• Polycarbonate film

Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab is one of the premier manufacturers of polycarbonate film. We in Weprofab can manufacture wide polycarbonate film with a special touch and finishes properties such as matte finish, gloss finish with film retardant grade, and many more. Weprofab can give best solution to all your polycarbonate film needs. Send us your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Film Delight Your Customers

We manufacture a polycarbonate film made from outstanding materials. As a leading manufacturer, we are delighted to provide a world-class polycarbonate film for your business.

Flame Retardant Insulation Polycarbonate Film

Flame retardant insulation polycarbonate film in Weprofab offers constant properties and has excellent printability. Cost-effective and provide great performance towards the raspy environment.

HF Polycarbonate Film

HF polycarbonate film has a high level of matte. All of our polycarbonate films in Weprofab are perfect for high-pressure forming and available in standard thickness and depending on client’s requests.

Thermoformable Polycarbonate Film

Thermoformable polycarbonate film in Weprofab are designed and manufactured in a diversified radius of sizes and shapes.


Polycarbonate Film Graphics Overlay

You can choose your own materials for your polycarbonate film graphics overlay like floor graphics, and other in-mold design or decoration.

Weather Resistant Polycarbonate Film

If you are in need of a polycarbonate film that is weather-resistant, then check on Weprofab, we have different types of polycarbonate films that you surely like.

Polycarbonate Film Manufacturer

Weprofab has the best polycarbonate films and offers great prices. We are manufacturing polycarbonate film with the used of our advanced equipment operated by our skilled engineers and staffs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Film Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab developed unique and one of a kind production solutions in the manufacturing industry. Enabling to provide magnificent polycarbonate film. In Weprofab we provide distinctive types of polycarbonate film like weatherproof, flame resistant, scratch-resistant, and many more.

As one of the dominant supplier and manufacturer, Weprofab offers unparalleled polycarbonate films base on your own requirements.

Send us now an inquiry, we will answer you immediately!

Custom Polycarbonate Film to Skyrocket Your Brand

ID and Security Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab offers high grade polycarbonate ideal for the production of ID cards, licenses, and security purposes. We have wide option for sheet format and thickness range.

Metal Sputtered Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab can offer amazing metal sputtered polycarbonate film perfect for your polycarbonate film business.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab provides a scratch resistant polycarbonate film that offers a glass like solidity with high strength impact of standard polycarbonate film.

Black Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

The black flame retardant polycarbonate films have excellent formability, good mechanical properties, and flammability ratings. They come in various thicknesses that suit your applications.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Film

Light diffuser polycarbonate films are applicable for businesses, offices, and schools. These films have excellent efficiency, easy to fabricate, and are environmentally friendly features.

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Film

The anti-fog polycarbonate films are applicable for hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and more. They are also used for protective masks, refrigerators, goggles, helmets, car bodies, and more.

Coated Overlay Polycarbonate Film

Coated overlay polycarbonate films have soft surfaces. They feature moisture-proof and customized thicknesses properties. These films can be rolled or sheets.

Wrap Polycarbonate Film Roll

The wrap polycarbonate film rolls are stretchy films with moisture-proof and tear-resistant features. Their sizes are customizable, depending on your applications.

Polycarbonate Card Film

The polycarbonate card films are suitable for ID cards and diverse license applications. These films feature overlay with glue film characteristics. You can request your needed length and thickness.

Silk Screen Polycarbonate Film

Silkscreen polycarbonate films are anti-scratch resistant and waterproof with packaging printing labels. They are practical for speakers, projectors, projectors, and computers.

Laserable Polycarbonate Film

The laserable polycarbonate films are the perfect material for passports and cards. They have a rigid level of hardness with moisture-proof features.

Safety Polycarbonate Film in Roll

The polycarbonate film in roll for safety has anti-fog coatings. They are suitable films for face shields and safety goggles. These films are accessible in a wide variety of thicknesses.

