Pool is weather-resistant and high impact resistant with 1.2g density. It has a high light transmission of 60-85% with RoHS and CE certification.

Customized Cover Acrylic Pool Wall

Customized Cover Acrylic Pool Wall is composed of lucite acrylic with ISO9001:2008 certification. The size is customizable, and it’s available in transparent color.

Stainless Steel Pool With Acrylic Glass Wall

Stainless Steel Pool With Acrylic Glass Wall is always customizable to meet your specific needs with 2-3mm thickness.

Acrylic Glass Pool Glass Wall

Acrylic Glass Pool Glass Wall has excellent resistance to weather with 1.19-1.20 kg density and high light transmission. It’s easy to install and a non-discoloring material.

Clear Perspex Acrylic Pool Wall

Clear Perspex Acrylic Pool Wall can also be applied in the pool window and swimming pool with 20-800mm thickness. It has excellent climate tolerance, chemical, and corrosive resistance.

Clear Cast Acrylic Pool Wall

Clear Cast Acrylic Pool Wall has 20-500mm thickness and 1.2 kg density that has SGS, ISO9001, and CE certification. It has a 95% light transmission, and its size is customizable.

Thick Acrylic Pool Wall

It features good resistance to impact, high tensile strength, and excellent resistance to weather with RoHS certification. It has a glossy surface with 60-100 mm thickness.

Acrylic Pool Wall For Public Aquarium

It can also be applied as signage, lighting, display, and advertisement with 1.8-50 mm thickness. It’s a cast and extruded with ISO, REACH, SGS, and RoHS certificates.

Underground Outdoor Acrylic Pool Wall

Underground Outdoor Acrylic Pool Wall is a luxury lifestyle type that uses UV coating protection on the outside with ISO and TUV certification.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Pool Wall

WeProFab Acrylic pool wall is entirely incredible when attached to acrylic-made pools.

It allows the same attractive sceneries in and out of the pools. Walls on acrylic pools need to be fun and pleasing to look at.

Because in reality, pools that have well-designed walls are enjoyable to dive in.

That is why acrylic pool walls are manufactured with broad diversity designs to achieve an absolute acrylic pool breathtaking views.

Acrylic pool wall

Acrylic pool walls from WeProFab guaranteed the best for its specific pleasing functions in pools.

A wonderfully designed wall has now become most popular and most prefer to use for pool walling applications.

This is proven very attractive and gives the stunning appeals for any consumer`s pools.

Acrylic pool walls are proposing glorious visions and made from our advanced, most improved manufacturing strategies.

We effectively bond thermoform acrylics and chemicals that make the product became multi-sided of any imaginable proportions.

Acrylic pool wall

However, acrylic pool walls are very creatively designed.

This also versatile to use especially in outdoor or indoor pools implementations.

Overall, this product offers unparalleled services and all-around functionality.

Thus, only professional installers are only authorized to install acrylic pool walls for a safer and advantageous swimming experience.

A perfect and most useful acrylic pool walls are found at WeProFab marketplaces.

When personally visit our market store in China or just online, you will found out different potential acrylic pool walls stocks.

To support your small or large business transactions, a thousand stocks will surely be enough.

Our acrylic pool walls design effectively add pure elegance and perfection in any designated settings.

Therefore, you will receive countless benefits and advantages for your operating business.

Also, these are manufactured to highly resist collisions, which makes it 100% durable and long-lasting.

Acrylic pool walls are better than any glass designs because they let natural lighting come into the pools.

Custom underwater Acrylic pool wall

With the durability functions and the stunning appeals, a memorable swimming experience truly unforgotten.

Resort or homeowners will undeniably satisfied with adaptable and perfect walls for acrylic pools installments.

An appealing pool with worthy views is what our acrylic pool walls continue serves.

Dream pools will be grant with the help of well-manufactured acrylic pool walls.

If you wish a simple yet still pretty design, WeProFab will surely grant those wishes.

See-through walls or windows included walls are also inserted in our wide product selections.

