• IR Sensor Lens

IR Sensor Lens

WeProFab has been a leading global manufacturer and supplier of IR Sensor Lens. We can custom your IR Sensor Lens according to your request and business needs. We can provide one-stop solutions to help your process fast and straightforward and help you save money and time. We have the proficiency to guarantee our IR Sensor Lens that you requested in first-rate that passed the product examination. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your inquiries!

Get WeProFab IR Sensor Lens to Delight Your Customers

At WeProFab, you can get a wide variety of IR Sensor Lens options. We provide free samples to help you get more ideas perfect for your final applications and purposes. We can help you boost your brand with our high-class bubble acrylic supplies.

780nm IR Sensor Lens

It is composed of multiple lenses assembled. Through the person’s lateral movement, the human body’s thermal energy passes through the single lens to another lens.

Circular IR Sensor Lens

This lens reduces the field of view of your sensor to 30 degrees. Suitable for use with all temperature sensors with a wide FOV, including 90degree.

Custom Infrared IR Sensor Lens

This lenses are the perfect choice for various applications, including solar cell inspection and night vision imaging.

IR Sensor Filter Lens

It is heat-absorbing filters, allow IR mid-infrared wavelengths while blocking visible light.

Night Vision IR Sensor Lens

5MP night vision camera with 2 PCS IR sensor lights, support infrared night vision function.

Squared Long Pass IR Sensor Lens

The Squared Long Pass IR Sensor Lens has a (JST) Connector. This sensor is great for sensing objects up to 5 feet away!

WeProFab: Your Leading IR Sensor Lens Manufacturer

WeProFab, with its deep technological expertise, is a valuable partner for its clients in developing products. We offer a general solution in 20 years that a lot of people in business keep on selecting our amazing services. We can provide you the most preferable IR Sensor Lens to satisfy your business needs.

We have carefully designed and manufacture these IR Sensor Lens to get the best range, performance and life. Contact us directly if you need help in your IR Sensor Lens in your project.

Custom IR Sensor Lens to Skyrocket Your Brand

30mm IR Sensor Lens

The 15° lens is a popular lens accessory and provides 1.7× magnification compared to the standard lens—ideal for small or distant targets such as overhead power lines.

384x288 IR Sensor Lens

U Thermal lens with cooling AF50L Designed for imported or domestic non-cooled thermal detectors, excellent performance, reliable quality, users can choose according to different needs.

Custom Uncoating IR Sensor Lens

They are designed for passive infrared sensor applications. IR Sensor Filter divides the search coverage into detection area and non-detection area.

Far Infrared IR Sensor Lens

This infrared (IR) sensor offers a cost-effective alternative lens to more expensive high-end thermal cameras. The result is high-resolution monitoring images.

Near Infrared IR Sensor Lens

Near-Infrared IR Sensor Lens is the best lense for the camera that detects infrared radiation to sense its surroundings.

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Why WeProFab IR Sensor Lens

WeProFab has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of IR Sensor Lens in China that has served a variety of markets.

We have a very wide range of IR Sensor Lens. You can use this lens to increase the sensing range of your IR Sensor upto 5 meters! We dont only supply large lense but also small and only coin sized that is so easy to implement in your product. Just place this lens at 20mm from your sensor in a circular tube to shield it from other IR Sources.

WeProFab bridges the gap between customers’ excellent performance of high precision optical components and limited budget. Remarkably we specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of thermal infrared lenses (IR lenses included LWIR, MWIR, and SWIR) for various applications around the globe with superior quality.

WeProFab IR Sensor Lens Advantages:

  • Scratch-resistant and high impact-resistance
  • Durable and affordable to save your budget
  • Easier to install and easy to process

Our experienced and inspired experts are always able to offer optimized infrared lens glass and assembly options either with customers’ supplied designs or with using our own.

With a product chain of IR Sensor Lens, special materials and components, we can offer customized products to meet your requirement. Advanced processing equipment and a complete production system effectively control every aspect of the production process to ensure product quality, also reduce losses and costs.

Our technical experts have both passion and innovation when it comes to building electronics-based projects.

WeProFab takes pride in helping customers from prototype to volume production, and specializes in creating cost-effective solutions that meet customer’s specifications, timelines, and budgets.

Whether requirements include stock optics, a build-to-print custom optical component, expert application engineering to optimize the design, or a completely custom design to customer-supplied requirements, WeProFab’s engineers can create ideal solutions for each unique IR Sensor Lens.

We also has been actively promoting the development of IR Sensor Lens. We take market transformation, management improvement” and “research and development, quality and cost, energy-saving and environmental protection” as our development strategy. WeProFab is also known for providing rapid product customization services.

We have had excellent customer service provide since we started which proves from our big-time and long-term clients. We assure to produce a certified IR Sensor Lens. for your satisfaction.

We have carefully designed and manufactured this lens to get the best range, performance and life. Contact us directly if you need help in integrating the lens in your project.


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