LED Light Polycarbonate Film

The polycarbonate films for LED light are applicable for car dashboards, fridge lamps, displays, and mobiles. They have a double frosted surface with milky white colors.

Polycarbonate Film for Control Panel

The polycarbonate films for control panels are designed with matte and glossy surfaces. They feature moisture-proof and fire-retardant characteristics.

Digital Transfer Polycarbonate Film

Digital transfer polycarbonate films are customized with die-cut shapes. Your approved logos are also allowed. These polycarbonate films are applicable for decorations.

Polycarbonate Food Grade Film

The polycarbonate food-grade films come in various designs and colors to suit your food product packaging. The product labels are gravure printed with soft surfaces.

Natural Polycarbonate Films

The natural polycarbonate films are ideal for car dashboards, displays, and mobile accessories. These films have self-insulating, are lightweight, and temperature resistant.

Optical Grade Polycarbonate Films

Optical grade polycarbonate films reach CE and ISO certification standards that guarantee high-quality products. These polycarbonate films are available in many colors, like blue, green, opal, and more.

Micron Stretch Polycarbonate Films

The micron stretch polycarbonate films are made from imported raw materials. They have strong-tensile force, self-adhesiveness, and piercing resistance. 

Clear Polycarbonate Films

The clear polycarbonate films have double-sided lamination, has about 90% light transmittance, and customizable thicknesses. These films are anti-moisture, perfect for food and medicine utilization.

PE Protective Polycarbonate Film

PE protective polycarbonate films are high-quality, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly. These films have strong adhesiveness, perfect flatness, and low melting characteristics.

High Reflective Polycarbonate Film

The high reflective polycarbonate films are applicable for lightboxes, backlight modules, and panel lights. They are accessible in customizable sizes that suit your applications,

Non-Toxic Polycarbonate Film

The non-toxic polycarbonate films are for printing advertisements. These films have bright surface luminance, are anti-cold, and have smooth surfaces.

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Why Weprofab Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab polycarbonate film is an alternative to glass often used in eyewear.

Polycarbonate film usually used by the engineers because of its durability, strong, and tough materials.

It has many appealing mechanical properties with high optical clarity excellent for heat sealable.

Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab is a premier polycarbonate film manufacturer with vast experience and expert in developing customize solution for any polycarbonate application.

Polycarbonate film are obtainable in different surface variety.

It has excellent dimensional solidity, broad temperature range and tough surface texture.

Talking about polycarbonate film, it’s FDA approved and recognized in national standards for safety.

Polycarbonate Film

Weprofab polycarbonate film has a great features.

It has an admirable printability that fits for a huge variety of applications.

Our polycarbonate film is a perfect choice for high quality of polycarbonate film products since it has chemical and UV resistant.

It is not just can applied to food packaging and for the use of medical equipment, graphic films, display windows but also for automotive applications.

Polycarbonate Film

If you are in need of polycarbonate film but don’t know where to go?

Weprofab is the world leading supplier and expert in making polycarbonate film.

What’s good in our polycarbonate film is that it has a superior resistance and scratch resistance that you surely can’t resist to choose from.

Weprofab offers low minimum order quantity and faster delivery compared to other polycarbonate film manufacturer.

We develop customize polycarbonate to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

In Weprofab, we continue to make and develop perfect solutions without compromising and stability and also the safety of each polycarbonate film.

We are in the manufacturing industry for many years.

Our skills and expertise in innovating polycarbonate film are always applied to reach our goals and to meet the expectation to our customers.

If you are interested in our polycarbonate film, feel free to contact us we will give you immediate feedback.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Polycarbonate Film

A polycarbonate film belongs to the thermoplastic polymer family which can be easily molded and thermoformed.

It can be easy to die cut and has excellent ink adhesion characteristics.

If you have any queries or want to gain some insight on the topic of the polycarbonate films or polycarbonates, this FAQ guide will tell you all you need to know.

