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PVC Bracket

PVC brackets, commonly known as corbels, are structural components placed below or above furniture. Weprofab PVC brackets provide longevity and durability, though solid glue is needed to keep them in place. These decorative detailing elements come in various sizes, colors, pitches, and finishes. You can find a wide selection of PVC brackets to choose from.

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Weprofab PVC bracket has a strong construction, accurate dimensions, and optimum durability. It is simple to install to any architectural and design project. PVC bracket is a perfect replacement for traditional brackets because are low-maintenance and cost-effective.

32MM PVC Bracket

32mm PVC bracket is extensively used in different plastic pipe installation. 100% made of high-quality PVC material, wear-resisting and durable.

PVC Architectural Decorative Bracket

It is mainly used in decorative applications – interior and exterior projects. Light, durable, and easy to install are its features.

PVC Pipe Wall Mount Bracket

Weprofab PVC pipe wall mount brackets are manufactured with a hollow back. It is solid and can last a lifetime.

Connector Bracket PVC

Connector bracket PVC is ideal for outdoor use. It comes in all sizes or can be customized as per demand. Applications include furniture table and chair ply.

PVC Door Bracket

PVC door brackets are waterproof, rustproof, and easy to install. It has a high strength to hold elements.

Cellular PVC Bracket

These cellular PVC brackets are unique in terms of style and function. It is made from solid, cellular PVC.

PVC Mounting Bracket

The PVC mounting bracket features a cold and heat resistant, protective and shockproof pad. It also has UV light and corrosion resistance.

PVC Corner Bracket with Cover

These PVC corner brackets with covers are suitable for windows, furniture, screens, chests, and much more. Allow for simple screw installation of various furniture components.

PVC Washing Machine Hose Outlet U Bracket

PVC washing machine hose outlet U bracket is wall mountable. It suits most washing machine outlet hoses—180-degree bend.

WeProFab: Your Leading PVC Bracket Manufacturer

PVC brackets are manufactured using free foam, also known as Celuka-type cellular PVC. The fabrication of material is a highly technological operation. It requires environmental stability in order to extrude into desired shape and consistency. Afterward, it cures as it exits the extrusion and continues down the line.

Weprofab PVC brackets have many distinct properties over other materials. It offers far more adaptability, durability, and ease of cleaning and painting.

Custom PVC Bracket to Boost Your Business

90MM PVC Bracket

90mm PVC brackets that are extremely robust, lightweight, and simple to install. It has super paint adhesion.

PVC I Bracket

PVC I brackets are solid and easy to install. Sturdiness, high strength, and accurate dimensions are also excellent features.

PVC Door Angle Bracket

PVC door angle bracket comes in two sizes: 4″ x 8″,3″ x 7″. It is precisely designed, highly durable, and fast to install.

PVC Door Partition Bracket

This PVC door partition bracket has remarkable robustness, high durability, superior strength, and flawless finish.

75MM Pn10 PVC Bracket

75mm Pn10 PVC bracket is made of 100% UPVC. The color available is grey or customized. It is GB, EN, and ISO certified.

PVC Curtain Rod Bracket

Weprofab PVC curtain rod bracket allows 16mm rod to be recessed. Simple installation.

PVC L Bracket

This PVC L bracket is made of quality materials making it durable and capable of supporting heavy loads.

Windows PVC Bracket 140MM

Windows PVC bracket 140mm has strong corrosion resistance. Ideal for fastening stairwells or shelves.

3-Inch PVC Wall Bracket

3-inch PVC wall brackets are specially designed for supporting PVC pipes. They provide high-performance, exceptional long-term stress resistance, and chemical stability.

PVC Door L Bracket

PVC door L bracket is made of the best quality PVC material. It is produced using cutting-edge technologies to ensure its durability.

PVC Pipe Brackets

PVC pipe brackets guarantees superior durability and easy installation. Designed to last a lifetime with proper installation. Widely applicable as a structural element with a smooth finishing surface.

Furniture PVC Brackets

Furniture PVC brackets are built to improve the looks and longevity of an exterior bracket. Provided with a hollow core which makes the installation very simple. Ensures excellent versatility and ease of upkeep.

