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WeProFab is one of the leading reliable acrylic award manufacturers in China. As an expert, we worked hard to produce top of the line acrylic award for your business needs. We are able to supply a wide variety of acrylic awards that can be customized.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Award to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is one of the leading reliable acrylic award manufacturer in China. We offer high-quality acrylic awards that proven to be cost-effective. We make sure each item meets the promising quality level of a product.


Acrylic Award Manufacturer

WeProFab as one of the professional acrylic award supplier, we have full manufacturing capability to design products. We have state of the art equipment where all item is assembled.

Best Acrylic Award

WeProFab with rich expertise and knowledge in terms of production, we are able to produce best acrylic awards for any special requirements. Rest-assured quality and innovative items for your customers.

Acrylic Award Trophies

All acrylic award trophies can be made up of cast acrylic sheet or extruded acrylic sheet. You can design which one do you prefer according to your own application.


Custom Acrylic Award

Acrylic Awards can be customized to own design and specifications. With our largest selection of offered products, you can find the style and design, that fit your needs.

Printed Acrylic Award

WeProFab can offer printed acrylic award with our printing services in multiple colors. We can provide bespoke design awards with custom art print to meet your desired looks.

Acrylic Award Printing

Acrylic award printing is processed in our new technologically advanced machines. Our engineers make sure every little detail of your layout will met.

WeProFab: Your Premier Acrylic Award Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for all plastic fabrication.

WeProFab can design various designs and style of acrylic awards for you. We either use extruded acrylic sheet or cast acrylic sheet material using production. 

All of our acrylic awards have passed the main testing like RoHS, REACH, and UL. WeProFab strictly controls the quality of acrylic award. For your orders, please send us an inquiry today. We will give you back ideal product for you. 

Custom Acrylic Award to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colored Acrylic Award

If you need a colored acrylic award for your brand, you can always find a great solution in WeProFab. We can design elegant items with painted edges which make it classy and fashionable.

Acrylic Star Award

We, in WeProFab, can custom design you own acrylic star award based on your specification. We have full capability for customized items.

Diamond-shaped Acrylic Awards

WeProFab is your one-stop solution provider who can make your own stunning, perfect diamond-shaped acrylic awards. Rest-assured your customers would love to purchase your brand.

Acrylic Award Design

You can choose your own acrylic award design based on your requirements. We are able to accept OEM or ODM orders due to our rich experience.

Acrylic Award with Laser Engraving

Acrylic award with laser engraving is durable with an excellent finish. It is ideal as a gift, award, or prize. It is available in various thicknesses, shapes, and designs.

Appreciation Acrylic Award

Get cost-effective appreciation acrylic awards at Weprofab. Appreciation acrylic award design is crafted out of crystal clear acrylic. Personalize this award with the recipient’s name, company’s logo, or a message.

Beveled Flame Acrylic Awards

Our series of Beveled Flame Acrylic Awards are cut from extra thick 2″ high quality acrylic. It has a beveled face accessible in your choice of color such as blue, gold or purple reflective bottom!

Brown Acrylic Award

Get brown acrylic award for your business. It is design from durable and thick acrylic. It is carefully design and engraved the message you want to highlight.

Custom Acrylic Award

Custom acrylic award from Weprofab. Custom acrylic awards are a complete realization your brand. We can turn your logo into an amazing custom acrylic award with distinctive cuts, shapes, full color, and materials.

Diamond Acrylic Award

Choose diamond acrylic award color to delight recipients. It can simply align with your company colors. It is a modern, sleek and affordable award option. The base and riser of diamond acrylic award are made from ¾” acrylic.

Durable Acrylic Award

All series of Weprofab acrylic award made from unbreakable and high-impact acrylic materials. We can provide this award with unlimited wording, laser engraved or ultra-color option.

Emerald Acrylic Award

Emerald Acrylic Award has rich and elegant classic looks made from 1inch thick cast acrylic. Choose the thickness of materials, shapes, designs and color of your choice.

Modern Acrylic Award

You can find Modern Acrylic Award here at a very affordable rate. It is made from polished acrylic with quality digital print in full colour.

