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HDPE Sheet Manufacturer

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HDPE Antiskid Sheet

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Polyethylene HDPE Sheet

In Weprofab, all our Polyethylene HDPE sheet is designed and manufactured from our well-oriented and expert engineers. We can offer you a versatile Polyethylene HDPE sheet to satisfy the need of our clients.

HDPE Sheet Plastic

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All of our HDPE sheets in playground board designs are easy to clean and fabricated. Weprofab designed all kinds of HDPE Sheet with UV stability, perfect for outdoor and indoor applications.

HDPE Twinwall Sheet

Weprofab HDPE twin-wall sheet is available with custom sizes, and colors. For customizations, please note your ideal sizes for standard HDPE sheets. We highly manufactured HDPE sheets using state-of-the-art machine technologies.

Liner Textured HDPE Sheet

Weprofab’s production of liner textured HDPE sheets has demonstrated a history of fulfillment in various lining applications. As a leading supplier, we supply the HDPE sheet not only for lining but also for roofing applications.

Low Friction HDPE Sheet

Weprofab is now gaining popularity because of providing high-quality low friction HDPE sheets in economical costs. These kinds of HDPE sheets are industry-standard, great to use for broad range of applications.

Multicolored HDPE Sheet

Weprofab provides multicolored HDPE sheets to all trade industries. It has extreme UV stability, perfect and very suitable for modular playground systems. There are plenty of options in Weprofab, obtainable for economic costs.

Natural HDPE Sheet

HDPE sheets are polyethylene thermoplastic produce from petroleum. These sheet materials are chemical resistant and durable as well. Weprofab is presenting our kind of natural HDPE sheet for various applications.

Recycled HDPE Sheet

Our kind of recycled HDPE sheet is made non-staining and non-toxic for different sheeting intentions. We, Weprofab is experts in all plastic sheets fabrication so give your trust to us!

Two-tone HDPE Sheet

Our unique, colorful two-tone HDPE sheet is used significantly for plastic lumber, corrosion-resistant piping, and other non-cosmetic implementations. Plenty of selections are available here in Weprofab for a cheaper cost.

UV-Stabilized HDPE Sheet

Weprofab UV-stabilized HDPE sheet are designed to meet your specified marine requirements and any outdoor projects. In Weprofab, you can find a lot of options for fantastic prices!

Woodgrain HDPE Sheet

Weprofab`s line of woodgrain HDPE sheet is highly resistant to vandalism and easy to clean as well. It is widely used in lab cabinets applications. Request quotes in Weprofab if you need authentic woods without maintenance to mind for.

HDPE Sheet 7mm

HDPE sheet 7mm is waterproof and corrosion-resistance, with high toughness and good low-temperature properties. It has a smooth, gridded, and orange peel surface. It’s safe to use for 5 years once it’s been installed.

4x8 HDPE Sheet

This 4×8 HDPE sheet possesses extremely strong impact resistance and abrasion resistance. Available in both white and black colors. Can be customized into desired colors too. Sheets can be machined, cut, or thermoformed easily.

HDPE Block Colored Plastic Sheets

HDPE block-colored plastic sheets are high-density polyethylene sheets with strong impact resistance. Thicknesses ranging from 3-30mm. Sheets are non-toxic, lightweight, and have very low water absorption.

Wholesale HDPE Plastic Sheet 20mm

Wholesale HDPE plastic sheets 20mm are FDA approved for food use. Custom cuts to fit specifications are available. You can choose from white, black, or other colors. Applicable for the food processing industry, textile, chemical, material hanging, paper, and more.

15mm HDPE Sheet 

15mm HDPE sheets are easy to install, endure long service life, and have high dimensional accuracy. It has unmatched sturdiness and quality which make it ideal for vast industries for different purposes.

100mm HDPE Sheet

Weprofab 100mm HDPE sheet exhibits exceptional impact strength, abrasion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction. Available colors include yellow, orange, green, red, black, white, so on. Applicable in paper industries, packaging industries, conveyors, chutes, etc.

Dual-Color HDPE Sheet

A Dual-color HDPE sheet is ideal for engraving or milling. This material is both sturdy and environmentally stable, allowing it to survive extreme weather. This makes it ideal for use in recreational equipment, sign-making, and other similar applications.

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HDPE Sheet

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HDPE Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide compiles 35 FAQs that will help you understand every aspect of HDPE sheets.

So, if you have any questions, your answer is definitely in this guide.

Let me help you become an expert in this field:

What is HDPE Sheet?

