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Blood Pressure Monitor

Weprofab is your trusted manufacturer of various medical devices including a blood pressure monitor. We have been deeply involved in different medical fields for many years, and consistently provide complete and high-quality medical solutions. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we offer custom production of blood pressure monitors at any quantity to satisfy your requirements. Settle with us today!

Get WeProFab Blood Pressure Monitor to Delight Your Customers

As an ISO 9001 authenticated plastic fabrication company, Weprofab has the widest range of products for hospitals, doctors & clinics, surgeons, and patients at home. Understand your health better and more conveniently with our high standard yet cost-effective products especially blood pressure monitor. Our company’s personalized services and innovative approach will never disappoint your expectations!

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Weprofab Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor also called digital and electronic monitors is the most common monitor used in the market nowadays. A reliable Blood Pressure Monitor that you can use anytime.

Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

Weprofab manufacture Manual Blood Pressure Monitors that used mostly in doctor’s office. It consists of a squeezing bulb to inflate the cuff, a microphone or stethoscope, an arm bulb, and a gauge to calculate blood pressure.

Ambulatory Pressure Monitor

Weprofab Ambulatory Pressure Monitor measures your blood pressure automatically. You can purchase it in Weprofab because we have a good reputation in the surgical market.

Aneroid BP monitors

Weprofab Aneroid BP monitors are used by doctors and expert practitioners in clinics and hospitals. To inflate the cuff around your upper arm and create pressure of blood flow, you need to squeeze the bulb and valve system of this device.

Finger cuff BP monitor

Weprofab Finger cuff BP monitor is a kind of blood pressure monitor which quite portable, and non-threatening to children. It measures blood pressure on the index finger.

Portable upper arm type digital BP monitor

Our Portable upper arm type digital BP monitor is very convenient to handle and use. We can provide the excellent and cool design upper arm type digital BP monitor for your business.

WeProFab: Your Professional Blood Pressure Monitor Manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of Blood Pressure Monitors in China. If you`re looking for the best supplier and manufacturer of blood pressure monitors in China, WeProFab is a perfect choice. As an ISO 9001 certified fabrication company, we can support your product designs and customization that can reduce your cost and skyrocket your brand.

You can find a wide range of Blood Pressure Monitors that are perfect to add to your business. Aside from that, all products we offer are very cost-effective. Even for a large volume of orders at peak season, we can manufacture it for you. In short, WeProFab is your one-stop-shop solution for high-standard medical devices and equipment. Contact us immediately!



Custom Blood Pressure Monitor to Heighten Your Brand

Wrist type digital BP monitor

Weprofab wrist type digital BP monitors are normally utilized by people who cannot use arm cuffs due to physical disabilities. It is so cost-effective and high-quality.

Digital Blood Pressure monitor for Home Use

Our Digital Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use is super easy to use and quite handy & portable. If you want to check your blood pressure at home all by yourself, this is an excellent choice for you.

Blood Pressure Monitor for Adult

If you are planning to use a blood pressure monitor for adults, it’s all here in Weprofab. We are a professional medical equipment provider with a profound history that you can trust.

Blood Pressure Monitor Sizes

You can get Blood Pressure Monitor in the usual cuff sizes including Small Adult with 22-26 cm Arm Circumference, Adult with 7-34 cm Arm Circumference, Large Adult with 35-44 cm Arm Circumference.

Custom Blood Pressure monitor

Custom your blood pressure monitor with Weprofab. We can manufacture in different types, colors, sizes of cuff, designs, etc.

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Why WeProFab Blood Pressure Monitor

Custom Blood Pressure monitor

There are a lot of people monitoring their blood pressure now at their homes. They frequently do this to treat or manage undeniable health conditions. So if you have a business that requires blood pressure monitors, allow Weprofab to provide the best ones for you.

The Weprofab blood pressure monitor also referred to as a sphygmomanometer or blood pressure gauge is a device used in measuring blood pressure. It is formulated of an inflatable cuff to collapse and then let out the artery under the cuff in the administered system.  It is also composed of an aneroid manometer used to measure the pressure.

Anyway, the blood pressure monitor is a feature with tubeless assembly, storage case included, and available for multiple users. This may be available in manually operated or electrically operated.

Blood Pressure Monitor

At Weprofab, our blood pressure monitor is available in different cuff sizes, designs, and custom styles. You can choose from our options including Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Ambulatory Pressure Monitor, Aneroid BP monitors, Wrist type digital BP monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor for Adult, Portable upper arm type digital BP monitor, and many more.

Digital and manual are the available types of Weprofab blood pressure monitors. The manual type is essential for auscultation and is used by mostly trained practitioners. While the digital one is used for electronic calculations and oscillometric measurements. This is best used in noisy environments and easily used even the operator is not trained.

Digital Blood Pressure monitor for Home Use

These are the advantages of blood pressure monitor for operators:

  • Help track treatment,
  • Help with early diagnosis,
  • Cut healthcare costs, and
  • Motivate better control

Weprofab is your most reliable blood pressure monitor manufacturer. For many years of deeply participating in the medical industry, we are now confident to provide high-quality and practical medical solutions. As a professional supplier and manufacturer in China, we can customize your ideal blood pressure monitors.

So what are you looking for? Settle with the best provider to support your business. Contact now!

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