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Acrylic Bookshelf

Weprofab is a company that based on China. We are working for various acrylic bookshelf productions. We have 20 years of professionalism in manufacturing high-quality acrylic bookshelf. If you have your own layout, discuss them to us and assume we can help you finalize your business missions!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Bookshelf to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is proud to present our own kind and designs of an acrylic bookshelf. With our professionalism in whole fabrication, we can provide your essentials in the shortest period of time.

Acrylic Bookshelf Cart

For your acrylic bookshelf cart necessities, in Weprofab you can find outstanding finishes that has the chance to boom your business!

Acrylic Bookshelf Chrome

Desire to add acrylic bookshelf chrome to your business operations? Your idea is quite amazing, that’s why we also offer an amazing kind of acrylic bookshelf for you!

Block Tower Acrylic Bookshelf

We are specialized in manufacturing any top-class acyrlic bookshelves. We have long-enduring experience in the fabrication industry.

Contemporary Floating Acrylic Bookshelf

If you decide on adding contemporary floating acrylic bookshelf for your business, ask prompt assistance from Weprofab. We will provide the right services you deserve the most.

Floor Standing Acrylic Bookshelf

For your business essentials, do you want to include Wepro`s one of the best floor standing acrylic bookshelf? Weprofab is the best manufacturer for you.

Handmade Crystal Clear Acrylic Bookshelf

If you are run out of stocks and need a trusted supplier for handmade crystal clear acrylic bookshelf, Weprofab offers partnership. We will provide the stocks you need for operating a business.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Bookshelf Manufacturer

Weprofab is the popular provider of durable and excellent-quality of an acrylic bookshelf. Our company is managed by 2 powerful companies which are the Chinese local Plastic-thermoformed manufacturer and WeeTect Material Limited.

Whatever you demand, whether for business or only for personal applications, Weprofab can help by fabricating the designs you need.

Do you have any questions? Send them to us.

Custom Acrylic Bookshelf to Skyrocket Your Brand

Haze Smoke Acrylic Bookshelf

Is your trade industry want a unique kind of acrylic bookshelf? A haze smoke acrylic bookshelf from Wepro is a great option!

Modern Acrylic Bookshelf

Weprofab is also known for providing the latest and modern designs of an acrylic bookshelf. Your modern acrylic bookshelf desire is our command!

Unique Clear Acrylic Bookshelf

Not satisfied with past purchase transactions? Weprofab will never let you feel dissatisfied. We ensure the quality of our product before it is shipped.

Acrylic Bookshelf for Home

The acrylic bookshelf for the home gives an additional decor and aesthetic appeal for the home’s view. It has a perfect and durable structure that can last longer.

Transparent Acrylic Modern Bookshelf

The transparent acrylic modern bookshelf has rounded corner edges. They are extremely sturdy and durable elements that can last for a long time. It also achieves excellent weather resistance.

Acrylic Ladder Bookshelf

The acrylic ladder bookshelf is a practical device that can hold books or other heavier files. It can be placed in bedrooms, offices, schools, and other places.

Acrylic Bookshelf Storage

Acrylic bookshelf storage is available in different layers, styles, and designs. It can be customized according to your specific demands and details.

Wall-Mounted Acrylic Bookshelf

The wall-mounted acrylic bookshelf has a pretty appearance and superior quality. It is usually offered at very competitive and affordable prices.

Clear Acrylic Tiered Bookshelf

The clear acrylic tiered bookshelf has floor-standing design and clear shelves. It is widely used for holding books, brochures, booklets, and other products.

Transparent Acrylic Book and File Holder

A transparent acrylic book and file holder are highly manufactured and fabricated from superior acrylic materials. It has strong enough to hold multiple books.

Acrylic Nursery Kids Bookshelf

An acrylic nursery kids bookshelf is applicable for multi scenes. It is ideal for nursery rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and other kids’ places.

Acrylic Bookshelf Display

The acrylic bookshelf display is a perfect solution for displaying, organizing, and storing brochures, magazines, pocketbooks, and files.

