• Polycarbonate Helmet

Polycarbonate Helmet

WeProFab is one of the best polycarbonate helmet fabricators in China. We produce different types of polycarbonate helmet that can be ideal for any kind of application. Our polycarbonate helmet is highly durable and lightweight.  Message us now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Helmet to Delight Your Customers

Our polycarbonate helmet provides protection, comfortable, UV resistant, and affordable costs. It is highly recommendable for any type of protection and also a great suggestion for business.

Polycarbonate Safety Helmet

WeProFab offers a polycarbonate safety helmet that can be applied in high-temperature areas like welding and smelting since it is highly durable and protect from flying particles and liquid splash.

Polycarbonate Eye Protect Helmet

Our polycarbonate helmet offers eye protection which has safety lenses that absorb ultraviolet light. WeProFab polycarbonate eye protects helmet also protects from the dust, dirt, insects, and more.

Polycarbonate Helmet Bulletproof Visor

WeProFab helmet has a bulletproof visor that offers unique protection against multiple hits of ballistic warning. It is best to use for police forces, arrest teams, and military forces.

Polycarbonate Football Helmet

Our polycarbonate helmet can be applied in football which has a unique ability to absorb and distribute impact. It is also a suitable material for football due to its lightweight and protects the head from the brunt.

Polycarbonate Cycling Helmet

Our polycarbonate cycling helmet can be collapsed to a small and easy to carry item for travelers. It is suitable for riders to have safe rides and makes them look exceptionally good.

Polycarbonate Bike Helmet

WeProFab polycarbonate bike helmet is incredibly strong and lightweight. It can protect your head every time you travel out on a ride. It also offers great impact resistance, safety gear, and safe biking.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Helmet Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we are your one-stop-shop for any kind of fabrication such as plastics and metal. Our polycarbonate helmet is one of the in-demand products since it provides protection in any type of works, personal use, and businesses.

WeProFab polycarbonate helmet offers different types such as a bulletproof visor, eye protects, cycling helmet, bike helmet, football helmet, safety helmet, full-face helmet, half shell helmet, open face helmet, modular, and ADV Dual Sports polycarbonate helmet. You can free to choose the very in demand for your personal needs.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, WeProFab manages the quality of polycarbonate helmet products and make sure to have high-quality products before transporting. If one of the polycarbonate helmet products is your desire, you can message us now!

Custom Polycarbonate Helmet to Expand Your Brand

ADV Dual Sport Polycarbonate Helmet

Our polycarbonate helmet is also best for ADV dual sport applications like touring and adventure riding. WeProFab provides ultra-lightweight and high-penetration resistance.

Polycarbonate FULL Face Helmet

Polycarbonate full-face helmet is perfect for having full-face protection which absorbs the dangerous levels of force. WeProFab can offer you a highly durable and high-quality.

Polycarbonate Half Shell Helmet

Our polycarbonate half shell helmet can be also used as a riot helmet in which offers excellent protection and superior comfort. WeProFab can provide you an affordable yet durable.

Polycarbonate Modular Helmet

Our polycarbonate modular helmet lets the driver wear the helmet in the full-face configuration. We can provide a smoother and comfortable journey with our polycarbonate modular helmet.

Polycarbonate Open Face Helmet

WeProFab polycarbonate open face helmet provides protection and enjoyment of the ride without feeling restricted. We also provide a comfortable, lightweight, and cool open face helmet.

Men Polycarbonate Helmet

Men polycarbonate helmet is one of the popular helmets. They are known due to their lightweight properties, impact resistance, and excellent temperature resistance.

Polycarbonate Helmet for Kids

The polycarbonate helmet for kids comes in different colors, kids sizes, prints, and designs. They are not heavy on the head and provide extra safety at the same time.

Polycarbonate Helmet for Adult

Polycarbonate helmet for an adult is the most preferred helmet in the market. They own several features, such as low weight, break resistance, and scratch resistance.

Industrial Polycarbonate Helmet

Industrial polycarbonate helmets are used for industrial constructions. They are worn by builders, engineers, and further personnel involved in the construction.

Hard Hat Polycarbonate Helmet

Hard hat polycarbonate helmet comes in yellow color, blue, red, green, black, etc. They are impact-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and safe to use.

Head Protection Polycarbonate Helmet

Head protection polycarbonate helmet provides 100% head protection. They are used when driving bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and more vehicles.

