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Acrylic Serving Tray

An excellent solution for your acrylic serving tray orders will be provided especially for your business. WeProFab is able to guide your growing and expandable business. You can contact our team so you can demand what you wished for. Send your inquiries now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Serving Tray to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offered an acrylic serving tray options for business. For your large volume of orders, you can rely on WeProFab top-selling serving tray.

Personalized Acrylic Serving Tray

Send your personalize design for acrylic serving tray. We are able to follow your personalized acrylic serving tray plan.

Rectangular Acrylic Serving Tray

WeProFab rectangular acrylic serving tray has many features offered. A lower rates and negotiable products for your business are offered.

Removable Insert Acrylic Serving Tray

Our team ensures your removable insert acrylic serving tray has its quality and acceptable rates offered. Choose your acrylic serving tray desired customization.

Stackable Acrylic Serving Tray

All of our acrylic serving tray are made with a lot of research to make it perfect and certified to supply.

Sturdy Acrylic Serving Tray

We are fulfilling your demand for business through our plenty of quality products of acrylics. Sturdy Acrylic serving tray perfect for any business.

Transparent Acrylic Serving Tray

We created an amazing transparent acrylic serving tray. Effective for your business’s special needs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Serving Tray Manufacturer

WeProFab offered outstanding features for an acrylic serving tray. We proudly offer top graded and high technologically tested acrylic serving trays. In fabrication, WeProFab is reliable in manufacturing durable and effective products.

As the leading acrylic serving tray supplier, we always check the quality of the products before we provide safety packaging.

Know more about WeProFab and let us be part of your successful business.

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Custom Acrylic Serving Tray to Boost Your Brand

Acrylic Serving Tray Divider

With acrylic serving tray divider, it allows you to separate different food or items. It will be accessible in many colors and customizations.

Acrylic Serving Tray With Cover

Commonly, an acrylic serving tray with cover can be used in food courts. Available at any sizes and shapes. Choose your acrylic serving tray and let WeProFab supply the best one.

Decorative Acrylic Serving Tray

We offered different decorative acrylic serving trays. It can be suitable for any requirements you may need for business support.

Round Acrylic Serving Tray

Whether you need a large order of round acrylic serving trays, we are able to hold and guide the whole operation.

Sarcastic Decorative Acrylic Serving Tray

The reason why many of our clients choose to create long term relationship with us, because of our standard and reasonable rates.

Acrylic Serving Tray with Metal Handles

Acrylic Serving Tray with Metal Handles is available in any handle color with 3-5mm thickness. It’s applicable in kitchens, hotels, restaurants, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Neon Pink Acrylic Serving Tray

Neon Pink Acrylic Serving Tray is a modern and eco-friendly type of tray composed of acrylic material. It’s available in OEM and ODM services.

Clear Acrylic Serving Tray

Clear Acrylic Serving Tray has a simple luxurious appearance with customizable color size and has 5mm thickness, but it’s also customizable.

Acrylic Food Serving Tray with Handle

It’s composed of clear acrylic material with good wear resistance and is not easy to break. It’s ideal to use for serving delicacy in hotels, restaurants, and homes.

Multipurpose Acrylic Serving Tray

It is used in hotels, restaurants for supplies and daily use in households. It’s composed of durable, waterproof, and eco-friendly acrylic material.

Acrylic Serving Tray Lucite Food Tray

Acrylic Serving Tray Lucite Food Tray is non-toxic, tasteless, and good-quality acrylic material with 3mm thickness. It’s available in OEM service.

Engraved Clear Acrylic Serving Tray

Engraved Clear Acrylic Serving Tray is combined with durable crystal acrylic in a stunning configuration. Its colors, sizes, and designs are customizable to suit your need.

Perfume Acrylic Serving Tray

It has up to 93% transparency With 4mm thickness, but its customizable and shape is also customizable. It’s available in black, white, and clear color.

Customized Acrylic Serving Tray

Customized Acrylic Serving Tray is applicable in exhibition, office, business, gift, and home decoration with 5mm thickness.

Acrylic Mirror Serving Tray

It functions as a decorative home tray in hotels and shops with a modern style and appearance. It has a rectangular shape and has gold, rose gold, or silver color.

Neon Acrylic Serving Tray with Handles

Neon Acrylic Serving Tray with Handles is composed of eco-friendly and durable acrylic material with customizable thickness and size.