It is an abbreviation for High-density polyethylene, which simply refers to a type of thermoplastic polymer often produced from a monomer known as ethylene.

This material is widely used for a wide variety of applications, such as food and cutting boards, among others.

It is characteristically derived from petroleum and has numerous features that make it among the popular materials in various applications.

In some instances, this material is known as polythene, whereas some people also refer to it as alkathene, of course, depending on where and how it is used.

The strength to density ratio for the HDPE sheet is usually large hence making it corrosion resistant with high tensile strength.

HDPE Sheet

 HDPE Sheet

What the Types of HDPE Sheet?

Several types of HDPE sheets are available, all of which tend to have a wide variety of uses and applications.

They include the following;

  • HDPE Smooth Sheet – It refers to the type that has various qualities, which makes it a suitable material for different applications.

It is also easy to fabricate, resistant to moisture, and impact has better tensile strength and better resistance to chemicals.

A typical application for HDPE smooth sheet is tank lining.

  • HDPE Antiskid – It is a type specifically designed for marine applications. The essence, in this case, is that it offers non-slip or skid surface solutions.
  • HDPE Pipe Grade – It is a type, which features enhanced weight and performance than an ordinary HDPE sheet. It comes with numerous improved features hence making it the most suitable HDPE sheet for outdoor applications.
  • HDPE Color Core – This type of HDPE sheet features a colored core, which enables manufacturers to design letters and signs that expose the interior colors.
  • HDPE Matte Sheet – It is the type designed specifically for manufacturing items like cutting boards. It guarantees a long product life and will not necessarily dull knives. It is also resistant to acid and compliant to the FDA regulations.

As you can see, all the different types of HDPE sheeting tend to offer similar primary features as well as benefits.

For that reason, such features tend to separate them from other plastic sheeting materials like acrylic and polycarbonate.

What is HDPE used for?

White HDPE Sheet

White HDPE Sheet

i. Marine Applications

HDPE antiskid is primarily designed for a wide range of marine applications, given that it features non-skid and non-slip surface solutions.

ii. Food Preparation and Packaging

It is used to create food surfaces in industries that deal with food preparation and packaging.

For instance, countertops and cutting boards.

Ideally, this material never dulls knives, which is significant in commercial settings that tend to be busy.

iii. Fuel Tanks

Most of the tanks designed for transporting and storing fuels are also made from HDPE sheeting material.

Of course, this is a result of the fact that they have a strong resistance to chemicals and impact.

iv. Piping Systems

HDPE pipe grade offers the best alternative as far as the piping system is concerned.

This is ideal for both commercial and residential piping systems.

Most of the piping systems companies opt for these materials because of its numerous beneficial features for this application.

v. Household Goods

A wide variety of household goods are made from this type of plastic sheeting.

For instance, toys, ice boxes, garbage containers, and housewares are among some of the household goods manufactured using this material.

Additionally, HDPE sheeting is necessary in this case since it is low cost and also easy to process for such items.

vi. Fibers and Textiles

It is also common for making sports nets, decorative fabrics, and other types of ropes thanks to its high tensile strength.

vii. Outdoor Furniture

You can as well use this material for crafting a wide range of outdoor furniture.

The fact that it is resistant to weather changes and other elements makes it an ideal option for outdoor furniture.

viii. Consumer Goods

Items such as water bottles, shampoo bottles, milk jugs, and bread bags are among the typical consumer goods that are designed using HDPE sheeting material.

Of course, as earlier stated, the processability and low cost of production make this material suitable for a wide range of consumer goods.

Why use HDPE Sheet?

HDPE sheet has a competitive advantage over other materials, thus making it an ideal preference for several applications.

Some of the beneficial reasons for using HDPE sheet include the following;

HDPE Sheet

 HDPE Sheet

· Safety

Thermofusion welding is used for joining the different parts of this type of material.

It, therefore, shows that safety measures of using it are enhanced the moment installation is complete.

· Flexibility

HDPE sheet tends to adapt to several changes in bends and directions.

So this allows you to prevent instances of using additional tools and fittings.

Additionally, you can also use it for several applications, as described above, thus making it better than other types of plastic materials.

· Efficiency

It has a relatively flat interior, which enhances liquid flows to pipes of other materials.

Moreover, they do not accumulate incrustations or sediments inside them that could possibly compromise their overall efficiency.

· Excellent Resistance

HDPE sheet is also beneficial since it can support vertical loads during transfer of high-pressure liquids or chemicals.

