• Polycarbonate Blade

Polycarbonate Blade

Weprofab is a great manufacturer of polycarbonate blades. We would be pleased to offer a custom polycarbonate blade and other product services. We use excellent kinds of materials for producing great quality polycarbonate blades. We make the customs process more efficient and cost-effective while maintaining the highest standard. Send us an inquiry!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Blade Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is one of the best polycarbonate blade manufacturers in China. We offer various kind of polycarbonate blade with good quality, more durable and long-term of service.

Pointed tip Polycarbonate Blade

Weprofab pointed tip polycarbonate blade has a simple straight edge. Weprofab offers pointed tip polycarbonate at a friendly price but in a good performance.

Clear Polycarbonate Blade

If you are needing a clear polycarbonate blade manufacturer, Weprofab is a great choice for you. We maintain high quality and the highest standard of clear polycarbonate blades.

Colored Polycarbonate Blade

If you want a high-quality colored polycarbonate blade for your brand, WeProFab can offer you a complete solution. All products in Weprofab have been proven in the polycarbonate industry.

Diffusing Polycarbonate Blade

Weprofab diffusing polycarbonate blade provides excellent diffusion and can produce very even light all by itself. Weprofab offered the best diffusing polycarbonate blade that will keep your brand productivity.

Starwars Metal Hilt Polycarbonate Blade

Wepro StarWars metal hilt polycarbonate blade allows for unpredictable attacks and unusual movements during attacks. We are glad to provide the best kind of star wars metal hilt polycarbonate blade.

Lamp Tube Polycarbonate Blade

Our lamp tube polycarbonate blade tends to look great when filmed or photographed, and makes an easy sell when shown off to customers.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Blade Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

Weprofab polycarbonate blade is perfectly designed and manufactured by using the latest technology and order fulfillment equipment. We hold nothing back when it comes to delivering products to our customers in an expeditious manner.

As a professional manufacturer, we offer good performance of a polycarbonate blade. Contact us for more information!

Custom Polycarbonate Bladet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Polycarbonate Blade with Tip for Lightsaber

Wepro polycarbonate blade with a tip for lightbaser, this film is what gives the blade a metallic look when the blade is not illuminated. We are experts in designing the polycarbonate blade.

Round Tip Polycarbonate Blade

In WeProFab, we are glad to custom different kind of polycarbonate blades to meet your demand. We accept wholesale orders of round tip polycarbonate blade.

Frost White Polycarbonate Blade

Weprofab is the premier source for frost white polycarbonate blade. Our frost white polycarbonate blade is ideal for prop lightsaber building applications.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Blade

Weprofab polycarbonate blade is designed to use in prop lightsaber building.

Our polycarbonate blade is in good function and easy to use.

WeProFab is a professional polycarbonate blade manufacturer in China.

We manufacture the best and up to date polycarbonate blade to our valued customers.

We are the polycarbonate blade manufacturer that can make a different kind of polycarbonate blade for you.

We strictly control the quality of the polycarbonate blade.

We have held ISO accreditation.

This ensures that quality is maintained and a new set of eyes sees each project on a regular basis.

Polycarbonate Blade

WeProFab offered you an excellent polycarbonate blade base on your own design.

WeProFab is one of the best OEM anti-static polycarbonate blade manufacturers.

Weprofab will be your reliable and dependent polycarbonate blade manufacturer and producer.

With over 10 years specializing in designing and manufacturing of polycarbonate blade, we had the expertise to develop your ideal solutions.

Out expert engineers work hard in designing a polycarbonate blade that suits perfectly to each client’s requirements.

We have established a strong foothold in the Polycarbonate Blade Manufacturing Industry in China.

Polycarbonate Blade

We continue to develop a high-class, multi-functional Polycarbonate blade to satisfy customer expectations.

Weprofab offers a variety of proprietary material aimed for different purposes and can also be tailored to meet customer demands.

It doesn’t matter if it is big or small, but we offers our finest products to all our clients

Here in Weprofab, you will really get the best value of your money.

We already work with different customers from different countries and they were satisfied with our service.

In the production process, our staffs are paying attention in developing your designs to fulfill your requests.

Weprofab will be glad to help you. Also, we are here to develop any idea you may have.

Wish to have polycarbonate blade for your business?

Feel free to contact us!

Polycarbonate Blade: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you plan to import or learn more about polycarbonate blades, this guide offers great help.

It contains all information you have been looking for.

Take a look:

What is Polycarbonate Blade?

