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Clear Tissue Box

Weprofab is an expert in manufacturing clear tissue box. As ISo 9001 certified manufacturer, Weprofab can innovate a lot of clear tissue box stocks. Better send your inquiries now; we know a lot in the fabricating process.

Get WeProFab Clear Tissue Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab clear tissue box is manufactured from high-quality materials. They may come from acrylics, polycarbonate or plexiglass materials. Choose the right one to delight your own customers.

Clear Tissue Box Manufacturer

There`s nothing that can beat Weprofab capacity in manufacturing clear tissue boxes. At affordable yet competitive prices, we are glad to offer our range of clear tissue box.

Factory Custom Clear Tissue Box

In our factory, we make customizations of clear tissue box. They can be made from plexiglass, acrylics, or polycarbonate plastic material.

Hinged-lid Clear Tissue Box

Weprofab is happy to present a hinged-lid clear tissue box. We have comprehensive fabrication lines for speedy and right customization.

Household Clear Tissue Box Holder

Weprofab is the best manufacturer and supplier of household clear tissue box holder. They bring elegance to the house surroundings and can be used in offices.

Multi-functional Clear Tissue Box with Drawer

Weprofab creates different varieties of clear tissue box. We offer unique with the greatest features. They are used typically in offices, bathrooms, etc.

Wholesale Clear Tissue Box

Weprofab also offers wholesale clear tissue boxes. If you need a lot of stock to supply your own customers, we can supply you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Clear Tissue Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is linked with two outstanding companies. They are the WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We always want to give you the best solution for your business. 

We have 20 years or more expertise in the whole fabrications process. Let us handle them. We won`t fail you!

Send us your questions via e-mail. 

Custom Clear Tissue Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Rectangular Clear Tissue Box

Weprofab can offer not only a clear tissue box but also a rectangular clear tissue box. We provide magnificent quality of tissue boxes for your needs.

Square Shape Clear Tissue Box

Weprofab can mold different sheet materials to create a perfectly square-shaped clear tissue box. Our experienced team can cater you until the final process.

Creative Clear Tissue Box

We are very happy to serve you with our most creative clear tissue box type. We also accept customization when you desire to.

Acrylic Clear Tissue Box

The acrylic clear tissue box is an elegant, bright, and patterned kind of box. Constructed from premium and durable clear acrylic. Ideal for use in makeup vanity, in the bathroom, or living room.

Custom Clear Tissue Box

Custom clear tissue box comes in different materials to suit any requirements. Also, provide a warm and earthy accent to any interior designs like in rooms and car interiors. Available in various designs and sizes.

Decorative Clear Tissue Box’

A decorative clear tissue box comes with an admirable glow that is beautiful to look at. A decorative way to store facial tissue paper. Available in different sizes and shapes that are applicable in vanity or on the work desk.

Dustproof Clear Tissue Box

A dustproof clear tissue box is produced with durable material. Widely applicable in office supplies, and business displays. Free from unwanted dust and hazardous elements. Has a transparent appearance.

Free Sink Clear Tissue Box

Free sink clear tissue box is manufactured with a transparent material. Has outstanding optical clarity, strength, and stiffness. Easy to fabricate and has superior weathering properties.

Impact Resistant Clear Tissue Box

Impact-resistant clear tissue box is made of high-quality acrylic. Durable enough to resist high impacts and damages that stand the test of time. Can also stand up to the unwanted and harmful elements longer.

Large Acrylic Clear Tissue Box

Large acrylic clear tissue box offers unmatched strength and optical clarity. Bonds well with adhesives and arrives in a large size. Ensures superior weathering properties and enhanced stability.

Luxury Clear Tissue Box

A luxury clear tissue box is perfect for use during the festive season. Come in different shapes, colors, and sizes with a luxurious design. Provides stylish storage space and adds elegance to any kind of interior design.

Polycarbonate Clear Tissue Box

Polycarbonate clear tissue box is strong and unbreakable. Arrives with flat edges and smooth surfaces that are durable and easy to clean. Applicable in most standard tissue sizes, styles, and designs.

Refillable Clear Tissue Box

The Refillable clear tissue box has high tenacity and excellent strength. Will not break easily and is engineered with crystal clear polymer. This box is also refillable and can be used for a long period without damage.

Removable Cover Clear Tissue Box

The removable cover clear tissue box has a simple, stylish, and modern design. Characterized with a removable cover with a crystal-clear structure that matches any decoration. Suitable for hotels, cafés, bars, etc.

Round Clear Tissue Box

The round clear tissue box is made of premium material which is durable and elegant. Arrives with a modern design, transparent appearance with a round edge. Features easiness of usage and a pull-out compartment.

Standard Size Clear Tissue Box

Standard size clear tissue box is made of eco-friendly and top-grade acrylic. Features a clear, exquisite, and compact structure that saves space. Commonly applicable for bars, clubs and hotels due to its standard size.

Textured Clear Tissue Box

Textured clear tissue box has an exquisite opening design. Manufactured for easy storage and easy cleaning. Made of high-tech and durable material that is also long-lasting. Perfect for daily facial tissue.

Waterproof Clear Tissue Box

A waterproof clear tissue box is suitable for folding tissues. Characterize a robust, durable, and safe material. Engineered by a top-grade premium acrylic. Waterproof and each edge is securely polished.

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Why WeProFab Clear Tissue Box

Weprofab Clear tissue box is very popular due to their modern shapes and its elegant detail. They are usually seen displayed at retail markets, bathrooms, offices and much more. A clear box to hold tissues is very appropriate. However, they are made from plexiglass, acrylic, or polycarbonate plastics. And as a plastic fabrication expert, Weprofab can make fast fabrications for your ideal clear tissue boxes.

Weprofab Clear tissue box is divided into different finish options, dimensions, features, or applications. Discuss your details about your ideal clear tissue box, and we`ll do the rest. The Weprofab clear tissue box is a profitable product to include for your business. Aside from their holding tissues purpose, they also have the luxury and eye-catching appearance.

clear tissue box

Whatever kind of clear tissue box you need, Weprofab has the answers! You surely find the right product here in Weprofab.  A great yet competitive cost, you surely love the quality of every clear tissue boxes.

You can also print your own label to make your brand name be popular internationally. Whether you`re searching for an economical and cheap clear tissue box, choose Weprofab as your supplier!

clear tissue box

Weprofab clear acrylic box is offered in different varieties of applications. This adds elegance to the environment and commonly used as decorations. Due to cheap priced products Weprofab is offering, most of the business handlers choose to purchase from our factory.

They choose to order bulk and wholesale ways. Now, it`s your time to shine! To have numerous stocks to provide your own valued customers, wholesale ways are quietly preferred. Weprofab is the perfect supplier to have big savings.

clear tissue box

Weprofab fabrication services are never defeated on price, quality, and choices. Every now and then, you`ll find the latest and durable clear acrylic box in weprofab.  Choosing us will be the best decision you`ll ever make for life.

Start your excellent purchase experience here at WeProFab! Contact us now.



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