• Acrylic Coasters

Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab is leading acrylic coasters fabricator operating in China. We supplies different acrylic coasters that are used to any applications, whether for business or personal matters. As the leading fabricator, we are trained enough to produce a high-quality acrylic coasters. Send your queries now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Coasters to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has wide knowledge and wide range of latest machines to rapidly reach every customer`s demands. It is great alternative to delight your customers.

Monogrammed Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab produce authentic designs of monogrammed acrylic coasters to your merchandising business. It is best additions to any kind of business.

Laser Engraved Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab has complete laser engraved machines to create laser engraved acrylic coasters. these are great alternatives to less resilient acrylics.

Customized Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab proud to offer high-quality acrylic coasters with customized designs. It has catchy designs and unbreakable surfaces as well.

Custom Photo Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab has the capability to cut-to-size and customizes acrylic coasters to reach upon your necessities. Custom photos on the acrylic coast is the best idea.

Atomic Design Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab offers the best seller atomic design acrylic coasters worldwide. Weprofab is your great supplier of any acrylic coasters finishes.

Acrylic Laminated Coasters

In Weprofab, we provide acrylic laminated coasters using our latest technology system. We can also customize them into different sizes and designs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Coasters Manufacturer

Weprofab is operating in China in between of Chinese local fabrication manufacturer & WeeTect Material Limited. We tend to presents you with a direct solution for any metal and plastic fabrications.

Within the whole fabrication procedure, the Weprofab team dedicates our whole heart to provide good quality of acrylic coasters. Our goal is to meet your expectations and making sure it goes beyond your liking.

As your greatest custom provider, Weprofab is looking forward to work with you. We can`t wait to serve the services you deserve for your business. We provide the right router cut finish and chick frosted looks of acrylic coasters at competitive prices.

Contact us now for detailed info!


Custom Acrylic Coasters to Skyrocket Your Brand

Square Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab is an expert fabricator of square acrylic coasters. It has a high impact and useful to any applications.

Round Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab offers you the different kinds of round acrylic coasters which are versatile and classic at the same time.

Mirrored Acrylic Coasters and Holders

Our mirrored acrylic coasters and holders are applicable to any business applications. It gives the chance to boom your business.

Assorted Acrylic Coasters

If you desired to have assorted designs of acrylic coasters for business. Weprofab has a lot of perfect quality to offer.

Acrylic Drink Coasters

Weprofab acrylic drink coasters have greater impact resistance than others. The scratches are also easy to remove when using this.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab is well-known as the leading producer of acrylic coasters. These featured bright colors, perfect personalization, and mid-century designs. Our series of acrylic coasters are perfect for weddings, hostess and can be the elegant gift for your loved ones or for yourself. Select the best colors and designs for your acrylic coaster demands.

Weprofab acrylic coasters are made from 100% acrylics. These pieces are divided into different features and characteristics. It is easier to clean by using water and gentle soap. Worldwide, Weprofab is an expert producer of any functional acrylic coasters.

Acrylic Coasters

When you try to choose our amazing varieties of acrylic coasters, you will never regret! You can avail of acrylic coasters in full colors, sizes, and designs. Our team is responsible for making the premium quality of acrylic coasters that will make you, as a trader, be on top!

Weprofab acrylic coaster is one of our specialties. These amazing, personalized coasters have a shiny finish, printable with your message or logo artworks. And, our acrylic coasters are sure to be cherished by several clients for how many years to come.

Acrylic Coasters

Weprofab specialized the cutting of acrylic coasters into different sizes. We have complete lines of equipment, making sure to precisely cut acrylic coasters. We can cut acrylic coasters practically any size per your style. Also, not only acrylics, but these coasters are also fabricated from other materials. In general, you can rely on us when you think of purchasing acrylic coasters by huge quantities.

As your greatest custom provider, Weprofab is looking forward to work with you. We can`t wait to serve the services you deserve for your business. We provide the right router cut finish and chick frosted looks of acrylic coasters at competitive prices.

Acrylic Coasters

Within the whole fabrication procedure, the Weprofab team dedicates our whole heart to provide good quality of acrylic coasters. Our goal is to meet your expectations and making sure it goes beyond your liking.

If you are in need of high-quality yet affordable acrylic coasters, check out Weprofab! All kinds of acrylic coasters are available here for your satisfaction.

Deal with Weprofab now and enjoy our excellent services!

Acrylic Coasters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic coasters refer to items used to rest different drinks upon.

Ideally, you’d place cups, mugs, glasses, or any type of drinking container on top of these items to protect the table or stool surface.

This guide, provides all information you need about acrylic coasters.

Let’s get into the finer details;

What Are The Properties Of Acrylic Coasters?

acrylic coaster

acrylic coaster

Acrylic coasters exhibit a wide range of features depending on the specific design construction.