It refers to a trim pen-like component made of polycarbonate material with a sharp edge used for a wide range of applications in different environments.

Polycarbonate blade

Polycarbonate blade

Polycarbonate blade is popular in homes for use in several types of DIY projects.

It is also available in various designs, shapes, and sizes hence broadening your selection options.

What are the uses of Polycarbonate Blades?

Polycarbonate blade is used in various but specific applications. Some of these uses include the following;

Cell phone repair – This item is ideal for repairing different types of phone models since it enables you to open the surface easily.

Decal remover – It is also used to remove different types of special designs from special papers without distorting the piece of art.

Scrubbing kitchen worktops – It is an effective tool to use in removing debris, sticky dirt, and jelly dots on the surface of kitchen countertops.

Paint remover – It is used for removing any paint, which accidentally dripped on unwanted surfaces such as a window, among others.

What is the Suitable Length of Polycarbonate Blade?

The ideal length of the polycarbonate blade is dependent on the specific application and customer’s preference.

It also depends on the supplier you are making your orders from since most of them often have a standard length for their units.

Again, there is also customized design you can consider, especially if you require it for special application.

Nevertheless, the recommended length of this component should be at least 24 inches.

But you can always choose a suitable length based on your specific requirements.

Is there Color Limitation for Polycarbonate Blade?

Absolutely no!

Polycarbonate blade is available in different color ranges.

This is vital because it allows you to choose from a wide range of available colors.

It help you get the shade, which suits your needs.

You can always find this item in as many as 32 different colors or more.

In some instances, also you can find them in multicolored shades.

 Different colors of polycarbonate blade

Different colors of polycarbonate blade

Can Polycarbonate Blade Break?

Not at all!

The polycarbonate blade is usually engineered from a hardy material, which can withstand different pressure.

It becomes difficult to break it because of its extremely strong mechanical properties in solid-state.

So you rest assured this component can never break irrespective of the condition you might subject it into.

What are the Advantages of Polycarbonate Blade?

  • It exhibits excellent clarity making it aesthetically appealing
  • It has stable mechanical performance and functionality
  • It is non-toxic hence you can use it without worries of environmental degradation
  • It has excellent strength and reasonable durability
  • It has superior resistance to impact, chemical, weather, crack, and ultraviolet radiation.
  • It is easy to mold or fabricate hence allowing you to find a desirable design shape or color.

How does Polycarbonate Blade compare with other Materials?

Matte polycarbonate blade

 Matte polycarbonate blade

Polycarbonate blade comes out as a better option among many materials, which can offer the same solutions.

For instance, when it comes to weight, it is more or less similar to acrylic but about 50% lightweight compared to a glass blade.

In terms of strength, the polycarbonate blade is fairly stronger than the acrylic blade and significantly stronger than glass.

Actually, polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass, a clear indication it cannot break, crack or shatter.

When it comes to liability, the polycarbonate blade is fairly more flexible compared to acrylic and substantially more flexible than the glass blade.

It thus shows the reason polycarbonate can easily be fabricated or customized.

And in regards to clarity, a polycarbonate blade still leads since it allows about 94% of light to pass through it.

Acrylic and polycarbonate follow suit with 92% and 84% light transmission, respectively.

What is the Price of Polycarbonate Blade?

Generally, there is no definite cost for a polycarbonate blade.

The price is based on a wide range of factors surrounding the production and supplying of this item.

For example, depending on the manufacturer, the quantity you order can determine the amount of money you’ll pay to acquire this component.

Some would charge lower rates for voluminous order and vice versa.

The grade of polycarbonate material used for manufacturing the blade is another fundamental determinant of its pricing.

Ideally, this material is often available in different categories as far as quality is concerned.

Polycarbonate blades made of superior quality are relatively expensive than those made using low-grade material.

Again, if you are importing polycarbonate blades from China to let’s say overseas or any other foreign country, the price will be relatively high.

In such a case, it implies you’ll have to cater to various importation and related costs, including shipping and import duty in some cases.

And most importantly, is the actual design of this item you are choosing.

Complex customized units are a bit costly than simple personalized design.

So, in a nutshell, the price of a polycarbonate blade varies depending on numerous elements.

Can you find Customized Polycarbonate Blade?

Absolutely correct!

Most of the polycarbonate blades you find from different suppliers are often made-to-order.

The essence of this is to allow various users to determine the particular design, which suits their requirements.