What Is A Polycarbonate Film?

Polycarbonate Film

 Polycarbonate Film

A polycarbonate film is a type of roll film between 0.1 to 0.5 mm in thickness.

You can use it in many types of applications including as optical displays, signage, labels, and protective goggles and visors.

Polycarbonate is well known for its properties in optical clarity, strength and dimensional stability.

What Are The Features Of A Polycarbonate Film?

The various features of a polycarbonate film are as follows:

  • It has excellent shock resistance.
  • It has excellent characteristics like UV ink adhesion for screen printing.
  • You can use it in nameplates due to its thickness.
  • It works as an excellent electrical insulator.
  • If you print on polycarbonate film, it can display ink colors with clarity due to its high transparency.
  • It is known for its smooth processing qualities as it is easy to die cut and regular cut.
  • It can retain its dimensional stability and also has an excellent cold as well as heat resistance.

Why Is Polycarbonate Film The Best Choice For Printing?

Polycarbonate film is known for its properties such as heat resistance, clarity, stability, chemical and abrasion resistance, and UV resistance.

These properties make it an excellent choice for digital printing and screen printing.

It has a naturally high dyne level which means the ink can adhere to the surface of polycarbonate film easily and no pre-treatment is required.

There are three types of printing that can be done on polycarbonate film which are screen printing, pad printing, and industrial inkjet printing.

In screen printing, the image is “burned” into a screen and transferred.

Pad printing consists of images being transferred from a printing plate with the use of a silicone pad.

You can use this method if you need a single large image on a surface that is flat or cylindrical.

You can also use this for opaque images.

With industrial inkjet printing you can use an unlimited number of colors and this is the most inexpensive option.

What Are The Various Applications Of Polycarbonate Films?

Some common applications are below.

1.  Hardware Gadget, Electrical Gadgets AndOptical Plates

You can find polycarbonate films used in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, sensor parts, switching relays, LCD sections, connectors, and cell phones.

You can also find polycarbonate films in optical plates.

Polycarbonate Film

Polycarbonate Film

2. Automobile Parts

Polycarbonate films are used to make auto parts such as front light bezels, entryway handles, radiator flame broils and internal focal points.

Polycarbonate Film

Polycarbonate Film

3. Agriculture Applications

You can use polycarbonate films in the construction of nurseries and greenhouses.

These films offer excellent UV protection which helps protect the plants while letting sunlight in for their survival.

Polycarbonate Film in Greenhouses

Polycarbonate Film in Greenhouses

4. Security Applications

You will find many security applications of polycarbonate films such as in prison windows, riot shields and protective visors.

This is because polycarbonate is a very strong material with very high impact resistance.

Polycarbonate Film

 Polycarbonate Film

Can You Do Film Insert MoldingWith Polycarbonate Film?

Yes, you can.

Film Insert Molding

Film Insert Molding

Polycarbonate films are very commonly used in film insert molding.

In film insert molding, plastic components with a functional surface can be created with one step.

Polycarbonate film is decorated with printing techniques including screen printing and is shaped or trimmed.

After that, you place the polycarbonate film in an injection mold and back-inject it or over-mold it with a thermoplastic resin.

When you open the mold, the polycarbonate film and its images will be embedded into the plastic part.

This makes the polycarbonate film and its images much more durable.

You can also use film insert molding for electronics to combine decorative patterns with functional electronics.

You can print silver inks that are conductive on the polycarbonate film and can contain electronic components such as resistors, LEDs or chips.

Can Extrusion Be Used For Polycarbonate Film?



In the process of extrusion, the polycarbonate in its melted state is passed through a cavity, which results in giving it its final shape as a polycarbonate film.

You will find extrusion is commonly used to make polycarbonate film due to the ability to make very wide and thin films without compromising the properties of polycarbonate.

The recommended extrusion temperature ranges from 230ºC to 260ºC, and the L/D ratio should be between 20 and 25.