Acrylic L-Shaped Bookshelf

The acrylic L-shaped bookshelf has a great function and superior performance. It prevents hands from scratching, wounding, or hurting.

Acrylic Multifunctional Bookshelf

An acrylic multifunctional bookshelf is made from flexible and strong materials. It allows organizing the book easily and conveniently.

Acrylic W-shaped Bookshelf

The acrylic w-shaped bookshelf comes in colors amber, blue, orange, cream, rose, red, and green. It has unique styles and outlooks, making it perfect for placing in offices or anywhere.

Acrylic Multi-Layer Bookshelf

The acrylic multi-layer bookshelf is useful in holding and storing a wide range of books. They can be customized in different layers and colors.

Acrylic Corner Bookshelf

An acrylic corner bookshelf only takes small spaces. They can be placed in any corner side of rooms. It has strong construction enabling it to hold various books.

X-Type Acrylic Bookshelf

X-type acrylic bookshelf is ideal for office, home, bedroom, and top of the table. It has desirable and attractive designs.

Small Acrylic Bookshelf

The small acrylic bookshelf is an inexpensive book storage solution. They are much more affordable compared to glass or other bookshelf materials.

Acrylic Wall-Mounted Corner Bookshelf

An acrylic wall-mounted corner bookshelf is easy to install or attach to the wall. They will never break or wear out easily. Achieves smooth and good polished edges.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Bookshelf

Are you interested in the Weprofab Acrylic bookshelf? If you do so, before you go with the purchase process, we will give you the facts about this product first. Weprofab acrylic bookshelf is used to arrange books, magazines, or any kind of stuff in the most pleasant way.

You are in the right place where you can find different types of bookshelf made from high-quality acrylics. Weprofab provides an acrylic bookshelf that surely adds elegance on the area where they are located. They are usually found at libraries, homes, and office applications. Wherever they are located and how they are positioned, they are elegantly functional. They hold books in the most unified and safest way.

Acrylic Bookshelf

Weprofab, as well-known acrylic bookshelf worldwide supplier has around 20 years of expertise in the industry. When you choose to rely on us, we will give the best for the best of your business.

At Weprofab, you can choose different forms of acrylic bookshelf finishes, available with competitive rates. We produce high-quality acrylic bookshelf with a capacity of over 50 books to hold. But if you just need a cuter one, which can hold just for only 10-15 books, we can also provide you. In different color concepts and the designs you figure out for acrylic bookshelf, we will give our best of the best services.

Acrylic Bookshelf

Our top-class acrylic bookshelf is made to impress your own customers and catch their attention as well. It is perfect as decoration to your home, living rooms, offices, and more applications. It keeps the book you safe from a speck of dust, from failing, and any kind of book damages.

Acrylic Bookshelf

Only in Weprofab, you can find a unique and has a great formation of an acrylic bookshelf. Made easy to personalize for branding support purposes. You can experience great partnership between us! A complete package of services is also given to support your trade industry. Give all your trust only with Weprofab! You will never get disappointed!

Send your ideal design of Weprofab Acrylic Bookshelf and we will manufacture as soon as possible!

Acrylic Bookshelf: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Before you import an acrylic bookshelf, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you choose high quality and reliable acrylic bookshelf for your business.

Whether you want to know the material grade, designs, or surface finishing options, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading.

What is Acrylic Bookshelf?

Acrylic Bookshelf

Acrylic bookshelf

It is a piece of furniture made from plexiglass material with shelves in different designs often used for storing books.

In some cases, you can also use this type of bookshelf for keeping a variety of printed materials.

Usually, this furniture comes in various designs, shapes, colors, and sizes based on your preference.

The material used for manufacturing this bookshelf is strong, durable, and attractive, making it appear relatively upscale.

What is the Difference between Acrylic Bookshelf and Acrylic Bookcase?

Both acrylic bookshelf and bookcase are used for storing books in different settings such as bookstores, private homes, offices, libraries, etc.