However, it is always necessary to ensure you find out from your preferred supplier whether or not they can provide customized design.

Importantly, is to ensure you provide a prototype of your customized design to enable the manufacturer to produce the same.

If not, you may as well consider looking at what the supplier is offering in terms of customization pieces and go with the better option.

What are some of the Plastic Blade Design Options available?

They are available in numerous designs, both standard and customized.

And this is essential because it makes it easy for you to choose your ideal design based on several factors.

Some of the common designs sold by WeProFab include the following;

  • Diffusing polycarbonate blade
  • Lamp tube polycarbonate blade
  • Round tip polycarbonate tip
  • Colored polycarbonate blade
  • Pointed tip polycarbonate blade
  • Clear polycarbonate blade
  • Polycarbonate blade with a tip for lightsaber
  • Starwars metal hilt polycarbonate blade
  • Frost white polycarbonate blade

However, it is always ideal to inquire from your preferred supplier to determine whether they can provide the specific design you choose.

Notably, note all suppliers can manufacture specific designs, especially highly customized ones.

Can you Fabricate Polycarbonate Blade?

Absolutely right!

Polycarbonate blade is made from a material, which is quite pliable.

And this, of course, is essential because it enables you to use different fabrication techniques to ensure you design it to suit your particular needs.

You can use several fabrication techniques on a polycarbonate blade.

For instance, when it starts showing signs of fading, dulling, or discoloring, you can choose to polish to restore its glossiness.

You can as well cut it to size if at all, you need to reduce the dimension.

What is the Standard Thickness of Polycarbonate Blade?

Polyarbonate blade tip

Polycarbonate blade tip

The thickness of the polycarbonate blade is quite a sensitive aspect you need to look into carefully when buying this unit.

Ideally, thickness varies depending on different applications and other elements of this unit.

However, the recommended thickness range for this item should be between 1.5mm and 3mm.

Nonetheless, it can vary based on your preference and also the specific use.

The most important aspect of the thickness of this component is ensuring you go for one, which can make the blade flexible and robust.

Does Polycarbonate Blade Discolor?

Yes, it can discolor to some extent, but it is not necessarily certain.

In many instances, the color element of polycarbonate material is rarely distorted unless subjected to extreme conditions.

For instance, when exposed to direct sunlight for a long period, it might start showing signs of discoloring.

And of course, this is always a result of ultraviolet rays attacking the building units of this type of blade.

So when the attack persists, it weakens these molecules hence making the surface material to start fading.

However, if properly manufactured and treated, a polycarbonate blade can never discolor.

And in the unfortunate event it discolors, it happens after lasting for quite some time, thus giving you value for your money.

Which Material can Replace Polycarbonate Blade?

You can use several types of thermoplastic and other materials in place of a polycarbonate blade.

However, it is vital to understand not all of the available materials can provide similar or better results compared to polycarbonate.

So when looking for an ideal material to replace the polycarbonate blade, it is always vital to find one with more or less similar features.

And in this case, acrylic is seeming, closer to polycarbonate material as far as the mechanical and chemical features are concerned.

Acrylic, just like polycarbonate, is extremely strong.

It is almost 17 times stronger than glass, an apparent indication it cannot break nor shatter easily.

This is essential since it guarantees high durability, the almost the same thing you’d find in polycarbonate.

Secondly, acrylic material, again compared to polycarbonate, is also lightweight, about half the weight of glass.

The essence of this is it enables it easy to carry or handle, especially when using it in different applications.

Also, acrylic is easy to mold since it is quite flexible and has a soft surface, just like polycarbonate material.

Additionally, you can as well find it in varied colors and also customize it to suit your specific needs.

Is Polycarbonate Blade Long-lasting?

Green polycarbonate blade

 Green polycarbonate blade

Most definitely.

This type of blade is designed from polycarbonate material, which typically is a highly durable element.

The features of this component, both chemical and mechanical, make it easy for it to be highly durable.

Moreover, during manufacturing, it undergoes several processes, and other vital elements are also added to it.

All these are to help in reinforcing the strength of this blade, which ultimately plays a fundamental role in enhancing its durability.

How do you choose the Best Polycarbonate Blade?

When looking for a suitable polycarbonate blade, it is always necessary to consider several aspects, especially when shopping or buying.

Such considerations are vital when it comes to determining the functionality, performance, and quality of the component.

Some of the essential factors you should always look into hen buying this blade include the following;

Type of polycarbonate material – It is critical always to ensure you determine the right grade of polycarbonate material used for making the blade.