Evidently, this is possible since the external wall is sufficiently corrugated.

It is also resistant to a wide range of elements, including temperature changes, corrosion, and chemical agents, among others.

· Lightweight and Malleability

This material is popular for being extremely lightweight but still somewhat durable.


· Easy to Install

HDPE sheet is typically lightweight, thus making its transportation, handling as well as install process reasonably short.

Moreover, you do not necessarily require heavy machinery to move this material.

· Excellent Durability

The fact that it is highly resistant to numerous elements such as chemical agents, impacts, and abrasive liquids, among others, shows that it a durable material.

Ordinarily, the average usage of this material is estimated at about 50 years, which is quite phenomenal.

·Easy to Maintain

Ideally, once you have installed this sheeting material for a particular application, it will require minimal maintenance.

Nonetheless, it still guarantees efficiency and better results.

Is HDPE Sheet Flexible?

Bending HDPE sheet

Pending HDPE Sheet

Of course, it is flexible.

You’ll notice that this type of plastic sheeting material has better chemical and physical properties that enable it to changes in directions and bends.

Additionally, the fact that you can use it in various applications is also a clear indication that it is flexible.

What are the differences between HDPE and Polyethylene Plastic?

Polyethylene refers to a type of thermoplastic polymer derived or manufactured from ethylene gas and provides the basis for multiple plastic products.

On the other hand, HDPE plastic refers to a relatively denser version of polyethylene plastic, which often used for making different hardy components due to its rigidness and crystalline structure.

Another notable difference here is that polyethylene tends to be harmless in solid form but can be toxic in liquid form.

HPDE, on the other hand, is BPA free, which makes it suitable for the packaging of food materials.

Where is HDPE used?

It is dependent on a wide range of elements, including the particular application.

Some of the areas include the following;

  • Production of plastic bottles
  • Slurry transfer lines
  • Electrical and communication conduit
  • Automotive parts
  • Construction products
  • Ballistic plates
  • Corrosion-resistant piping
  • Fire system supply lines
  • Gas mains
  • Furniture for outdoor uses
  • Playground equipment and toys
  • Geo-membranes and plastic lumber
  • Sewer mains
  • Snowboard rails and boxes
  • Boats
  • Stormwater and drainage pipes

In a nutshell, the HDPE sheet is used in multiple areas or applications.

Ideally, in uncountable applications.

Are HDPE Sheets UV Stable?

Yes, to a great extent.

Ordinarily, you’ll find that HDPE sheets tend to be relatively durable, resistant to wear and tear, and also come in different bright colors.

It is also possible to confirm that they are stable because they are easy to clean and to fabricate too.

However, it would be ideal also to understand that carbon black comes out as the most effective HDPE sheet against UV.

It is also regarded as the most suitable weathering stabilizer you can ever find.

How is HDPE Sheet made?

Plastic extrusion

 Plastic extrusion

The process of making HDPE sheeting is commonly referred to as cracking.

It mainly involves controlled settings by applying intense heat to petroleum, which assists in making ethylene gas.

So it happens that the gas molecules attach to form polymers, which subsequently produce polyethylene.

Then the polyethylene will have a relatively sludgy appearance, and it develops into granules after it is put through a series of molds.

The moment the molding process is complete, you’ll have a sturdy polymer material that can have a wide range of uses and applications in your facility or home.

What are the Disadvantages of HDPE?

As much as HDPE tends to be relatively popular nowadays, it is always important to understand that it has some limitations, which include the following;

  • The primary raw material for manufacturing HDPE sheet is natural gas or petroleum. This material is available in a finite amount hence making it relatively expensive.
  • Production of HDPE seemingly takes a significant amount of energy as well as leading to high emissions of carbon dioxide. This is a greenhouse gas, which contributes immensely to global warming and climate change.
  • HDPE takes quite a long time to break down, just like many other types of plastics. It thus implies that it can possibly end up staying in landfills for numerous years, which we are running out of space for.
  • As much as it is possible to recycle HDPE, it is necessary to know that the process is somewhat expensive and sophisticated.
  • HDPE also tends to have comparatively weak resistance to UV and high mold shrinkage.
  • It is also highly susceptible to stress cracking and has a comparatively low stiffness than polypropylene.
  • It is also somewhat tricky to bond HDPE sheet even with other materials hence limiting its use or applications.
  • It tends to be highly flammable, has weak resistance to weathering as well as poor dimensional accuracy.