However, they vary slightly as follows;

Acrylic bookcase

 Acrylic bookcase

Acrylic bookcase

Acrylic bookcase entails the entire piece, including the shelves, slides, doors, locks, and hinges among others.

It is more of a cabinet, although at times it doesn’t come with the doors.

Also, acrylic bookcase features numerous shelves and compartments to store different types of books and printed materials.

An ordinary acrylic bookcase is relatively large hence tends to occupy a bigger space.

Acrylic bookshelf

On the other hand, acrylic bookshelf merely entails the compartment where books are kept.

It features a front open that appears as part of the wall or open stand.

Technically, an acrylic bookshelf is designed like an open shelf, which at times is mounted on the wall surface.

This furniture does not carry doors but can feature single or multiple shelves.

You can place showpiece stuff to décor on an acrylic bookshelf and often available in different sizes from small to large.

As such, it is commonly used in homes, classrooms, and offices where space is a concern.

In a nutshell, bookshelves are ideal for any space since they offer size flexibility.

Acrylic bookcases, on the other hand, are suitable for areas, which require large spaces.

Why Should You Invest in Acrylic Bookshelf?

Having acrylic bookshelf in your respective space is ideal and advantageous in many ways as follows;

  • You get a sense of organization for books of different shapes and sizes. At the same time, you also get space for other items such as memorabilia, picture frames, decorations, etc.
  • It comes in different shapes and designs. As such, it provides easy access and better organization of books. Also, the acrylic bookshelf showcases a bit of your personality to friends and families.
  • Acrylic bookshelf provides fashion and function elements, given it decorates the space and still offers the necessary storage space.
  • This furniture enhances reading culture, especially at home among the family members.
  • Having an acrylic bookshelf saves a lot of space within the room. It means you’ll have all your books and files organized in one spot rather than scattered all over the place.
  • It saves a lot of time since your books are well organized, making it easy to access the specific one you need.
  • The acrylic bookshelf is strong hence guaranteeing durability. And this is important since it saves you from spending money on unnecessary repairs and replacements.
  • The material used for manufacturing this furniture is lightweight, shatterproof, and safe. In essence, it makes it child-friendly and an ideal choice, especially in a busy environment.

What are the Features of an Ideal Acrylic Bookshelf?

Some of the main features of acrylic bookshelf include:

Excellent Optical Clarity

Acrylic naturally has better light transmittance than fibreglass.

It allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it, making it highly transparent.

Essentially, it makes it aesthetically appealing, which is vital for enhancing the appearance of the space.

Superior Strength

Acrylic bookshelf has great resistance to impact; hence can hardly break nor shatter under mechanical stress.

This is integral because it can last for many years, thus giving you value for your money.

Solid Construction

You can store as many books as possible on an acrylic bookshelf, and it will never weaken nor become unstable.

The construction of this furniture features study assembly, attention to detail, and high-quality workmanship.


Naturally, the acrylic material is lightweight, almost 50% lighter than fibreglass.

Therefore, you can easily assemble it within your space conveniently.

What are the Suitable Dimensions of Acrylic Bookshelf?

 Dimensions of acrylic bookshelf

Dimension of acrylic bookshelf

Bookshelf comes in broad varieties as far as size is concerned.

Ideally, the material used for manufacturing this furniture is relatively flexible and easy to fabricate.

Therefore, you can always cut it to size or mold it to suit the specific dimensions that meet your requirements.

In a nutshell, the suitable acrylic bookshelf dimension is dependent on your specific needs and available space in your room.

If you have enough space, you can build a reasonable acrylic bookshelf.

On the other hand, if you have a comparatively small space, you may choose to go for a small-sized acrylic bookshelf.

What are the Uses of Acrylic Bookshelf?

The main purpose of an acrylic bookshelf is to store different types of books in an organized manner for easy access.

However, you can also use it for keeping decorative items such as picture frames, memorabilia, and flower vase among others.

Acrylic bookshelf is also necessary for storing different printed materials such as office files and other related stationery.