PVC Pipe Clamp Brackets

PVC pipe clamp brackets are relatively light compared to metal piping. Specially designed for supporting PVC pipe. Built to be environmentally stable at all times. Can be extruded into an exact shape.

Decorative PVC Brackets

Decorative PVC brackets are created for a variety of purposes. Highly innovative in construction and design. Widely used in a broad range of architectural and design applications.

Heavy Duty PVC Brackets

Heavy-duty PVC brackets are available in different colors and dimensions. Generally designed to secure piping and to reduce vibration noise. Features extra strength, heavy-duty, and corrosion-resistant solution.

Adjustable PVC Brackets

Adjustable PVC brackets are structured from durable and high-quality materials. Characterizes an adjustable configuration that functions efficiently on securing pipes on walls and ceilings.

PVC Cabinet Suspension Bracket

PVC cabinet suspension bracket has variations with different designs that complement the style of the furniture. Comes with a round surface and does not occupy much space. Made with a hard-wearing PVC.

PVC Curtain Rod Bracket

PVC curtain rod bracket is crafted with a simple, elegant, and modern material. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Commonly used in curtains in any residential or commercial setting.

PVC Gutter Bracket

PVC gutter bracket guarantees easy installation and excellent durability. Applicable in various rainwater products including downpipes. Arrives with distinct configurations and colors, and sizes.

Standard PVC Brackets

Standard PVC brackets PVC can be used on both interior and exterior projects. Manufactured using sturdy materials making it perfect for entryways and roof lights. Durable and easy to install in minutes.

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What is PVC Brackets Made of?

PVC Bracket

PVC Bracket

Free foam or high-grade cellular PVC vinyl is the material used to make PVC brackets. It comes in a raw sheet form. It has variable thicknesses formed into an infinite number of shapes and sizes.

Experts carefully manage both internal and external aspects during the manufacturing process.

When Should You Use PVC brackets?

PVC brackets are ideal for internal and external architecture projects.

They allow the designer and homeowner to personalize a residential or commercial construction.

It makes it stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter structures.

PVC brackets surpass the evolving needs of new design flexibility – unique and elegant. They are incredibly unique due to their ease of customization. You can customize its shape and sizes.

These decorative detailing elements are a simple and cost-effective solution.

Is PVC Brackets Better than Wood Brackets?

Wood Brackets:

  • Signify a more time-consuming, expensive, and complex construction method
  • Installation requires specialized equipment and expertise
  • Require more workforce and working hours to complete it
  • High-maintenance bracketing option; prone to natural damage.

PVC Brackets:

  • Create a more functional architectural component using widely available materials
  • Produced more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Lean production method that relies on individual design dimensions
  • Never require any specific training or tools; designed to be easy to use and install
  • Highly resistant to household pests, insects, and elements
  • Customizable design patterns offer stunning dwellings with character and pleasing detail

Therefore, with the comparison above, we conclude the PVC bracket’s efficiency and cost-effectivity.

PVC Brackets: How Long Do They Last?

The PVC brackets are built to last.

However, they’ll need to be installed, cared for, and maintained properly.

By doing so, PVC brackets will have a low-maintenance, solid, and lengthy service life.

Poor finishing or painting, improper installation, and being employed as a structural part will take down the bracket’s life.

Acrylic latex paints are highly suggested for painting the bracket.

Nonetheless, the bracket’s fundamental structure provides exceptional longevity.

How do I Install PVC brackets?

PVC brackets are easy to install. It does not require any special tools.

Using only essential woodworking tools and information, you can transform your home into a show-stopper in a shorter time.

The following are some important considerations when installing PVC brackets:

  • Determining the unit-specific application
  • Installers must clearly understand spaces between tails
  • Large spacing – larger brackets and smaller space for smaller  brackets is recommended
  • Keep in mind the spacing and length of the walls

Through precision planning and measurements, you will achieve the ideal spacing and symmetry. That results in an exceptional and stunning masterpiece.

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