Tool Carrier Acrylic Serving Tray

Tool Carrier Acrylic Serving Tray is made of high-quality, non-toxic, and eco-friendly acrylic material with high transparency. It’s available in OEM, OBM, and ODM services.

Acrylic Food Serving Tray

Acrylic Food Serving Tray is available in customized design and size in clear color. It’s used in parties and homes that are composed of high-quality acrylic material.

Acrylic Serving Coffee Table Tray

It uses an imported grade A clear acrylic material with customized color and size. It’s applicable anywhere you want with 4mm thickness.

Acrylic Metal Serving Decorative Tray

Acrylic Metal Serving Decorative Tray has a Luxurious style with clear and gold color. It is eco-friendly with customizable size and is available in ODM and OEM services.

Acrylic Perspex Serving Tray

Acrylic Perspex Serving Tray is made of eco-friendly and clear acrylic material with customizable size and shape. It applies to parties, weddings, hotels, and restaurants.

Acrylic Serving Mirror Makeup Tray

Acrylic Serving Mirror Makeup Tray has over 92% light transmittance, is non-toxic, and is easy to clean and maintain. It’s composed of high-quality and durable acrylic material.

Acrylic Luxury Charms Serving Decorative Tray

Acrylic Luxury Charms Serving Decorative Tray is composed of golden metal and acrylic mirror with a delicate Nordic style.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Serving Tray

WeProFab acrylic serving trays are able to organized foods, cups, plates for serving. It can also use for organizing items to keep your place neat and tidy.

Acrylic serving trays are flat and made of a lightweight material that is easy to process foods.

Because the kitchen is the hardest work from home and food courts, WeProfab created this acrylic serving tray with many designs and sizes to choose from. We can customize the acrylic serving tray based on your arrangement.

It helps everyone make their serving time easier than ever.

There are many sizes to choose from. We can offer normal sizes such as 12×16 inches. It holds items perfectly and great for the long term of serving operation.

WeProFab manufactured using modern technology that makes acrylic serving tray sturdy. These types of trays are easier to clean. Whatever you need in purchasing an acrylic serving tray, it can be matched perfectly.

WeProFab will help you serve well.

Our elegant acrylic serving trays are accessible whether you need a large volume of orders. Because of our capability of manufacturing durable and low-cost acrylic serving tray, customers always preferred WeProFab.

We can help you boost your business through our negotiable product. If you are dealing with us, it can help you more popular.

For any business that includes the food serving, we can help you select a suitable acrylic serving tray. Whether it is for your personal or business needs, we can fulfill it for you.

If you are a supplier or store owner, you can count on WeProFab as your great partner. We can be a long term business partner so you can easily find your desired product. You will be safe and satisfied with the help of our expert team.

As we offer a one-stop solution for every customer, we develop our quality service more. We are now more than 20 years in this industry. We are already experts and experienced different difficulties but we successfully grow bigger.

You can deal with us anytime. We are working 24/7 to make it work. Get in touch!

Acrylic Serving Tray: The Complete FAQ Guide

Acrylic serving tray refers to a piece of utensil primarily used for carrying, storing, and displaying different food products in various settings.

It is relatively large than acrylic plate and often comes with a handle to easily carry it.

This guide will make the process of choosing acrylic serving tray easy and simple.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are The Available Designs Of Acrylic Serving Tray In The Market?

acrylic serving tray

acrylic serving tray

Ideally, there is no definite acrylic serving tray design in the market.

They are quite several since they come from different manufacturers.

Therefore, the availability of the specific designs of this utensil is based on a particular manufacturer.

Some of the notable ones WeProFab produces include the following;

  • Fast food acrylic serving tray

fast food acrylic serving tray

fast food acrylic serving tray

  • Acrylic serving tray with compartments
  • Tea acrylic serving tray
  • Appetizer acrylic serving tray
  • Custom acrylic serving tray

custom acrylic serving tray

custom acrylic serving tray

  • Removable insert acrylic serving tray
  • Rectangular acrylic serving tray
  • Transparent acrylic serving tray
  • Stackable acrylic serving tray
  • Sturdy acrylic serving tray

sturdy acrylic serving tray

sturdy acrylic serving tray

  • Acrylic serving tray with a cover
  • Decorative acrylic serving tray
  • Round acrylic serving tray
  • Sarcastic decorative acrylic serving tray

Technically, these many options available from WeProFab are vital since they broaden your selection of alternatives.

