• Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is the no. 1 matte black polycarbonate sheet manufacture base in China. We primarily produce an extraordinary and professional product. We stand as your legit source of matte black polycarbonate sheets and other polycarbonate-related products. You can choose from our product selection according to your requirements. Please send us your ideal matte black polycarbonate sheet now!

Get WeProFab Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the best partner and reliable supplier for your matte black polycarbonate sheet business. Our products mainly export in different countries nationwide. Moreover, Weprofab matte polycarbonate sheet will meet your and your customer’s standards. Please send us your inquiry now!

4mm Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

The 4mm matte black polycarbonate sheet features outstanding dielectric strength. It is simple and can withstand extreme temperature ranges.

Matte Black Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

This matte black solid polycarbonate sheet is easy to machine and unbreakable. This polycarbonate sheet has a unique texture and good dimensional stability.

Matte Black Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

A matte black frosted polycarbonate sheet is much less fragile and fires retardant. This is anti-impact and has an acceptable temperature resistance.

Matte Black Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet

This matte black flame retardant polycarbonate sheet has very good thermal properties. It is energy-saving, much lighter, and highly chemical resistant.

Standard Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

The standard matte black polycarbonate sheet is impact-resistant and has natural lighting. This product is much clearer and environmentally friendly.

Perforated Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

This perforated matte black polycarbonate sheet is customizable and gives high-graded service. It provides smooth edges and efficient construction.  

WeProFab: Your Leading Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Are you looking for a high-quality and serviceable matte black polycarbonate sheet? Weprofab is the right place for you. We are devoted to supplying polycarbonate sheet products, including matte black polycarbonate sheets. Our products are extremely certified with ISO and CE certifications.

Weprofab is the top and premier manufacturer for all kinds of polycarbonate sheets products. We manufacture using the finest polycarbonate materials to ensure rare products. As a professional manufacturer, we can meet your special and exact requirements,

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Custom Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Hard Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

The hard matte black polycarbonate sheet is 100% durable and strong. It features anti-deforming properties and offers effortless installation.

One-Sided Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

The one-sided matte black polycarbonate sheet is super reliable and non-deformable. This provides stabilized mechanical properties and shiny surfaces.

Matte Black Polarized Polycarbonate Sheet

The matte black polarized polycarbonate sheet has leveled and smooth surfaces. It shows a high level of flexibility and can be curved at 180 degrees. 

Glossy Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

A glossy matte black polycarbonate sheet has an anti-fog and non-static exterior. It has highly modernized ultraviolet protection. 

Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet with UV Coated

The matte black polycarbonate sheet with UV coated is very safe and extremely tough. This offers a high level of brightness and is ultraviolet-free.

Soundproof Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

The soundproof matte black polycarbonate sheet has better sound insulation performance. It obtains an average UV coating and lasts longer.

Matte Black Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet

A matte black Lexan polycarbonate sheet has better workability and is super bendable. This is bullet-proof with outstanding self-extinguishing properties.

3mm Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

The 3mm matte black polycarbonate sheet features high-graded fire retardancy and remarkable sound insulation. It offers up to 82% light transmission and powerful weather ability.

Customize Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

This customized matte black polycarbonate sheet has strong plasticity and anti-theft. It has customized sizes and is also lightweight for easy transportation.

Transparent Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Transparent matte black polycarbonate sheet features anti-UV resin on the surface and is produced by the co-extrusion process. Offers excellent transparency and outstanding flame resistance.

10mm UV Extruded Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm UV extruded matte black polycarbonate sheet is highly applicable for outdoor roofing, overhead bridge, and ceiling covering. Available with 10mm thickness, admirable light transmission, and weather resistance.

18mm Clear Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm clear matte black polycarbonate sheet is known for its high clarity and light transmission. Highly beneficial in shopping centers, sports venues, sunrooms, and conservatories. Ensures excellent temperature property.

Anti-Scratch Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-scratch matte black polycarbonate sheet offers good thermal insulation properties and is easy to install. Features an anti-scratch surface making it an ideal replacement for traditional glazing materials.

