• Acrylic Laminated Sheet

Acrylic Laminate Sheet

WeProFab is one of leading acrylic laminate sheet manufacturers in China. We’re able to produce a large range of products. Different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. WeProFab has full capabilities to deliver you a real-promising acrylic laminate sheet to meet your needs. Please send us inquiries, we will give a better quote!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Laminate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic laminate sheets are made to last long. Utilizing modern production equipment, WeProFab can meet your optimum demands. All products are quality tested. WeProFab acrylic laminate sheet cost is economical. Moreover, we can customize products to delight your customers.

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is an acrylic sheet manufacturer. We can provide a high-quality acrylic laminated sheet at a reasonable price.

Custom Acrylic Laminate Sheet

As a professional supplier, WeProFab offer is limitless. In order to meet specific requirements, we offer custom acrylic laminate sheets and custom options.

Laser Cut Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Laser-cut is a well-known fabrication technique for acrylic laminate sheet. If you need to cut-to-size sheet to your own needs, you can discuss it with our personnel. Smooth edge finishes are assured.

Best Acrylic Laminate Sheet

WeProFab, as a premier supplier of acrylic laminate sheet, we offer the best acrylic laminate sheet suits your project demand. Offered products are available at competitive prices.

High Gloss Acrylic Laminate Sheet

With innovative production equipment and technology, WeProFab able to produce a high gloss acrylic laminate sheet. Other manufacturing processes also handled indoors.

White Acrylic Laminate Sheet

WeProFab manufacture white acrylic laminate sheets in different designs, sizes, and shapes. We could offer you great products according to your drawing.

WeProFab: Your Professional Acrylic Laminate Sheet Supplier in China

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab can make an acrylic laminate sheet for you. You can discuss your specifications for our professionals. They will figure out the best and appropriate acrylic laminate sheet solution for your settings.

We have full capabilities to design and manufacture products through innovative, up-to-date manufacturing processes. As an ISO certified manufacturer, WeProFab makes sure products are completely tested. Plus, we can follow up different parameters like RoHS, REACH, and UL based on your requirements. 

For inquiries or consultation, please email or call us. We will get back to you ASAP.

Custom Acrylic Laminate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Laminate Sheet for Kitchen

If you are looking for a high-quality acrylic laminate sheet for kitchen, then you can’t skip WeProFab. We produce a range of products with several options. Only based on your specs.

Off-white Acrylic Laminated Sheet

WeProFab carries line of off-white acrylic laminated sheets. Raw materials have been provided by the company. Big discounts ensured. Hence, it can be custom-made to own needs.

Colored Acrylic Laminated Sheet

WeProFab colored acrylic laminated sheet is designed to meet international standards. We have the full capability to design new products for you.

Printable Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The printable acrylic laminate sheets feature printability, durability, and resistance. These sheets are perfect for holders, display racks, and more suitable usages. They are transparent, colored, mirrored, or customized according to customers’ requests.

High-Quality Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The high-quality acrylic laminate sheets have glossy surfaces with pastel colors. They are eligible for various customizing processes, like laser cutting, UV printing, engraving, sawing, and polishing. These sheets are also suitable for kitchen areas.

Wall Decoration Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Acrylic laminate sheets for wall decorations have various engraved designs with glitters. They have lasting, elegant colors that last for an extended period. There is multiple colors and sizes option available that fit your specific applications. 

Pyramid Structure Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The acrylic laminate sheets with pyramid structures are suitable for LED panel lights, LED downlights, and linear lights. These sheets guarantee unified glare levels, are environmentally friendly, and have fabrication characteristics.

Acrylic Celluloid Laminate Sheet

Acrylic celluloid laminate sheets are ideal for furniture, signs, and LED boxes applications. Your approved logos are also considered when customizing orders. These sheets are strong and have fireproof features. They are in white colors yet customizable, as customers’ requests.

Latest Craft Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The latest craft acrylic laminate sheets are easy to shape and design according to a specific utilization. These sheets are eco-friendly and high-quality, perfect for craft projects. They feature non-toxicity, lighter weight, rigidity, and durability.

Glitter Sparkle Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Acrylic laminate sheets with glitter sparkle are ideal for cabinet wardrobe application. They have high-gloss surfaces with solid resistance and climate performance. Also, these sheets are also applicable for indoor decorations, signboards, product design, and more.

Anti-Scratch Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The anti-scratch acrylic laminate sheets are made with imported or domestic raw materials. These sheets feature scratch resistance, ideal for building, industries, craft, and advertisement usages. Thicknesses that suit your specific projects are available.