Monument Acrylic Award

Monument Acrylic Award is an award-worthy of momentous achievements. Personalized a note of recognition on this award. It is polished in dimensional angles.

Printed Acrylic Award

Printed Acrylic Award can be personalized in the various shape. We can print the message and tinted with colors like jade, red, green, etc.

Sculpted Acrylic Award

Sculpted acrylic award is designed from durable 2″ thick acrylic with your custom engraved message. There are lots of possibilities for this award to boom your business.

Silhouette Acrylic Award

Silhouette Acrylic Award is a cost-effective and beautiful award. It is crafted with a marbleized finish on the beveled section. It has a reflective front, however, translucent from the back.

Sky Blue Circular Acrylic Award

Sky Blue circular acrylic award is made of sky blue acrylic for a colorful award choice. Personalize the message and shapes according to your requests.

Watercolor Inspired Round Acrylic Award

Watercolor-inspired round acrylic award is a stunningly beautiful and perfect Award for any event or occasion such as appreciation, recognition, dedication, school awards, church awards, etc.

World of Gratitude Acrylic Award

World of gratitude acrylic award has a unique shaped, clear acrylic award. It is designed with a blue reflective base panel. It highlights the meticulosly laser-etched globe and message.

Yellow Acrylic Award

Get a yellow acrylic award that will match the color of your company logo.  A color-tinted award will make an exceptional piece, that everyone will adore.  Reward your team for their accomplishments.

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Acrylic Award Features

Higher Customization
Higher Customization

WeProFab acrylic award is available in different dimensions, designs, styles, and shapes. Moreover, it is easy and possible to engrave with messages, quotes, logos, or personalizations. 


Acrylic award is far much stronger than any glass. It is not easy to break into pieces. Besides, the acrylic award has a superior resistance from any damages and impacts. For being robust, it is recommended to create a perfect distinct award.

Cost-Effective Option
Cost-Effective Option

The acrylic award provides the most cost-effective alternatives. Due to its affordability, it can give practical use of budget in creating more aspiring designs. Therefore, it makes perfect suits for prestigious ceremonies and award shows.


The acrylic award can sustain any corrosive atmosphere, exposure from any elements and lights, or even if displayed for years, it will not lose its original design, gloss, and clarity. 

Why WeProFab Acrylic Award

Acrylic Award

Weprofab acrylic awards are elegant and classy. This makes a great choice for honor ceremony, business conference, and award presentation to company success. Weprofab can produce a wide range of acrylic awards. All types of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors are available for you to choose from.

Acrylic, as used for awards, makes strong, durable and lightweight awards. These acrylic awards can be with stands. Also, additional designs are significant to create the exact look of your awards. And matching with the theme of your events is obtainable. Weprofab acrylic awards can be printed and engraved in your text and logos according to your events. Our premium quality acrylic awards are offered at affordable prices. Making it the best deals if you are a budget-conscious.

Weprofab also customized acrylic awards in many shapes and sizes you dream about. Weprofab offers a complete package for your unique designed acrylic awards that suit your funds. We offer acrylic awards fit from simple awards to the most prestigious banquets. We are experts in all customizations for acrylic awards such as UV printing, photoengraving, pantograph, silkscreen, and pad printing.

Weprofab acrylic awards are equipped with modern designs and are crafted by advanced-tech machines. Innovative and modernize designs acrylic awards are what we offer for entertainment and conventions. These types of awards are used to honor outstanding personalities.

Weprofab acrylic awards are of high quality and tested in performance and durability. Our designers are specialists with years of experience in acrylic award fabrication. Weprofab is always ready to create the right acrylic award for your special presentations and can display important pieces of your legacy, badges, and any embedment you require. Wedprofab acrylic awards are perfect for sporting, corporate events, banquets and workplace anniversaries.

Over the years, Weprofab has been the most trusted manufacturer and distributor of plastic fabrication based in China. Weprofab employs a team of professional engineers who take great pride in their job and strive for excellence. We focus on creating outstanding products and on quick delivery anywhere you are.