Thus, you can find the specific design you need that meets your preference and application requirements.

Is Acrylic Serving Tray BPA Free?


Ideally, acrylic is among the safest thermoplastic materials used for making different food-grade materials, including serving trays.

BPA is a toxin compound often emitted when plastic surfaces are exposed to heat and certain chemicals and liquids.

Of course, it is harmful to human wellbeing since it releases elements causing different cancerous, coronary, and respiratory ailments.

However, acrylic serving tray is BPA-free and can hardly emit such harmful toxins when used in different applications.

Besides, the manufacturing process of this piece of utensil integrates different additives that efficiently eliminate any BPA compounds.

What Are The Features Of Ideal Acrylic Serving Tray?

Essentially, acrylic used as the base material for making serving trays offers a wide range of structural features.

This has contributed significantly to the increased popularity of this piece of utensil in various commercial and residential settings.

Some of the notable features of a typical acrylic serving tray include the following;

  • Lightweight – The weight of this utensil is almost half of what a similar one made of fiberglass weighs.
  • Excellent strength – It is strong thus resistant to high impact pressure.
    Ideally, a standard acrylic serving tray is about 20 times stronger than a fiberglass serving tray of similar dimensions.
  • Good dimensional stability – This thermoplastic serving tray rarely deforms or degrades when subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • Incredible optical clarity – Naturally, acrylic material is clear, thus makes the final product relatively transparent.
    It allows a significant amount of light of up to about 93% to pass through it.
  • Chemical resistance – This utensil is made using a non-reactive material.
    Thus, it implies it can hardly emit any toxic fumes whether a chemical substance spills on its surface.
  • Pliable – You can easily modify acrylic serving tray into complex and simple shapes because it has a relatively flexible surface material.

How Durable Is Acrylic Serving Tray?

Incredibly durable.

You can use a typical acrylic serving tray for many years without showing any signs of wearing out.

Ideally, the primary material for making this utensil is naturally hardy.

It is derived from natural petroleum and gaseous compounds in inert state before it is processed.

Thus, it forms a solid molecular bond during manufacturing making it sturdy and resistant to various elements, including chemicals and impact.

However, the actual service lifespan of this utensil often vary based on numerous prevailing circumstances such as the following;

  • Quality of Acrylic Material – Acrylic serving tray made using superior grade acrylic material is likely to last longer.
    Unlike  one produced from relatively inferior or low-grade quality doesn’t last longer.
  • Quality of craft – The level of workmanship incorporated when manufacturing this utensil also determines its overall longevity.
    A well-crafted piece will last longer than a substandard tray.
  • Environmental elements it is exposed to – Ordinarily, acrylic serving tray exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme sunlight is likely to wear out faster.
  • General handling – Aggressive handling of acrylic serving tray reduces its overall lifespan.
    On the contrary, if you handle it gently and maintain it aptly, it will last longer.
    In general, you can use acrylic serving tray for as many as 15 years or more, and it will still be in good shape.
    But the actual durability is dependent on many factors, including the few mentioned ones.

What Can You Use Acrylic Serving Tray For?

This piece of utensil is mainly used for serving different types of food on a dining table.

Some of these foods include the following;

  • Fast-foods
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetable pieces
  • Dips
  • Relishes
  • Fruit paste
  • Dried fruit
  • Cured deli meats
  • Assortment of cheese
  • Snacks
  • Beverages

Ideally, the list is endless since you can use this serving tray to serve different beverages, drinks, and snacks among others.

Which Better Between Acrylic Serving Tray And Glass Serving Tray?

In essence, acrylic material and glass are the popular materials used for making different serving trays.

acrylic serving tray

acrylic serving tray

However, these materials tend to vary based on different structural and visual properties.

Here are some of the aspects, which they tend to compare;


Acrylic serving tray is stronger than glass serving tray. Ideally, the former is about 20 times stronger than the latter.


Essentially, acrylic serving tray is more lightweight than a glass serving tray of similar dimensions.

Acrylic weighs about 50% less than glass, making the former’s serving tray relatively convenient to carry around.

