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Acrylic Stand

At Weprofab, we are one of the prominent acrylic stand provider. We professionally create and design acrylic stand for more than 20 years. If you have plans in purchasing an acrylic stand for your business needs, contact Weprofab.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Stand Delight Your Customers

Being one of the largest and well-known producers of acrylic stand, you pick your desired acrylic stand in our top lists.

Acrylic Display Stand

Weprofab acrylic display stand is tremendous in displaying any kinds of products, particularly in your retail store. A lot of forms are available, you can choose yours.

Acrylic Clear Stand

Weprofab acrylic clear stands are excellent in showcasing your products and it is fit in any counter table that easily notice by the customers.

Promotional Acrylic Stand

Weprofab offers unique acrylic stand that are best in promoting your products. We have a lot of acrylic stands that can offer to you.

T-shape Acrylic Stand

At Weprofab, different sizes of acrylic stand are being offered in a very affordable prices. Weprofab provides outstanding acrylic stand to its customers.

Acrylic Headphone Stand

Weprofab can provide an attractive acrylic headphone stand that helps to highlight your different kinds of headphones on your customers.

Acrylic Pedestal Stand

If you are looking for the optimum way of displaying your products, Weprofab recommend an acrylic pedestal stand. This is ideal for your store.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Stand Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab produces thousands of acrylic stands that can offer to our loyal customers. We can able to provide acrylic stands like acrylic shoe display stand, adjustable acrylic stand, acrylic computer monitoring stand, and many more.

Send your inquiry today; we will response immediately!

Custom Acrylic Stand to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Shoe Display Stand

Weprofab acrylic shoe display stand is very useful for your businesses. Because of its durability, you can able to put big or small kinds of shoes to display.

Adjustable Acrylic Stand

If you are needing adjustable acrylic stand Weprofab is your ultimate solution. It is more flexible stand which is best for your application.

Acrylic Computer Monitoring Stand

If you have internet cafe Weprofab acrylic computer monitoring stand is great option to use on your computer.

Floor-standing Acrylic Display Stand

Our floor-standing acrylic display is not only durable, it also looks shiny and glossy. Weprofab is an expert acrylic stand manufacturer.

Counter Top Acrylic Stand

Weprofab can able to customize your countertop acrylic stand desired. You can feel satisfy with our excellent products and services.

3-Tier Acrylic Display Riser Stand

The 3-tier acrylic display riser stand can be used at home or for vendor display. It can be used for storing or displaying toys, collectibles, nail polish, cologne, action figures, essential oils, rock collection, and many more. It has high transparency, strong plasticity, and a modern design.

T-Shape Clear Acrylic Menu Stand with Black Base

The t-shape clear acrylic menu stands with a black base are made of clear acrylic material. Due to that, they can give 360° visibility and full-view display for the menus, price cards, flyers, photographers, and so on. They are widely used in many restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc.

Walkway Pedestal Mirrored Acrylic Wedding Stand

The walkway pedestal mirrored acrylic wedding stand is perfect to use in weddings, graduation parties, baby showers, birthday parties, and other celebrations. It exudes pure elegance and unmatchable class. It has a glistening design, great durability, premium quality, and modern design.

Vertical L-Shaped Acrylic Clear Sign Holder Display Stand

The vertical L-shaped acrylic display stand can be used in restaurants, jewelry stores, coffee shops, supermarkets, and other stores. It is featuring high clarity, slant back design, easy insertion, free-standing design, and high durability. It can be inserted with price cards, flyers, signs, menus, and so on.

Acrylic Scrunchie Bracelets Display Holder Stand

The acrylic scrunchie bracelets display holder stand has a clear design, great impact resistance, and light weight. It can hold a lot of bracelets, scrunchies, hair ties, hair bands, bangles, and other jewelry and hair accessories. It can be used at home, stores, malls, supermarkets, and many more.

Custom Celebrity Anime Acrylic Stand

The custom celebrity anime acrylic stand has smooth edges, high clarity, great durability, and weather resistance. It can be imprinted with your custom designs. Moreover, it is made of premium, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and 100% clear acrylic material.

Clear Acrylic Doughnut Stand

The clear acrylic doughnut stands are made of high-quality, non-toxic, food-grade, and durable acrylic material. They are suitable for holding doughnuts, pretzels, bagels, and other baked goods or desserts that have holes in the center. They can be used in bakeshops, stores, during birthday parties, and more.

Acrylic Book Reading Stand

The acrylic book reading stand is sturdy, resistant to rust, and lightweight enough to be carried wherever you want. It is widely used in libraries, schools, and even at home. It has an X-shape design and can be used for holding a book, recipe book, small artworks, music book, and many more.

