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Acrylic Cups

As your #1 provider in China, Weprofab provides the most gratifying acrylic cups to fulfill your business missions. Our team is skilled enough to produce your ideal acrylic cups with outstanding designs. When in need of assistance, don`t be shy about asking Weprofab.


Get WeProFab Acrylic Cups to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab uses its full strategies in fabricating acrylic cups to reach your ideal specifications. Order Weprofab acrylic cups by set now!

Wholesale Printable Acrylic Cups

Weprofab has 20 years of experience in fabricating printable acrylic cups. If you`re wholesaler, you can order by wholesale.

Assorted Colors Acrylic Cups

Weprofab is an expert in generating acrylic cups in assorted colors. They are often used at kitchens and many more applications.

Acrylic Reusable Water Drinking Cups

Acrylic reusable water drinking cups from our factory is very excellent in quality. We are happy to provide your needs in efficient ways.

Acrylic Personalized Beverage Cups

Want to purchase acrylic personalized beverage cups for fulfilling business purposes? In Weprofab, there`s a lot of options you can avail of.

Acrylic Double Wall Insulated Cups

If you are requiring acrylic double-wall insulated cups for business, Weprofab is your top provider. Reliable products are highly presented.

Acrylic Cups Set

No other than Weprofab will supply high-quality acrylic cups set for your trade missions. Custom designs are offered for amazing charges.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Cups Manufacturer

Weprofab start focusing on providing high-quality metal and plastic fabrications since we are founded. We are the superior source of the acrylic cups that work in China. We can help your business grow fast through our profitable products.

Weprofab is offering you personal assistance when you need it to avail of our acrylic cups.

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Custom Acrylic Cups to Skyrocket Your Brand

Unbreakable Acrylic Cups

For business purposes, unbreakable acrylic cups are ideal to add. Each of these cups are obtainable at a very low cost.

Jar Acrylic Cups

Weprofab is truly committed to providing an ideal jar acrylic cups for your trade advantages. They are not easy to break, unlike glass.

Heavy-Duty Pastel Acrylic Cups

Weprofab supplies heavy-duty pastel acrylic cups that come from high-quality raw materials. It is washable, used for a long period of time.

Skinny Acrylic Cups

Weprofab is the leading source of skinny acrylic cups in China. Not only in China but also in across the world.

Narrowing Acrylic Cups

You found the right place that can provide your ideal narrowing acrylic cups for business. It is unique and has on-trend designs.

20-Ounce Acrylic Cups

20-ounce acrylic cups are a popular choice for commercial and home use. They offer high durability over other cups made from other materials. And also, they are strong and unbreakable.

Acrylic Cups with Lid

Acrylic cups with a lid are safer to use. They are also weather-resistant and remain damage-free even placed under the sun. And also, they are rust-resistant, far from metal cups.

Acrylic Cups with Straw

Acrylic cups with straws are the best choice for everyone. They are perfect for a business that serves cold drinks. They are also recyclable and aesthetic.

Acrylic Drinking Cups

Since made of acrylic, acrylic drinking cups are very lightweight and totally unbreakable. They also come in various designs and can be printed with your custom logo. Custom sizes are also available.

Acrylic Party Cups

Acrylic party cups are very safe. Unlike other drinkware, acrylic cups are much more secure to use. This is because they don’t carry Bisphenol A and are toxic-free.

BPA-Free Acrylic Cups

BPA-free acrylic cups are suitable cups for a picnic or outdoor dining. They are dishwasher-safe and totally BPA-free. And also, they come in various colors, styles, and sizes.

Clear Acrylic Cups

Weprofab clear acrylic cups are completely safe and practical. They are efficient cups, economical, lightweight, and suitable for travel. You can also use them in cold desserts or drinks.

Crystal-Look Acrylic Cups

Crystal-look acrylic cups are 100% reasonable cups and dishwasher-safe. They are also lightweight yet very sturdy. They last longer when used and can be printed with any logos.

Custom Logo Acrylic Cups

Custom-logo acrylic cups can be printed with your brand logos and images. There are different colors available for these cups, you can choose from transparent, blue, green, pink, red, etc.

Custom Size Acrylic Cups

Weprofab offers custom-size acrylic cups that are high-quality and long-lasting. They are easy to wash, more economical, transported efficiently, and hard to deform.

Disposable Acrylic Cups

Disposable acrylic cups are attractively pleasing. They are one-time-use cups and are safer at the same time. They are popular due to their unbreakable and environmentally-friendly designs.