Can you Bend HDPE Sheet?

Absolutely yes!

In fact, HDPE tends to bend nicely, and it is one conventional method of shaping this material.

It is quite possible to cold-form this material into a reasonably sharp radius quite easily without any worries or concerns of breaking.

In most instances, fabricators often bend HDPE sheet into tight bends using strip heaters to build boxes and other assemblies as well.

What is the Melting Point of HDPE?

The melting point of HDPE is 266 degrees Fahrenheit.

It becomes tacky when it gets towards that temperature level thus can be formed into the solid block without causing fumes.

It is also at this temperature that allows this material to withstand repeated exposure hence allowing it to be sterilized.

What makes HDPE Sheet better than Other Plastic?

First of all, HDPE appears to have better resistance to microbes while it provides a sturdier surface.

It also has stronger screw retention that most of the other types of plastics.

What this necessarily implies is that when you use HDPE in a particular construction project, it’ll be more structurally sound than items made from other types of plastics.

The other element that makes this material great is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily require to be repainted or touched up.

The good thing with this factor is that it leads into less volatile organic compound emissions.

You ought to understand that such carbon-based chemical compounds can be easily inhaled since they evaporate into the air at any given temperature.

And this could result in health complications.

In regards to sustainability, HDPE comes out as a substantial lead over other plastics.

This material is also 100% recyclable, and it is made from post-consumer content.

Most other plastics are not made from post-consumer materials hence making it relatively difficult to recycle them.

Is HDPE harmful?

Not at all, especially in its final form.

The moment it is manufactured into its final product, you’ll continue using it until it is recycled.

The fact that this material does not produce any harmful emissions during its production or use in different applications makes it safe.

Additionally, HDPE does not leak any toxic chemicals into water or soil, thus making it safer.

What is the Tensile Strength of HDPE?

The maximum amount of tensile stress that HDPE material can take before it breaks is 200 MPa.

Can you Recycle HDPE?

Most definitely.

What happens in most instances is that HDPE material is non-biodegradable.

Therefore, it can take many years before it even shows signs of decomposing.

So the best approach is always to recycle the materials.

Even so, the recycling of HDPE material tends to be comparatively expensive.

What are the Fabrication options for HDPE Sheet?

Fabrication options for the HDPE sheet are quite several depending on the particular application.

Some of the commonly used options include the following;

HDPE Sheet

HDPE Sheet

  • Heat bending – You can heat bend this material using tools such as strip heaters, radiant heaters, or air-circulated ovens.

If you are working in a small area, you can as well consider using heat guns.

When heating HDPE sheet, it is always advisable to ensure that you use rheostat as a way of controlling heating and ensuring that the surface temperature never exceeds the ideal temperature.

  • Vacuum forming – This HDPE sheet fabrication option is often used when there is a necessity for dimensional repeatability and greater part detail. During vacuum forming, it is vital to ensure that you create molds that are twice the thickness of the material.
  • Pressure forming – It involves combining either female or male molds with forced air or plug assists to form parts. It is a recommended fabrication procedure for relatively simple shallow forms that have a low definition.
  • Drilling – It is also the other commonly used fabrication option for HDPE sheet. Drilling is often done using power drilling machines, and the size of a drill bit varies depending on the size of the hole that you want to drill.
  • Welding – You can use a wide range of welding techniques on this particular material.

You can perform hot gas welding using a welding rod and a hot air gun.

In this case, you need to ensure that the air is clean and free from all the contaminants.

Notch welding is also another possible option that you can use on HDPE.

It primarily involves using two elements simultaneously to heat the material surface of HDPE.

Then there is also extrusion welding, which offers an excellent alternative to hot gas welding.

It is ideal for fabricating thick gauge HDPE material where there is a necessity for forming large volumes.

Are HDPE Sheets Safe for Packaging?

Of course, they are safe for packaging.

It is a sturdy material that can endure higher temperatures.

What happens is that HDPE resins tend to produce plastic that is resistant to corrosion, chemical agents, and absorbs little moisture.

It thus means that it is suitable and safe for storing food-related products such as beverages and groceries.

And that’s the reason you’d see quite a lot of HDPE containers in numerous food stores and plastic bottles for soft drinks.

How does HDPE Compare to PVC?

PVC Sheet

PVC Sheet

Both HDPE and PVC are regarded as some of the best plastic materials to use in various applications.

However, the significant difference between these two lies in the application and composition for each.

What happens is that HDPE is used in specific instances, which make PVC somehow unattractive or inappropriate.