Rigid Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Rigid acrylic laminate sheets have matt, glossy, or embossed surfaces. These sheets have waterproof, durability, rigidity, and chemical resistant characteristics. Rigid acrylic laminate sheets are perfect for wall panels, tanks, chemical cabinets, and more.

Translucent Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The translucent acrylic laminate sheets have polished, and film-protected surface finishes. These sheets are suitable for display and beauty products, furniture, toys, and decoration applications. Their transparency rates depend on the color your choose to use.

Crack Resistant Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Crack-resistant acrylic laminate sheets are non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterproof, and lightweight. They are ideal for construction, lighting, medical, and public goods applications. These sheets are more transparent and more vital compared to glass.

Cast Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Cast acrylic laminate sheets have hard and flat surfaces. These sheets have outstanding electrical insulation, high plasticity, beautiful colors, and lightweight properties. Cast acrylic sheets are perfect for shading, lampshades, display racks, telephone booths, and more.

Matte White Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The matte white acrylic laminate sheets come in various thicknesses and colors for specific applications. They are usually used for swimming pools, office partitions, furniture, and more. These sheets are easy to process and formed according to customers’ orders.

Engraving Board Acrylic Laminating Sheet

Engraving board acrylic laminating sheets have glossy surfaces with excellent flexibility and hardness. These sheets have waterproof, lead-free, and eco-friendly characteristics. They are designed for home decorations, advertising displays, and more suitable utilization.

Artificial Stone Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The artificial stone acrylic laminated sheets have attractive designs and colors, suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and washroom areas. These sheets have multi-function, including insulating heat, preventing insects, and being soundproof.

Patterned Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The patterned acrylic laminated sheets have classic designs and various patterns. They are utilized for eyeglasses frames, crafts, hair accessories, furniture decorations applications. Patterned laminated acrylic sheets have a lighter weight than glass.

Frosted Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Frosted acrylic laminate sheets are ideal for museum decorations and architectural applications. You can request your required sizes, color, and thicknesses, according to usages. These frosted acrylic laminate sheets meet ISO9001/SGS standards.

Acrylic Laminate Sheet for Cabinet Doors

The acrylic laminate sheets for cabinet doors have glossy surfaces with mirror effects. These sheets can be with patterns, metallic, solid color, or have wood grain designs. They are also suitable for wardrobe doors and wall decorations.

Wood Grain Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Woodgrain acrylic laminate sheets feature excellent mechanical performance. These acrylic sheets are for hotel supplies, knife handles, lightings, decorations, and more. They are inexpensive alternatives for glass products.

Water Drop Acrylic Laminate Sheet

The waterdrop acrylic laminate sheets are unique for decorations, hospital walls, advertising, school industries, etc. They have about 1mm to 20mm thickness or are customized. These sheets are suitable for processes like cutting, hot bending, laminating, and more.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Looking for right acrylic laminate sheet for your business or special projects? WeProFab is ready to help you. As a professional acrylic laminate sheet, we are dedicated to providing best solution – new and valued customers.

Under the guidance of our expert personnel, who holds deep knowledge and expertise in this domain, we could certainly satisfy your needs. WeProFab provides a broad array of acrylic laminate sheets. You can find products in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Acrylic Laminated Sheet-11

WeProFab acrylic laminate sheet is manufactured from a high-grade acrylic sheet. As an own fabricator of raw material, we can provide highest quality acrylic laminate sheet at reasonable prices. WeProFab acrylic laminate sheet comes with a fine finish. It has a strong resistance to borers and termites.

Surface treatment is utilized with modern technology. In WeProFab, we do the best that we could. You can trust us. When it comes to the best quality, technical capability, and faster service, WeProFab is the name you can count on.

Riding on growing needs of market and industry, we actively upgrade product range. Supported by professional engineers, we offer products perfectly ideal for vast applications. WeProFab acrylic laminate sheet basically has strong wear and tear resistance.

Acrylic Laminated Sheet-12

Also, it has eco-friendly, waterproof and sound absorbent features. Other features include anti-bacterial function. So far, WeProFab acrylic laminate sheet is perfect for interior decoration like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wardrobe and more.

It can be easily installed and maintain because it is easy to clean. Using a cotton cloth, dirt will be eliminated on the surface. It is not necessary to use any form of liquid such as acids and alkaline.