Acrylic Award

Weprofab aims to be your provider and supplier and for your acrylic award needs. We assure you that we will give our best to give you the most unique designs and decors for acrylic awards. With our full service in our art department, your awards will definitely bring the WOW factor at any event and recognition.

Next, you need an acrylic award, let Weprofab be the company you choose. We are so glad to be the provider for all your acrylic fabrication needs, especially acrylic awards. Weprofab always guarantees that your purchasing experienced satisfied. Our goal is to give you 100% satisfaction. We will surely give the best quality and value for your upcoming events. Attract and motivate all your employees and customers with our beautifully designed acrylic awards.

Besides the acrylic awards fabrications, we can custom any other acrylic product like the acrylic box, acrylic mirror, acrylic signs and more.

For your questions, please feel free to contact us as we provide further details of the product and the services we do. Save Weprofab as your next acrylic awards distributor.

Acrylic Awards: The Complete FAQ Guide

Most corporations, business units, institutions, clubs, and charities often strategize means of recognizing individuals with exceptional contributions.

One of the most common ways of doing this in the recent past has been the use of customized acrylic awards.

So today, you’re going to learn how to choose the best acrylic award or acrylic trophy.

What is Acrylic Award?

These refer to types of trophies or plagues made from acrylic material and molded into numerous forms.

Acrylic awards offer a better alternative to the traditional crystal or glass awards.

Acrylic award

 Acrylic award

How do you Order for Acrylic Awards?

It is simple.

You, first of all, need to identify the actual type of acrylic awards that you need.

Of course, they come in different designs, shapes, sizes as well as finishing.

So you have to provide the specifications that meet your requirements as far as customization of the awards is concerned.

Once you provide this information, you can contact the manufacturer and make your order.

In most instances, leading manufacturers of acrylic awards such as WeProFab often have online platforms such as websites.

Such platforms allow you to make your order and details of the specifications easily.

In other instances, you can as well send inquiries or simply make a phone call.

Why choose Acrylic Awards?

Acrylic awards are an ideal choice for a wide range of reasons including the following;

Acrylic Award

Acrylic award

Numerous designs – Acrylic is arguably one of the materials that allow you with a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

They are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Thus, you are certain of customizing and complementing any institutional or business theme, name, or logo.

Extremely durable – Apparently, the acrylic material is naturally hardy compared to others such as glass.

This thus makes it possible for you to get a particular award, trophy, or plaque that is strong and can last for many years.

The messages, therefore, last for long hence allowing the awardee to feel more valued and appreciated given the quality of the award.

Highly customizable – It is also vital to know that acrylic is one of the best materials around that you can easily customize.

You can as well choose to have a message or slogan on the acrylic award.

Now, this is essential because you choose to modify the award to suit the individual, business, or even the specific role.

It is also an ideal factor because it gives you room to work within your budget.

Multifunctional – It is also possible to use acrylic awards for other purposes apart from awards and recognition.

In some instances, you may choose to utilize them as a paperweight.

In some other cases, you may use them as desk decoration, among others.

High quality – Acrylic awards are made from tested materials and proven fabrication processes.

This makes it possible to get a high-quality end product that meets all the stipulated quality standards that regulate the production of these items.

Relatively affordable – Acrylic awards are comparatively affordable compared to other types of awards, such as glass or crystal.

This, therefore, makes it an ideal choice, especially when working with a limited budget.

Where are Acrylic Awards used?

Acrylic trophy

 Acrylic trophy

In companies and business units in recognizing the particular individual employees that have displayed outstanding performance as far as specific aspect is concerned.

This is mostly done as a way of appreciating the efforts and input of such individuals and celebrating their achievements.

In schools and other learning institutions for rewarding students and teachers who have stood out in a particular field.

It could be a project or a specific learning area, as well as improvement, among others.

Acrylic awards can be given to individuals or groups.

In sports, acrylic awards are used to honor the top athletes in particular sporting areas for winning the competition or emerging among the best.

These awards are used as a sign of recognition of the efforts they put in the sporting area.

In the entertainment industry, acrylic awards are commonly given to the best performers in a particular category.

Some of such awards are in the music and movie entertainment sector.

Acrylic awards are also given in honorary functions such as social responsibility and volunteer projects, among others.