WeProFab separates itself from any competitions because of the highest quality manufacturing skills it has.

We continue to show our support will our leading partners.

If you want to make deals with us especially when about to have assistance in manufacturing the most qualifying acrylic pool walls, contact now while stocks are still running over.

Acrylic Pool Wall: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for acrylic pool walls, then this is a perfect guide for you.

It answers all questions you have on pool walls made from acrylic material.

Whether you want to learn about the design, minimum thickness, specification, installation or manufacturing process, all answers are here.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Acrylic Pool Wall?

This refers to a type of panel designed from acrylic material used mainly for creating wall surfaces for a wide range of swimming pools.

It is used in both indoor and outdoor pools since they act as wall surfaces.

Pool with acrylic wall

Swimming pool with acrylic wall

Acrylic pool walls come in various types, designs, shapes, and colors.

You can choose to use them as part of the pool wall or better still as the entire wall for your pool.

Where can you find Acrylic Pool Walls?

Several dealers throughout the country always stock different types and designs of acrylic pool walls.

An ideal way of getting them is by visiting the websites to check and evaluate whether they can provide the precise piece that you require.

You can as well purchase or import these acrylic pool components from a wide range of suppliers in China.

For example, WeProFab provides these pieces in abundance.

You can choose to make your order through their website, telephoning or emailing.

What are the benefits of Clear Acrylic Swimming Pool?

  1. It provides excellent scalability and unlimited size hence enabling you to attain the right dimensions for your particular type of swimming pool.
  2. Compared to other materials such as glass, acrylic is not necessarily brittle hence preventing it from breaking or cracking easily.
  3. You can easily fabricate this material hence customizing it to suit the particular requirements for your swimming pool.
  4. It is easy to clean, maintain, and repair. There are several ways that you can use to ensure that this component remains in good shape always.
  5. It is practically appealing to the eye. In other words, it adds beauty to the overall swimming pool structure.
  6. It is also relatively affordable compared to other components that would offer similar solutions. And since it is highly durable, it gives you value for your money.
  7. Installing acrylic swimming pool walls is quite more effortless. The fact that it is lightweight also adds to this advantage since it implies that you will even transport it quite easily to your site.

How does See-Through Swimming Pool Panels Work?

See through swimming pool

 See through swimming pool

Acrylic See-through pool panels are merely the type of pool walls that display extreme clarity.

They have a high refractive index that allows them to perfectly fuse with water hence enabling a transparent view from one end of the pool to the other end.

See-through swimming pool walls are installed around the poolside, then water filled to the brim.

You will then have a perfect view of every element that is inside the pool from one end, effortlessly.

A good example is acrylic swimming pool.

How does Clear Acrylic Swimming Pool compare to Glass Swimming Pool?

Glass swimming pool

Glass swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

Clear swimming pool acrylic panels have higher optical clarity compared to glass since they allow up to about 92% of light to pass through it.

And this is unlike glass, which allows up to about 84% of light.

Glass pool wall has better scratch resistance than its acrylic counterpart.

Glass naturally has a hard surface, which makes it difficult for abrasive components to scratch it.

This is unlike acrylic, which is a soft surface material, thus more sensitive to scratches.

Are Acrylic Pool Walls Impact Resistant?

Most definitely!

Acrylic material has incredible strength, about 17 times stronger than an ordinary glass pool wall.

This explains why this component cannot break even when hit or subjected to high pressure.

It has excellent resistance to impact and does not shatter, in unlikely event that it breaks.

What is the Minimum Thickness for Swimming Pool Acrylic Wall?

Ideally, the thickness for swimming pool acrylic wall is dependent on various aspects.

One is the size of the pool.

Relatively small pools will require acrylic pool walls that have a somewhat small thickness and vice versa.

The design of swimming pool is also another aspect that determines the minimum thickness of the acrylic panel that you’d use.

Above the ground, pools will obviously, require thicker acrylic pool panels and vice versa.

The overall design of the swimming pool also dictates the minimum thickness of this component that you will require.