When utilizing an acrylic laminate sheet, you must also avoid the product from exposure to direct sunlight. Offered acrylic laminate sheet comes in multiple finishes and colors.

WeProFab acrylic laminate sheet can be easily cut and machined to remove any burrs. With the support of our up-to-date equipment, we can custom-built products to exact requirements.

Custom options include sizes, shapes, thickness and hole configurations. During processes, all products are tested and examined of different quality measures. It includes Rohs, Reach, UL and ISO standards. WeProFab focus is our customer satisfaction.

Without hesitation, you could guarantee premium-quality products to avail. Custom acrylic laminate sheet will fulfill your project and business requirements.

Acrylic Laminated Sheet-10

Customization of the acrylic laminate sheet can be accomplished with WeProFab full fabrication capabilities. Laser cutting and CNC machining are some of the skills we are capable of.

WeProFab tends to give a one-stop solution for your fabrication needs.  We design an acrylic laminate sheet that will boost your business.

As one of acrylic laminated sheet manufacturers in China, WeProFab is dedicated to offering various elegant design products.

Over 20 years in the field, we have excellent expertise in this domain. Having earned customers trust, we’ve been able to expand our client base.

For your acrylic laminated sheet needs and requirements, let WeProFab satisfy you. Our customer-friendly staff will get in touch with you after receiving inquiries.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Offered in multiple colors and finishes, the acrylic laminate sheet is one of the most wanted replacements for wood in the making of interior decoration furniture.

Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Easy to clean, you don’t need any kind of alkaline or acid-based cleansers to eliminate dirt and grime from these acrylic laminated sheets.

Just a piece of cotton cloth will do the trick.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide to acrylic laminate sheets to get all the answers you need to your questions about this topic.

How Do You Make The Acrylic Laminate Sheet?

These steps show you how an acrylic laminate sheet is made.

You provide your manufacturer with your project layout that contains complete details about the acrylic parts requirements.

The manufacturer arrives at the right lamination structure for maximum and stable use of the finished acrylic laminated sheet.

The right lamination size is established to facilitate production runs based on factors like acrylic sheet size, pressure applied on the finished product, and acrylic sheet thickness.

You cut to size the laminate on a piece of foam that provides the flat, sturdy surface needed to cut with a saw.

You then apply contact cement to the acrylic sheet and laminate and allow it to cure.

The laminate is then attached to the acrylic sheet.

For a strong bond, a J-roller (for small pieces) or short-neck roller (for large pieces) is used to press the laminate down on to the acrylic sheet.

A trim router is then used to trim the edges.

Finally, you sand the edges and apply Xylene to remove traces of excess glue.

This video shows you how to laminate your acrylic sheet.


What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Laminate Sheets?

· Laser Cut Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Laser Cut Acrylic Laminate Sheet

 Laser Cut Acrylic Laminate Sheet

For a cut-to-size sheet that meets your exact dimensional requirements, it is best to use the laser-cut acrylic laminate sheet.

High-end plastic laser cutting capability ensures dimensional integrity even in complex shapes.

These laser-cut acrylic laminate sheets have smooth polished edges and appear in complex designs that cannot be achieved with die cutting.

You will find that the laser-cutting process consumes less power than traditional cutting processes.

Also, faster batch changeovers and material scrap savings help bring down the cost of making these acrylic laminate sheets.

· Custom Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Custom Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Custom Acrylic Laminate Sheet

With limitless options to create unique waterproof and sound-proof products, the custom acrylic laminate sheet comes in various grades and standards.

You can get high-gloss laminated acrylic sheets for cabinet doors, high-gloss glittering laminated acrylic sheets, sliding door acrylic laminated sheets, PMMA laminated mirror sheets, and other combinations.

Clear acrylic laminate sheets are made of 100% virgin raw materials that can sustain over 92% light transparency just like high-gloss acrylic sheets.

Get completely flat laminated surfaces that do not turn yellow over time.

Use acrylic laminate sheets of custom sizes and patterns in decoration, household, and advertising applications.

· High Gloss Acrylic Laminate Sheet

High Gloss Acrylic Laminate Sheet

High Gloss Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Available in stunning finishes, the high gloss acrylic laminate sheet achieves its brilliant deep finish when a vibrant color is permanently fused into the crystal-clear base material on one side.

Extensively used in kitchen/bathroom cabinet doors, splash-backs, and upstands, these laminated sheets sustain high-gloss finishes and unparalleled reflections with all colors.

You will find that popular colors include ocean grey, pistachio, black, white, lemon yellow, anthracite, silver white, and red.