Polycarbonate Skyview Safety Helmet

The polycarbonate Skyview safety helmet is available in different sizes, colors, and prints. They are lightweight yet provides high safety for the head.

Durable Polycarbonate Helmet

We offer durable polycarbonate helmets at a more affordable price. They are very light hence providing high head protection. This is used often when driving.

Custom Photo Printing Polycarbonate Helmet

Custom photo printing polycarbonate helmet is accessible at lower rates. They have lightweight, multicolored, and accept your custom photo printing request.

Polycarbonate Intervention Helmet

Polycarbonate intervention helmets are commonly used for more comfortable rides. They are used especially for high-speed riders off and on-road.

Polycarbonate Anti-Dust Helmet

A polycarbonate anti-dust helmet is a cost-effective helmet, great for use in polluted areas. They are strong, lightweight, impact-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.

Retro-Styled Polycarbonate Helmet

The retro-styled polycarbonate helmet has a simple design. They are used for driving, cycling, and more purpose. They are known for their durability and scratch resistance.

Stylish Polycarbonate Helmet

Stylish polycarbonate helmets can be accessed in different sizes, styles, and custom prints. They have tough properties, break resistance, and much cheaper.

Gloss Black Polycarbonate Helmet

Gloss black polycarbonate helmet is made of 100% pure polycarbonate thermoplastics. They are very tough thus providing high yield and tensile strength.

Polycarbonate Driving Helmet

Because made of polycarbonate thermoplastics, the polycarbonate driving helmets, therefore, can withstand great pressure and impact. They are great alternative to glass.

Polycarbonate Racing Helmet

Polycarbonate racing helmets are made extra durable, temperature resistant, and impact resistant. They are commonly used in motorcycle racing.

Polycarbonate Helmet for Women

The polycarbonate helmet for women comes in attractive prints and designs. They are used to protect women riders from head injuries in case of an accident.

Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Helmet

Anti-scratch polycarbonate helmet has a high glossy surface and more impact resistance. They are one of the safety gear in driving motorcycles, bikes, or scooters.

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Helmet

Anti-fog polycarbonate helmets are primarily used as head protection. They can prevent serious injuries in case of a fall or an accident. Their anti-fog factor is also very important for safety.

Head Mounted Polycarbonate Helmet

The head mounted polycarbonate helmets have excellent temperature and shatter resistance. They are reliable and durable enough to use as head protection when driving.

Polycarbonate Helmet for Military

Polycarbonate helmets for the military are safety gear that won’t easily break and shatter. They come in various colors, designs, and sizes to fit any head measurement.

Polycarbonate Emergency Helmet

The polycarbonate emergency helmet is commonly used in constructions and industrial projects. They won’t easily be compromised under certain pressure and temperature.

Polycarbonate Police Helmet

The polycarbonate police helmets are very tough, unbreakable, bullet-proof, and strong. They are used by police officers to prevent serious head injuries.

Budget-Friendly Polycarbonate Helmet

Budget-friendly polycarbonate helmet is made from low-cost yet quality polycarbonate material. They feature high impact resistance, lightweight, and temperature resistance.

Polycarbonate Sport Helmet

The polycarbonate sport helmet is perfect for any sport, including football games, snowboarding, racing, and more. They are durable enough to use as head safety gear.

Polycarbonate Welding Helmet

Polycarbonate welding helmet has a polycarbonate visor shield for eyes, face, and head protection. They are well-known for their quality, strength, extra protection, and scratch resistance.

Polycarbonate Motorcycle Helmet

Polycarbonate motorcycle helmets feature high durability, scratch resistance, and have strong anti-impact properties. They can be used for cycling, adventure riding, touring, and so on.

Polycarbonate Alloy Riot Helmet

The polycarbonate alloy riot helmets are primarily used to protect the eyes, face, and most importantly, the head. Different styles are produced to fit specific applications, like motorcycles, military forces, etc.


Polycarbonate Face Shield Helmet

The polycarbonate face shield helmet comes in different styles. They are suitable for business jobs, sports, military forces, police forces, motorcycles, arrest teams, and more.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Helmet

Selecting the right helmet isn’t easy. So WeProFab is your best selection and a polycarbonate helmet is just right for you. We are one of the entrusted fabricators of protective and safety equipment since we have plenty of experience. Our polycarbonate helmet is one of the in-demand products due to its plenty of applications.