This video explains to you the process of extrusion.

How Exactly Is Screen Printing Done On Polycarbonate Film?

  1. Have the design you want to print on the polycarbonate film ready.

You can do this using any image editing program and make sure this is in a dark color.

  1. Print the image on a transparent sheet and mix your photo emulsion.

Pour the emulsion on a screen and spread it throughout the screen with a squeegee.

  1. Place the sheet with your image on top of the screen and tape them together.

Take a lamp and place it 1 to 2 inches away from the sheet.

Leave the screen and sheet to stand for about 15-20 minutes.

  1. Check to see that the image has been burned into the screen. If you are not happy with the look, let it sit for another 10 minutes.
  2. Dry the screen and use tape to cover the section of the screen that has no emulsion.
  3. Lay the polycarbonate film flat and put the screen on top of the polycarbonate film. Pour your ink over the screen.
  4. Use the squeegee to smear the ink over the screen to print onto your polycarbonate film.
  5. Dry the polycarbonate film and ink.

Make sure you use an ink that is compatible with the polycarbonate film and you can ask your supplier for guidance.

The ink should be completely dry so that there are no residual solvents.

You can do this through force drying.

If the ink is not completely dry, the ink may crack or not adhere well to the film.

If you are printing with UV inks, use thinner ink deposits so that the UV light can easily go through and cure the ink.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Polycarbonate Films In A Greenhouse?

Below are the advantages of using polycarbonate film in a greenhouse.

  • It provides great insulation qualities as it would keep the plants inside the greenhouse warm.
  • You will find polycarbonate films have a longer lifespan when compared with plastics and glass.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Unlike glass, polycarbonate films have high strength and can withstand impact and are shatter resistant.
  • It has excellent light diffusion qualities, which means it will distribute light evenly at all parts of the greenhouse.
  • You can protect your greenhouse from harmful UV rays.
  • It will extend your growing season by enriching your plants with light and will be overall beneficial for the business of your greenhouse.
  • You can easily install polycarbonate films because of its lightweight.
  • There are various options regarding shapes and sizes so you can choose your desired polycarbonate film.

What Are The Different Types Of Polycarbonate Films?

There are various types of polycarbonate films to choose from.

1. Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

You can use flame retardant polycarbonate films for applications where you need low flammability with a good fire rating.

You can use them in wire coverings to prevent electrical fires from happening.

2. Clear Polycarbonate Film

Clear Polycarbonate Film

 Clear Polycarbonate Film

You can use clear polycarbonate films for overlays and menus with all the advantages of polycarbonate including its impact resistance, electrical insulation and abrasion, and chemical resistance.

3. Optical Grade Polycarbonate Film

Optical Grade Polycarbonate Film

Optical Grade Polycarbonate Film

Optical grade polycarbonate film is a type of polycarbonate film that has high optical clarity with total luminous transmittance and a low haze factor.

This makes it a great choice if you have applications that need high visual quality with low distortion.

4. Security Polycarbonate Film

Security Polycarbonate Film

 Security Polycarbonate Film

Security polycarbonate films are specially made for use with identity cards.

With these films, you will have a clear layer that can be laser-marked with high durability.

When you use polycarbonate films as a layer on the cards, the card is resistant to abrasive agents and chemicals in oil and grease, fuel, cosmetics, and sun creams.

5. Medical Polycarbonate Film

Medical Polycarbonate Film

 Medical Polycarbonate Film

You can use medical polycarbonate films in ophthalmology solutions, implants, diagnostics products, instrument tray sets, blister packaging, and implants.

The film is resistant to heat so you can use it in conditions of high heat for sterilization of medical instruments.

6. Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Films

Anti Fog Polycarbonate Film

 Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Films

You can use anti-fog polycarbonate films in eyewear, visors or protective goggles used for medical or industrial purposes to reduce fogging.

You can also use them in windows or windshields which will prevent the windows and windshields from fogging up in weather conditions.