You may choose to use your acrylic bookshelf as a side table for holding a lamp, coaster, snacks, and little nick-knacks.

Uses of acrylic book shelf

 Uses of acrylic bookshelf

How does Colored and Clear Acrylic Bookshelf Compare?

Both are manufactured from acrylic material and tend to share several features other than the color variation.

Nonetheless, colored acrylic bookshelf, as the name suggests, comes in different hues.

If you prefer and appreciate rainbow options, this is the best bet to go for. It is strong, thus provides excellent durability.

A colored acrylic bookshelf also retains its shade for the longest time possible.

You will rarely find a faded bookshelf made of colored acrylic.

Ordinarily, the color entails a film tint coating often incorporated on the material chemically, making it difficult to fade.

Furthermore, a colored acrylic bookshelf exhibits a high level of UV resistance.

In contrast, a clear acrylic bookshelf displays excellent optical clarity.

It allows a sufficient amount of light to pass through it hence transparent and attractive.

However, it can fade over time depending on specific conditions it is subjected to.

Even so, just like a colored acrylic bookshelf, the clear one also portrays high strength levels, durability, and impact resistance.

 Colored vs clear acrylic booksehelf

 Colored vs clear acrylic bookshelf

What Add-on Features can You Find on Acrylic Bookshelf?

It is largely dependent on the specific design of the acrylic bookshelf you are choosing.

Some of the add-on features you may consider include the following;

Drawers – These are movable compartments within the bookshelf, mostly located at the lower part of this furniture.

Stands – Supporting elements fixed at the bottom-most part to raise the bookshelf relatively high from the ground. It is also vital in making the furniture a bit stable.

Mounting clips – They come in handy when there is a need for installing acrylic bookshelf on wall surfaces or suspending them on surfaces to hang.

Doors – You can install sliding doors for locking the furniture or preventing unauthorized access to the bookshelf.

Doors also prevent the books from moisture, dust, and other unfavorable weather conditions.

Lock – Often fixed on the doors and act as a security device for averting theft or unwanted access to the acrylic bookshelf.

Side/Backlight – It helps to illuminate the acrylic bookshelf, especially at night, making it appear more upscale.

What are the Design Options Available for Acrylic Bookshelf?

Since acrylic is a flexible material, you can create any design of a bookshelf out of it.

As long as you have an ideal design in mind, you can always obtain the specific shape you’d want to attain.

Nevertheless, here are common acrylic bookshelf design options dominant in the market;

Floating Acrylic Bookshelf

Floating acrylic bookshelf

Floating acrylic bookshelf

This design is used to visibly display books floating over walls.

At times it is referred to as torsion box shelves usually supported by internal brackets.

Primarily, the floating acrylic bookshelf design is a single rack fixed on the wall.

It is ideal for lightweight books or items like magazines and newspapers.

Corner Acrylic Bookshelf

It is a design suitable for maximizing storage since it occupies less space on the wall.

You can choose to hang it on a wall or install it on the floor.

Corner acrylic bookshelf design can be fixed at any specific vacant space to improve the feel and look of the room.

 Corner bookshelf

Corner bookshelf

Built-in Acrylic Bookshelf

It is the most commonly used type, especially in many homes, libraries, and learning institutions.

You can fit it at any place in the room and can stretch as far as the wall’s distance.

The simplest form of a built-in acrylic bookshelf is a single plank of acrylic sheet fixed horizontally over an opening in a wall.

 Builtin bookshelf design

 Built in acrylic bookshelf design

Free-standing Acrylic Bookshelf

This is a perfect design both for storage and displaying books concurrently.

It is portable for mobility, easy to install, and available in different sizes.

Modern free-standing acrylic bookshelves are designed on a wheel to facilitate easy shifting from one point to another.

 Free standing acrylic bookshelf

Freestanding acrylic bookshelf

Fixed-Bracket Acrylic Bookshelf

In this design, the shelving systems are created separated brackets.

You can use them as stand-alone shelving systems, thus forming a multi-unit design.

This acrylic shelving comes in various sizes and shapes.