These awards are also used in business units and corporates for awarding best customers, shareholders, and other partners for outstanding support to the business.

This is usually common during the annual general meetings where such individuals or groups are recognized and appreciated.

The most crucial thing in this case, nonetheless, is to understand that most, if not all acrylic awards, are usually customized for that particular function.

That’s the essence since it helps in making the message realistic.

However, there are some instances that you can choose to work with general acrylic awards, depending on numerous factors.

Are Acrylic Awards Shatter Resistant?


The awards are made from acrylic material.

Now, this material is naturally hardy.

Also, during the manufacturing of acrylic awards, the manufacturers always ensure that they incorporate the acrylic between the other two materials.

This is what makes acrylic resistant shatterproof, which is vital because it enhances the durability and safety of the awards.

Are Acrylic Awards better than Glass Awards?

Broken glass award

 Broken glass award

Of course, yes.

Acrylic awards have a wide range of beneficial features compared to glass awards.

One is that acrylic awards offer excellent optical clarity, weatherability, dimensional stability, good impact strength, and resistance to various environmental factors.

Acrylic awards are also easy to engrave, relatively cheap than glass awards, can be personalized into multiple shapes, designs, and colors.

On the other hand, glass awards have sharper edges due to the engraving process used.

Additionally, glass awards tend to have a slight yellow or green tint on it, particularly when held up to the light.

So these and many more outrightly make acrylic awards better than glass awards.

What are Custom Cut Acrylic Awards Design Ideas?

Coloring – This mostly revolves around customizing the award using specific colors that reflect the theme, brand, or logo of the business or event.

Painting often provides classy and fashionable acrylic awards that match your requirements.

Shaping – It’s important to know that acrylic as a material is easy to fabricate.

It thus makes it possible for you to attain the particular shape of an acrylic award that best suit your requirements.

For instance, you can go for star-shaped, diamond-shaped, circular, rectangular, or any other particular shape.

Sizing – It is also another excellent acrylic award customization idea that you can use.

It merely implies that you can customize the award to specific sizes from small, medium, and big.

Remember, you can easily laser cut acrylic material to any size.

The essence of this is that it makes it ideal, especially when awarding the awardees in particular order.

Engraving – This is all about creating prints on the surface of the acrylic awards.

The purpose of this is to label the prize with a particular tailored message or information.

It helps in making the award valuable.

Other customization design ideas include UV printing, pad printing, silkscreen, pantograph, and photoengraving, among others.

Is there Size Limitation for Acrylic Awards?


Acrylic awards come in various sizes depending on the requirements or needs of the customer.

It is thus difficult to restrict the acrylic awards into a particular size.

The benefit of this is that it makes it possible for you to obtain a wide range of these items for different functions and categories.

What is the Production Lead Time for Custom Acrylic Awards?

Production lead time for custom acrylic awards is dependent on a wide range of factors.

For instance, you have to determine the extent of customization, quantity required as well as the other finer details.

However, in most situations, the average WeProFab’s production lead time for customized acrylic awards is between 1 to 7 days.

How do you Engrave Custom Acrylic Awards?

First of all, you need to understand that you can engrave different elements on acrylic awards.

And the process for engraving these different elements also tends to vary.

Therefore, you need to be particular if at all, you want to attain the best results.

In general, though, engraving custom acrylic awards is not necessarily tricky, especially if you have all the relevant items and tools.

Nonetheless, you ought to know that you can use several techniques to engrave custom acrylic awards.

In this case, though, I’ll tell you how to engrave this item using the drilling technique, which relatively common.

  • Masking off – It is ideal to ensure that you mask the entire surface of the particular acrylic award that you’d wish to engrave using masking tape. Masking off helps in enhancing the safety of the prize as well as allowing you to follow the template easily.
  • Drawing the template – Once you mask off the surface of the item, you can now choose to draw or trace the particular design you want to engrave. It could be a variety of elements, including message, picture, photo, etc.
  • Cut out – Now, at this stage, all you need to do is use a sharp knife to cut out the specific areas that you’ll engrave. And this is where using the masking tape makes the entire project easy since it gives you the leads.
  • Start engraving – Using your power tool, gently stroke the acrylic award across the areas that you removed the tape. Allow the engraving tool to perform this task accordingly.
  • Polish and display – Now take the acrylic award and polish it appropriately. This enables it to have a clear, smooth, uniform, and appealing surface. It is as simple as that. Furthermore, you also need to know that this process highlighted above is somehow manual for DIY projects. There are, however, other advanced techniques that are commonly used, especially in mass production of engraved acrylic awards.