These high-gloss acrylic laminate sheets are made of extruded acrylic sheets that enable cost-effective, general purpose, and durable decorative and storage solutions.

· White Acrylic Laminate Sheet

White Acrylic Laminate Sheet

White Acrylic Laminate Sheet

One of the most commonly used sheets to replace acrylic, the white acrylic laminate sheet is stocked in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

These sheets are highly glossy and do not lose their shine with changing weather conditions.

White acrylic laminate sheets are laser cut, bent, thermoformed, polished, and printed to exact custom requirements.

Depending on its thickness, this sheet can sustain 93% light transparency rates.

You can use white acrylic laminate sheets to make stationery racks, bathroom furniture, and advertising engraving displays, among other items.

· Acrylic Laminate Sheet For Kitchen

Acrylic Laminate Sheet For Kitchen

 Acrylic Laminate Sheet For Kitchen

Highly affordable and eco-friendly, the acrylic laminate sheet for kitchen can be cut, drilled, and routed onsite making it easier and affordable to complete kitchen furniture projects.

These are waterproofed sheets that can create sound-absorbing barriers as well.

Make bathroom cabinets, kitchen shutters, wardrobes, and other interior decoration items as per your project designs and requirements.

The regularly updated acrylic laminate sheet for kitchen is available for you in innumerable designs, colors, features, sizes, and shapes.

You can use them to add unique aesthetic value to home and business projects.

High-density acrylic laminated sheets are fireproof and 100% recyclable.

· Off-White Acrylic Laminated Sheet

Off-White Acrylic Laminated Sheet

 Off-White Acrylic Laminated Sheet

Hard wearing and UV stable, the off-white acrylic laminated sheet is flexible and lends itself to various applications including model making and printing.

You can cut and machine this sheet with saws, rotary machines, or high-precision laser machinery.

Available in custom thicknesses, the off-white acrylic laminated sheet has several magnetic backing and self-adhesive applications.

Bond these acrylic laminated sheets with the solvent welding process.

· Colored Acrylic Laminated Sheet

Colored Acrylic Laminated Sheet

Colored Acrylic Laminated Sheet

Designed to meet international standards, the colored acrylic laminated sheet is a high-quality PMMA sheet widely used in craft projects.

You can choose from 2mm to 50 mm sheets in any color of your choice.

You can also opt for logo printing on your OEM/ODM acrylic sheet projects.

Eight different standard sizes are stocked, but you can specify custom sizes for all your unique projects.

The colored acrylic laminated sheet can be molded and reprocessed.

Use them to insulate electrical components.

· PMMA Laminate Sheet

PMMA Laminate Sheet

 PMMA Laminate Sheet

Labelled as the next generation high-gloss laminate, the PMMA laminate sheet is lightweight, comes in vivid colors, and is lighter than glass.

Suitable for both residential and commercial projects, this high-quality PMMA sheet offers a sophisticated solution for room improvement innovations.

Made of homogenous acrylic, this acrylic laminate sheet offers enhanced scratch-resistant properties ideal for interior decoration projects.

You can install this with great ease, as you can bend this sheet to create smooth and gentle curves.

You just need to use microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water to clean this sheet so this is easy to clean and maintain.

Fabricate and install this PMMA laminate sheet onsite with standard woodworking tools.

You can also install this sheet using PROBOND or similar adhesives.

· Decorative Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Decorative Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Decorative Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Showcased in scintillating designs and in an array of newly added colors, the decorative acrylic laminate sheet adds a dash of class to the interiors of any home or office.

Available in contemporary formats, this attractive sheet can motivate designers to create interiors that reflect simplicity but with an elegant touch with decorative laminate.

You can use it to accentuate and add aesthetic value to spaces in your kitchen.

Create amazing-looking storage spaces that are also very practical to use.

Reinforced with 4H hardness anti-scratch surface, the decorative acrylic laminate sheet is made of water- and impact-resistant material.

It is completely free from heavy metals like cadmium and lead and forms finished products that do not generate or release harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

You can use it to make kitchen doors, cabinets, high glossy display cabinets, and finishing for shop walls and office furniture.

· Mirror Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Mirror Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Mirror Acrylic Laminate Sheet

Available in gold, silver, and other colors, the mirror acrylic laminate sheet is a high-quality flat panel that offers a mirror-like finish well suited for toys, wall decorations, and advertising panels.

These cut-to-size acrylic laminates come in standard sizes of 290 X 190mm and are customized with CNC, silk screen, and laser engraving processes.