Our polycarbonate helmet offers different types such as polycarbonate helmet bulletproof visor, polycarbonate cycling helmet, polycarbonate football helmet, polycarbonate eye protect helmet, polycarbonate bike helmet, and more. Our polycarbonate safety helmet is designed to protect users from a number of hazards.

Polycarbonate Helmet

WeProFab polycarbonate helmet can be applied in different types of applications such as sports, business jobs, police forces, military forces, arrest teams, and motorcycles. It is specifically used in construction, football games, welding, biking, cycling, racing, adventure riding, snowboarding, touring, smelting, and so on.

Our polycarbonate helmet products are perfect for your head, face, and eye protection.

WeProFab polycarbonate helmet is probably safe to use since they are not in contact with your skin while you ride. Using our polycarbonate helmet is consistently been shown to minimize crash-related injuries. It has minimal distortion and very easy to remove.

Our polycarbonate helmet offers fragmentation protection, high light transmission, and ultra-lightweight.

Our polycarbonate helmet protects your eyes from the dust, sun, insects, and dirt. Our eye protects helmet has a polycarbonate lens the gives 99.9% UVB/UVA protection. It also has a durable,  good impact strength, shock-absorbent foam, and chemical resistance. It also designed to protect users from different kinds of hazards.

Polycarbonate Helmet

WeProFab polycarbonate helmet also offers a full face and open-face design. It also has a half shell, modular, and ADV dual-sport polycarbonate helmet. You can free to choose the desire and demand for your business or personal use.

Our polycarbonate helmet can be accessible in different types of colors. It maintains its properties when exposing to cold temperatures.

WeProFab performs product processing that includes injection molding and more to achieve the desire looks and quality of the polycarbonate helmet.

WeProFab can assure you to have a better and stronger polycarbonate helmet since we fabricate it using our advanced types of equipment. For more questions or inquiries about our polycarbonate helmet products, please message us to have a quick response.

Polycarbonate Helmet

Polycarbonate Helmet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you have many questions about polycarbonate helmet.

A reason this guide will provide all answer you have been looking for.

So, ensure you read all sections of this guide before buying polycarbonate helmet.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Properties Does Polycarbonate Helmet Possess?

Polycarbonate helmet has their shell made from synthetic plastic resin containing several carbonates hence the name polycarbonates.

polycarbonate helmet

polycarbonate helmet

Polycarbonate helmet is one of the most popular motorcycle helmet due to the following properties:

Light Weight

Polycarbonate material composition is very light hence the making the resulting helmet light weighted.

This makes riding comfortable especially for high speed riders on and off road.


Thermoplastic material used for making polycarbonate helmet is mechanically tough thus offering great tensile and yield strength.

Polycarbonate helmet can therefore withstand great impact and pressure before it breaks.

Impact And Temperature Resistant

The purpose of a helmet is to protect riders from head injuries in case of an accident or a fall.

Therefore, impact resistance is a major factor when choosing a helmet.

Polycarbonate helmet is highly impact resistant and wont easily be compromised under certain temperature and stress.

This is because it is layered with another tough material known as polystyrene liner.

It is able to distribute force throughout its body without puncturing or crashing.


The manufacturing process of polycarbonate helmet is relatively low due to low cost of materials and labor.

As a result, the overall cost of polycarbonate helmet is cheap.


Polycarbonate material is naturally clear hence it is easy to add various colors to it during manufacturing.

Are Polycarbonate Helmets Safe?


Polycarbonate helmets are subjected to a safety test scheme before they can be released into the market.

Their safety property is derived from their high impact resistant, strength and light weight features.

This means that they cannot easily crash under force or extreme temperatures.

Additionally, the are light weight hence do not interfere with riders’ stability at high speed.

What Quality Mark Of Standardization Should Polycarbonate Helmet Have?

Quality polycarbonate helmet should bear standardization marks such as; DOT, ECE 22.05, Snell, etc. to signify compliance to safety measures.

A good polycarbonate helmet should meet and exceed the set quality standards.

How Do You Customize Polycarbonate Helmet?

Customization of polycarbonate helmets is very possible when you order from a manufacturer.

Customization services can be offered for color, size, inner material, cheek paddings, straps, ventilators, etc.

customized polycarbonate helmet

Customized polycarbonate helmet

When ordering inform manufacturer of your specifications and request for sample mold before proceeding with production.

