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Custom Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is your ideal manufacturer and supplier to support your custom polycarbonate sheet requirements. We offer cut-to-size custom polycarbonate sheets as per your specifications. Different colors, types, and designs of polycarbonate sheets can be customized. You can select our wide variation of custom polycarbonate sheets to fulfill your business necessities.

Get WeProFab Custom Polycarbonate Sheets to Attract Your Customers

Our team carefully chooses the best materials to produce high-quality polycarbonate sheets with custom size, color, and designs. We listed below our top-rated custom polycarbonate sheets for your choices and options. If you can’t find the right custom polycarbonate sheets from our designs, then you can send us your requirements.

Coated Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab is the best place for coated custom polycarbonate sheets. It can be available in many different sizes, shapes, grades, and types.

Corrugated Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

We can support your custom corrugated polycarbonate sheets. We can cut your corrugated custom polycarbonate sheets according to your desired sizes.

Cut-to-Size Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab cut-to-size custom polycarbonate sheets can be available in many different colors, designs, and shapes. We can give you one-stop solutions for this sheet.

Embossed Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab can custom your embossed polycarbonate sheet with your own designs with different thicknesses, colors, and shapes.

Solid Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Standard colors for standard solid polycarbonate sheets are blue, green, clear, opal, gray, brown, and can be customized.

Textured Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Our top engineers ensure our textured custom polycarbonate sheets with sturdy, high-quality, and efficient. It is suitable for all kinds of roofing purposes.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Custom Polycarbonate Sheets Mannufacturer

Weprofab has rich experience and great history in custom polycarbonate sheet production. Our custom polycarbonate sheets can be available in clear or colored sheets. You can choose what you desired and we can custom your polycarbonate sheets according to your specific colors, sizes, and specifications.

As a leading plastic fabrication company, Weprofab tends to offer you a one-stop solution for custom polycarbonate sheets. We own the latest production machinery and equipment which lead to a quick production time for your urgent orders.

Let Weprofab assist you in your vision become reality! Inquire us now!

Custom Polycarbonate Sheets to Grow Your Business

Custom Pattern Polycarbonate Sheets

Our team ensures the quality of our custom pattern polycarbonate sheets to surely meets the expectations of our customers. Send us your requirements now!

Five Wall Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab five-wall custom polycarbonate sheets are the thickest and strongest roofing sheet, suitable for stadium roofing and greenhouse.

Solid Textured Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab Solid Textured Custom Polycarbonate Sheets is widely used for industrial glazing, lanterns, and lamps. It also perfect for indoor decoration.

Twin Wall Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab Twin Wall Custom Polycarbonate Sheets are perfect for roofing panels. It also lightweight, UV resistant, and high-impact.

UV Coated Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

We manufacture UV Coated Custom Polycarbonate Sheets in a custom cut in thickness from 3mm to 8mm. Send us your polycarbonate sheet requirements now!

Multi-Layer Polycarbonate Sheets

The multi-layer polycarbonate sheets are customized for various applications, such as farmhouses, skylights, apartments, carports, and more. Their sizes, structure, thicknesses, and colors are designed to suit specific utilization. These sheets are more durable compared to glass.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Sheets

Unbreakable polycarbonate sheets are ideal for outdoor usages, like greenhouses, public places, railways, pool covers, and more. They are easy to process sheets with customizable tints, surface textures, coatings, thicknesses, and lengths. 

Custom Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets

Customizing transparent polycarbonate sheets are possible according to customers’ requirement specifications. They are produced with suitable thicknesses and levels of transparency to fit specific applications. These sheets provide natural color and prevent UV effects.

Custom Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheets

The anti-static polycarbonate sheets are practical for electronic field and workshop applications. Their colors, dimensions, and surface finishes are customizable as per requests. These sheets feature versatility, easy to drill and process based on the designs or drawings.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sheets

The light diffuser polycarbonate sheets are customized for households, advertisement displays, partitions, ceilings, outdoor, and more usages. They have compressive, waterproof, and recyclable advantages. These sheets are open for specification customization.

Custom Mirror Polycarbonate Sheets

Custom mirror polycarbonate sheets are easily shaped into a circle, star, diamond, and more styles. They are available in different colors, sizes, and reflection levels. These polycarbonate sheets are suitable for multiple processes, like molding and cutting.

Translucent Polycarbonate Sheets

The translucent polycarbonate sheets used UV-coating technology to achieve unique colors. Utilizing such a process will maintain the elegant effects for a long time. These polycarbonate sheets are typical in hotel, awnings, and window applications.

Custom Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets

The hollow polycarbonate sheets are available in various layers, structures, thicknesses, and colors. They have about 50-micron UV surface coatings. These polycarbonate sheets are preferred materials for sunrooms, hotels, greenhouses, and more applications. 

Rigid Roofing Polycarbonate Sheets

Rigid roofing polycarbonate sheets are customized into different textures, including frosted, flat, embossed, and prismatic. A wide range of thicknesses and colors are available. They also have limitless lengths, easy to cut based on customers’ roofing utilization.

Extruded Polycarbonate Sheets

The extruded polycarbonate sheets are suitable for CNC processing operation. They have wear resistance, excellent hardness, and high-density features. These polycarbonate sheets have customizable shapes, dimensions, tints, and logos.

