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Weprofab is a guaranteed international provider of acrylic pipe. Our well-trained engineers are helping to produce acrylic pipes to complete your projects. As experts, Weprofab is capable enough to handle your large orders of acrylic pipe. Contact us as soon as possible for further clarification.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Pipe to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is an excellent provider of acrylic pipe in China. We are very happy to produce magnificent acrylic pipes that can delight your customers.

PMMA Acrylic Pipe

We, Weprofab can reach your PMMA acrylic pipes requirements through using our ultra-modern technologies.

Wholesale Acrylic Pipe

Weprofab, as one of the best plastic and metal fabricators in China, provides excellent acrylic pipes. We can support your business through our profitable products.

Extruded Acrylic Pipe

Weprofab is offering outstanding quality and durable extruded acrylic pipes for your trade industry. We make regular quality check-ups during the fabrications.

Colored Acrylic Pipe

Our most classic, outstanding in design colored acrylic pipes are obtainable in custom colors. In accordance with your styles, we will fabricate your ideal finish.

Cast Acrylic Pipe

As a well-experienced distributor and manufacturer, Weprofab provides all sorts of casted acrylic pipes. One of our missions is to help grow your business in the speediest ways.

Acrylic Pipe Manufacturer

Don`t go far from Weprofab. We have full capabilities to produce acrylic pipes according to your preferences. Grab the best kind of acrylic pipes at Weprofab!

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Pipe Manufacturer

As an expert in creating acrylic pipes, we offer a wide range of selections at very inexpensive rates. We help other business handlers to gain profits without compromising its quality and design.

Whether you`re a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler, this is great news for you! Our amazing and newest acrylic pipes are accessible in any volume of orders. Wherever you are, we can safely deliver large numbers of acrylic pipes within no time.

Please call or email us for availability.

Custom Acrylic Pipe to Skyrocket Your Brand

Light Acrylic Pipe

Weprofab can custom your favorite type of acrylic pipe, such as light acrylic pipes. We provide standard products for your business.

Custom Size Acrylic Pipe

In any size you want, Weprofab is all you can rely on producing acrylic pipes in different sizes. Let us know in advance.

Acrylic Square Pipe

Weprofab is known for providing advantageous products within the 20 years in service. We could provide acrylic pipes in any shapes and sizes you desire.

Acrylic Pipe Tamper

If you are dreaming of the finest acrylic pipe tamper, let Weprofab make them into reality! We are the #1 source of acrylic pipes in the marketplace.

Acrylic Pipe Holder

Weprofab is recognized as the best worldwide source of any acrylic pipes, including acrylic pipes holder. We check its quality first before anything else.

High-Quality Machining Acrylic Pipe

The high-quality machining acrylic pipe is a versatile material for various applications. These acrylic pipes can undertake different processes such as adhesive, saw, planing, drilling, carving, grinding, and screen printing. The product’s specifications (diameter, length, density, and many more) are open for customization.

Transparent Acrylic Pipe

A transparent acrylic pipe acquires international certifications (SGS, RoHS, CNAS, ISO9001), making it a reliable material for different purposes. This type of pipe is beneficial for drain pipe, water supply pipe, agricultural irrigation pipe, and so much more. 

Solid-Colored Acrylic Pipe

The solid-colored acrylic pipe is known for decoration, lighting, crafts, medical equipment, building, algae bioengineering, and other distinct functions. You can choose between an extruded or casting solid-colored acrylic tube. The diameter, length, thickness, and other product specifications are customizable as per requests.

CNC Tubing Acrylic Pipe

The CNC tubing acrylic pipe has remarkably high tensile strength and superb water absorption capabilities. These tubing acrylic pipes have the following advantages but are not limited to: Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Non-Toxic, Recyclable, and many salient features.

Translucent Acrylic Pipe

The translucent acrylic pipe features lightweight, low density, and has excellent chemical resistance. For over a decade, the transparent acrylic pipe has been the leading material with a transmittance of 93%, higher than the glass penetrability.