Double Face Acrylic Cups

Double face acrylic cups are completely shatterproof, recyclable, and very lightweight. This type is the best choice for many businesses, relating to serving cold drinks and desserts.

Transparent Acrylic Cups

Transparent acrylic cups do not shatter, unlike glass. Their collision strength is many times stronger and will need the greatest force to break it. You can also put your logo into it.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Cups

Weprofab Acrylic Cups are incredibly made from high-quality materials. There`s a lot of various acrylic cups available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Depending on the use and specifications, we produce the most precise and attractive acrylic cups to be added to your business. As most leading factory in China, Weprofab is an expert in distributing all ideal acrylic cups designs throughout the world.

Acrylic Cups

When you are a wholesaler or a retailer, you can avail of Weprofab acrylic cups in a set of orders. We, Weprofab provide attractive acrylic cups as one of kitchen wares. It is used basically for drinking water, beverages, and many more.

When you want to feel ease in finding high-quality acrylic cups, ask Weprofab so that they can give the preeminent acrylic cups you desired. Weprofab Acrylic cups have broad mix features, pleasing functions, and applications, suitable for running your business well.

Acrylic Cups

Weprofab is most trusted and professional in all terms of fabricating high-quality acrylic cups. Because of its in-demand in the market, we offer to customize acrylic cups to fulfill your satisfaction. It gives stunning and useful functions to any business and personal applications.

We made acrylic cups from our most improved and advanced technologies. In the bonding acrylics process, we create the most functional and attractive acrylic cups with amazing prices.

In Weprofab, you can save both time and effort in purchasing high-quality acrylic cups. Our products can help you gain profits and benefits for your business. These were imaginatively designed for the sake and greatness of your trading industries.

Acrylic Cups

When choosing Weprofab to be your supplier of acrylic cups, we promise you will never regret. We, Weprofab ensures the quality of our acrylic cups products to grant your desires. We want the best out for your business.

Weprofab has skillful staff, assigned to help and to show support for your business.

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Acrylic Cups: The FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re Ultimate

looking for about acrylic cups.

Whether you want to learn about the design, size, color options, or quality, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Acrylic Cups?

An acrylic cup is a utensil primarily used to hold liquids.

Unlike regular cups, acrylic cut are made from molded acrylic sheets.

These cups usually resemble glass due to their crystal appearance.

Most people will prefer them over other materials for this quality.

However, they offer a better alternative since they are shatterproof and lightweight.

These properties make them both functional and visually pleasing.

acrylic cups

acrylic cups

How are Acrylic Cups Made?

The process of making acrylic cups is simple.

It involves these basic steps.

First, the manufacturer chooses the design of the cup and the properties they want it to have.

The client gets this privilege for custom-made cups.

Making these decisions at the beginning is crucial as it guides the entire process.

The acrylic to be used for the process is heated and placed over a mold in the cup’s shape.

Hot acrylic is malleable.

Hence, once the cup is created, it must be cooled to retain the cup in its shape.

Excess pieces of the acrylic are cut off, and any resulting rough edges are sanded off.

The cups then go through a cleaning process, receive any necessary protective coatings and custom features such as labels or decorations.

Finally, the cups go through a quality assessment process, and those that are not faulty are packaged.

At this point, they are set to be shipped to the customer.

Why Should You Invest in Acrylic Cups?

Acrylic cups have become a popular utensil for home and commercial use.

These items have several benefits over traditional cups, making them a worthy investment.

Below is a list of reasons why you should buy acrylic cups

i. They are more durable than cups made from other materials.

Acrylic is a strong plastic that does not easily break.

This means that acrylic cups can withstand extreme stress without sustaining damage.

ii. Acrylic cups are resistant to weather damage.

They do not deteriorate like other plastic cups when exposed to the sun.

These cups are also resistant to rust, unlike metal ones.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about storing your cups wet when you invest in acrylic ones.

iii. The clarity of acrylic is phenomenal as it allows 92% light penetration, making it clearer than most glasses.

With proper care, it is easy to keep your cups shiny as well.

Acrylic cups offer the aesthetic of glass without the hustle of handling it.

iv. Another reason you should buy acrylic cups is that they are lightweight. Acrylic is a light material despite its impact resistance.

v. The versatility of acrylic cups is a thing of beauty.

The cups come in all sorts of designs, and they can be used anywhere, by anyone.

They are easy to transport and hence perfect for catering events.

The value that you get from buying acrylic cups is undeniable.