Optical clarity

Naturally, acrylic serving tray allows a considerable amount of light to pass through it.

Glass serving tray also allows about 88% of light to pass through its surface material, but that is short of acrylic, which permits about 93% of light.

This makes acrylic serving tray more attractive and glossier than glass serving tray.

Scratch Resistance

The surface material of acrylic serving tray is relatively softer than that of glass serving tray.

Therefore, it makes the former comparatively susceptible to scratches than the latter when exposed to abrasive components.


Since the surface material of acrylic serving tray is comparatively soft than that of glass serving tray, it means it is easier to modify it.

In essence, you can shape and reshape acrylic serving trays into different complex and simple configurations since the material is flexible.

On the other hand, this can be difficult to attain in a glass serving tray because it is somehow more rigid thus can easily break.


Acrylic serving tray can hardly break irrespective of impact pressure it is exposed to.

This makes it safer since it eliminates chances of accidental cutting of your fingers, hands, or any other body parts.

Glass serving tray, on the other hand, can easily break, which poses a danger since it can cut your fingers or hands.

Notably, acrylic serving tray comes out as a better option to choose as far as the abovementioned aspects are anything to go by.

glass serving tray

Glass serving tray

Does Clear Acrylic Serving Tray Yellow Over Time?

It depends on many variables.

Acrylic materials used in making serving trays are derived from natural petroleum and gaseous compounds in inert state.

The manufacturing process of this material includes integrating different additives to reinforce its natural strength.

Therefore, a serving tray manufactured from a high-quality acrylic material will hardly yellow over time irrespective of the conditions it is exposed to.

Ideally, such trays have strong molecular bonds that are difficult to break down or weaken.

However, if the serving tray is produced from a relatively low-grade acrylic material, it is likely to yellow over time.

In such instances, the molecular structure of the tray material is weak thus easy to break down when exposed, especially to direct sunlight.

Secondly, the quality of craft integrated into manufacturing the acrylic serving tray also determines whether it yellows over time.

A substandard manufacturing process and workmanship of this utensil makes it susceptible to yellowing in the long run.

On the other hand, a perfectly manufactured acrylic serving tray rarely yellows over time.

In simple words, this piece of utensil can or cannot yellow depending on various factors such as the few mentioned above.

How Do You Know If Acrylic Serving Tray Food Safe?

There are numerous ways you can use to establish whether acrylic serving tray is food-safe.

One of the recommended methods is to find out from the manufacturer’s website or brochures.

Manufacturers are often required by law to declare whether their products, such as utensils, are food-safe.

Of course, purchasing from a company like WeProFab guarantees food-grade acrylic serving trays.

Another suitable way is by checking the different food handling symbols engraved or stamped on the surface material of the serving tray.

Also, you can check if the tray has a recycling symbol on the surface material.

If it has that symbol, it will always contain a particular number ranging from 1-7 stamped between the recycling-symbol arrows.

Can Acrylic Serving Tray Scratch Easily?

It depends on various factors.

For instance, if it is continuously exposed to various abrasive and sharp objects such as knives, it will scratch easily.

Also, if this tray is aggressively handled without much care, it is likely to scratch quickly.

Generally, modern acrylic serving trays come with an anti-scratch surface coating treatment.

This coating prevents it from common scratches often arising from exposure to ordinary abrasive objects or poor handling.

Besides, a serving tray manufactured from a high-grade acrylic material will rarely scratch easily.

Such material exhibits natural resistance to scratches preventing it from scratching unnecessarily.

In a nutshell, whether this piece of utensil scratches easily is dependent on various factors, such as the few mentioned above.

How Does Acrylic Serving Tray Compare With Polycarbonate Serving Tray?

Technically, acrylic and polycarbonate materials used for manufacturing serving trays tend to be somewhat identical, albeit with a marginal difference.

They share several structural and visual features; hence can often be used interchangeably and still attain best results.

For instance, polycarbonate and acrylic serving trays are visually appealing since they allow a significant amount of light to pass through their respective surfaces.

Also, serving trays made from both acrylic and polycarbonate are sturdy thus durable.

They can withstand different harsh environmental conditions and aggressive handling without wearing out.

They are also lightweight, which is vital, especially in facilitating convenience in shipping them in bulk and carrying them around when serving food.