What is the Benefit of Custom Imprinted Acrylic Awards?

Custom acrylic award

 Custom acrylic award

  • They act as powerful reminders to the awardees irrespective of the sphere.

Custom imprinted acrylic awards enable the fellows to manifest a positive association concerning the scope of the prize.

Moreover, it also allows the recipients to have a connection with the scope long after receiving it.

  • Custom imprinted acrylic awards also tend to serve as a reminder to the awardees that they can continuously keep up their efforts.

Since it is customized, the reminder energizes the employee’s vitality.

It enhances productivity at the workplace and more enthusiasm in that particular sphere.

  • Many people will always see the customized acrylic award, especially if it’s kept at a workplace where people and other employees frequent.

This, therefore, makes other people who possibly did not receive the award also to put in more effort to achieve the same in the future.

  • Custom imprinted acrylic awards help in distinguishing different categories, which makes more sense when awarding.

Essentially, it makes every awardee to feel appreciated and recognized uniquely.

  • They also provide an affordable and fun way of celebrating a wide range of achievements. The fact that they are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes makes it easy for you to craft these awards for any event or occasion.

How do you Size Custom Acrylic Awards?

Acrylic awards

 Custom acrylic awards

Sizing, in this case, is fundamentally about ensuring that the custom acrylic award fits the requirements, especially as far as the actual size is concerned.

Several ways can be used to size acrylic awards, depending on numerous factors.

There is a power cutting tool that most manufacturers often use.

Such a tool helps in shaping the acrylic award to the required size.

All you need in this case is to ensure that you have marked the correct dimensions of the award, and you’ll be good to go.

Do Acrylic Awards come in Individual Gift Box?

This depends on the type of packaging, as well as your specific requirements as the client.

Some manufacturers would deliver the awards for the clients to package, whereas some would ensure that they package them accordingly.

But in most cases, custom acrylic awards often come in individual gift boxes.

What makes Acrylic Trophies superior to other Materials?

Acrylic trophies are made from a combination of acrylic elements and other materials.

Naturally, the acrylic material is known to be hardy in regards to resistance to impact, temperature as well as scratches, among others.

This, of course, gives it incredible durability, which is vital, especially for trophies since these act as life-long objects.

Furthermore, acrylic material also has an excellent light transmission, and it also shiner than other materials, which enhances the aesthetic value of its trophy.

What’s more, is that acrylic trophies are also lightweight and have excellent dimensional stability.

Now, these are some of the features that make it stand out when compared to other materials.

How do you choose the Acrylic Award Design?

When choosing acrylic awards design, several factors come to play, which is critical to always keep in mind.

Some of the vital factors include the following;

Purpose – Ideally, each acrylic award needs to reflect the specific achievement that you are rewarding.

For instance, it could be as a result of encouraging achievement, showing gratitude, marking service, or dedication, among others.

Thus the particular design needs to be a representation of the specific purpose of the award.

Aesthetic – A suitable acrylic award design also needs to factor in the attraction side of it.

This is to merely imply that it needs to be appealing to the eye in one way or the other.

Mostly, you can attain this by integrating several factors, such as finding the right shape, size, color, embedment, or engraving, among others.

Budget – It is also necessary to ensure that the acrylic award design you are choosing is in line with the budge of your organization.

The importance of this is that it makes it possible for you to go to specific designs that will not hinder your budget.

Quality – One essential aspect when it comes to choosing acrylic awards is always making sure that you go for high-quality material.

Remember, acrylic comes in different types.

So it is necessary to ensure that the particular brand you’re selecting is of absolute quality.

Represents the purpose and image of organization – The design you are selecting should also be consistent with the purpose and brand of the organization.

