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Desk Shield

Weprofab is one of the most professional desk shield manufacturers and providers in China. We have a wide selection of desk shields with desirable design . We always choose reliable and quality materials to enhance the quality and improve the reliability of our desk shields product. Send us your layout design of desk shield, we will make it for you!

Get WeProFab Desk Shield Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is well-known as a leading supplier of desk shields. We strive to meet your desk shield demands that absolutely will boost your business. Choose Weprofab to support your desk shield needs.

Transparent Desk Shield

Weprofab transparent desk shield provides environmental protection. Weprofab uses imported machinery to manufacture a high-quality transparent desk shield with a great surface design.

Shield for Counter Desk

Weprofab shield for counter desk can prevent a flying foam or any bacterias. This type of desk shield is applicable for supermarkets, cashiers, offices, restaurants, schools, and many more.

Clear Desk Shield

Weprofab clear desk shield can effectively reduce risks and has a full capacity to protect the health of employees, customers, and students, and avoid direct contact from any person.

Student Desk Shield

Weprofab student desk shield is a safety shield against sneezing, coughing, and more. This kind of desk shield is ideal for students to protect themselves from any dangerous and unwanted virus.

Acrylic Desk Shield

At Weprofab, you can get a top-quality acrylic desk shield that truly gives you protection. We always choose the finest acrylic materials to manufacture the best acrylic desk shield.

Portable Shield Desk

Weprofab can be customized with a different design of portable shield desk which is perfect for a wide range of applications. You can easily carry this shield desk when you need to relocate.

WeProFab: Your Leading Desk Shield Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

If you are seeking an excellent desk shield, Weprofab can be your perfect solution. We are supplying different kinds of desk shields with outstanding performance. With modern techniques, we manufacture stable desk shields. You can avail of it at an economical price.

Weprofab is a trusted supplier of desk shields that will offer you reliable and profitable products. Weprofab will give you a perfect solution for your business!

Custom Desk Shield to Skyrocket Your Brand

Plexiglass Desk Shield

Weprofab plexiglass desk shield is not easy to break. The plexiglass shield desk is flexible and can protect your entire face.

Free Standing Desk Shield

Weprofab free-standing desk shield is made of clear materials that enable people to talk easily and hand over the file without touching.

Hinged Desk Shield

Weprofab manufacturers hinged desk shields that have a great surface of high hardness and offer a gloss resistance to chemical corrosion.

Desk Mounted Shield

At Weprofab, you can encounter a long-lasting desk-mounted shield. We offer a high-quality and awesome desk-mounted shield at competitive rates.

Desk Shield Divider

Weprofab desk shield divider is designed with multipurpose. The desk shield divider can be used as a protective shield and used for separation applications.

10mm Desk Partition Shield

10mm desk partition shield is suitable for most desktops with no drilling required. This can be adjusted by 90 degrees according to your need. Extruded using premium, hard-wearing, and long-lasting materials.

5mm Desk Transparent Shield

5mm desk transparent shield is ideal for retailers to use at checkout stations anywhere that need increased protection. The panels are made of 5 mm thick durable materials and are shaped into high-quality clear shields.

Acrylic Desk Shield

Acrylic desk shield is available in bespoke designs and sizes. A perfect choice for hotel receptions, pharmacies, office cubicles, and many other establishments. Made with durable acrylic panels.

Adjustable Desk Shield

Adjustable desk shield offers free-standing and ready-made solutions. Provided in sizes and thicknesses that meet your specifications. Features an adjustable configuration, lightness, and impact resistance.

Anti-Scratch Desk Shield

Anti-scratch desk shield is generally ready-made and provides customized options. Arrives with a thickness of 3mm and is made of clear, lightweight, and anti-scratch material. Easy to clean and of durable quality.

Customized Desk Shield

A customized desk shield provides an additional physical shield for germs and viruses. Can be installed with no tools required with a protective layer on its surface. The dimensions, shapes, and thicknesses are highly customized.