You can also mold and remold polycarbonate and acrylic serving trays into different complex and simple shapes.

Essentially, the base materials are flexible, making it easy to reshape them in different configurations.

The bottom line is that there is a marginal difference between polycarbonate serving tray and acrylic serving tray.

Thus, you can use both in place of another and still guaranteed better results.

polycarbonate serving tray

polycarbonate serving tray

Is Acrylic Serving Tray Expensive?

Not necessarily.

Ordinarily, the cost of a typical acrylic serving tray is based on several variables.

There is no definite price for this particular piece of utensil.

Some of the main elements, which determine the cost of this tray include the following;

  • Quality of acrylic material grade used to make the serving tray
  • Quality of workmanship incorporated in manufacturing the tray
  • Brand or the manufacturer of the acrylic serving tray
  • Number of acrylic serving tray pieces you are purchasing

In most instances, these variables determine whether the cost of acrylic serving tray will be expensive.

However, always note that most manufacturers usually offer flexible prices; thus, you can negotiate and agree on an ideal rate.

What Are The Common Shapes For Acrylic Serving Tray?

You can find acrylic serving trays in a wide range of shapes.

Typically, the fact that the base material for making this piece of utensil is pliable makes it easy to shape and re-shape it in various configurations.

Here are some of the popular shapes of this tray you are likely to get;

  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Circular
  • Square
  • Octagonal
  • Hexagonal

Essentially, they are in plenty of shapes, which you can easily attain by ordering a custom acrylic serving tray to match your preference.

What Best Practices Can You Use To Prevent Acrylic Serving Tray From Scratching?

Preventing acrylic serving tray from scratches is an ideal maintenance method you always need to consider.

Here are the ideal ways you can use to protect this piece of utensil from scratching;

  • Always keep sharp objects away from your acrylic serving tray. It eliminates chances of scratching.
  • Ensure you buy acrylic serving trays that have anti-scratch surface coating treatment
  • Use a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth when washing the tray
  • Never use inorganic or chemical-based cleaning detergent for washing the acrylic serving tray
  • Always polish the tray to make it scratch-free and visually appealing constantly.

Can Acrylic Serving Tray Withstand Hot Meals For Long?


Acrylic is naturally an excellent temperature-resistant material.

It can withstand hot meals for quite a long period without impacting the surface of this piece of utensil.

The dimensional stability of acrylic serving tray is excellent; hence you can use it for carrying and holding hot meals.

Is Acrylic Serving Tray Child-Friendly?


The structural design and the base material of this piece of utensil are suitable for children to use.

Besides, it is quite lightweight, making it easy for children to carry from one point to another without worries of dropping it down.

Also, acrylic serving tray can hardly break under any ordinary conditions.

Therefore, it is child-friendly because it doesn’t pose any danger, such as accidentally cutting the child’s finger or harming any body part.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Serving Tray?

Cleaning is one of the vital routine maintenance to carry out on acrylic serving trays.

In essence, it makes this utensil reusable because it removes dirt, spillage, or any other unwanted debris.

Primarily, cleaning acrylic serving tray is a straightforward process, which includes the following procedure;

  • Always ensure you have all the necessary items for cleaning this tray
  • Soak your tray into warm soapy water for about 10-20 minutes before you start washing. It removes the stubborn dirt or debris you would otherwise fail to notice.
  • Rinse the serving tray using warm, clean water
  • Apply the detergent and scrub it on the surface of acrylic serving tray using a soft microfiber cloth
  • Rinse once more using clean water thoroughly
  • Place it on a rack upside down to air dry

What Is Ideal Size Of Acrylic Serving Tray?

It is primarily fraught with subjectivity.

In other words, acrylic serving trays are available in different sizes or dimensions depending on the shape.

You can find a small, medium, or large piece based on what suits your needs.

For instance, if you have a small household, a small acrylic serving will suffice.

However, if you use it in a restaurant, hotel, canteen or any commercial food joint, a bigger size would be suitable.

In a nutshell, the most suitable size of acrylic serving tray is wholly dependent on your specific needs.

Is There Color Limitation For Acrylic Serving Tray?


Acrylic material is transparent in its raw state.

However, when manufacturing a serving tray, you can always infuse different colors to attain a finished product with your preferred color shade.

Essentially, you can infuse up to about 50 different color hues depending on what suits your needs.