Some pool designs tend to have pressure points at different spots.

And it thus means that such areas will require thicker pool walls for better reinforcement.

In general, though, the ideal minimum thickness of acrylic pool wall for a standard pool should be at least 100mm.

However, this is also subject to topography, as well as the architecture’s advisory.

Can Acrylic Pool Wall Resist High Pressure?

Absolutely yes!

Swimming pool acrylic wall is made of extremely strong material.

And as a result, this material has excellent impact resistance that can withstand any form of pressure.

The construction of this pool component is quite robust, which makes it hold out high pressure in the swimming pool.

The most critical aspect, in this case, is making sure that the wall is installed appropriately to prevent incidents of water leakage.

And an ideal way of attaining this is identifying and sealing all the possible pressure points, accordingly.

Is there Surface Treatment for Swimming Pool Acrylic Wall?

Of course, yes!

You can incorporate some surface treatment for this particular pool component.

The essence is definitely to enhance the efficiency and functionality of this piece in a swimming pool. Some of the common surface coatings include the following;

Anti-fog coating – It is a suitable surface coating for swimming pool acrylic wall.

It helps in preventing fog or moisture from forming on the surface of this panel, thus improving clarity all the time.

UV stabilizer – It a surface coating applied to help in reducing or preventing the ultraviolet rays from attacking and distorting this material.

Anti-glare coating – This refers to a coating material that helps the acrylic pool wall surface to reduce or eliminate the unwanted or excess light.

It is a critical surface treatment for swimming pools that have lighting systems.

Anti-scratch coating – It is a type of surface treatment coating that helps in preventing the panel from scratching should abrasive components rub it.

Can you get Customized Clear Pool Walls?

Absolutely yes!

Most of the acrylic pool walls available in the market are always transparent.

And since this material is easy-to-fabricate, it means you can still get a customized piece.

All you need to do in this case is ensuring that you seek customized clear pool walls from reliable and reputable suppliers.

How do you choose Acrylic Pool Wall Designs?

Your choice for acrylic pool wall designs is dependent on various elements, and some of them include the following;

Clear acrylic swimming pool wall

Clear acrylic swimming pool wall

Swimming pool design – In most instances, the acrylic panel will always have to take the shape of your pool.

Type of swimming pool – Ideally, you need to factor in whether your design befits an above the ground, underground, or indoor swimming pool.

These types of pools require different designs; hence having the actual type in mind enables you to make a sound decision.

Type of acrylic material – You can always use extruded or cast acrylic to make pool wall designs.

However, every kind of acrylic is ideal for making particular designs of this pool component.

Thickness – It is also vital to determine the suitable thickness for your acrylic pool panel when figuring out the ideal design.

Some designs are only feasible with particular range of this component’s thickness.

Supplier –Not all suppliers are capable of manufacturing the specific acrylic pool panel design of your choice.

And thus, it is necessary to carry out due diligence and find a supplier with a specialty in different types of designs such as WeProFab.

Budget – At the end of the day, it’s your budget that will enable you to determine the actual acrylic pool design that you prefer.

Of course, the price for different designs varies depending on a wide range of aspects.

Which is Better between Acrylic Pool Wall and Glass Pool Wall?

Acrylic swimming pool wall

Acrylic swimming pool wall

Ideally, these two types of pool components materials tend to differ as far as features that enhance efficiency, quality, and functionality are concerned.

It is quite apparent that acrylic pool wall exhibits more superior features than glass.

For example, acrylic is lightweight, about half the weight of glass pool panel.

It thus shows that you can easily handle the former in a better way and also install it effortlessly compared to the latter.

This is advantageous in terms of saving on transportation and installation cost.

Acrylic pool wall also has better resistance to a wide range of elements compared to glass pool wall.

For instance, the former displays exceptional resistance to impact, corrosion, UV radiation, weatherability as well as temperature tolerance.

On the other hand, glass pool wall has relatively inferior resistance to such elements.

The surface of acrylic pool wall has better optical clarity than glass pool wall.