Clear Acrylic Flower Stand

The clear acrylic flower stand can be used as dessert table decorations, wedding aisle décor, wedding table centerpieces, walkway decorations, party decorations, and so on. It will make your party look more elegant and appealing. It has a very elegant design, stable columns, and is not easy to break.

Clear Acrylic Card Stand

The clear acrylic card stands are widely used in many restaurants, weddings, banquets, parties, buffets, and other events. They have high transparency, polished edge, high gloss surface, and high resistance to discoloration and fading. They can hold card cases, table numbers, menu cards, price cards, and so on.

Acrylic Lipstick Makeup Display Stand

The acrylic lipstick makeup display stands are commonly used in shopping malls, cosmetics stores, at home, and other specialty stores. They have many compartments that can be used to hold and display lipsticks, mascara, lip gloss, eyebrow pens, and other cosmetics.

T-Shape Magnetic Acrylic Menu Stand

The T-shape magnetic acrylic menu stand is suitable for A4, A5, or A6-sized menu cards, price cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and more. It is made from crystal-clear, superior quality, and durable acrylic plastic. It is also designed with strong magnetic clips at the corners. You can use them in restaurants, weddings, reception areas, and many more.

Clear Acrylic Brochure Stands

The clear acrylic brochure stands can be placed on desks, countertops, and other flat surfaces. They are widely used in hotels, restaurants, reception areas, schools, and many more. They have a clear surface so people can see the brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, flyers, tri-folds, and other literature from afar.

Mirrored Hexagon Acrylic Table Number Stand

The mirrored hexagon acrylic table number stands are ideal to use for anniversary parties, wedding receptions, dining at a restaurant, baby showers, and other occasions so the guests will know what table they will sit at. They have long-lasting strength, elegant design, freestanding design, and light weight.

Clear Acrylic Display Stand for Collectibles

The clear acrylic display stand can be used for displaying gemstones, rock specimens, coral pieces, crystals, seashells, geode, agates, and many more. It is widely used in showrooms, offices, homes, and more. It has an elegant base, durable arms, high transparency, and non-yellowing features.

Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Display Stand

The acrylic ice cream cone display stand is made from highly transparent, non-toxic, eco-friendly, food-grade, and thickened acrylic material. It is a beautiful way of displaying ice cream. It can be used in ice creams stores, wedding parties, birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, etc. It has great stability and can hold the cones very well.

Hanging Crystal Bead Acrylic Cupcake Tower Stand

The hanging crystal bead acrylic cupcake tower stand will elegantly and beautifully display the cupcakes and other desserts at your wedding party, birthday party, and other special events. It is made from durable, crystal-clear, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and food-safe acrylic material.

Clear Acrylic Belt Display Stand

The clear acrylic belt display stands can be used at home or retail stores. It is perfect for displaying belts and other leather goods. It is scratch-resistant, highly transparent, lightweight, and stable. It also has a high gloss surface, resistance to chemicals, and great weather resistance.

Clear Acrylic Watch Display Stand

The clear acrylic watch display stands are perfect for showcasing your watch, bracelet, cuff, and more. They are widely used in watch stores, shopping malls, at home, and other retail stores. They have a modern look, high clarity, high hardness surface, and do not yellow easily.

Rotating Acrylic Hair Extension Display Stand

The rotating acrylic hair extension display stand is suitable to use in hair salons, shopping malls, or at home. It can hold individual or bundled hair extensions. Also, it has great sturdiness, high transparency, and the capability to resist high temperatures. It is very space-saving, lightweight, and easy to carry.

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Why WeProFan Acrylic Stand

Weprofab is a China base company that provides all kinds of acrylic products to any retailer or distributor business worldwide. We provide high value of acrylic stand in displaying their merchandise to the people in public.

Our acrylic stands includes clear, promotional, T-shape acrylic stand, pedestal acrylic stand, adjustable acrylic stand and many more. If you need acrylic stand for your business, Weprofab is your top acrylic stand provider.

Acrylic Stand

We manufacture acrylic stand in displaying different food, jewelry, used in a trade shows, and art exhibits. These are ideal in protecting different objects and to maintain its cleanliness against dust and other particles.

There’s no hard in cleaning acrylic stand since you can clean it using  tissue or sponge to return it to a new look again. The acrylic stands are not easy to scratch compare to other materials so you no need to worry.

Acrylic Stand

Most of the retailer or distributors prefer to use acrylic stands because it has the capacity in providing or promoting your products.  The acrylic stand can bring various benefits for those who use these because it is the best ways in promoting your products.

