• Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab acrylic mirror tiles are one of our team`s specialty. We continue up to now to provide the highest quality of your ideal acrylic mirror tiles for business and personalize applications. We can supply numerous high-rated finish for cheap dealt prices. Immediately contact us now for your most liked designs.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Mirror Tiles to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic mirror tiles come from the super coolest creations and wide-ranging selections. We make different designs for your intended attachment applications.

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Sheet Film

WeProFab had far-reaching options of high-quality acrylic mirror tiles sheet films. Custom designs are also offered for your satisfaction.

Circle Mosaic Acrylic Mirror Mosaic Tiles

The nicest shape of our acrylic mirror mosaic tiles is now accessible in different designs. Circular and other shapes are available in custom selections.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Mirror Tiles

When you prefer having cut-to-size acrylic mirror tiles types, in WeProFab you can discover one. Continue to discover our eventual standard of acrylic mirror tiles in specified cut-to-sizes.

Home Decor Acrylic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab has a superior ability to produce acrylic mirror tiles suitable for home decor applications. Custom printed finishes are offered for fair rates.

Self Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab is your number 1 source of self-adhesive acrylic mirror tiles. Beautiful classification designs are also introduced for strong withstanding employment skills.

Square Acrylic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab supplied a satisfying square-shaped of acrylic mirror tiles type. Countless quality stocks are already prepared for all clients` and customers` necessary.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Mirror Tiles Manufacturer

WeProFab is really equipped in producing high-quality acrylic mirror tiles finishes. For an important mission, to provide you unlimited stocks of high-graded finishes, fabrications will surely work up as faster as it could.

As one of the manufacturing masters in mainland China, we can provide acrylic mirror tiles with well-packaged incorporates. All great, most-fitted types are proposed for important uses.

Send now your ultimate inquiries, we will respond faster.


Custom Acrylic Mirror Tiles to Skyrocket Your Brand

Honeycomb Acrylic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab is your trusted supplier of specialized honeycomb acrylic mirror tiles type. You can rely upon our greatest quality of finishes.

Hexagon Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Our latest hexagon type of acrylic mirror tiles are often distributed for low-cost price rates. All types involve are pertinent for household decorations and bathroom mirroring functions.

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Wall Stickers

WeProFab acrylic mirror tiles in wall stickers designs absolutely come from standardized class. For your required architectural applications, this provide the first-rated solution.

Squared Acrylic Mirror Tiles

These squared acrylic mirror tiles function well for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. It is square-shaped and has a smooth surface. They are a high-quality handmade product that provides decorative interior designs.

Wall Stick Acrylic Mirror Tiles

The wall sticker acrylic mirror tiles are clear and reflective. They are shiny decorative mirrors that can be wall-mounted. It is appropriate for interior beautification with a long-lasting sticky life span.

Self Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Self-adhesive acrylic mirror tiles are best suited for interior applications. It is durable self-adhesive tiles suitable for different types of surface applications.

Round Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Round acrylic mirror tiles have a peel-off protective film that makes the mirror extra clearer. They are ultra-thin, flexible, and have a round shape appearance. They are excellent for interior decoration and beautification.

Removable Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Removable acrylic mirror tiles could be applied to smooth and clean surfaces like windows, doors, closets, and walls. These kind of mirror tiles have a reflective surface that makes the interior area brighter.

Polished Edge Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Polished edge acrylic mirror tiles can be easily cut, shaped, formed, and fabricated. They work well with outdoor applications, especially as decorative displays. They are also resistant to breakage and the edges are well polished.

Large Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Large acrylic mirror tiles are simple to install by yourself. They are also lightweight and can be cut into different sizes. They are commonly used in dance studios. They are large and made of high-quality acrylic.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Impact-resistant acrylic mirror tiles have a superior capability to resist extreme impacts and damages. They are suitable for home decorations inside and outside the location as it has a strong feature.

Hexagon Acrylic Silver Mirror Tiles

These hexagon acrylic silver mirror tiles have a smooth surface and work well in furniture and glass inside your living room or bedroom. They are easy to fabricate, efficient, and safe to use. They are also wearing resistance.

Gold Anti Scratch Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Gold anti-scratch acrylic mirror tiles feature the toughest protective back film. These mirror tiles are coated with anti-scratch material in gold color. They also have a high surface hardness and glossiness.