Anodized Matte Polycarbonate Sheets

Anodized matte polycarbonate sheets are customized using cutting and molding processes. They have about 0.12 to 2.5mm thicknesses or as customers’ requests. These polycarbonate sheets are easy to bend and form according to a specific application.

Customized Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets

Customized Lexan polycarbonate sheets are ideal for signboards, marks and logos, decorations, and more applications. They have customizable surface textures, dimensions, and colors. Their polycarbonate material composition makes them easy to install and handle.

Crystal Engraved Polycarbonate Sheets

The crystal engraved polycarbonate sheets are customizable according to usages, like education, offices, and business. These crystal polycarbonate sheets are available in concave hexagon or cone bottom patterns. Their specifications depend on the requirement utilization.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets

Bulletproof polycarbonate sheets have high-impact strength, high durability, and lighter weight. Their shades and thicknesses are customized based on particular applications. These sheets have an unlimited easy-to-cut length that will indeed suit window, wall, or door installation.

Modern Design Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets with modern designs are processed using punching, cutting, and bending operations. They feature high-strength, impact resistance, and lightweight properties. These sheets are excellent for constructions, apartments, hotels, and more.

Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

The flexible polycarbonate sheets are easy to bend, cut, drill, and do more processes. They are available in multiple walls, structures, colors, and dimensions. These polycarbonate sheets are usually used for greenhouses, carports, and more.

Custom Cellular Polycarbonate Sheets

Custom cellular polycarbonate sheets feature water resistance, heat resistance, and lighter weight. These sheets are customizable into a tree guard, boxes, layer pads, recycle bins, coroplast signs, and more. They have durable sound insulation and excellent shapes advantages.

Custom Curved Polycarbonate Sheets

Custom curved polycarbonate sheets are suitable for sunshade roofings, office buildings, stadiums, and more. They have limitless lengths to cut for customization. These polycarbonate-made sheets have excellent shock strengths, lasting quality, and colors.

Tinted Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets

The tinted hollow polycarbonate sheets are high-quality material, perfect for hotel partitions, doors, windows, and other supplies. These sheets also give safe and cool light for stadiums, pavilions, swimming pools, and more. They are reachable in various tints and sizes.

Customized Celluloid Polycarbonate Sheets

Customized celluloid polycarbonate sheets are ideal for crafts, furniture, advertising displays, signs, bathtubs, buildings, and more. These polycarbonate sheets are customizable into different textures and patterns to suit particular utilization.

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Weprofab Custom Polycarbonate Sheets

If you’re looking for the best manufacturer of custom polycarbonate sheets, you’re in the right place. Being one of the top manufacturers in China, we can help you find the right custom polycarbonate sheets for you.

Whether you’re looking for twin-wall, multiwall, or solid polycarbonate sheets, Weprofab got you covered! We can provide all your need for custom polycarbonate sheets with custom sizes, shapes, and colors.

Weprofab custom polycarbonate sheet is the perfect choice for the garden or anywhere else that can be fitted around the home. It can be easily shaped, drilled, and bent, suitable for sheds and greenhouse panels. Weprofab can support your custom polycarbonate sheets to meet your specific needs.

Custom Polycarbonate Sheets 1

Weprofab custom polycarbonate sheet is transparent which commonly used as a replacement for glass, acrylic, and polyethylene. Aside from that, it can be also used to process a wide range of products and precision machine parts.

Our company is over 20 years in fabricating custom polycarbonate sheets. More and more clients rely on Weprofab custom polycarbonate sheets for their outstanding characteristics and features. Our custom polycarbonate sheets are well-known in many industries including agricultural, construction, medical, electrical, security, and many others.

Here in Weprofab, you can find a wide range of custom polycarbonate sheets in a wide range of grades, sizes, and colors to choose from. Our own version of custom polycarbonate sheet is manufactured and designed to meet the most demanding needs in industrial and commercial applications such as furniture making, fabrication, curtain-wall framing, noise reduction, lighting, signage, thermoforming, etc.

Custom Polycarbonate Sheets 3

Weprofab Custom Polycarbonate Sheets Advantage and Features:

  • High impact resistance
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • UV protection layer
  • High flame resistance
  • Light transmission and high clarity
  • Easy to handle, machine, and install
  • Half the weight of glass

Weporfab custom polycarbonate sheet is the best solutions in the most application that requires thermal expansion, tensile strength, weight, and chemical resistance. They are 200X stronger than polyethylene and glass as well as higher relative impact strength than other plastic materials.

Custom polycarbonate sheets bring outstanding advantages to limitless applications including cell phones, cabinet doors, eyeglass lenses, light bezels, greenhouses, machinery guards, plant nurseries, office dividers, riot shields, protective visors, swimming pool enclosures, and many more.

Custom Polycarbonate Sheets 2

Whether you’re looking for aesthetics or durability, a custom polycarbonate sheet from Weprofab can save you money, time, and efficiency. Weprofab is over 20 years in producing custom polycarbonate sheets and serving customers around the world.

With years of experience, we are confident enough to help you locate the materials you need to fulfill any projects with confidence.

Weprofab can give you assistance to determine the right polycarbonate sheets to satisfy your needs. Let Weprofab skyrocket your business now!

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