This helps in strengthening the brand and, at the same time, creating a stable emotional connection between the organizational image and the awardee.

How do you Build Acrylic Awards?

It starts by pouring acrylic casting resin into a particular mold, depending on your preference.

While at it, you can decide to include embedment in the resin.

This is essential since it helps in creating the effect of enabling the item to float within the acrylic statue.

It then allows you to form a wide range of shapes, sizes as well as colors.

What are Entrapments in Custom Acrylic Awards?

Entrapments primarily refer to the types of elements used for encasing a certificate, photo, or 2D objects in a personalized acrylic award in a wonderful way.

They come in different forms depending on the particular function such as graduation, memorials, birthdays, and retirements, among others.

How much do Acrylic Awards Cost?

Well, there is no definitive cost of acrylic awards.

It is all dependent on a wide range of factors which include the complexity of the task, the design, size as well as the level of customization.

However, the general cost of most acrylic awards ranges from $10 to $30.

In some instances, however, some would cost up to $200 or more.

What is Custom Cut Acrylic Awards?

Custom acrylic awards

Custom acrylic awards

It refers to the type of award made from acrylic material and personalized to suit the specific requirement, size, design, and the purpose of the award.

It mainly features elements that enable the awardee to connect with the award from a personal perspective.

What are Custom Design Options there for Acrylic Awards?

· Embedment’s

It refers to the art of setting particular objects or images inside the acrylic award hence making it appear like they are floating inside the award.

Embedment is an ideal way of showcasing an object that is meaningful to the purpose of the specific acrylic award.

It emphasizes the intended communication objective of the particular acrylic award.

· Entrapments

Entrapment is principally used as encasing elements of the acrylic awards as a way of enhancing the personalization and aesthetics of the award.

· Color Fills Acrylic Awards

This is primarily about using specific colors in painting the acrylic award.

Coloring acrylic awards is vital since it provides a personal touch on the award.

It is also an ideal way of enhancing or promoting the image of the organizational or business brand.

Additionally, coloring also plays a significant role in strengthening the emotional attachment of the awardee towards the institution as well as the award.

· Engraving Acrylic Awards

It is the act of removing a small amount of material from the original acrylic award and gently etching the surface to incorporate a personalized image, symbol, or image.

It is apparently one of the commonly used custom design options for numerous acrylic awards.

· Custom Shapes Acrylic Trophies

This is about customizing the acrylic trophies to suit a particular shape.

Acrylic trophies can take various ways, such as diamond, star, circle, triangle, and any other available geometrical shape.

The essence of customized shapes is basically to have a uniqueness in your acrylic awarding system.

Which Printing Options does WeProFab Provide for Custom Acrylic Awards?

· UV Printing Acrylic Awards

This printing option allows the acrylic awards to be UV resistant as well as preventing it from yellowing even if it stays for an extended period.

It thus implies that you’ll have acrylic awards that are suitable even for outdoor settings without compromising the quality and aesthetics of the same.

· Photoengraving Acrylic Awards

It involves the printing of personalized images on the surface of the acrylic award.

WeProFab has hi-tech machines that make photoengraving of acrylic awards yield a fast, efficient, and high-quality results.

· Pantograph Acrylic Awards

It involves the use of devices designed to copy an image, message, or logo on a different scale in an inventive and straightforward solution.

· Silkscreen Acrylic Awards

It involves printing of images, logo, and message, among others, on the acrylic award using a spot of special ink that adheres to the slick surface.

WeProFab has the machines and expertise of silk-screening acrylic awards to yield the best results.

· Pad Printing Acrylic Awards

It is the printing process commonly used for transferring a 2D image onto a 3D acrylic award.

To accomplish this, WeProFab uses a gravure printing process, which mainly involves transferring of the image to the acrylic award.

How do you check the Quality of Acrylic Award Designs?

There are specific quality standard measures that every acrylic award design needs to pass.

Most of these standard measures are outlines in various approved organization’s policies such as RoHS, UL, and REACH, among others.

You thus need to get certification from the manufacturer, proving that the acrylic award conforms to all the required quality standards.

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