7. Weatherable Polycarbonate Film

Weatherable Polycarbonate Film

Weatherable Polycarbonate Film

If you use a weatherable polycarbonate film, you can be assured that the material can resist yellowing and haze.

It is also abrasion resistant so you can use this polycarbonate film in outdoor applications such as outdoor lenses, marine photography and outdoor menu boards.

Why Are Polycarbonate Films Known As Specialty Films?

It is considered a specialty film due to its higher price compared to PP, PE, and PVC film.

What Is An HS Code In The Polycarbonate Film Context?

HS code, or the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, is a specific code that is assigned to any product that has to cross international borders.

There are around 5000 commodity groups and categories.

More than 200 countries around the world implement and accept this system.

A polycarbonate film HS code is a standard code that will distinguish it from other products while shipping or importing.

You will find that the HS Code for polycarbonate film is 392061.

What Is A Polycarbonate Window Film?

A polycarbonate window film is a window film that is made for conservatory roofs.

Polycarbonate Window Film

Polycarbonate Window Film

Such types of films combine UV protection, solar, glare, and heat control, which are easier to maintain in comparison to conservatory blinds.

You will find polycarbonate film weigh less and have higher clarity than glass.

Also, it resists shattering and breakage even when you use it in severe applications.

It is also cheaper than glass.

This is why you can use polycarbonate films for windows.

What Are The Standard Dimensions Of A Polycarbonate Film?

The standard dimensions of a polycarbonate film are 24.5 inches x 48.5 inches.

What Is The Standard Thickness Of A Polycarbonate Film?

The standard thickness of a polycarbonate film is around 0.005 inches to 0.030 inches.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Structure Textures Of Polycarbonate Films?

Some of the most common structural textures of polycarbonate films include velvet/matte and gloss.

· Velvet / Matte

Velvet Matte Polycarbonate Film

Velvet Matte Polycarbonate Film

A velvet polycarbonate film surface is also known as a matte polycarbonate film.

With this surface, you don’t have to worry about your film being scratched, marred or left with fingerprints as this surface is resistant.

· Gloss

Gloss Polycarbonate Film

Gloss Polycarbonate Sheet

You will find that gloss polycarbonate sheets have a smooth finish and can be used as overlays, nameplates or labels.

Is The Use Of Polycarbonate Film Safe?

Polycarbonate films are made from bisphenol A which are considered to be a hazardous substance.

However, polycarbonate films are generally not used to make water bottles or food storage products so there is no risk of bisphenol A contamination due to polycarbonate films.

Furthermore, food safety authorities have already said that the exposure to bisphenol A from using polycarbonate film is not significant enough to cause harm to health.

What Is The Purpose Of The Polycarbonate Film Capacitor?

Polycarbonate Film Capacitor

Polycarbonate Film Capacitor

Polycarbonate film capacitors use a polycarbonate dielectric film.

They can work in temperature ranges of -55°C to +125°C.

They have a tolerance level of 5% and 10% with voltage up to 400V DC.

You can see their use as filters in electronic circuits.

You can also find them in precision coupling applications and AC applications.

However, the production of the polycarbonate dielectric film used in these polycarbonate capacitors has been discontinued so it is not common to find polycarbonate film capacitors anymore.

Which Polycarbonate Roof Film Should I Choose?

Metasola and extrasolar are both common types of polycarbonate films that are used for roofs.

Metasol has a white appearance for added privacy, so you can’t see through it.

You will find it provides good solar and heat control and it will not gather dust.

Extasol is designed for external use and is ideal for commercial buildings where internal access is an issue.

This is also made to filter out harsh UV rays and sunlight glare into the building.

You will find it also manages heat transmission so that the inside of the building will not heat up excessively, so you can save costs on air-conditioning.

What Is A Polycarbonate Blown Film?

Polycarbonate blown film is a technology commonly used for the manufacturing of plastic films.

It is commonly found in the packaging industry.