You will find that the mirror acrylic laminate sheet is a lightweight, highly-reflective sheet that provides a waterproof, anti-scratch, undistorted mirror-effect solution for large-scale applications.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Acrylic Laminate Sheet?

There are several advantages of using the acrylic laminate sheet.

The clear acrylic laminate sheet is coated with transparent lamination that maintains high brightness levels and reflectivity.

It has strong plasticity that can be easily shaped and processed.

The acrylic laminate sheet demonstrates strong shock resistance and is highly resistant to wear and tear.

You do not need any special chemicals to keep these laminated sheets clean.

You can get a broad array of standard and custom acrylic laminate sheet sizes, designs, and shapes.

High-grade acrylic sheets are used in the manufacture of acrylic laminate sheets to create fine finishes that are highly resistant to termites and borers.

Proper utilization of modern technology with technical capability brings down the cost of acrylic laminate sheets.

The product range is constantly upgraded to meet the requirements of the OEM/ODM market.

This laminated sheet is cut and machined with up-to-date equipment that comes up with custom-built products.

The professional fabricator has full fabrication including laser cutting and CNC machining capabilities.

Custom thicknesses, shapes, hole configurations, and sizes are tested and examined to ensure the finished acrylic laminate sheet meets UL, ISO, Reach, and Rohs standards.

The acrylic laminate sheet is eco-friendly, can be treated with antibacterial properties, and has improved waterproof and sound-absorbing capabilities.

Does The Acrylic Laminate Sheet have limitations?

Yes, even though the acrylic laminate sheet does come with a UV-protection coat, it is best suited for indoor use away from direct sunlight.

This helps maintain its finish and color over longer periods of time.

How Do You Decide Between Acrylic Laminate Sheets And PVC Laminate Sheets?

Use the following parameters to choose between acrylic laminate sheets and PVC laminate sheets.

  1. Acrylic laminated sheets can retain their glossy and reflective sheen on their surfaces for years.

PVC laminated sheets are pre-processed laminated sheets that are multilayered.

This PVC sheet can have a glossy or matte finish, but cannot match acrylic for its sheen.

  1. PVC laminate sheets are more economical, as they do not look high-end.

On the other hand, acrylic laminate sheets add aesthetic value to end applications making it a premium product.

  1. You can get both acrylic and PVC laminated sheets in a variety of colors. Choose from matte, gloss, and textured sheets.

Manufacturers conduct acrylic laminate sheet runs more frequently, so colors in different batches may differ to some extent.

Preplan to ensure that you have the same hue for your colored acrylic laminate sheet project.

  1. The acrylic laminate sheet is more UV- and water-resistant than PVC, making it the ideal choice for premium kitchen and bathroom projects.

PVC is more flexible and more durable.

You just have to bend it to the required angle without the use of edge bands.

They are best used in areas the need high-corrosion and heat-resistant properties.

  1. Innovative designers use both PVC and acrylic laminate sheets to furnish modular kitchens.

Whereas acrylic is more suited for upper cabinets that need the high-gloss look, PVC with its high impact resistance is more suited for lower cabinets that may be exposed to impact, corrosion, and excessive heat.

Is The Acrylic Laminate Sheet As Transparent As Glass?

No, the acrylic laminate sheet is not meant to be a transparent sheet.

It can be translucent when used in LED applications.

However, these acrylic laminated sheets are mostly used in indoor wardrobe and furniture applications that do not need transparent laminates.

How Much Weight Can The Acrylic Laminate Sheet Hold?

The acrylic laminate sheet can hold 30 times the weight of a glass sheet of the same thickness.

However, the acrylic laminate sheet will bend unlike glass, as it is more flexible.

Do You Need To Polish The Acrylic Laminate Sheet?

Cut-to-size acrylic laminate sheets are laser cut so there is no need to polish the edges.

If the acrylic laminate sheet is cut to custom sizes on site, the cutting process may create burrs and uneven edges.

In that case, the edges will have to be milled and polished.

Can You Screen Print The Acrylic Laminate Sheet?

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Yes, the acrylic laminate sheet can be screen printed.

Professional acrylic sheet manufacturers can customize a color or combine colors to silkscreen print on acrylic laminate sheets as per your dimensions, tolerances, and volume.

Large and small plastic screen-printing machines complete screen-printing jobs as per your required quality standards.

You can get unique screen printing done on these acrylic laminate sheets at very competitive rates.

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