Which Polycarbonate Helmet Safety Features Should You Look For?

A polycarbonate helmet is a safety gear used by motorcycle riders to provide protection during accidents.

They can be upgraded with technological features such as Bluetooth speakers for easy communication when riding.

Besides these capabilities, their overall structure must remain the same to maintain its safety purpose.

Polycarbonate helmet is made up of the following [parts which ensure it provides the required safety.

Outer Shell

This part is external facing and is made from polycarbonate material.

Its main purpose is to protect your head from impact or abrasion during an accident or penetration from external objects.

It is rigid in nature and is meant to distribute force from impact all over the helmet without cracking or puncturing.

Impact Absorbing Inner Lining

The immediate layer after the outer rigid shell is a lining made from Styrofoam known as expandable polystyrene foam.

This foam is stiff and its work is to absorb the energy from the impact and displace it.

This prevents the energy transfer to your head thus is the second line of defense.

In the event that the impacting force is too high, the impacted area will collapse to fully absorb the shock.

Padded Comfort Fit

Padded comfort layer comes after impact absorbing layer in the interior part of polycarbonate helmet. This is where your head rests while having the helmet on.

It is made from a cell form and covered with a cloth to absorb sweat and keep you cool.

During fitting, ensure the helmet provides maximum comfort to your head.

It can be removed or changed too fit any head shape.

Face Shield

Also known as visor is a safety feature meant to protect your eyes when riding.

It prevents road debris, insects and weather conditions such as sunlight and wind from interfering with your visibility.

Ventilation System

Ventilation systems are available in full face and ¾ helmet designs to prevent visor fogging and cool you as you ride.

They are adjustable options which allow riders to open, close or leave it in between depending on the riding weather.

Retention/Chin Strap

Chin straps are meant for securing the helmet on your head to prevent movement when riding.

It is made from woven material and has fastening D-straps that lock it in place.

When secured in place, it should only allow two fingers between the strap and your chin.

Chin straps are also covered with comfort layer material for sweat absorption on your chin area in order to maintain comfort.

Cheek Pads

These are added features to ensure adequate comfort and retain helmet position on your head.

They can be removed for cleaning or customized to fit different head shapes.

What Are The Available Designs For Polycarbonate Helmet?

There are various design categories of polycarbonate helmets that are available in the market.

Full Face Helmet

Full face polycarbonate helmet covers your whole head and neck offering you protection from impact.

It has a chin bar; a crucial safety feature to protects your chin and jaw from impact during an accident.

This helmet is designed such that it does not lift when riding at high speed in a crouching position. They are mostly common with sports riders.

 customized polycarbonate helmet

full face helmet

Full face helmet also has a visor opening for ventilation and air circulation and prevent fogging when riding.

The visor opening is strategically positioned near helmet top.

Modern full face helmet can be integrated with Bluetooth technology, high visibility design and adjustable visors in sunlight conditions.

Open Face Helmet

Open face helmet is also known as ¾ helmets due to its design.

This design of polycarbonate helmet covers the top, side and back of your head leaving your face uncovered.

Riders wearing open face helmet are exposed to road debris and weather conditions.

full face helmet

open face helmet

Open face helmet does not have a chin bar as full face helmet thus exposing your chin to impact during an accident.

This helmet design is common with café racers, tourers and cruisers.

They weigh slightly less than full face helmets due to the absence of a china bar.

Open face helmet come with partial or full face visors for eyes protection or one can purchase separately.

Half Helmet

Unlike open face helmet, half helmet only covers the top of your head, the forehead and your brow leaving your face exposed.

Some half helmet covers the back of your neck and ears and leave the face as well.

This helmet requires users to buy their own face shield or riding goggles separately.

open face helmet

half helmet

Since it does not have enough space, they are less likely to have Bluetooth speaker integration.

Off-road (Motocross, Dirt bike) Helmet

Off-road helmet is meant for riding off the highway on dirt roads.

They do not come equipped with eye shield hence riders need to buy riding goggles for eye protection.

Off-road helmet is made from composite fiber to offer great mechanical strength and light weight to prevent riders from head fatigue.

half helmet

off road helmet

This helmet design has wider visor area for good airflow and a prominent chin bar for maximum protection.

When buying an off-road helmet, ensure your goggles and body armor fit well with the helmet before buying the helmet.