Non-Toxic Plastic Acrylic Pipe

The non-toxic plastic acrylic pipes are ideal for different applications. It is beneficial and widely used for conveying water, oil, weak chemicals, and other fluid under low pressure. It is available in transparent, black, white, red, green, blue, or any color the customer desires.

Frosted Plastic Acrylic Pipe

The frosted plastic acrylic pipe specifications (length, thickness, diameter, and colors) are open for customization to satisfy and meet any critical demands. These frosted plastic acrylic pipes are suited for lighting accessories, decorations, furniture, package, and other related applications.

Detachable Acrylic Water Pipe

The detachable acrylic water pipe is widely used in different applications because it is reusable and easy to clean. The contemporary and unique design makes this acrylic water pipe a favored material for piping applications.

Acrylic Hollow Pipe Fittings

The acrylic hollow pipe fittings are beneficial for advertising, indoor lighting, construction projects, biological projects, decorative, outdoor lighting, and transportation lighting. This product includes characteristics as follows: strong and rigid, easily machined, bonded and welded, and resistant to most alkalis and weak acids.

Black Round Acrylic Pipe

The black round acrylic pipe undergoes advanced processes and inspections to ensure a quality acrylic pipe that satisfies the needs and wants. These products accept ODM and OEM, making them ideal for investment.

Tinted Round Acrylic Pipe

The tinted round acrylic pope can last up to five years or longer in the application. It possesses a superb light transmittance of 93%. It is available in a spectrum of colors: clear, white, opal, black, red, green, blue, yellow, and many more.

Heavy-Duty Acrylic Pipe

The heavy-duty acrylic pipe features high-pressure resistance, superb wear resistance, changing pressure resistance, lightweight, heat insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, soft, and easy installation. Thus, making it ideal for applications that require a robust material.

Big Hollow Acrylic Pipe

The big hollow acrylic pipe has good advantages of high transparency, high hardness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and surface smoothness. It is widely beneficial for outdoor and indoor lighting, crafts, house decorations, medical equipment, building constructions, and many more.

Milky White Acrylic Pipe

The milky white acrylic pipe is available in different types(solid rods, line rods, air bubble rods, square rods, irregular rods, and hollow rods). This pipe undergoes a complete and rigid heat treatment process to minimize product stress and improve processing stability. 

Customized Round Acrylic Pipe

The round acrylic pipe comes from quality raw materials to ensure a durable material that is open for customization. It is suitable for various applications since the product specifications may vary according to needed and required. 

Agricultural Acrylic Pipes
Chemical Resistant Acrylic Pipe

Acrylic pipes are chemical resistant. It is strong from any hazardous liquids, and leaks, and is easier to be glued. It has a variety of sizes and applications that features high-impact resistance.

Flexible Acrylic Pipe

Acrylic pipes are flexible. Does not break easily, or tear, and is easier to work with. It is lighter weight than other pipes perfect for use in medical applications, agriculture, and DIY projects.

Heat Proof Acrylic Pipe

heat proof acrylic pipes are widely used for hot and cold applications. Suitable for outdoor applications that strongly fight in long term.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Pipe

Acrylic pipes have high impact resistance that secures them from any applications such as underground, walls, outdoors, etc. It has great quality but is offered at the lowest prices.

Large Acrylic Pipe for Aquarium
LED Lighting Acrylic Pipes
Translucent Acrylic Pipe

Acrylic pipes are also available in translucent. It is used for LED light tubing and offers great corrosion resistance. Easier to install and clean acrylic pipes.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Pipe

Weprofab is an expert fabricator of acrylic pipes and currently working in China. Our range of acrylic pipe is literally lightweight and well-machined through our state of the art technologies. It is perfect for decorative and reinforcing works.

Our classic acrylic pipes are used in a wide diversity of applications.  At our factory, you can also avail of acrylic pipes in different features, sizes, thicknesses, designs, and colors. We manufacture and offer them for special orders.