Flexible Wall Stick Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Flexible wall stick acrylic mirror tiles work well in dressing rooms, cars, bathroom walls, and other household furniture because of its admirable flexibility. They can also be wall-mounted and has a smooth surface.

Decorative Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Decorative acrylic mirror tiles work well in the dressing room, bedroom, and any other occasion without the risk of being damaged. They have a smooth surface and have a protective white cover on the surface.

Custom Shape Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Custom shape acrylic mirror tiles are commonly used in work areas and even inside the house as they can be customized in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They are pretty strong, durable, and can surely last a lifetime.

Colored Acrylic Mirror Tiles

These colored acrylic mirror tiles have protected back films that need to be removed before the installation. They are self-adhesive and are appropriate for bathroom mirrors, cars, motorcycles, and vanity mirrors.

Anti Scratch Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Anti-scratch acrylic mirror tiles have a high-quality surface finish that makes it free from scratch and damage. They are multipurpose as they are suitable for displays, decorations, classrooms, fun houses, and mirrors.

Acrylic Silver Mirror Tiles

Acrylic silver mirror tiles are best suited in office lobbies, dressing rooms, clothing stores and homes. They are available in different shapes, silver in color and they enhance the interior design in which they are located.

1mm Acrylic Mirror Tiles

1mm acrylic mirror tiles have a flexible surface. It sticks to the wall durably with perfect clear reflection. It is 17 times more durable than glass mirrors which survive from impact use for prisons, schools, and homes for safety.

2mm Acrylic Mirror Tiles

2mm acrylic mirror tiles have an excellent reflection use to replace glass mirrors because of high impact resistance. Available in square, diamond, and more shapes which provides amazing wall decorations.

3mm Acrylic Mirror Tiles

3mm acrylic mirror tiles are available in many shapes. it has bronze, silver, and more attractive colors. It is a multifunction mirror which not only use for mirrors but use for wall decorations. it has a safety polishes edge designed with and without frames.

6 Pcs Square Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Acrylic mirror tiles are available in different sets. Large acrylic mirror tiles have 2 pieces in set available in 6 pieces for small sizes. Designed with a variety of shapes and edge styles perfect use to prevent breakage, unlike glass mirrors.

Bronze Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Bronze acrylic mirror tiles are attractive. It is safe and lightweight mirror tiles accessible in variety of sizes. Impact-resistant, high reflective, and more features advantage than glass. Different dimensions are suitable for any type of wall surface.

Orange Diamond Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Orange Diamond Acrylic mirror tiles have attractive colors and designs available in super thickness. It has small to extra large sizes shapes featuring scratch resistance. Easier to mount diamond acrylic mirror tiles.

Wavy Full Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Wavy full acrylic mirror tiles are available in small to extra large sizes. Small sizes are offered in sets. Extra-large sizes have individual and dual sets applicable for any type of wall surface. It has different types of mounting like wall stick, hook, screwed, etc.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic mirror tiles

Are you searching for reliable mirror tiles? Then, a mirror tile made with acrylic is a good choice.

WeProFab superiorly offers our own Acrylic Mirror Tiles.

As one most expert manufacturer, you can purchase WeProFab acrylic mirror tiles at the fairest prices.

Image result for acrylic Mirror Tiles

As one manufacturing specialist in mainland China, WeProFab has the capability to assemble acrylic mirror tiles into different shapes and colors.

Available shapes are rectangular acrylic mirror tiles, square acrylic mirror tiles, round acrylic mirror tiles, and more.

WeProFab acrylic mirror tiles colors also consist of brown acrylic mirror tiles, clear acrylic mirror tiles, etc.

When selecting the most fitted color and shapes, better to ask for advice from us.

WeProFab is very ideal for manufacturing acrylic mirror tiles.

With that reason, WeProFab able to produce wide-ranging styles, designs, sizes, etc.

Image result for acrylic Mirror Tiles

We can handle all custom process of WeProFab acrylic mirror tiles when you ask for it.

Plus! The custom process is faster with our advanced manufacturing machines, so expect speedy processes. We provide custom acrylic mirror tiles designs to value your own buyer.