Is it Safe to Drink from Acrylic Cups?


Acrylic is one of the safest plastics to use for making utensils because it is food safe.

Since it is manufactured from natural gas, acrylic is inert.

It does react when in contact with liquids or heat.

For this reason, acrylic cups do not release harmful particles into your drinks.

Another reason why acrylic cups are safe for human use is that they are BPA-free.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a harmful toxin emitted by some plastics when they are heated or exposed to certain liquids and chemicals.

BPA is harmful to humans as it has been proven to cause several coronary, respiratory, and cancerous diseases.

Luckily, this is not a problem you have to worry about when dealing with acrylic.

The impact resistance of acrylic cups also makes them safe.

There is no chance that this type of cup will break in your hand and hurt you.

Even if it breaks, acrylic has blunt edges, which, unlike glass, are mostly harmless.

Between Acrylic Cups and Glass cups, which is better?

Acrylic cups are better than glass ones.

 glass cup

glass cup

Here is a list of comparisons to prove this.

i. Acrylic cups are more impact resistant, meaning that they will not break even if dropped.

Glass cups are comparably weaker than acrylic ones and shatters as soon as they are dropped.

ii. Broken glass is a safety hazard because the pieces could cut someone. This issue is not a concern you have with acrylic cups.

iii. Acrylic cups are lighter than glass ones making them easier to use.

iv. It is easier to maintain acrylic cups than glass ones. Acrylic is easier to clean without leaving water stains on the surface.

v. Acrylic cups look better than glass ones. High-grade acrylic is clearer than glass.

It is easy and cheap to make colored acrylic cups compared to glass ones.

vi. Cups are fairly easy to make, and most manufacturers mass-produce them. Consequently, they enjoy economies of scale, making them cheaper than glass ones.

Do Acrylic Cups Yellow with Time?


Like most plastics, acrylic will yellow after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It is an effect that causes the molecules to break down, causing a noticeable color change.

Acrylic cups are resistant to yellowing.

Still, they are susceptible after long exposure, and proper care is necessary to prevent this.

Below are some of the key variables that determine how easily acrylic cups will yellow with time.

 yellowed acrylic cup

yellowed acrylic cup

Quality of Acrylic Used

Different acrylic cups come from varying grades of acrylic, and this affects the yellowing process.

High-quality materials such as cast and continuous cast acrylic will maintain the clear glossy look for longer.

Similarly, inferior quality acrylic sheets such as the extruded type produce cups that deteriorate much faster.

The low-quality cups have weaker molecules that break down quickly with sun exposure.

Protective Coating

UV- resistant coating is applied to acrylic cups to pro tect them from the yellowing effect.

Cups with this coating fair better when exposed to UV radiation than those that do not.

There are also different qualities of the coating.

Those with a high-quality coat always do better in the sun.

A food-grade coating must be used to cover the inside of the cup to keep it safe for human use.


Although acrylic cups are rarely exposed to direct sunlight, their storage also matters.

The best strategy is to keep them in a place with minimum exposure.

When they are used for outdoor activities, do not leave them out for long.

Collect them as soon as they are done.

Are there Acrylic Cups with a Straw?


Many acrylic cup designs with straws exist.

Such cups are mostly made for commercial use.

Shops that sell beverages will invest in such cups for to-go orders.

You can also purchase such cups for personal use as well.

Acrylic cups with straws usually have a lid to hold the straw in place.

Commercial use acrylic cups will have normal plastic straws since they are for single use.

This option is cheaper and more sanitary.

The straw may be made from acrylic if the cup is meant for reuse.

It is the best alternative for personal use since acrylic straws are more durable than plastic ones.

Acrylic cups with straws are ideal for carrying liquids on the go.

They allow you to stay hydrated without the risk of spilling your drink.

 acrylic cups with straw

 acrylic cup with straw

Which are the Available Designs of Acrylic Cups?

Acrylic cups come in a variety of designs.

They usually mimic the designs of traditional cups.

Hence, for each type of cup out there, there is an acrylic alternative.

Some of the most popular designs are:

  • Mugs

 acrylic mug

 acrylic mug

  • Wine glasses

 acrylic wine glass

acrylic wine glasses

  • Single-walled cups

acrylic single walled cups

 acrylic single wall cup

  • Double-wall cups
  • Tumblers
  • Narrowing acrylic cups
  • Mason jar cups
  • Liquid activated LED cups

acrylic liquid activated led cups

acrylic activated led cup

Which are the Available Color Options for Acrylic Cups?