Acrylic Pipe

Weprofab Acrylic pipe is offered at inexpensive rates than any other pipes in the marketplace. It is truly incredible in quality, making it suitable for pressurized applications. These featured high transparency and clarity, just like glasses. The acrylic pipe from our facility is chemical-resistant, stronger, and most recommended to all piping applications.

Additionally, our acrylic pipes are very easy to install. You don`t need to hassle yourself. In all piping requirements, allow our one of the best acrylic pipe to complete your projects. To a large extent, our acrylic pipe offers cost-effectiveness.

Acrylic Pipe

Whether you`re a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler, this is great news for you! Our amazing and newest acrylic pipes are accessible in any volume of orders. Wherever you are, we can safely deliver large numbers of acrylic pipes within no time.

Aside from its great features, Weprofab acrylic pipes can be used in a wide array of applications, including scientific equipment, pet cages, industrial goods, storage containers, jewelry, candy dispensers, and many more.

Our high-end acrylic pipes are very easy to maintain. You just need a strict routine in wiping off the dust from its surfaces. Through the regular cleaning, it helps the item stays in great condition for a very long time.

Acrylic Pipe

As an expert in creating acrylic pipes, we offer a wide range of selections at very inexpensive rates. We help other business handlers to gain profits without compromising its quality and design.

We want to give the best out of all services for you. That’s why we came to produce satisfying products and services for the sake of your business.

Visit Weprofab whenever you are in need of acrylic pipes. We take full responsibility for producing all your ideal acrylic pipes.

Please call or email us for product availability.

Acrylic Pipe: The Complete FAQ Guide

Acrylic pipe refers to a hollow cylinder or tubular section often of circular cross-section design made of acrylic thermoplastic.

In this FAQ guide, you learn several elements surrounding acrylic pipe and its related products.

Ideally, it is important since it allows you to get adequate knowledge and awareness to apply, especially when purchasing and using this component.

Acrylic pipe

acrylic pipe

What is Acrylic Pipe Used For?

Technically, acrylic pipes are multipurpose.

In essence, you can use them in a wide range of applications across different industries.

Nonetheless, this item is used mainly for conveying different substances or materials that can flow.

These include gases, liquids, masses of small solids, powders, and slurries among others.

Thus, you can use a typical acrylic pipe in numerous commercial, residential, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.

The primary uses for this component include conveyance of the following materials;

  • Heating and cooling fluids
  • Compressed air
  • Ultra-pure liquids
  • Drinking water
  • Chemicals
  • Wastewater
  • Foodstuff
  • Gases
  • Slurries
  • Petroleum products
  • Irrigation

What Features Should Ideal Acrylic Pipe Have?

When shopping for a suitable acrylic pipe, it is important to look into critical elements, including material specifications.

Naturally, acrylic material exhibits incredible features making it one of the leading options for different piping solutions.

Some of the main features of this type of piping component include the following;

  • Good impact strength – The primary material is technically sturdy with excellent impact resistance.

Thus, it can withstand different pressure levels without showing any signs of cracking or breaking.

  • Excellent UV and weather resistance – It means the acrylic pipe is suitable for outdoor applications since it has a high tolerance to different harsh weather conditions.
  • Lightweight – Typically, acrylic material used for making this pipe is naturally lightweight.
  • Ductile – You can mold acrylic pipe into different configurations without breaking or cracking since the surface material is relatively flexible.
  • Outstanding thermal insulator – It offers excellent reduction of heat transfer, making it ideal for conveying different high-temperature substances.
  • Chemical resistance – Acrylic pipe exhibits outstanding resistance to various chemical substances.

It can never erode or rust since it hardly reacts with chemical materials.

  • Good dimensional stability – This component can hardly alter or change its dimensions even when subjected to extreme temperature levels.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Acrylic Pipe?

In the recent past, acrylic pipe is becoming more popular in various applications across different sectors.

Of course, this is attributed to most of its features, making it quite beneficial in its specific uses.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in acrylic piping solution;

  1. High impact resistance of acrylic pipe makes it durable since it can withstand different mechanical and environmental factors.

This is advantageous because it reduces costs related to repair or replacement, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money.