Dual Sport (Crossover, Hybrid, Enduro) Helmet

Dual sport helmet combine full face and off-road design hence have a large visor than in full face.

The visor can snap open for use of face shield such as goggles.

The visor is aerodynamic thus cannot be affected by wind at high speed.

The chin bar is not accentuated as in off-road helmet thus have better sound proof and less air flow.

Their outer design resembles that of an off-road helmet with the less protruding chin bar and wide visor. On the interior, it is similar to full face helmet in terms of padding and comfort offered.

off road helmet

dual sport helmet

This type of polycarbonate helmet is ideal for use both off-road and on the highway.

You can snap open the visor off-road and use goggles and air flow.

Modular (Flip-up) Helmet

Modular helmet is a mix of ¾ helmet and full face helmet. This is because the chin bar and the visor can flip open the front part of the helmet.

Modular helmet resembles full face helmet in terms of material and fitment design.

It is however a little heavier than full face due to the additional features for flipping the visor and chin area.

This type of helmet may have a secondary internal visor for extra eye protection besides the normal visor.

They are fitted for upright riding position common with cruisers, tourers and adventure riders.

modular helmet

modular helmet

The chin bar is lower on the face and the visor openings are straightforward.

Modular helmet can be incorporated with Bluetooth speaker, dual visor with an anti-fogging system.

How Does Polycarbonate Helmet Compare With Other Helmet Materials?

The outer shell of helmet can be made from different materials and that is what sets them apart.

There are two materials used in the manufacture of helmets namely; plastics and composite fiber materials.

Plastic Material Helmets

Plastic material helmets are constructed from thermoplastics or thermoset resins.

Polycarbonate material is in the category of thermoplastic compound including Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or a mix of both.

Polycarbonate helmets are heavier than composite materials.

They are manufactured by injection molding process of molten thermoplastic on a helmet shaped mold and left to cool and harden.

These helmets can be recycled by melting and reshaping by following the same process since no chemical reaction occurs.

Unlike polycarbonate helmets, advanced thermoset resins (ATR) made helmets require curing for their hardening process.

The curing agent 9usually an epoxy) activates a chemical process which cures and hardens the mold.

ATR helmets cannot be recycled sue to the chemical process during its formation.

ABS helmets are rigid, highly heat and chemical resistant and are strong.

ABS are heavier than polycarbonate helmets which have higher impact resistance and are clear.

Polycarbonate helmets offer better protection than ABS helmets and are a little costlier as well.

Composite Fiber Material Helmets

These helmets are made from composite fiber materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Composite helmets are made by repeatedly crisscrossing fiber materials layers at certain angle while adding resins and filler.

Once a certain weaving and strength is achieved, the mixture is heated and left to cool on the helmet mold.

This process is labor intensive thus making composite fiber helmets expensive than polycarbonate helmets.

Fiberglass helmet materials are lightweight, inexpensive, strong and flexible at the same time.

They contain a mix of carbon and Kevlar to achieve high-strength characteristic.

Their prices are dependent the composition of carbon or Kevlar weaved in.

During impact, they redistribute the force due to high flexibility across the outer shell.

Carbon fiber helmets are naturally strong due to their naturally occurring carbon atom bonds.

They have extremely great strength, are lighter, great tensile strength thus are excellent at distributing impact force without breaking.

Carbon material can be combined with Kevlar material for extra strength.

They cost a lot more than polycarbonate helmet, are lighter and offer better protection at high speed.

Kevlar helmets are made the same way as fiberglass helmets with an additional plastic compound to boost the strength.

Kevlar has higher tensile strength than fiberglass and polycarbonate helmets.

It is added carbon fiber material to boost its force absorption and redistribution on impact.

Kevlar helmets are lighter than polycarbonate helmets and offer good protection.

What Are The Limitations Of Polycarbonate Helmet?

  • They are a bit heavier than those made from composite hence not comfortable for very high speed riding.
  • Can easily crush when pressure threshold is exceeded during an impact.

How Do You Test Quality Of Your Polycarbonate Helmet?

Quality of polycarbonate helmet can be tested and confirmed by conducting the following tests:

Impact Test

We know that the purpose of polycarbonate helmet is to shield your head from impact or puncture by foreign objects.

This quality test is done by subjecting the helmet through different impact scenarios and the gravitational force value checked.

If the helmet exceeds a certain set acceleration value, then it fails the quality test.