Fixed bracket acrylic bookshelf

Fixed bracket acrylic bookshelf

Why should You Consider Customized Acrylic Bookshelf?

You should consider any of the following options.

  • Creates class ambience and sophistication

A properly customized acrylic bookshelf often exudes a lively atmosphere, which is vital particularly for bookstores.

  • Easy to organize

Since you’ll design a bookshelf with all the necessary compartments in place, it becomes easier to arrange and make it look appealing.

  • Improves easy maintenance

It becomes relatively easy to maintain a customized acrylic bookshelf since you only get what you need for your requirements.

  • Enhances the safety of your books

Mostly, you’ll order customized units, which meet all your demands include the security of your books from intruders, weather, and dust.

  • Increases efficiency

A customized acrylic bookshelf is relatively practical and efficient. I

n essence, you can quickly access your books since you know exact places where you place them.

  • Enhances marketing

Well-customized acrylic bookshelves are ideal for marketing by attracting potential buyers, particularly for bookstores.

What are the Advantages of Having Locks on Customized Acrylic Bookshelf?

a) Prevents theft of your valuables from an acrylic bookshelf. It is vital especially, in public libraries or bookstores experiencing high human traffic at any given time.

b) Allows books to stay intact rather than falling, whether accidentally or deliberately, in case of a knock.

c) Bars unauthorized access to the bookshelf, which is a fundamental way of enhancing privacy, limiting right to use.

d) Prevents water and dust from getting into your books hence guaranteeing safety, which necessary for durability.

What are the Best Ways You can Use to Customize Acrylic Bookshelf?

You can use numerous methods to customize acrylic bookshelf, such as the following;

Shaping – This entails modelling the bookshelf to a specific shape that meets your preference.

Acrylic material allows you to re-mould the furniture, making it easy to attain the necessary configuration and dimensions.

Tinting – It involves injecting colour to the acrylic material for this furniture to provide a specific hue, which complements your décor.

Partitioning – You can decide to create different compartments within the furniture by partitioning the spaces. In some instances, it is referred to as an organizer.

Spinning – For relatively small acrylic bookshelves, you can design them for rotating at 360° to allow you to access the books easily.

Also, you may decide to incorporate wheelers on this furniture for easy shifting from one place to another.

How do Acrylic and Fiberglass Bookshelves Compare?

Acrylic and fibreglass are the common materials used for manufacturing bookshelves.

However, they tend to vary in different aspects such as the following;

Weight: Acrylic bookshelf is relatively lightweight compared to fibreglass bookstand. Ideally, acrylic is about half the total weight of fibreglass hence making it easier to handle and to move.

Optical clarity – Ideally, acrylic allows significant light to pass through it than fibreglass does. The former permits up to about 92% of light compared to the latter, which allows up to about 88% of light.

In essence, an acrylic bookshelf appears more clear hence more appealing to the eye than fiberglass.

Strength – Acrylic bookshelf is stronger than fiberglass bookstand. Material used for making the former is about 17 times stronger than one used to manufacture the latter.

Flexibility – You can easily fabricate an acrylic bookshelf using several techniques such as painting, tinting, shaping, etc.

Fiberglass bookstand, on the contrary, poses a great challenge due to the surface material, which is a bit rigid and can easily break.

General construction – Acrylic bookshelves generally have solid construction and exhibit a high level of artistry. Fiberglass bookstands, on the other hand, tend to have a somewhat fragile construction hence relatively weaker.

Is Acrylic Bookshelf Abrasion Resistant?


Ordinarily, the primary material used for manufacturing this furniture is often coated using an anti-scratch surface treatment.

This coating prevents the surface from developing any marks if rubbed against abrasive materials.

Moreover, the material is naturally hard-surfaced, which makes it resistant to scratches.

How Long does Acrylic Bookshelf Last?

Acrylic bookshelves have a longer lifespan.

However, the actual durability is dependent on different variables.

For instance, the specific conditions it is subjected to may determine the exact durability of this furniture.