Embossed Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Embossed matte black polycarbonate sheet is popular for glazing, roofs, canopies, and carports. Built with unimaginable impact resistance and can still function effectively even expos outside for a long time.

Fire Resistant Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Fire-resistant matte black polycarbonate sheet is self-extinguishing away from the fire. Extruded using a lightweight, environment-friendly, and unbreakable black polycarbonate. Easy and durable for construction.

Textured Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Textured matte black polycarbonate sheet prevents the strongest part of the sun’s rays through. Often used as illuminated signs, light fixtures, public sign guards, and safety glazing. Available with a textured surface.

Glossy Strong Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Glossy strong matte black polycarbonate sheet is almost impossible to break, safe, and easy to cut. Frequently used as wall, roofing, and finishing materials. Includes a surface with an applied protective layer against ultraviolet radiation.

Hard Coated Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Hard coated matte black polycarbonate sheet is often used in covered walkways, signs, skylights, bus stops, and telephone booths. Maintains good impact resistance and rigidity after a long time of utilization.

Luxury Outdoor Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Luxury outdoor matte black polycarbonate sheet functions efficiently even in a complex extreme temperature conditions. Often applied as glazing in public transportation and safety windshields for cars.

Matte Black Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Matte black corrugated polycarbonate sheet is popular due to its impact resistance and inferior quality. Designed to be long-lasting which prevents the sheets from discoloration. Incredibly strong and flexible

Matte Black Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Matte black polycarbonate solid sheet offers shape stability and excellent resistance to weathering. Typically used as shields for police and security forces or eye protection visors for helmets.

Matte Black Sound Insulation Polycarbonate Sheet

Matte black sound insulation polycarbonate sheet is extruded from the most advanced materials. Guarantees great design flexibility and has stable properties. This will not easy to turn yellow and degrade.

Outdoor Inflatable Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Outdoor inflatable matte black polycarbonate sheet is capable to be thermoformed, vacuum formed, and bent. Widely used outdoors and is highly inflatable. Produced under the currently most advanced technology.

Twin Wall Matte Black Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Twin wall matte black polycarbonate hollow sheet can be cold-formed and curved into glazing profiles. Features a high ability to adsorb ultraviolet rays. Available with a twin wall structure with a matte black color.

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Why WeProFab Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a veteran and experienced manufacturer of matte black polycarbonate sheets. We have utilized advanced manufacturing tools and a complete production line. Here in Weprofab, we always produce reliable and functional products. We can provide an outstanding matte black polycarbonate sheet based on your specifications.

Weprofab matte black polycarbonate sheet is made from rare polycarbonate materials with a matte black finish. This sheet is mainly designed for a different range of applications. Moreover, a matte black polycarbonate sheet is manufactured with functional machines that ensure the best finish outputs.

Benefits of Weprofab Matte Black Polycarbonate Sheet

  • It is constructed with a hard and solid polycarbonate sheet.
  • They can be customized in different sizes.
  • Outstanding quality and long lifespan are guaranteed.
  • Provides reliable performance in most applications.
  • It has an excellent surface and finishing.
  • They are bendable and customizable.
  • It has nice sound insulation.
  • Anti UV light, lightweight, and energy-saving.

Typical Applications of Weprofab Matte Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Greenhouse
  • High-way sound insulation
  • Billboard
  • Security protection
  • Carport
  • Awning

Weprofab is the leading matte black polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China. We are committed to manufacturing high-end and long-lasting products. We can be your reliable partner and supplier for your matte black polycarbonate sheet requirements.

Producing a matte black polycarbonate sheet and other polycarbonate products is one of our business fields. Moreover, Weprofab is an ISO certifies who pass all quality tests. If you desire an excellent matte black polycarbonate sheet, you can find it on Weprofab.

Aside from matte black polycarbonate sheets, we also offer blue polycarbonate sheets, green polycarbonate sheets, clear polycarbonate sheets, and many more. We can produce different sizes, dimensions, and outlooks.

You can reach us anytime. We are happy to accept your orders, even your urgent orders. Here in Weprofab, your inquiries are our priority. We strive to meet your unique requirements and special needs.

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