  1. Provides incredible versatility, and you can thus mold it into a specific configuration and use it in different applications.
  2. Acrylic pipe is naturally lightweight, making it reasonably convenient to handle, transport, and install.
  3. It has a naturally ductile base material, making it possible to customize it through various machining processes.
  4. You can find it in different color hues.

This is important since many piping applications require such elements to distinguish the various pipes used in a system.

  1. The surface material is non-toxic and non-reactive, thus guarantees safety to the people and the environment.
  2. Highly recyclable, albeit an involving process making it eco-friendly since you’ll hardly find it disposed of in landfills.
  3. Relatively affordable to purchase since most applications rarely require it in customized designs.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Pipe?

In many residential, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing settings.

The specific surroundings include the following;

  • Wastewater recycling and management plants
  • Seawater piping systems
  • Cooling loops
  • Desalination plants
  • Heat exchangers
  • Food manufacturing industries
  • Splashbacks
  • Shower panels
  • Irrigation fields
  • Petroleum refining plants
  • Gas distribution plants
  • Water supply and distribution plants

How is Acrylic Pipe made?

Notably, there are two main methods for manufacturing acrylic pipe; extrusion and pultrusion.

The main difference between these processes revolves around how molten thermoplastic moves through the die.

Extrusion Method

It the common technique for making different acrylic pipe designs for numerous applications.

Extrusion involves primarily involves pushing the molten acrylic material through the die.

This process entails several steps to attain desired results.

Essentially, the main ingredient, in this case, is a polymer resin often fed into a hopper fixed on extruder’s barrel.

The polymer resin inclines the hopper’s feed throat into the barrel with a screw moving the resin towards the die.

While the resin moves down the barrel, it gradually heats to a melting temperature as it continuously pushed along by the screw.

Extrusion method uses hi-tech equipment to regulate temperature, tension, force, speed, and process time.

This process forms a flexible acrylic pipe.

Nevertheless, you can combine two or more materials in co-extrusion to create acrylic pipe with a rigid core and flexible exterior.

Pultrusion Method

Pultrusion is a continuous feed process for producing a tubing profile.

Unlike extrusion, it pulls reinforced fibers wetted in a thermoplastic resin through die.

Polymerization takes place as the fibers go through the die.

Ideally, pultrusion is a relatively efficient and low maintenance method for making acrylic pipes with high corrosion resistance features.

It is also suitable for making pipes with low thermal conductivity.

How does Acrylic Pipe Compare with Pipes Made From Other Materials?

Other than acrylic, several materials are used for making pipes for different applications.

However, these materials vary based on a wide range of elements.

Here’s how acrylic pipe compares to some of these materials;


Plastic pipes hardly corrode irrespective of the environment it is exposed to or substance it is conveying.

Most metallic materials such as copper and steel may corrode, albeit with time depending on the substance conveyed.


Ordinarily, acrylic material is lightweight.

This allows its piping elements to be relatively lightweight, which is essential in enhancing convenience.

Metallic pipes are comparatively heavy than acrylic, and this can be somewhat inconvenient, especially during installation.

Easy to Join

The surface material of acrylic pipe is reasonably soft, making it easier to join its ends with other plastic or metallic pipes.

On the other hand, metallic pipes like copper, aluminum, or nickel can be difficult to join unless you weld.


Acrylic pipe is ductile; thus, you can easily bend and install it on complex surfaces without necessarily cutting it pieces.

Most metallic pipes are rigid and cannot bend, making it difficult to install them on reasonably complex surfaces.


Acrylic pipe offers excellent versatility. You can use it in different applications and still attain desired results.

Metallic pipes are somewhat designed for a specific purpose; hence difficult to use them for others applications they are not intended for.


Acrylic pipes are safer to use since they do not corrode nor emit toxic substances. Thus, they are eco-friendly.

Some metallic pipes often react with chemicals and emit toxic materials, which can degrade the environment.


Both acrylic pipe and most metallic pipes are quite durable.

However, the former is seemingly more durable due to its ability to withstand different harsh mechanical and environmental elements than the latter.