You melt the polycarbonate pellet into a viscous liquid.

You then extrude the polymer through an annular die.

Next, inject air into the center of the die, causing pressure that will force the molten polymer to inflate into a thin film bubble.

The bubble is pulled upwards from dying while the cooling ring blows air into the film.

You can maintain the bubble diameter by reducing the temperature inside it.

The frost line goes through solidification, while the film moves into a set of nip rollers that break the bubbles.

The bubbles get flattened and form into two flat film layers.

The puller rolls the film to maintain uniform tension in the whole film sheet.

What Is The Use Of Colored Polycarbonate Films?

Colored polycarbonate films are flexible.

They provide ease of fabrication and excellent strength.

Due to these properties, you can find their use in industrial and design applications.

The colored films are versatile with its cost-effective price, lightweight and energy efficiency.

What Is The Conservatory Polycarbonate Film?

Conservatory polycarbonate film is a solar control film specially designed for residential use.

You can use these films for insulation, protection from UV rays, and solar purposes.

Also, it provides comfort too.

What Tool Is Used For Cutting Polycarbonate Films?

You can use a circular saw to cut the polycarbonate film.

Due to its properties, the film will not crack or crumble.

What Is A Polycarbonate Diffuser Film?

Polycarbonate Diffusing Film

Polycarbonate Diffuser Film

Polycarbonate diffuser film has tiny diffuser beads that change the light propagation continuously.

You can use it for privacy glazing, illuminated signage, spotlights, or luminaries.

What Is A Polycarbonate Laminate Film?

Polycarbonate Laminate Film

 Polycarbonate Laminate Film

Polycarbonate laminate films have high clarity, non-glare finish.

It is perfect for graphics and trade shows.

It prevents the graphics from fading from the moisture and UV lights.

Its velvet surface hides the scratches and fingerprints, giving it a clean and soft look.

How Can You Install Polycarbonate Roofing Films?

The polycarbonate film is self-adhesive so you can apply it using water and soap and a squeegee to remove the bubbles.

As large amounts of soap and water may be used, make sure you remove any items or furniture around your roof so they will not get wet.

Pre-cut your polycarbonate film to the size you need and have someone install the polycarbonate film with you.

Can You Remove Polycarbonate Roofing Films?

Yes, you can but it will not be easy.

Do not damage the polycarbonate film with sharp blades or with a scraping tool.

You will need to loosen the adhesive with alcohol with a high percentage or vegetable oil, but vegetable oil will be messier and takes longer to soak off.

There are also other solvents that can be used but do be careful as acetone will dissolve the polycarbonate film instead of just removing it.

What Is Polycarbonate Self-Adhesive Film?

Self-adhesive polycarbonate film has a strong adhesive that can stick firmly to another surface.

Due to its tough polycarbonate composition, it is the best material for long term floor graphic uses or applications.

The polycarbonate self-adhesive films are grain textured to eliminate glare and provide a smooth finish.

You can easily print full-color images on the front of the self-adhesive polycarbonate films.

Also, you can cut or finish it with regular edges easily too.

What Is A Reflective Mirror Polycarbonate Window Film?

It is a perfect material for reducing heat and glare in conservatories.

With a reflective mirror polycarbonate window film, youallow natural light to pass through and the film has a non-fade mirror finish.

You can also use it as a replacement for blinds in houses or offices.

It reduces the glare and heat providing a smooth environment inside the house or office.

How Do I Clean The Polycarbonate Film On Roofs?

You can easily clean it with water that is soapy and you can use a squeegee.

You will have to wait for a few weeks after installation before you clean it.

Be careful while cleaning it or otherwise it will be damaged.

Is A Polycarbonate Film Good For UV Protection?

Yes, it is perfect for UV protection if you use it for windows or roofing.

Good quality polycarbonate film will not yellow or fade too.

Also, it is chemical and abrasion resistant making it a good choice for usage in the roofing and windows of house.

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