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Green Acrylic Sheet

A green acrylic sheet is a green-tinted sheet made of 100% acrylic plastics. They are ten times stronger compared to glass. Weprofab green acrylic sheet is also long-lasting and shatterproof. Thereby, this makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor projects. In Weprofab, you can choose different sizes and finishes for your green acrylic sheets.

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Weprofab green acrylic sheets are a great alternative to glass because they are durable, strong, and have exact dimensions. For these reasons, they are perfect for any greenhouse or architectural project. Green acrylic sheets are your best option due to recyclability, durability, and versatility properties.

Transparent Green Acrylic Sheet

The transparent green acrylic sheet has a temperature range from -30 to 160° F. This also has superb outdoor weathering and Uv stability.

Glossy Rectangular Green Acrylic Sheet

Glossy rectangular green acrylic sheets can’t be easily affected by sun or salt spray. Plus, they are completely recyclable and FDA-approved.

Laser Protective Acrylic Sheet

These are top-grade laser protected acrylic sheets. They also have a matte green color, are lightweight, 100% recyclable, and cost-effective.

Green Perspex Acrylic Plastic Sheet

Green perspex acrylic plastic sheets are economically friendly, cost-effective, easy to clean, and has superior weathering features.

Cast Green Acrylic Sheet

Cast green acrylic sheet is perfect for outdoor purposes. They are ideally used for bulletproof windows and advertising.

Cut-to-Size Green Acrylic Sheet

Cut-to-size green acrylic sheets are ideally used to manufacture photo frames, bathroom splashbacks, table protectors, shelves, signage, etc.

Pearlescent Lime Green Acrylic Sheet

Pearlescent lime green acrylic sheet is achieved through a special blend of casting procedure and pearlescent shade. They can add sophistication to every application.

Parrot Green Acrylic Sheet

The parrot green acrylic sheet has superior weathering and UV resistance properties. They also have excellent abrasive protection and stable dimensions.

Opaque Green Acrylic Sheet

Opaque green acrylic sheets are ideal for signs and further creative purposes. Compared to other acrylics, they can be also easily built and cut.

WeProFab: Your Leading Green Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Green acrylic sheets are made of 100% pure acrylics. Their durability, strength, and break-resistance properties make them ideal for commercial, home, and many further projects. However, they are 100% recycled and observes to ISO 7823.1.

In Weprofab, well-assured to get high-quality green acrylic sheets. This sheeting owned further quality properties over other plastic sheets. They provide far more resilience.

Custom Green Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Brand

Square Green Acrylic Sheet

Square green acrylic sheets can be combined with technologies, such as anti-static, anti-glare, anti-graffiti, anti-scratch, and many more.

Round Green Acrylic Sheet

Round green acrylic sheet is perfect for outdoor applications. These are environmentally friendly, ideal for outdoor roofing and window uses.

Green Edge Acrylic Sheet

Green edge acrylic sheet is completely recyclable and reusable. Plus, they have an excellent surface appearance, hardness, and rigidity.

3MM Green Acrylic Sheet

3mm green acrylic sheet has extreme durability and strength. They are  food-safe, completely fire-rated, UV stable, and have an excellent aesthetic finish.

Green Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Green mirror acrylic sheets offer numerous features and advantages. These are  6-7 times more impact protected than glass.

Translucent Green Acrylic Sheet

A translucent green acrylic sheet is more durable than glass. Plus, these are safer, more durable, safe to fabricate, and have extreme impact resistance.

Light Green Acrylic Sheet

The light green acrylic sheet is high-quality. They are designed to resist damaging UV rays when used for outdoor roofing.

Green Flourescent Acrylic Sheet

Green fluorescent acrylic sheet is the perfect option for greenhouses. They are also transparent, UV stable, toxic-free, and weather resistant.

Lime Green Acrylic Sheet

Lime green acrylic sheet is lightweight and easy to install. They are used for greenhouses. They can withstand any weather conditions.

Hexagon Green Acrylic Sheet

Hexagon green acrylic sheet offers outstanding clarity, strength, and rigidity. Also, they have excellent weathering properties over other plastic sheets.

2MM Green Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 2mm green acrylic sheet provides excellent outdoor weathering. They are also easy to fabricate. Plus, they have good surface rigidity.

Green Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Green glitter acrylic sheet is greater than most plastic sheets. They offer good chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and are food-safe.

Double-Sided Green Acrylic Sheet

Double-sided green acrylic sheets are far stronger than glass. Their resilience makes them preferable to use as table signs.

Green Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Green mirror acrylic sheets are used as kitchen splashbacks, photo frames, bathroom splash guards, POS displays, etc. They are 17X stronger than other sheets.

Frosted Green Acrylic Sheet

Frosted green acrylic sheet is known for its non-glare matte finish. Their surface finish offers scratches and fingerprints protection.

Neon Green Acrylic Sheet

Neon green acrylic sheets have brilliant and eye-catching colors. They are more inventive options than glass. Also, they are ideal for use in lighting, signs, display, and more.

Metallic Green Acrylic Sheet

Metallic green acrylic sheet owns a great electrical insulator and weathering properties. They are often the first choice due to their low-cost and durability.

Yellow Green Acrylic Sheet

The thickness of yellow green acrylic sheet ranges from 0.8mm – 100mm. They are well-known for their incredible aesthetic characteristics.

Emerald Pearl Rainforest Green Acrylic Sheet

Emerald pearl rainforest green acrylic sheet has a deep green tint and watery rainforest design texture. Plus, they feature scratch and fingerprints resistance.

Green LED Acrylic Sheet

Green LED acrylic sheets to feature authentic color variation, great weather resistance, food-safe, lightweight, and excellent versatility.  They are a better option for retail units.