How do you Choose the Best Acrylic Pipe?

When shopping for acrylic pipe, you need to look into several factors to ensure you obtain the most suitable for your needs.

Some of the vital elements to guide you in choosing the ideal acrylic pipe include the following;


Always look into the specific application where you intend to use acrylic pipe.

Of course, they are quite several ranging from domestic, commercial, and industrial uses.

This way, it becomes easier to get best results out of the piping material you are buying.

Substance to Convey

Ordinarily, acrylic pipes are designed for conveying different types of substances.

It could be chemical, gas, water, petroleum, foodstuff, etc.

However, different substances have varied material ratings.

Therefore, a suitable choice is always based on the specific substance you intend to convey using the acrylic pipe.

Material Thickness

You can always find acrylic pipes in different thicknesses.

However, the ideal thickness to consider is based on the specific application of the pipe.

Material Grade

Acrylic is available in different grades ranging from relatively low to high quality.

In essence, different applications require varied grades to guarantee efficiency and durability.

Make sure you select acrylic pipe made of a specific material grade suitable for your application.


The market is currently flooded by acrylic pipes of a wide range of brands.

Ensure you buy from brands with an outstanding reputation in the market.

It is a vital way of ensuring you attain best acrylic pipes.


Acrylic pipes are available in different sizes, whether in diameter or length.

Of course, this is guided by the actual application since different of them require varying sizes.


Pricing is another fundamental element you must never overlook when buying an ideal acrylic pipe.

Always shop and ask around from as many dealers and manufacturers around to ensure you get the best price that fits your budget.

Can You Use Acrylic Pipe Outdoors?


Most acrylic pipe applications revolve around outdoor spaces.

This piping component features different specifications making it tolerant to a wide range of outdoor elements.

For instance, acrylic pipe is highly resistant to UV and harsh climatic conditions.

Also, the material used for making this type of pipe exhibits excellent impact resistance.

Thus, it can hardly burst or break even when subjected to intensive mechanical pressures.

Additionally, you can choose a painted surface material if you use the pipe as a permanent above-the-ground installation.

Most important is choosing acrylic pipe with suitable material thickness to guarantee durability and efficiency.

How Long Does Acrylic Pipe Last?

Generally, acrylic pipes are designed to last for as many years as possible.

Acrylic pipe subjected to normal conditions has a lifespan of about 30-50 years.

This is achievable with the operational performance remaining the same all through the lifetime of the component.

However, the actual durability of acrylic pipe is primarily dependent on many factors such as the following;

  • Substance conveyed – Ordinarily, some substances tend to be quite abrasive on acrylic pipes.

Of course, the material is tolerant to harsh conditions, but the intensity of such conditions may reduce its actual lifespan.

  • Material thickness – In most instances, acrylic pipes with relatively thick surface material tend to last more than one with a thinner surface.
  • Material grade – Ideally, acrylic pipe manufactured using high-grade material will last for more years than one formed from a low-grade material.
  • General maintenance – An adequately maintained acrylic pipe will have an extended lifespan than a poorly maintained one.

Appropriate maintenance guarantees better performance and durability.

In a nutshell, acrylic pipe is typically durable.

However, the actual longevity is determined by various factors, including the few mentioned ones herein.

How Do You Cut Acrylic Pipe?

You can use several techniques and procedures to cut acrylic pipe to size, including the following;

  • Abrasive disc cutting– This technique cuts acrylic pipe by removing material through grinding and erosion.

It attains this by utilizing a thin non-reinforced abrasive cutting wheel, which contains countless sub-micron cutting particles.

  • Shearing – Also known as die-cutting and refers to a process for cutting stock without formation of chips.
  • Laser cutting – This is a cutting technology using a laser to vaporize materials leading to a cut edge.
  • Using a saw – You can use different saws, including hand, band, and jigsaw, to cut acrylic pipe to size.

However, you need to ensure the teeth are fine and sharp to get an even cut surface.

All these are among the essential ways you can use to slice acrylic pipe to a relatively smaller piece or size to suit your demands.