It is vital because it increases your choice options as far as getting the most appropriate one for your taste and needs is concerned.

Therefore, there is no limitation when it comes to color choice for acrylic serving trays.

How Do You Customize Acrylic Serving Tray?

You can use several techniques to customize a typical acrylic serving tray, such as the following;

Branding – It entails engraving the logo, name, or identity on the surface material of this piece of utensil.

It is an excellent customization idea, especially for trays used in commercial food joints, restaurants, and hotels among others.

Coloring – This entails infusing a specific color shade on the surface material of acrylic serving tray to attain your preferred shade.

It is also a vital customization idea for creating identity, which is essential for commercial eatery spaces.

Surface coating – It involves applying a particular or different coating additives on the tray to enhance its overall performance, efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Some of the coating treatments include anti-scratch and anti-UV surface coating.

Engraving – This customization ideal entails drawing different patterns, flowers, letters, or other elements on the surface of this tray.

Essentially, it is vital for creating aesthetic prints to add value and class to the tray.

What Quality Standards Do Acrylic Serving Tray Comply With?

They are quite several depending on the national, regional, and international levels.

For instance, USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand among others, have specific quality standard certifications for acrylic serving trays.

Nevertheless, the commonly used ones include the following;

  • Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
  • SGS Certification
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM International)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratory
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Is Acrylic Serving Tray Eco-Friendly?


First, acrylic material is 100% recyclable albeit, it takes a lot of effort and energy to break it down completely.

This indicates that you can rarely find it disposed of in landfills, leading to environmental degradation.

Secondly, acrylic serving tray is resistant to various organic and inorganic compounds.

It means it is non-reactive thus cannot emit any toxic fumes or substances irrespective of whether it comes into contact with chemicals.

Thirdly, it is quite durable, thus allows you to reuse it often rather than going for newly manufactured products.

The essence here is that this helps conserve different resources that would otherwise be depleted to manufacture these trays frequently.

Why Is China The Ideal Marketplace For Importing Acrylic Serving Tray?

China is the leading marketplace in the world for buying different acrylic serving trays.

Some of the reasons attributed to this element include the following;

  • Readily affordable acrylic serving trays irrespective of the design you need
  • Quite affordable prices and a host of manufacturers and vendors to easily negotiate the price with
  • Flexible MOQ, which is vital in making it easy for you to attain the ideal number suitable for your needs
  • Faster production turnaround increases convenience by eliminating delays in fulfilling orders
  • Availability of a wide range of auxiliary services such as shipping, branding, and packaging at cost-effective rates

What Is The Suitable Thickness For Acrylic Serving Tray?

It varies based on several factors.

For instance, the particular weight of foods or beverages you often want to carry using this utensil greatly determines the ideal thickness.

Besides, a customized acrylic serving tray is likely to have a thicker surface compared to a standard design.

Ideally, several add-on features affect the overall thickness of this type of tray.

Thus, there is no definite thickness for acrylic serving tray.

However, a typical one can have a thickness ranging from about 10mm to 20mm.

Is Acrylic Serving Tray Reusable?


You can reuse acrylic serving trays as many times as possible for many years.

This piece of utensil is simple and does not entail in-depth use.

All you need is to wash and store it as you would do with any other piece of utensil, such as acrylic plate.

What Is The Production Turnaround For Manufacturing Acrylic Serving Tray?

It depends on different factors surrounding the production process, such as the following;

Order quantity – Ordinarily, large quantity orders will require more time to produce than small quantity orders.

Therefore, when you place an order of several pieces, you are more likely to wait longer than when you order a few pieces.

Customization needs – Customized acrylic serving trays often require much work depending on the extent needed.

On the other hand, simple or standard trays will take shortest time possible to produce since they do not require any detailed input.

Company policy – Different manufacturers have stipulated various guiding principles as far as turnaround is concerned.

Some adhere strictly to their respective policies, whereas others tend to be flexible depending on prevailing circumstances.

Even so, acrylic serving trays are quite simple items and can averagely take between 1-2 weeks to manufacture, depending on the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, it is always vital to inquire about actual production turnaround time from the manufacturer.

It gives you a rough idea of how long it should take to get your order delivered.

At WeProFab, we offer the best acrylic servicing trays in the market – contact us now.

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