Twin Wall Green Acrylic Sheet

Twin wall green acrylic sheet characterizes a hollow structure with high light transmission. Offers high impact strength making it a perfect material for greenhouse applications. Optimizes thermal insulation.

Textured Green Acrylic Sheet

A Textured green acrylic sheet is available in different shades. Engineered using lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant acrylic. Arrives with a textured surface and excellent aesthetic qualities. Ideal for signage and display applications.

Marble Green Acrylic Sheet

Marble green acrylic sheet keeps the natural beauty of any manufactured products. Equipped with earthy designs with a unique blend of shades. Applicable in window awnings, and solar shades.

Patterned Green Acrylic Sheet

Patterned green acrylic sheet is an excellent material choice for various industries. Offers UV resistance and protection against discoloration. Accessible with distinct patterns and easy to cut, clean, and maintain.

Glitter Green Acrylic Sheet

Glitter green acrylic sheet features deep and complex glitter characteristics. Includes an emerald shine making it perfect for crafting, jewelry making, and display applications. Comes in green color.

Light Diffuser Green Acrylic Sheet

The light diffuser green acrylic sheet is admired for having excellent efficiency and outstanding LED hiding ability. Made with environmentally friendly and premium quality acrylic. Widely used in led light fixtures and digital photo frames.

2mm Green Acrylic Sheet

2mm green acrylic sheet can be used for a range of DIY and professional projects. Crafted with top-quality acrylic and has exceptional weatherability, clarity, and versatility. Offered with improved weather resistance.

5mm Green Acrylic Sheet

5mm green acrylic sheet can be cut, drilled, shaped, and machined to the exact requirements. Designed to stabilize UV and offers excellent weatherability. Offers optimum impact resistance and is easy to clean.

8mm Green Acrylic Sheet

8mm green acrylic sheet is built to offer high tolerance and excellent thickness. Available with 8mm thickness with a greater impact resistance than any other sheets. Offers high resistance to discoloration.

Lacerable Green Acrylic Sheet

Lacerable green acrylic sheet is widely used in glazing, temporary sound barriers, and illuminated signs. Offer superior visual clarity and exceptional weather resistance. Lacerable and can be installed quickly.

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What are the Key Features of Green Acrylic Sheets?

Green acrylic sheets provide many aesthetic qualities over other materials. This makes them popular for a wide range of applications.

Green Acrylic Sheet
Green Acrylic Sheet

The following are key features of green acrylic sheets:

  • Maintainable

Green acrylic sheets are easy to maintain. Only microfibre cloth and warm soapy water are required to certify a sterile result. You can also varnish a green acrylic sheet to clear up any scratches.

  • Food Safe

Weprofab green acrylic sheets are made of food-safe acrylic materials. This allows them to maintain cleanliness and easily maintain. Hence, our green acrylic sheets are perfect use in kitchens, both professional and domestic, as splashbacks, tabletop covers, and worktop savers.

  • Weather Resistant

Green acrylic sheets are extremely weather and UV-resistant. For this reason, they can withstand the most critical weather settings, damaging sun rays, or salty spray. Also, this makes them ideal for outdoor purposes, like for secondary glazing or illuminated signs.

  • Highly Versatile

10 times stronger compared to glass, our green acrylic sheets are shatterproof making them best used in outdoor and indoor projects. Their versatility can last at least 20 years of continuous use. The green acrylic sheets also have high-quality properties, making them the best material to work with.

  • Lightweight

However, green acrylic sheets are also known for their lightweight properties. They weigh half to a glass pane, making transportation and installation easier.

Where to Use Green Acrylic Sheets?

Green acrylic sheets offer versatile and diversified properties. This makes them applicable in many industrial, residential, professional, and commercial applications.

  1. Constructive uses: noise-proof windows and doors, shop windows, telephone booths, lighting shades, and more.
  2. Commercial applications: signs, lightboxes, exhibit racks, etc.
  3. Pharmaceutical applications: many surgical pharmaceutical appliances, baby incubators, civilian items: cosmetics, aquariums, bathroom spaces, brackets, etc.
  4. Transportation usage: automobiles, windows, and doors of trains, and further vehicles.
  5. Industrial usage: safety covers and instrument surface panels, etc.
  6. Green acrylic sheet for swimming pools and fish tanks.
  7. Lighting usage: ceiling fixture, fluorescent lamps, street lamp-shade, and more.
How Process Green Acrylic Sheets?

Green acrylic sheets provide excellent processing properties. They can be processed in two ways:

  • Thermoformed processing: vacuum molding, blow molding, compression molding
  • Mechanical processing: cutting, drilling, turning, etc.

The mechanical engraving and cutting directed by a microcomputer not only enhances the processing precision but also makes shapes and patterns. Moreover, the green acrylic sheets can be laser engraved and laser cut to make unique effects.

What are the Available Thickness and Size of Green Acrylic Sheet?

We offer different sizes and thickness variations of green acrylic sheets.

For the sizes available, here are your references:

  • 4 x 8
  • 48 x 96
  • 24 x 36
  • Cut to size

Green Mirror Acrylic Sheet

For the thickness variation, here is your reference:

  • 1mm
  • 2mm
  • ½ inch
  • 1/8 inch
  • 1/4 inch
  • 3/8 inch
  • 3/16 inch
  • 3mm
Does Green Acrylic Sheet Breaks Easily?

A sheeting solution with excellent strength is most required nowadays. Good thing, Weprofab green acrylic sheets are break-proof.

They are the best sheeting option to install in a hurricane-prone region, where there are large dogs or anxiety about strangers breaking in.

Weprofab green acrylic sheets have 17X the impact toughness than a glass. This means you need a strong force to break acrylic over a glass.

For this reason, they are a popular option to use as window panes.

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