Chin Bar Test

A chin bar is a safety feature that protect rider’s chin and jaw from impact.

Its quality can be tested by dropping a 5 kg object at its center and measuring the downward deflection distance.

Minimum threshold should not be exceeded for the quality to be accepted.

Position Stability Test

Having a well-fitting polycarbonate helmet will protect you during an impact.

To test for this quality, a head foam is placed into a helmet and adjusted to a certain angle.

An object is dropped from an agreed height and the helmet turn observed.

This is repeated and if the helmet shifts without rolling out, it passes the test.

Shell Penetration Test

This is carried out to check puncturing possibilities of a polycarbonate helmet.

A sharp pointed object with at least 3 kg is dropped from a certain height unto the helmet.

A good quality polycarbonate helmet should not be puncture by the sharp object or show contact with the head internally.

Face Shield Penetration Test

Face shield penetration test is done by shooting soft pellets at 500kph from an air rifle along the centerline at different points.

If the pellets penetrate the face shield the polycarbonate helmet fails quality test.

How Much Does A Polycarbonate Helmet Cost?

The cost of a polycarbonate helmet varies depending on the design of the polycarbonate helmet.

Each design will charge depending on the cost of production and labor hours spent on it.

What Branding Techniques Are Used On Polycarbonate Helmet?

Polycarbonate helmets can be branded in so many ways:

  • Use of adhesive stickers to stick on the helmets.
  • Digital printing using computerized methods.

Are Polycarbonate Helmet Break Proof?


Polycarbonate helmets can withstand impact force up to a certain magnitude before cracking.

They can provide safety at high speed but are not recommended for aggressive speed sports.

What Is The Manufacturing Process For Polycarbonate Helmet?

Polycarbonate helmets are manufactured through a process known as injection mold process.

This entails heating polycarbonate material at very high temperatures until they turn into liquid form. The liquid polycarbonate material is then poured into a helmet-shaped mold and left to cool and harden into shape.

Polycarbonate helmets can be reshaped through recycling process since no chemical process is involved in their manufacturing.

What Are The Uses Of Polycarbonate Helmet?

  • To protect and minimize head injury from accidents when riding.
  • Protect against falling objects, road debris, sharp objects, weather conditions, etc.

Is There Standard Size For Polycarbonate Helmet?


Polycarbonate helmet are available in different sizes such as large, medium and small.

This is because there are various users for polycarbonate helmet ranging from kids to adults.

So how do you know that polycarbonate helmet is the right size? When shopping for helmet size you need to look out for the following:

No Shake

When shopping physically, fit in a polycarbonate helmet, fasten the retention strap and shake your head.

A perfect fit helmet should not move around your head, instead, it should move with your head.

Space Between Head And Shell

The inner layer of polycarbonate helmet is made of an impact absorbing material usually an EPS form. This part of the helmet should be close to your head for a right size helmet.

If the space between your head and the layer can fit a finger, you should consider a smaller helmet.

Shell Contact

The final size step when choosing a polycarbonate helmet is hard shell contact test.

A helmet hard shell should not be felt pressing on your head. The helmet should fit okay without being too tight or loose.

In case you are shopping online, ensure you know the dimensions of your helmet before placing your order.

You can do this by measuring your head circumference size just above eyebrows using a tailor’s measuring tape in inches.

Also to note is the shape of your head and indicating in your order placement, different shapes can be accessed online.

When you receive a helmet that does not fit, check with seller if they have return policy and its terms and conditions.

What Is The MOQ For Polycarbonate Helmet?

The minimum order for polycarbonate helmets is 200 pieces, however, you can negotiate for small order for first time order.

Ordering in bulk enables you to get discounted rates on the polycarbonate helmets.

What Quality Control Methods Do Polycarbonate Helmet Manufacturers Adhere To?

Manufacturers of polycarbonate helmets ensure quality control adhering by following the right manufacturing process end-to-end.

They ensure that only polycarbonate materials that pass the quality checks are used in manufacturing of helmets.

During quality testing of polycarbonate helmets, only helmets that passes are released to the market while the rest are reshaped through recycling.

Manufactures also ensure strict adherence to quality standards of manufacturing process for compliance.

At WeProFab, we help you get the best polycarbonate helmets depending on your unique requirements.

For any questions or inquiry about polycarbonate helmets, contact us now.

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