Acrylic cups come in a variety of colors.

The most popular option is the transparent cup which is made to resemble glass.

These clear cups are versatile and classy, so they are the go-to for most people.

If you like a little color, there are options to accommodate that.

Acrylic sheets come in both translucent and solid color options.

Feel free to always choose whichever option fits your needs best.

The translucent acrylic cups are particularly chic since they let in some light and give the illusion of sparkling.

Acrylic cups do not have to be plain and boring.

You can even combine different colors on the same cup.

The choice is yours.

Are Acrylic Cups Dishwasher-safe?


However, there are acrylic cups, which are not dishwasher-safe.

Always check the label before purchasing.

The general recommendation from most manufacturers is to hand-wash acrylic utensils as it is gentler.

Cleaners used in the dishwasher may breakdown the acrylic.

Additionally, the heat can cause spider web cracks on the acrylic cups, ruining their appearance.

If you wish to keep your acrylic cups looking good for long, it is better to hand wash them.

If you must use a dishwasher, make sure you buy the dishwasher-safe options.

Look for the label that indicates this on the bottom of the cup or its packaging.

Can Acrylic Cups Withstand High Temperatures?

Not necessarily.

Acrylic is not a superb heat-resistant material, and cups made from it will not withstand extreme high temperatures.

They may melt or crack when placed near an open flame.

The same effect may result from placing extremely hot beverages in these cups.

Acrylic has an advantage over other plastics as it does not emit BPA.

This toxin will not leak into a beverage even if it is hot when using acrylic cups.

Still, it is best to use acrylic cups with beverages below 80oF or cold drinks altogether.

What are the Disadvantages of Acrylic Cups?

Acrylic cups are a great investment as they have numerous benefits.

Despite this, they have a couple of shortcomings that you should be looking out for.

They include the following.

  • Acrylic cups are prone to scratching. It would be best if to take care when handling and cleaning these cups to avoid this.

Scratched cups lose their visual appeal, which is expensive to restore and not worth it for a cup.

Anti-scratch coating and careful cleaning are the solutions to this problem

  • These cups are not heat resistant, so they cannot hold very hot drinks.

They tend to crack under intense heat and are best for serving cold drinks.

However, there are double-walled cups insulated and fortified to better handle hot drinks.

Can Acrylic Cups be Used by Children?


Acrylic cups are safe for use by children of all ages.

They are non-toxic and hard to break.

Even if a toddler uses the cup and decides to bang it over and over, it can survive the impact.

This property makes acrylic cups perfect for training infants to feed themselves.

These cups are also lightweight.

Small children whose muscles are relatively weak can easily hold a large acrylic cup.

The cups are cheap, so even if they break or crack, they are easier to replace than ceramic or glass ones.

Acrylic cups are thus convenient for child use.

acrylic cups for children

acrylic cups for children

Do acrylic cups break easily?


Acrylic cups are impact-resistant and shatterproof.

It requires immense pressure to break or even crack them.

Compared to glass cups, acrylic cups is about 20 times stronger than the former.

In contrast to porcelain, and ceramic, plexiglass cups are a great alternative if breakage is a concern.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Cups?

Cleaning acrylic cups is an easy process that follows a few easy steps.

Proper care of acrylic is necessary to maintain its glass-like luster.

Before washing, it is best to ensure you have all the right materials.

It prevents any mishaps that could damage the cups by breaking or scratching them.

Always ensure you are armed with

  • A microfiber cloth to minimize scratching
  • Mild soap and warm water remove stains and bacteria

When cleaning the cups, here are the steps you should follow

  1. Rinse the cups in soapy water for a few minutes to soak any food residue that may be stuck to the cup.
  2. Wash the cups using the microfiber cloth
  3. Rinse the cups in clean water to remove soap.
  4. Rinse a second time to remove water stains caused by soapy water
  5. Place on a rack to dry.

What are Personalized Acrylic Cups?

Personalized acrylic cups have some unique properties added to them.

These features are specified by the client before the production process begins.

Others like printing and labeling can be added to the finished product.

Personalization makes your acrylic cups stand out.

It also creates an avenue for self-expression as the personalized details are an extension of your preferences.

Brands mostly buy these personalized cups for marketing purposes.

For instance, a soda company can have acrylic cups with their logo made to promote their brand.

You can also personalize a single cup by having a name, image, or design added.

Some of the most common personalization features include the following.

  • Logos
  • Names and labels
  • Geometric designs
  • Images
  • Other patterns

 pesonalized acrylic cups

personalized acrylic cups

What are the Advantages of Buying Acrylic Cups with Lids?