In other words, acrylic is more transparent than glass since it allows adequate light to pass through it than glass does.

In a nutshell, acrylic pool wall is far better than glass pool wall.

How do you Clean Acrylic Pool Wall?

The first thing to take note of when cleaning this swimming pool component is draining off the entire water.

In essence, if you always clean your pool, you’ll infrequently clean the pool wall.

Nonetheless, all you need in this case is a soft cloth, lukewarm water, and recommended detergent.

The next thing to do is dump the soft cotton cloth on a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent.

Scrub the surface of the panel thoroughly but gently.

Then rinse the lukewarm soapy water using clean water.

Then find another piece of soft cloth, this time dry, and use it to wipe out the water surface and let it dry.

However, if the pool wall is a bit large, you’ll need to use a pressure machine to clean the surface.

This equipment removes all the debris stuck on the pool wall surface, leaving it sparkling clean.

Then allow it to dry before you refill the pool with water.

Is there Size Limitation for Swimming Pool Acrylic Wall?

Not at all!

Swimming pools come in different sizes, and so are these acrylic panels.

Essentially, the size of this pool component is highly dependent on the dimensions of the actual swimming pool.

And since acrylic is an easy-to-fabricate material, you can always cut it to size if the sheet is too large.

It the pieces are smaller than pool’s dimension, you can as well choose to bond it using the ideal methods.

How do you Determine the Quality of Acrylic Pool Wall?

Determining the quality of acrylic pool panel is significant since it helps in enhancing the efficiency, functionality, and subsequent desirable results.

The popularity of these items in the recent past has seen an influx of the same in the market, making it tricky to tell quality from inferior.

You can use several techniques to determine the quality of this swimming pool component. Some of them include the following;

A quality acrylic pool wall has to be strong and not just an ordinary strength.

This material is proven to be at least 17 times stronger than glass pool wall.

It is this level of strength that allows it to display extreme resistance to impact hence making it resilient.

It also has to display high optical clarity.

Ordinarily, a quality acrylic panel for swimming pool would allow about 92% of light to pass through it. If it is anything short of that, then you need to question its quality.

Another way of determining the quality of acrylic pool wall is by checking its dimensional stability.

Ideally, it has to have excellent dimensional stability, which is a great feature when it comes to thermal and hygroscopic changes.

A quality acrylic panel for pools should be easy to fabricate.

It should never crack easily when drilling or cutting, even when subjected to intense pressure.

It should also be lightweight, almost half the weight of an equivalent glass pool wall.

Additionally, it also has to have high weatherability, resistance to UV, and impact as well as excellent tolerance to extreme temperatures.

How does Clear Pool Walls compare to Colored Acrylic Pool Walls?

Clear acrylic pool walls, as the name suggests, have excellent optical clarity.

It doesn’t matter whether you need just acrylic pool windows or the entire wall.

They are highly transparent hence enhancing visibility inside and outside the swimming pool.

Colored acrylic pool walls, on the other hand, contain some shade, which makes them somewhat translucent.

Clear acrylic pool walls remain highly transparent irrespective of the thickness of the panel.

You will still be able to see through clearly whether the thickness is small or large.

On the other hand, thickness level tends to affect the transparency of colored acrylic pool walls.

The thicker the colored panel, the more opaque it becomes.

It is easier to maintain and repair clear acrylic panels since you’ll quickly see any form of damage that requires attention, such as crack or scratch.

And this is vital since it helps in preventing the situation before it aggravates further.

This, on the other hand, is somewhat difficult with colored acrylic pool panels.

You’ll have to be extremely attentive to notice any form of damage that might require urgent attention.

Does Clear Acrylic Pool Wall Fade over Time?

Acrylic swimming pool wall

Acrylic swimming pool wall

This is dependent on the prevailing conditions that the acrylic pool wall is exposed to, as well as the maintenance.

Ideally, acrylic is often a shiny material since it has high optical clarity.

The fact that it allows light transmission of about 92% makes it quite glossy.