An acrylic bookshelf used in a public place is exposed to relatively high human traffic is likely to age faster than one used in private homes.

In such instances, the former experiences high mechanical pressure from time to time compared to the latter.

Another factor is the precise quality of acrylic material used for manufacturing the furniture.

Acrylic comes in different material grades, and the quality varies among the grades.

If you choose one manufactured from high-quality grade, it will technically outlive one made using inferior quality material.

Also, the routine maintenance of your acrylic bookshelf in many instances would influence its durability.

A properly maintained furniture lasts longer since you easily notice and quickly fix any repair issues where applicable.

In other words, acrylic bookshelf can last for even more than 30 years without any noticeable degradation.

Does Acrylic Bookshelf Dull Over Time?

Not necessarily.

In many instances, a clear acrylic bookshelf is likely to dull when exposed to direct sunlight.

However, most applications of this furniture are usually indoors, which means it won’t be affected by direct sunlight.

If you choose a colored acrylic bookstand, it would be more difficult for it to dull over time.

The tint makes it difficult for the dulling to be visible.

However, in case it dulls due to excessive abrasion, you can always remove or repair the scratches to allow it to retain its gloss.

What is the Best Technique for Polishing a Dull Acrylic Bookshelf?

You can use several techniques depending on the extent of the dullness of the acrylic bookshelf.

Some of these methods of polishing acrylic include;

Vapor Polishing

This refers to a technique of smoothening out acrylic bookshelf to improve clarity or reduce surface roughness.

In this method, you expose the furniture to a chemical vapor, which causes its surface to flow, thus improving surface finish.

Technically, the Weldon-4 solvent gas is sprayed over the entire surface of acrylic bookstand to melt it to a microscopic level.


It is also a common method, which involves smoothing the surface of this furniture using an abrasive leather strop.

Ideally, it is a technique that entails smoothing, cleaning, or shining by rubbing the surface of an acrylic bookshelf.

Buffing removes scratches and blemishes from the surface material and consequently enabling the furniture to retain its clarity.

Flame Polishing

This technique involves the polishing the surface of the acrylic bookshelf by exposing it to flame or heat.

At times, it is also referred to as fire polishing.

In this method, the material surface briefly melts, and surface tension smooths it.

However, you must be meticulous when undertaking this technique to obtain desired results.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Acrylic Bookshelf?

There are numerous elements you must look into when shopping for a suitable acrylic bookshelf.

Some of these factors are as follows;

  • Type of acrylic material

Acrylic is available in various types in form of clarity, texture, colour, and light-diffusing among others.

Always ensure you make the right choice as far as the above-mentioned elements are concerned.

  • Design

Acrylic bookshelf is available in different types of designs.

It is imperative to make sure you choose the correct design, which suits your needs.

  • Size

This furniture comes in different dimensions, thus an important element to consider when making your choice.

Also, consider the space when choosing the size of this furniture to get what fits accordingly.

  • Customization needs

Often, you can choose a personalized acrylic bookstand that matches your preference.

Customization varies in terms of color, design, add-on features, and size of this particular furniture.

  • Cost

When buying this furniture, you should never overlook the cost element.

It is vital to ensure the unit you are purchasing fits into your budget.

Nevertheless, it is important to make sure your purchase is worth every penny you pay for it.

  • Shipping

If you are purchasing an acrylic bookshelf from China and you reside overseas, it would be fundamental to figure out the ideal shipping method.

Many reputable manufactures like WeProFab will always facilitate shipping of the consignment to your destination irrespective of quantity.

  • Manufacturer

Ultimately, it’s the manufacturer you’re dealing with that determines whether you’ll get exactly what you require.

Always do due diligence to ensure you work with a reliable manufacturer since it enhances convenience.

Is there Thermoplastic Material that can Make a Better Bookshelf than Acrylic?


Polycarbonate is the ideal alternative you can choose for your bookstand in place of acrylic.

Notably, polycarbonate is relatively superior to acrylic in terms of numerous properties.