To finalize solutions, WeProFab has acrylic mirror tiles in something classy, softest, and most impressive finish.

What a beautiful mirror tiles WeProFab has! But wait, you can always choose your own ideal finish based on your applications.

The important decision is yours! Any colors you want for weprofab acrylic mirror tiles will produce very soon after your demand.

Now, better send your demands and get quick quotes.

Most of weprofab acrylic mirror tiles are used for home decorations.

Beautifying the house environment is what weprofab acrylic mirror tiles` mission. Weprofab made it to the long-last over years.

That is why we create acrylic mirror tiles from the highest quality material. We are team-oriented really assures the great quality of weprofab acrylic mirror tiles.

Image result for acrylic Mirror Tiles

So, if you are planning to purchase acrylic mirror tiles, WeProFab is a team you can depend on.

For an actual quality-testing, free samples of weprofab acrylic mirror tiles are provided.

With over 20 years known as a trusted manufacturer, WeProFab finally got SGS, ISO 9001, CE certifications.

We fully guarantee the quality of our weprofab acrylic mirror tiles.

So for your next projects, kindly contact our team. Fast and exact satisfying answers will be given.

Start building your business future with Weprofab acrylic mirror tiles!

Send your inquiry now for acrylic mirror tiles! Great offers are expected.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Classy and highly reflective, acrylic mirror tiles are used to beautify homes and create works of art with unlimited variations of high-grade finishes that fulfill all your design requirements.

Light up a dark corner or simply create a unique design with these lightweight and shatterproof acrylic mirror tiles.

They are easy to put up and stay put for as long as you desire.

If you have a question about acrylic mirror tiles, this ultimate guide will help you to find out all that you need to know.

Why Should You Invest In Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

There are several benefits of using acrylic mirror tiles over tiles made from other materials.

Acrylic mirror tiles transmit around 92% of the light, so it is possible to get reflective surfaces better than those of glass mirrors.

Get shatterproof acrylic mirror tiles for any application.

Acrylic has high impact resistance and can withstand a great deal of pressure.

Your investment is protected, as replacement costs are much lower.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy weather, acrylic mirror tiles retain their original colors.

You can use these fancy tiles for indoor or outdoor applications.

Reflectivity is sustained even in areas like bathrooms where fogging can take place with changing water temperatures.

You can also clean and maintain these acrylic tiles easily.

Simply use the cleansing agent recommended by your supplier.

Use soft cotton cloth or sponge, soap, and water to clean these tiles regularly.

Cold bend mirrored acrylic for curved shapes or strip heat them to create sharp bends.

You can get standard acrylic mirror tiles in 3 mm and 5 mm thickness.

Professional mirror tile makers offer tiles in custom thickness to meet your specific design requirements.

What Must You Consider When You Invest In Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Considerations

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Considerations

Consider these options when you invest in acrylic mirror tiles.

Acrylic is a soft material and may develop removable scratches over time.

Acrylic mirror tiles are therefore ideally used as decorative tiles.

Template designs from your manufacturer ensure that acrylic mirror tiles are evenly laid out.

Avoid force when you put up these tiles to prevent distorted images.

You cannot use these acrylic mirror tiles in oily and greasy areas as they can get stained.

You will find that initial costs are comparatively higher than say glass mirror tiles.

Are There Design Limitations For Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

No, you can consider acrylic mirror tiles of different colors, thicknesses, and sizes in your designs.

You can also get standard sized acrylic mirror tiles off the shelf.

Your acrylic mirror tile manufacturer can offer you design options for different applications.

Are There Surface Treatment Options For Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

You can consider different coatings for acrylic mirror tiles based on your application.

· Anti-Scratch Coating

One of the most common surface treatments for acrylic mirror tiles, the anti-scratch coating makes the soft base acrylic material highly resistant against scratches.

You can easily remove scratches even if they develop on the surface later on.

· Anti-Fog Coating

This coating is especially useful for acrylic mirror tiles used in bathrooms and other high-humidity areas.

The anti-fog coating ensures the mounted tiles do not fog but retain excellent reflectivity.

· UV Coating

You can choose acrylic mirror tiles with UV coating to prevent them from losing their original colors in harsh outdoor conditions.

· Anti-Glare Coating

The anti-glare coating allows these acrylic mirror tiles to reflect light without causing a glaring effect on your eyes.