This material comes in different grades hence the need to ensure you make the right choice based on your wants.

Length – It is also crucial to figure out the size of this component in regards to length.

The essence here is to enable you to find a polycarbonate blade, which will certainly offer ideal solutions when using it.

Color – You also need to look into the color and choose the specific one suiting your different needs.

This unit comes in a wide range of color shades, and the choice, in this case, is often totally dependent on the customer’s preference.

Customization needs – It is also important to ensure you figure-out the personalization befitting your particular needs when choosing this component.

It is ideal since different customers have varied tastes and preferences in regard to the appearance and functionality of this piece.

Application – Most of the polycarbonate blades in the market are often designed for general purpose.

However, you can as well find particular types designed for a specific application.

It thus becomes a great determinant when choosing this component.

Budget – Of course, these items are priced differently depending on varied brands and other specific elements. You thus need to make your choice according to your budget.

What are the Quality Standard Certifications for Polycarbonate Blade?

There are a wide variety of quality standard certification available for polycarbonate blade.

They are essential since they help to enhance safety and consistency in production of these components.

Some of the key quality standards accreditations for this component include the following;

UL – It is a reliable quality certification agency, which is tasked with approving different types of consumer products.

The essence of this certification is to guarantee the specific product is safe for both the user and the environment.

It thus illustrates that samples of the product have been tested and determined it meets the specific and defined requirements.

ISO 9001 – It is fundamental quality standard authorization demonstrating the ability of the supplier to consistently manufacture products, which meet customers’ and regulatory requirements.

If you’re buying this type of blade of an ISO 9001 certified company, it illustrates the quality is top-notch.

ASTM – It refers to an international quality standard authorization agency responsible for developing and publishing technical criteria for different products.

SGS – It is a standard quality agency responsible for inspecting, verifying, testing, and certifying suitability of different products.

ASME – It is another reliable quality certification verifying the manufacture’s commitment to public safety and quality.

It is vital since it makes it easy for the customers to identify and establish the right supplier to engage for production and supply of polycarbonate blade.

CE – It is also a popular quality certification, which confirms the conformation of a product with health, safety, and protection standards.

It is a mark indicating the product’s fulfillment of the required directives of a particular market as well as harmonized performance and safety principles.

Is there MOQ for Polycarbonate Blade?

Round tip polycabonate blade

Round tip polycarbonate tip

Generally, this is always dependent on a particular supplier you choose to purchase from.

Different manufacturers have varied guiding policies surrounding the MOQ for polycarbonate blades.

It is thus the reason you need to find out from the specific manufacturer to determine if their MOQ is feasible for your needs.

At WeProFab, for instance, the MOQ is quite flexible. It, therefore, means you can buy a particular quantity of this item from this company.

This, however, is different from other suppliers, thus the essence of inquiring about it before purchasing or committing to buy.

What are the Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Blade?

  • This piece, in comparison with other materials, is relatively expensive.

And this can limit the quantity you are purchasing, especially if you are operating within a tight budget.

  • Polycarbonate blade also tends to be a bit sensitive to scratches.

So you need to handle it carefully, especially when rubbing it against abrasive materials to prevent the surface from scratching.

What is the Production Lead-time for Customized Polycarbonate Blade?

In most instances, it is always dependent on a wide range of things.

One is the capacity of the supplier to produce the quantity of the polycarbonate blade you are seeking.

Depending on the number, some would deliver within the shortest time, whereas others might take a bit of time.

The other element is the extent of customization if any.

If you’re going to have a complicated customized polycarbonate blade, it might take longer than a simple design.

In general, though, production lead time should be approximately seven days.

But this is wholly dependent on the different aspects of the manufacturer.

How can you Maintain Polycarbonate Blade?

Polycarbonate blade does not essentially require a high level of maintenance to stay in shape.

All you need is to make sure it remains clean always.

Immediately after using this item, ensure you clean the entire surface using warm water and liquid soap.

It helps in removing different debris on the blade surface, which might progressively make it blunt.

Another ideal maintenance approach for this blade is ensuring you store it in a dry and safe place.

Continuous exposure to moisture tends to reduce its efficiency.

Also, keeping it far away from kids is indispensable since it helps in preventing damages on various surfaces and injuries.

Clearly, there are so many things you should consider when choosing polycarbonate blades.

The best part – this guide offers a complete overview of everything you need.

But still, if you have more questions, WeProFab is here to help you.

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