However, when exposed to unfavorable conditions for a prolonged period, it seems to start losing clarity gradually.

Also, when poorly handled or carelessly taken care of, its transparency and shininess begin to diminish.

In most instances, you will realize that the surface starts accumulating compounds, which stick on it.

And once these compounds accrue for long, they form a film or a coat on the surface of this component hence making it start fading.

Also, when exposed to direct sunlight for long, the ultraviolet rays start penetrating through it and hence weakening its units.

And as a result, it starts fading by losing its clarity.

How do you Install Swimming Pool Acrylic Wall?

Installation of acrylic pool wall is dependent on the type, design, shape as well as size of the swimming pool along the lines of the panel.

Once you establish the actual dimensions of the pool, you’ll head straightaway to cutting the panel.

So the installation process starts with rebating the surface.

And also, remember this is dependent on whether the acrylic panel is installed fractional or an entire wall.

After the rebate, start patching the panel to help in providing a stronger anchor effect.

Patching at this stage is also essential because it helps in improving a unified core surface.

Once it becomes stable, apply epoxy paints and re-patch the rebates using silicone to augment the stability.

Then take the acrylic pool wall and place it on the rebates.

Ensure that you level the panel both vertically and horizontally, using a laser beam tool.

You should do this before positioning because it helps in preventing scratches on the surface of the panel during installation.

Once this is done, reinforce all the possible pressure points of your swimming pool, and at the edges, then allow it to cure accordingly.

How do you Manufacture Acrylic Pool Wall?

In most cases, the manufacturing technique of this swimming pool component is dependent on the preferred thickness and size.

It is quite an intensive process, whichever technique you choose to undertake, and mostly done in facilities with hi-tech equipment.

Nevertheless, due to its nature of application, the common method is thermoforming.

In thermoforming process, a two or three-dimensional acrylic pool wall is attained by designing and refining it to the ideal shape.

What happens is that the material is heat to pliable temperature.

The moment it attains the ideal temperature, it is subjected to either vacuum or air pressure, or a combination of both.

The essence here is to ensure that the material attains its shape.

After that, the material is cooled and removed from the mold to enable it to form its final desirable shape.

Once this is over, you can then decide to trim the sheet and fabricate it accordingly to meet your specifications.

Is Swimming Pool Acrylic Wall Resistant to Scratches?

 swimming pool wall made from acrylic material

Swimming pool wall made from acrylic material

Yes, it is sensitive to scratches.

Generally, acrylic is a material that has a soft surface.

Therefore, it means that should you rub it against abrasive elements, it will likely scratch.

The scratch marks can be light or deep, depending on the extent of abrasion.

However, it would also be essential to know that removing such scratches from the surface of this material is quite an easy task.

You only need basic knowledge if the marks are light by scrubbing using a soft cotton cloth, lukewarm water, and soap.

Additionally, most manufacturers nowadays incorporate anti-scratch coating on the surface of acrylic pool wall.

This surface coating helps in preventing the surface of this material from getting such marks even when rubbed against the abrasive elements.

How much does Acrylic Pool Wall Cost?

The cost of acrylic pool wall varies depending on a wide range of factors.

One such factor is the particular brand that you are purchasing.

For example, WeProFab tends to price its acrylic pool walls differently depending on many prevailing elements compared to other suppliers of the same.

The other factor is the shipping destination.

If you’re importing this item from China, it is more likely that you’ll have to consider shipping cost and related taxes.

Of course, this would lead to price variance since shipping costs often depend on the destination and method.

The size, shape, thickness, and color of the particular pool wall you are purchasing are also other elements that determine the overall cost.

Such aspects influence the pricing of these components, thus leading to cost variance.

And most importantly, the customization requirement that you prefer your acrylic pool wall to have is the other determinant of price.

It primarily refers to the extent of the simplicity of complexity that you’d desire this item to have.

With this guide, am sure you can now go ahead to import acrylic pool wall from China.

Still, if you have questions on acrylic pool wall, contact us now.

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