When you need acrylic stands, Weprofab is glad to provide the most outstanding quality of this stand. We can able to help of which kind of stand suits your desired applications. Weprofab is an expert plastic fabricator and as of that, we are confident to offer our acrylic stands and other acrylic products.

Acrylic Stand

Since the acrylic stand is not easy to scratch, so we can package carefully and deliver your orders with recurring the safety of your orders. If you have urgent needs, no more worries because Weprofab has many of stock of acrylic needs for your urgent needs.

Aside from acrylic stand, we also manufacture acrylic pedestal stand, acrylic stand holder, display risers, wall holder, acrylic desk organizers, and many more

Send us a message for your next acrylic stand orders!

What is an Acrylic Stand?

The acrylic stand is a fixture used for displaying items or goods.

They are stands made from transparent acrylic material. 

Acrylic stands added attracted visual effects for your selling products.

Where Can We Use Acrylic Stands?

The acrylic stands have broad applications, including:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Retail stores
  • Businesses who promote products with brochures
  • Bakery
  • Restaurants
  • Home displays
  • Shopping malls
  • Exclusive stores
What are the Advantages of Acrylic Stands?

The following are multiple advantages of having acrylic stands.

Attractive Appearance

The acrylic-made stands offer an attractive appearance due to their glossy and high-transparency features.

You can also have colored acrylic stands that give fashionable effects.

You can also choose suitable styles, sizes, and colors you like.

Weather and Acid-Base Resistant

A good thing for acrylic-made stands is not quickly fade or get yellow even used over the years. 

Low Weight

Acrylic-made stands have half a weight compared to glass ones.

High Impact Resistance

The acrylic stand has about 18 times more impact resistance capacity than glass.

Longer Lifespan

This acrylic stands last longer compared to wooden or metallic stands.

They usually last 5 to 10 years long.

Easy to Clean

You only have a few materials and simple cleaning acrylic stands procedures.

Clean them once or twice a month.


The acrylic-made stands are more inexpensive than stands made from wood or metallic.

What are the Proper Solutions when Cleaning Acrylic Stands?

There are numerous procedures for cleaning acrylic stands.

It depends on acrylic stand designs and the dirt you will remove.

  1. Oil stains on acrylic stands are removed by cotton or cloth with white wine. Smoothly wipe it until a brighter appearance is achieved.
  2. When removing dirt from golden-edged acrylic stands, use a towel with beer. 
  3. You can wipe-off paint and dirt with vinegar.
  4. You can also use a soft cloth to soak the acrylic stand in water with alcohol. And wipe again with a clean cloth.
  5. To scrub the acrylic stand, apply chalk water. Dry and wipe with a cloth for easy polishing and removing dirt.
  6. Blue enamel water maximizes the brightness of acrylic stands.
  7. To remove dust, use a damp cloth. Wipe with waste newspaper.
  8. A few ammonia drops in hot soapy water can remove the wax in acrylic stands.
  9. Sliced onion is also ideal for removing dirt and increasing acrylic stand brightness.
  10. During winter, salted water in a damp cloth can remove frost on the acrylic stand surface.
Are Acrylic Stands Durable?

Yes, it is.

Stands made from acrylic are highly durable and last for an extended period.

Acrylic materials are approximately unbreakable compared to other materials.

Are Acrylic Stands Available in Various Shapes?

The acrylic materials used for acrylic stands are flexible.

It can be formed into various shapes you desire.

A lot of manufacturer offers customized acrylic stand shapes.

You can choose the most suitable shapes and designs for your stores.

What are the Factors to Consider When Purchasing Acrylic Stands?

Before buying acrylic stands, many factors have to consider, including:

  • Raw Material Grade

Acrylic materials have two options – the intruded and cast acrylic.

You can also check if it offers 92% light transmittance.

  • Production Crafts

There are two methods for forming acrylic stands, which includes:

Connection Gluing – Make sure there’s no overflowing glue, created adequately and safe to assemble.

Edge Grinding – Look for well-polished edges o acrylic stands. 

The smooth edge acrylic stands are easy and safer to use.          

  • Thickness

It would help consider the acrylic stand thickness or sizes suit your applications. 

  • Stability

Know the stability of your purchasing acrylic stand. 

Not stable stands easily break when carrying your heavy products.

  • Color

It is also important to consider colors when purchasing acrylic stands. 

Colors can add beautification and attraction to your stores.

You can choose the best color that matches your selling items.

What Sizes of Acrylic Stand Should I Choose?

If you desire to hold products in various weights, choose 3mm and 5mm acrylic stand thickness.

The 2mm thick acrylic stand is perfect for displaying light products like cards or brochures.

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