How Are Acrylic Mirror Tiles Made?

Make Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Make Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Acrylic mirror tiles are made by processing continuous acrylic sheets with vacuum metalizing techniques.

A mirror finish is applied and allowed to solidify as a durable protective coating over the acrylic sheet.

How Do You Cut Acrylic Mirror Tiles To Size?

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Cut To Size

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Cut To Size

Professional mirror manufacturers use CNC and laser cutting techniques to achieve high levels of accuracy when cutting acrylic mirror tiles.

You can cut acrylic mirror tiles to custom sizes in different ways.

If you have a DIY project in hand, try the scribing and breaking technique to cut acrylic mirror tile to size.

Align the marked portion along the edge of your working table.

Use a commercial scriber to draw a line on the tile to be cut using the straight edge as a guideline.

Get a clean, straight cut with even-pressured strokes along this line.

Overhand the acrylic mirror tile off your working table.

Applying sharp downward pressure will break the tile to your desired dimensions.

If the design you create with your acrylic mirror tiles demand frequent change in direction, use a saber saw to cut though the tile.

Hold the tile firmly in place to ensure there is no vibration leading to chipping while you cut the tile.

The work piece is supported by a straight board close to the cutting area.

This also acts as a guide to achieve accurate saw cuts.

You can watch this video to see how to cut your acrylic mirror tiles.

To cut several acrylic mirror tiles at the same time, use the panel saw and circular table cutting technique.

Install a stiffener along the outside edge of the saw blade.

It must be about half to 1/3 the diameter of the blade.

Align the saw arbor, the table fence, and saw table properly to avoid back cutting.

Use a 10-inch 80 tooth carbide-tipped saw to achieve the best circular table and panel saw cutting results.

Always cut the acrylic mirror tiles with the masked side facing downwards.

For trimming thermoformed acrylic tiles, use a band saw.

You can also cut curved sections with the band saw.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

· Acrylic Mirror Tiles Sheet Film

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Sheet Film

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Sheet Film

You can create custom designs out of this acrylic mirror tiles sheet film that comes with a mirror finish on one side.

It is loaded with impact strength more than 10 times that of traditional glass of equal thickness.

This extruded mirrored acrylic is vacuum plated with the mirror finish.

Easy to fabricate, this acrylic mirror tiles sheet film can be cut into different shapes and sizes.

It has a polyurethane (PU) top coat over the reflective surface protected by durable acrylic polymer.

Apply this film to innumerable applications including signage, store designs, outdoor garden mirrors, and home décor.

· Circular Acrylic Mirror Mosaic Tiles

Circular Acrylic Mirror Mosaic Tiles

Circular Acrylic Mirror Mosaic Tiles

The circulate acrylic mirror mosaic tiles are excellent choices for funky wall decorations and mosaic craft projects that require high levels of impact resistance and stable reflection.

Create your design and remove the protective film on these circular tiles to get the same amount of reflective power as glass mirrors.

You can also use these circular acrylic mirror mosaic tiles for mirror on mirror artwork, kitchen and bathroom mirrors, and mosaic designs.

· Cut-To-Size Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Cut-To-Size Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Cut-To-Size Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Shatterproof and easy to work with, cut-to-size acrylic mirror tiles are used extensively in nurseries, animal stables, and playrooms where high levels of safety standards are warranted.

Bonded to a flat and rigid MDF or plywood panel on the wall prevents distortions that may otherwise appear on these soft acrylic tiles.

UV stable, these cut-to-size acrylic mirror tiles will not discolor over time.

With protective coats, these weather-resistant acrylic tiles can add great value to your outdoor applications as well.

· Home Decor Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Home Décor Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Home Décor Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Designed with custom printed finishes, home décor acrylic mirror tiles are available at highly competitive prices.

Reinforced with strong adhesive fixers, these lightweight acrylic safety mirrors have the same or better reflective powers of glass mirrors.

Use micro cloth to clean these home décor acrylic mirror tiles without abrasive sprays and cleansers to avoids scratches and distortions.

Ask your mirror supplier for custom-printed finishes to suit your specific application.

· Self-Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Self-Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Self-Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Protective films on these self-adhesive acrylic mirror tiles prevent scratches.