PVC is also comparatively inexpensive than HDPE.

It is probably the reason it is quite common than HDPE.

Additionally, it also tends to be reasonably durable than HDPE material.

Regarding strength ratings, both HDPE and PVC tend to be similar.

That notwithstanding, strength in most circumstances seems to be a poor indicator of suitability.

Another noteworthy comparison between these two is that HDPE is relatively hard and has better resistance to abrasion and heat.

Of course, this is quite an essential factor when it comes to construction of buildings.

A comparison of the materials’ failure rating shows that PVC rates highly than HDPE.

And this is an essential aspect when it comes to piping applications and in fabric buildings.

The other comparison is that PVC materials is joined using a gluing sealant or by a gasket.

On the other hand, joining of HDPE material is by using heat fusion.

There are some cases where you can glue or seam PVC material underwater.

However, this is somewhat impossible to attain with HDPE material.

Additionally, HDPE can comparatively withstand and mitigate shockwaves better the PVC material, which is quite essential when it comes to flexing of the material.

What is the Cost of HDPE Sheet?

It is quite tricky to tell the definite cost of HDPE sheet.

The cost often varies depending on a wide range of factors such as thickness, size, finishing, and application, among others.

The cost also varies in different regions depending on elements such as shipping charges and taxes, among others.

So it would be somewhat difficult to put a definite price tag on HDPE sheet due to such varied factors.

But in general, it is relatively expensive than most types of plastics that can be used in similar applications.

What is the benefit of Cut-to-size HDPE Sheet?

  • It makes it possible for you to get the exact size for your application. This is necessary since it helps in enhancing the efficiency and the fitting of the material.
  • It reduces wastage of material given that you’re confident of the exact material that you’ll require to use on your application.
  • A cut-to-size HDPE sheet is also beneficial since it enables you to reduce the cost that you’d otherwise have spent on buying a large piece that you’d probably not use. Apparently, purchasing a cut-to-size HDPE sheet is cost-effective than buying a general piece.

– It is easy and effective to transport a cut-to-size HDPE sheet given that it is relatively small compared to a general size.

– You can quickly fabricate a cut-to-size HDPE sheet than you can to a large piece of this sheet.

How does HDPE Sheet compare to Acrylic Sheet?

When it comes to HDPE and acrylic sheet, you ought to know that they tend to have quite a several similarities.

And this can make it a bit confusing on which material to choose for your project.

Acrylic sheet

8Acrylic sheet

Even so, selecting either of the materials would have an ultimate effect on the result.

So, in comparison, concerning properties, the acrylic sheet seems to be incredibly durable more than HDPE sheet.

This is quite obvious considering that the acrylic is formed using strong molecules that enable it to be resistant to impact.

Another comparison is that acrylic sheet can withstand a broad temperature range for various applications.

In other words, it is resistant to a wide range of extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, HDPE sheet can as well withstand temperature ranges, albeit to a specific range of about 120 degrees centigrade continuously.

This, however, is still reasonably inferior to acrylic in this aspect.

Acrylic sheet generally has a better UV resistance compared to HDPE sheet.

This is essential because it demonstrates that it is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications since it can endure the UV rays better than HDPE sheet.

HDPE sheet has better resistance to scratch than acrylic sheet.

The latter has a soft surface, which makes it more susceptible to scratches.

Also, HDPE has comparatively low moisture retention than acrylic sheet.

And this is one of the critical aspects that make it a better alternative for a wide range of marine applications.

You can easily machine both materials, which is vital given that it makes it possible for you to fabricate and mold the pieces into suitable components.

However, HDPE sheets tend to have high machinability, given that they do not break easily compared to acrylic sheet.

Which is Stronger between HDPE Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheet?

Apparently, comparing the strength between HDPE sheet and the polycarbonate sheet can be somehow tricky.

Each material demonstrates excellent strength in their specific applications.

For instance, HDPE is extremely strong as far as resistance to impact, and abrasion is concerned.

It also tends to exhibit a relatively low coefficient of friction.

And this perfect for the applications of this material.

However, in general, strength-wise, polycarbonate is ranked highly compared to any other ordinary plastic material.

Polycarbonate is about 30 times stronger than HDPE sheet or any other popular plastic for that matter.

Solid polycarbonate sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheet

Why choose WeProFab for Custom HDPE Sheet Manufacturing?

First of all, WeProFab offers high-quality HDPE sheets that suit your needs.