A lid is an additional feature is added to some acrylic cups

Some of the benefits of having a cup with a lid are:

  • The cup does not spill your drinks.

You can have the beverage around your work or machines such as computers without the risk of spilling.

  • Cups with lids are easy to carry around. If the lid can be fastened, you can carry the drink in a bag or purse without spilling.
  • Lids on an acrylic cup keep the drink safe from environmental contamination.

There are fewer chances of getting sick from a drink left uncovered if your cup has a lid.

  • Cups with lids are great for use with children as they minimize spillage.

Should You Order Acrylic Cups from China?


Chinese manufacturers are reliable in the production and delivery of acrylic cups.

The benefits of ordering from China include the following.


China guarantees high-quality products as its manufactures have quality raw materials and reliable production technology.

These are the ingredients necessary for high-quality production.


It is possible to buy good quality acrylic cups from China and still get competitive prices.

Chinese manufacturers have an advantage over other manufacturers.

They have access to affordable labor and cheap raw materials.

Affordable labor and raw materials reduce the cost of production, reducing the cost of the product.

Since most people order acrylic cups from China, these large orders reduce production costs by creating economies of scale.

These benefits pass to the customer as low product prices.


You can enjoy the benefits of ordering acrylic cups from China regardless of your location in the world.

Distance and language barriers do not exist anymore.

China has reliable transportation and communication infrastructure to cater to an international clientele.

You will get these benefits and many more by buying your acrylic cups from a Chinese manufacturer.

How much Do Acrylic Cups Cost?

Acrylic cups are relatively affordable.

You can get acrylic cups for as low as $5 a piece.

This range can go as high as $20 as well.

The actual cost of each piece is based on any one of the following factors.

  • The size of the cup. Larger cups cost more because more acrylic material is used to make them.
  • Personalization features add to the cost of an acrylic cup.

Since these are often added separately to the complete product, they are priced separately.

  • The brand making the acrylic cups may affect the expense of an acrylic cup.

Therefore, despite having similar features, acrylic cups from different manufacturers may have varying prices.

  • The location of the seller may increase or reduce the cost of an acrylic cup due to shipping costs
  • The number of pieces you purchase matters. Discounted prices are usually offered for wholesale orders.

How Can You Prevent Scratching on Acrylic Cups?

There are two key ways to protect acrylic cups from scratch.

  1. Proper cleaning

Proper care using the right tools and detergents reduces the likelihood of scratching on acrylic cups.

Use a microfiber cloth and mild soap in your cleaning routine for this.

Furthermore, avoid using a dishwasher if possible since hand washing is gentler.

If you must use a machine, ensure that the acrylic cups are machine safe.

  1. Anti-scratch coating

A more proactive way to prevent scratching is by applying an anti-abrasion coating on the cup.

Ensure that the coating is food safe to prevent intoxication.

What is the Difference between an Acrylic Cup and an Acrylic Tumbler?

The difference between an acrylic cup and acrylic tumbler is nearly non-existent.

A cup is a term describing utensils used to hold beverages.

A tumbler is a beverage container, usually with a flat bottom and no handles.

It resembles a water glass.

In this sense, a tumbler is a type of cup.

acrylic tumbler

acrylic tumbler

Are Acrylic Cups BPA-free?


Acrylic cups have no BPA.

BPA is usually released when a material degrades after contact with water.

It is harmful to humans as it causes various non-communicable diseases.

Materials with BPA should never be used to make containers that hold food.

Fortunately, acrylic cups have no BPA and are safe for use holding liquids of all sorts.

How Do Acrylic Cups Compare to Porcelain Cups?

There are several ways to compare acrylic cups to porcelain ones.

 porcelain cup

 porcelain cup

They include the following

  • Acrylic cups are more resistant to staining than porcelain ones
  • Porcelain cups are less durable since acrylic is strong and hard to break
  • It is easier to clean and disinfect acrylic cups than it is with porcelain ones.

Micro-fractures may develop on the latter can be a hiding place for microorganisms.

  • Acrylic is cheaper than porcelain and so are their products. It is also easier to mass-produce acrylic cups which reduces their price.

From the comparison above, you can conclude that acrylic cups are by far better than porcelain ones.

At WeProFab, we help you get the best acrylic cups in the market.

Whether you want our standard or custom designs, WeProFab will help you skyrocket your acrylic cups business.

For more information, contact WeProFab team now.

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