Just peel off the film after installation to enjoy a highly reflective mirror that meets your custom design requirements.

Any number of creative elements can be used along with these tiles for your crafts and projects.

Made of high-quality acrylic, these self-adhesive acrylic mirror tiles have good texture and smooth surfaces that complement the curves and patterns in your room.

· Square Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Square Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Square Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Available in different product sizes, square acrylic mirror tiles are lightweight and occupy minimum space at a location of your choice.

These mirror tiles do not crack.

Fix these tiles on a smooth and clean surface using the recommended adhesive.

Square acrylic mirror tiles create enchanting designs on ceramics, walls, and windows.

A protective coat is applied on the surface to prevent scratches.

Remove this film before use.

· Honeycomb Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Honeycomb Acrylic Mirror Tiles

 Honeycomb Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Shaped like a honeycomb, you can select any number of honeycomb acrylic mirror tiles to complete this pattern.

Custom sizes and thicknesses are offered to complete this honeycomb pattern quickly and easily.

Whether you install this pattern in the bedroom, bathroom, or living room, these honeycomb acrylic mirror tiles create eye-catching designs with sparkling brilliant reflectivity.

Adhesive dots are provided with instructions for easy installations.

· Hexagon Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Hexagon Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Hexagon Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Styled to form exhilarating wall mirror designs, these hexagon acrylic mirror tiles are made of premium acrylic material with excellent smooth surfaces.

You can get these hexagonal sticker-like acrylic mirror tiles as decorative elements to make your room look different and brighter with added reflective surfaces.

Back adhesive is provided to easily paste and remove these hexagon acrylic mirror tiles without causing damage to the wall.

· Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers

Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers

Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers

The acrylic mirror wall stickers are first-rated solutions for architectural applications.

These acrylic mirror tiles come in hexagonal and other shapes that trend in the home and garden niche.

Available at wholesale prices, these acrylic mirror wall stickers are flexible and suitable for do-it-yourself projects that demand custom shapes, sizes, and colors.

· Acrylic Antique Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Antique Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Antique Mirror Tiles

Whether it’s the Rococo Baroque style or shabby chic antique style, you can get acrylic antique mirror tiles to create a classic antique-style wall mirror.

Use these antique acrylic tiles in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen inspired by existing antique designs or environment.

· Acrylic Diamond Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Diamond Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Diamond Mirror Tiles

Made of high-quality 1-mm thick acrylic sheets, these acrylic diamond mirror tiles are decorative pieces you can use in architectural designs.

Get exquisite custom designs in gold and other colors to fulfill specific design requirements.

Must Acrylic Mirror Tiles Meet Certain Quality Standards?

Yes, acrylic mirror tiles must meet ISO (USA), REACH (Europe), RoHS (Europe), UL, and other quality national standards.

The REACH standards focus on all chemicals used to make a product to ensure humans and the environment are protected from chemical risks.

RoHS standards focus on substances that are used in certain equipment such as electrical equipment.

How Do You Install Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Installation

Acrylic Mirror Tiles Installation

Use these guidelines to install your acrylic mirror tiles.

Clean the wall thoroughly at locations where you install the tiles.

Sand the work area until it becomes rough enough to hold the recommended adhesive.

Create your desired pattern on a flat table with these acrylic tiles.

Copy the complete pattern with a pencil within the working area on the wall.

Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the pattern is on an even and flat surface.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to apply adhesive primer/sealer evenly on the working area and allow the coat to dry for about 40 minutes.

Use a notched trowel to apply an even layer of mirror tile adhesive on the first tile pattern.

Install the tile in place after the adhesive sets for the specified time period.

Ensure the tile is placed evenly.

For every 12 inches, add four double-sided mirror tape squares on the tile to hold it in place.

If the tile measures less than 12 inches, use a double-sided mirror tape along the edges to hold the tile in place.

Gently push the tile into the wall and slide it slightly until the adhesive holds.

Repeat the process with all the acrylic mirror tiles that form the pattern.

This video shows you how to install acrylic mirror tiles.

How Much Do Acrylic Mirror Tiles Cost?

Prices vary depending on the design, thickness, size, and overall quality you choose for your acrylic mirror tiles.

You can get quick quotes, any color, and exquisite designs from your professional acrylic mirror manufacturer.

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