Can You Attach Two Pieces of Acrylic Pipe?


There are numerous ways and processes you can use to join or attach two or more pieces of acrylic pipes.

However, the main technique guaranteeing best results is the following;

Gluing – It involves using a recommended acrylic adhesive to create solvent bonds between the ends of the acrylic pipe.

To obtain best results, it is recommended to use solvent-based adhesives.

Ideally, acrylic adhesive softens the surface material, thus welding them together by chemically bonding the two pieces in one.

Essentially, the acrylic glue is applied to the different pipe ends in a chemical process, which melts and fuses the plastic.

The main issue, in this case, is usually molecular compatibility between different acrylic grades.

Notably, acrylic has over 20 grades; thus, the need to ensure you weld ones that are compatible for ultimate best results.

Which Acrylic Pipe Designs are Available in the Market?

There are numerous acrylic pipe designs in the market currently.

Ideally, this is important because it makes it possible for you to get the specific design, which suits your project demands.

However, the specific design often depends on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing them from.

For instance, the common designs you are likely to come across at WeProFab include the following;

  • Clear acrylic pipe

clear acrylic pipes

clear acrylic pipes

  • Colored acrylic pipe

colored acrylic pipes

colored acrylic pipes

  • Acrylic pipe for water lines
  • Custom acrylic pipe
  • Long thin acrylic pipe

long thin acrylic pipes

long thin acrylic pipes

What Sizes of Acrylic Pipe are Available?

Acrylic pipe is available in a wide range of sizes, often measures in terms of diameter.

You can find them in sizes as small as 1/8 inch in diameter.

Also, you can find with as big as 24 inches diameter.

Technically, this is vital since it makes it easy for you to determine the correct size, which suits your application demands.

Moreover, you can also get custom acrylic pipe sizes, which fit precisely to your piping needs.

How do you Install Acrylic Pipe?

Ideally, the actual installation method or process for acrylic pipe is dependent on the particular surface you fit it.

Some acrylic pipes are installed on underground surfaces, whereas others are fitted on above the ground surfaces.

There are applications, which also require acrylic pipe installations on walls or confined spaces.

For instance, plumbing systems require different installation approaches compared to those fixed in irrigation fields.

Bottom line is to understand the specific application of the acrylic pipe to guide you in a particular process of installing it appropriately.

Nonetheless, you need to engage a professional piping technician to direct or assist you in installing this component based on the application.

What are the Color Options for Acrylic Pipe?

Technically, you can find acrylic pipe in as many colors as possible.

The base material used for making this component is a good absorbent thus can easily retain a particular color hue for longest period.

You can find acrylic pipes in as many as 50 colors, depending on the particular manufacturer you are buying from.

In essence, it means acrylic pipe is available in all primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

Additionally, you can find this component in mixed colors, often know as multicolor shade.

Of course, the wide range of colors is significant because it gives you as many options as possible to select from.

How Strong is Acrylic Pipe?

Incredibly strong.

The primary material used for making this pipe is derived from natural petroleum components.

When processed, it forms a robust molecular bond making it difficult to break under ordinary conditions.

Ideally, this explains why acrylic pipe exhibits excellent impact resistance even when subjected to intense pressure.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process, several strength additives are often added.

The essence is to reinforce its strength and enable it to withstand different environmental and mechanical elements it might come across.

The bottom line is that a typical acrylic pipe is relatively strong thus can last for as many as 50 years under ordinary conditions without wearing out.

Should You Apply Surface Treatment to an Acrylic Pipe?

It depends on the particular application or project you are subjecting the acrylic pipe to.

Moreover, it is dependent on the particular environmental condition is it is exposed to.

Most applicable surface treatment coatings used on acrylic pipes are usually infused during the manufacturing process.

It becomes easier to fully integrate at the molten stage rather than as an aftermarket coating solution.

Mostly, UV additive is usually added, especially for acrylic pipes designed for outdoor applications.

The essence is to safeguard the surface material of the pipe from UV rays attack, which often degrades and reduces their longevity.