All the products that we manufacture undergo through rigorous research and production to ensure that we get the best quality for the clientele.

WeProFab also provides a wide range of HDPE designs, which is essential, particularly when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of different customers.

All our HDPE custom HDPE sheets come with a warranty.

Additionally, WeProFab offers the best rates for custom HDPE sheets in the market.

What is unique about WeProFab HDPE sheets?

You can get a wide variety of HDPE sheets for all your needs, which is fundamental, given that it will suit your specific needs.

WeProFab HDPE sheets also come in cut-to-size, which is fundamental since it averts cases of misspending the materials and other resources too.

The affordability and quality of the products that this company also offers is an excellent aspect in terms of uniqueness since this is an element that you hardly find in many HDPE suppliers.

Also, you don’t essentially have to wait for your customized HDPE sheet for long.

Once you make your order, we ensure that you get it within the shortest time possible.

How can you Test Quality of HDPE Sheets?

You can use several ways to test the quality of HDPE sheets.

And such tests provide accurate results, which is essential when it comes to purchasing high-quality sheets.

Some of these tests include the following;

1. Moisture Analysis

It is a necessary test to perform since it enables you to take appropriate measures before using the HDPE sheet.

Remember, this analysis allows you to determine whether or not the sheet has absorbed moisture from the surrounding, which can have an impact on the end application.

2. Ash Content Analysis

It helps in determining the percentage of ash and altering it appropriately so that the properties can suit the needs of the customer.

3. Heat Deformation Analysis

It involves determining whether or not a particular HDPE sheet can bear load at specific elevated temperatures.

4. Thickness Analysis

As the name suggests, this test involves determining the wall thickness of a particular HDPE sheet for specific applications.

5. Co-efficient Friction Analysis

It is a test, which involves determining starting and sliding friction of HDPE sheet when sliding over itself or any other material at specific testing conditions.

Is HDPE Sheets Resistant to Harsh Weather Conditions?

Most definitely.

It features high chemical resistance that enables it to be immune to harsh weather conditions.

This would only imply that you can use it in a variety of outdoor applications since it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Does HDPE Sheet Scratch?

Not at all. This material is hard and never scratches.

Of course, this is vital since it shows that you’ll not keep on replacing it.

It also shows that you’ll not necessarily need to maintain it, given that it does not scratch.

Can you Polish HDPE Sheets?

Yes, there are quite several techniques that you can use to polish plastic sheets.

Most of these techniques are very effective and provide the best results.

What is essential in this case is ensuring that you use the right materials when polishing the HDPE sheet.

However, it would also be essential to understand that you cannot vapor polish the HDPE sheet.

It is resistant to moisture hence making it difficult to attain the best results from using vapor polishing technique.

How can you Machine HDPE Sheets?

It is quite easy to machine HDPE sheets, given that it does not necessarily crack.

You can use a wide range of tools to machine this material including, drill, power saw, router, utility knife, and a palm sander, among others.

It is a process that involves the following steps

  • Cutting the HDPE sheet to the desired shape. Here you need to use a power saw and ensure that it has sharp blades as well as an ideal feed rate.
  • Use router bit to cut route channels
  • Use the grease pencil to mark the drilling spots
  • Take a 320 grit sandpaper and ensure that you use it for sanding down the material to finish the edges.

It is quite a simple process, but you have to be meticulous to prevent any incidences of damaging the HDPE sheet.

What is HDPE Sheet Extrusion?

It refers to a technique or method that is usually used to make flat HDPE sheets from various resins.

In such cases, thermoforming of thinner gauges takes place mostly into packaging applications, including water bottles, among others.

Can you Print on HDPE Sheets?

Yes, it is possible to print on HDPE sheets.

However, it would be essential to understand that this material is only compatible with screen printing and offset lithography.

Therefore, you cannot print it by digital techniques, mainly, laser printing or use inkjet ink since it will never stick to the surface of the HDPE sheet.

How Thick are HDPE Sheets?

The thickness range for HDPE sheets varies depending on a wide range of factors, including the specific applications.

However, the standard thickness range from 0.4mm to 25mm.

HDPE Sheets come in how many Colors?

They come in virtually all colors under the sun.

In other words, you can find them in any color of your preference.

Different colors of HDPE plastic

 Different colors of HDPE plastic

What is HDPE Matte Sheet?

It refers to a HDPE sheeting material that is specifically designed for the manufacturing of cutting boards.

It comes with a unique surface finish, which ensures that the durability of this product does not dull the knives.

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