For instance, polycarbonate is better than acrylic as far as the following elements are concerned; optical clarity, strength, impact resistance, flexibility.

Acrylic bookshelf design

 Acrylic bookshelf design

Are there Surface Coating Treatments You can use on Acrylic Bookshelf?


In many instances, an anti-scratch coating is the common surface treatment to apply on the acrylic bookshelf.

The reason here is to prevent the surface material of this component from abrasive materials.

For instance, in a public library with relatively high human traffic, the furniture is likely to get scratches from time to time.

Applying an anti-scratch surface coating makes it easy to avert the ugly marks from the surface.

Also, you may consider applying anti-reflective surface coating treatment.

It is essential, especially for an acrylic bookshelf in a well-lit surrounding since it prevents light from reflecting from the furniture.

If you are using a clear acrylic bookstand, especially for outdoor bookstores, you may also consider UV-stabilizer.

This prevents the furniture from yellowing when exposed to direct sunlight for long.

What is the Cost of an Acrylic Bookshelf?

Numerous factors determine the actual cost of acrylic bookshelf.

One of these elements is the exact acrylic material used for making this furniture.

Ordinarily, acrylic is available in different varieties, including cast, extruded, and continuous cast acrylic among others.

Also, the specific design of acrylic material, such as texture, color, thickness, etc., determines the precise price for this furniture.

Secondly, the size of this furniture is another determinant element for the actual cost.

They are available in different dimensions, but mostly, the smaller the acrylic bookstand, the lower the cost, and vice versa.

Brand is another element, which determines the exact cost of this furniture.

In the marketplace, you’ll come across different brands from a wide range of manufacturers.

Of course, different brands are priced differently depending on various aspects, such as positioning in the market.

And importantly, type of finishing on this furniture also defines the actual price it costs.

Often, this entails the customization extent and other related factors.

Therefore, the greater the customization extent, the higher the cost and vice versa.

Is Acrylic Bookshelf Safe?


Acrylic material is derived from natural components, which have strong molecules.

Thus, it does not emit toxic gases when exposed to numerous elements such as chemicals or sunlight.

Additionally, acrylic is relatively strong and does not break easily even when subjected to high impact.

Even if it breaks, which is always unlikely, it can never shatter.

Instead, it splits into larger pieces, which is vital to use, especially in high human traffic areas.

Essentially, this makes it safe for both the environment and humans.

Is Acrylic Bookshelf Repairable?


However, the specific repair is dependent on type of damage on the surface of this furniture.

Mostly, scratches, fading, and cracks are the common issues likely to need repair on acrylic bookstand.

Repair procedures for all these elements are quite simple since they involve thorough cleaning using relevant detergents.

Polishing is also an ideal repair technique you may consider, particularly when removing scratches and dullness.

It is effective and restores the surface material of this furniture to its original gloss and clarity.

What is the Best Adhesive for Bonding Acrylic Bookshelf?

Acrylic cement is regarded as the most suitable adhesive for bonding acrylic bookstands.

It works as a solvent that fuses acrylic joints.

To attain best results when using this adhesive, ensure you never leave any space between the acrylic parts you are joining.

How do Chinese Manufacturers Guarantee Quality of Acrylic Bookshelf?

Chinese acrylic bookshelf manufacturers adhere to all the stipulated quality standard measures by the authorities.

All acrylic bookstands manufactured in China are also taken to several tests to ensure they meet the respective quality standards.

Manufacturers in China ensure they manufacture components, which comply with different national, regional, and international quality standards.

Some of these standards include RoHS, UL, ISO 9001, REACH, SGS, etc.

Does Acrylic Bookshelf have any Shortcomings?

Yes, albeit a few, and they include the following;

  • It is comparatively costly than other alternatives, which offer same functionality, such as fiberglass.
  • Requires relatively thorough cleaning and maintenance routines to enhance appearance and durability.

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture the best grade of acrylic bookshelf in the market.

Whether you want custom options or OEM designs, WeProFab, will offer exactly that – contact us now for all your acrylic bookshelf.

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