Is Acrylic Pipe Safe?


Acrylic material used for making this pipe is derived from natural components in its inert form.

It hardly emits any toxic fumes or substances irrespective of the chemical content of the material it is conveying.

In other words, it is non-reactive thus can hardly react with any chemical substance to emit dangerous materials.

Secondly, acrylic pipe is incredibly strong.

It means it can hardly break or crack even when subjected to extreme conditions.

Of course, this solidifies its safety, especially in applications involving conveying of relatively harmful substances.

You are guaranteed zero leakage throughout the piping system, which shows it is highly safe.

Also, this pipe is eco-friendly and does not harm any environmental elements it is exposed to.

In a nutshell, acrylic pipe is exceptionally safe both for humans and the environment.

What Materials Should You Avoid When Using Acrylic Pipe?

Ideally, acrylic pipe is resistant to as many abrasive and non-abrasive materials and chemicals.

Thus, you can use it to convey such substances and still attain best results.

However, some chemical materials tend to be extremely abrasive.

As such, you can use them on acrylic pipe, but they tend to wear it down relatively fast.

If possible, you may need to avoid such materials, which include the following;

  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Ketones
  • ethers

Can you Bend Acrylic Pipe?


Acrylic pipe has a relatively soft surface material.

Thus, it can easily bend to a certain extent without breaking or showing any signs of cracking.

All you need is careful preparation of the acrylic pipe and little experience to attain excellent results.

However, you must be meticulous, especially when bending acrylic pipes used in small projects.

The challenge with bending acrylic pipes for small projects having tight bends close together is controlling heat source.

This prevents adjoining curve from getting affected.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Pipe?

It depends on a host of variables.

Ideally, the type or design of acrylic pipe you are purchasing determines the actual cost.

Of course, these components are available in different designs, both standard and customized.

The former is ordinarily cheaper than the latter.

Secondly, the manufacturer or supplier you are purchasing from also influences the cost of acrylic pipe you are buying.

Some brands are generally expensive, whereas others are relatively affordable based on many market factors.

The acrylic grade used for making the specific acrylic pipe you are purchasing is another element determining price of acrylic pipe.

Acrylic is available in almost 20 different grades. Thus the higher grade, the costlier the pipe and vice versa.

In addition, the thickness of acrylic pipe also influences the price of acrylic pipe.

Obviously, one with relative thickness tends to be somewhat more expensive than one with a thinner surface.

How can You Customize Acrylic Pipe?

You can use numerous techniques to customize acrylic pipes to match your specific application demands.

However, this is always at the manufacturer’s discretion, given not all of them can personalize it to suit your specific needs.

Nonetheless, here are some of the ways you can use to customize this component;

  • Cutting to size – It entails reducing the size of this component to suit the specific dimensions of your applications.

Generally, acrylic pipe is soft thus easy to cut using different tools, such as saws among others.

  • Folding – This is about bending a particular part or parts of the acrylic pipe.

The essence is always to allow the component to fit into a specific complex surface in a typical piping system.

  • Welding – It involves joining two or more different acrylic pipes with similar or other compatible materials.

customized acrylic pipes

 customized acrylic pipe

What are the Disadvantages of Acrylic Pipes?

The main disadvantage of acrylic pipe is that it exhibits a relatively low softening temperature.

As such, it is not suitable for conveying extremely hot substances of over 400° C.

Another shortcoming of acrylic pipe is it tends to be comparatively expensive compared to other alternative thermoplastic pipes.

Can you Repair a Damaged Acrylic Pipe?


However, the repair is dependent on the extent of damage to the acrylic pipe.

If it is a small crack, you can easily apply solvent-based acrylic glue to melt and weld the crack.

However, if the damage is extreme, it would be cost-effective to repair the acrylic pipe.

Moreover, there would be no guarantee the component will uphold its original stature before the damage.

Thus, rather than repairing it is advisable to replace the pipe if the damage is extreme.

For any questions or inquiry about acrylic pipes, you can contact WeProFab now.

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