Desk Anti-Fog Shield

Desk anti-fog shield helps maintain physical separation making it an essential safety barrier for any space. Perfect for banks, office desks, reception counters, and meeting rooms. Offers an anti-fog feature.

Framed Desk Shield

Framed desk shield helps maintain physical separation. Features a custom-fabricated structure that is safe to use. Highly applicable in retail, grocery stores, hospitals, medical offices, banks, and more.

Free-Standing Desk Shield

A free-standing desk shield is assembled with glass capturing hinges to be placed at the desired angle. Offers outstanding scratch resistance and will not yellow or fog easily. Readily available and easily recycled.

Glossy Desk Shield

The glossy desk shield is delivered with a high-quality material construction. Arrives with safe rounded corners for protection making them tougher and more durable. Designed to be protected from coughing and droplets.

Heavy-Duty Desk Shield

A heavy-duty desk shield is suitable for commercial and household use. No assembly is needed and is ready to use. Effortlessly move from place to place as needed. Can be regularly cleaned using store-bought disinfectants.

Hinged Desk Shield

Hinged desk shield is mostly applicable in retail stores, check-out counters, salons, and hospitals. A widely favored shield due to its durability and transparency. Functions as a barrier for extra security and hygiene.

Impact Resistant Desk Shield

Impact-resistant desk shield is with the following dimensions: 600mm x 800mm, or 5mm. typically built for an effective social distancing application. Useful for government offices and private businesses.

Lightweight Desk Shield

A lightweight desk shield is a protective barrier for sneezing and coughing. Extruded using durable and lightweight materials. Features a transparent-view protective screen that is easy to disinfect and clean.

Multi-Sized Desk Shield

Multi-sized desk shield highly impacts and shatter-resistant. Frequently utilized for over-the-counter serving and offices from the public. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Easy to clean with soap and water.

Portable Desk Shield

A portable desk shield is commonly used as clear protective partitions and countertop shields. An effective means to protect the staff and customers. Portable and custom-made order to fit any requirements.

Removable Desk Shield

A removable desk shield can be easily installed in supermarkets, take-away counters, doctor offices, and warehouses. Provides a protective barrier against airborne droplets and features a removable solution.

Shatter Resistant Desk Shield

Shatter-resistant desk shield is often applied in offices, schools, libraries, airports, and test centers. Shaped from high quality, shatterproof, and 1/8” thick material. Features a convenient design and is easy to operate.

Ultra-Clear Desk Shield

Ultra-clear desk shield is a simple yet powerful material utilized in cafes and restaurants. Constructed with durable and clear acrylic material. Available in customized sizes, thicknesses, and designs.

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Why WeProFab Desk Shield

Weprofab is committed to manufacturing and supplying desk shields with superb quality. We not only manufacture quality products but also give gratifying services. We have full capabilities to supply and to support your desk shield needs for your business.

Desk Shield

Weprofab desk shield is a useful type of shield which is perfect for those who always expose and have regular contact with others. Weprofab desk shields are designed to give more protection and confidence to face even strangers.

Weprofab desk shields are one of the most recommended shields and ideal for teachers, health-care workers, emergency services staff, transport workers, people with a contagious disease, those working in education, and also for students.

Weprofab desk shield has a full capacity to protect your entire face. With these desk shields, you are able to talk and face somebody with full assurance and without worrying. Weprofab desk shields come in a variety of styles, designs, and features.

Desk Shield

At Weprofab, you can find different kinds of desk shields like transparent desk shields, counter desks, clear desk shield, student desk shields, acrylic desk shields, portable desk shields, plexiglass desk shields, and so many more.

We can supply countless desk shields. Weprofab is also capable of customizing your desk shield with different sizes according to the customer’s need to make it fit and suitable for the individual’s applications and purposes.

If you need a reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier of desk shields to complete your project requirements, Weprofa is one of the recommended suppliers. We are proud to deal our desk shield with different markets due to its durability and unmatched quality.

Desk Shield

We are an expert in handling any desk shields. If you work with us, you can guarantee trustworthy products and reliable services since you are working with a professional company.

Contact us now, if you are interested in our desk shields!

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