However, some of the core properties you are likely to find across all types of these coasters include the following;

  • Lightweight – Technically, these items are super-light.

    This results from the primary material used for making these items, which is pretty lightweight.

  • Good dimensional stability – Acrylic coasters can hardly deform even when subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • Excellent strength – They exhibit extreme strength capabilities thus can resist impact pressure; therefore, can hardly break or crack.
  • Good optical clarity – The surface material of acrylic coasters is glossy and allows enough light to pass through it.
  • Incredible weatherability – Acrylic coasters display high resistance to different unfriendly weather and environmental conditions.
  • Non-corrosive – These items can hardly corrode since they exhibit incredible resistance to numerous corrosive substances.

Where Do You Use Acrylic Coasters?

Acrylic coasters are vital items thus can be used in various settings across commercial and residential areas.

Some of the areas common with these items include the following;

Homes – You use them in homes when serving different drinks and beverages for family and guests alike.

Hotel and restaurants – Acrylic coasters come in handy in hotels and restaurants when serving different drinks to customers.

Office – Employees can use these items to place their drinks or beverages on their respective worktables as they perform their tasks.

Hospitals – They are essential in hospitals for patients to serve their drinks.

Schools- Students, teaching and non-teaching staff in different learning institutions can also use acrylic coasters when taking drinks and beverages.

Events – Acrylic coasters are also ideal in various functions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.

Technically, you can use these items in as many settings as possible, provided you can serve drinks or beverages.

What Are The Designs Of Acrylic Coasters Available In The Market?

You can find acrylic coasters in numerous designs, both standard, and custom.

Notably, most custom designs tend to depend on the specific manufacturer you choose.

Different manufacturers offer varied custom acrylic coaster designs including, WeProFab.

Nonetheless, the common designs you are likely to find in the market include the following;

  • Colored acrylic coasters

colored acrylic coaster

colored acrylic coaster

  • Patterned acrylic coasters

patterned acrylic coaster

patterned acrylic coaster

  • Clear acrylic coasters

 clear acrylic coaster

clear acrylic coaster

  • Custom acrylic coasters

custom acrylic coaster

custom acrylic coaster

  • Acrylic LED coasters
  • Holographic acrylic coasters
  • Multi-colored acrylic coasters

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Coasters?

These items offer a wide range of advantages, making them a worthwhile investment.

Some of these benefits include the following;

  1. Highly durable – The surface material offers excellent impact strength and weatherability features, making them long-lasting.
    This is advantageous since it saves costs you would otherwise incur for frequent replacements.
  2. Appealing to the eye – Acrylic coasters have glossy surface material, which makes them attractive. In essence, this enhances class and style.
  3. Lightweight – You can carry several pieces of these components comfortably since they are generally lightweight.
  4. Easy maintenance – They hardly require any significant routine maintenance but still retain glossiness, class, and style.
  5. Hygienic – Hardly provides breeding space for bacteria since the surface material is impermeable and non-absorbent.
  6. Versatile – You can use acrylic coasters in various settings for a wide range of drinks and beverages and still attain desirable results.
  7. Affordable – Depending on where you buy from and quantity, you can easily find acrylic coasters at affordable rates.

Which Is Better Between Acrylic Coasters And Wooden Coasters?

Notably, acrylic thermoplastic and wood are the common materials used for making different coaster designs.

However, these two materials exhibit different features when used for making coasters.

Here are some of the ways acrylic and wooden coasters compare;

  • Acrylic coasters are relatively easy to maintain and hygienic.

    The surface material is non-absorbent thus cannot provide breeding space for any bacteria since liquid cannot seep into the material.

acrylic coaster

acrylic coaster

Wooden coasters, on the other hand, require intense maintenance, including regular cleaning and disinfection.

Liquid can easily seep into these coasters, thus forming a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned and sterilized.

  • The base material used for making acrylic coasters is lightweight, leading to super-light coasters. You can thus carry several pieces conveniently.

    Wood coasters are somewhat heavier than acrylic coasters.

  • Acrylic coasters can hardly break or crack under ordinary conditions irrespective of the amount of mechanical pressure exerted.

    It has incredible impact resistance since the material is sturdy.

    On the other hand, wood coasters are somewhat fragile to distortion depending on the quality of wood and craftsmanship used.

  • You can find acrylic coasters in as many color variations as possible.

    This allows you to attain specific hues matching other items in your space to create a stylish and classy surrounding.

    Wooden coasters, on the contrary, are only available in a few wood finishes, which can limit decorative options for your space.

  • Acrylic coasters tend to be relatively affordable since the design construction is not quite intensive.

    Wood coasters, however, are a bit costly depending on the specific type of wooden material used in making them.

wooden coaster

wooden coaster

All in all, acrylic coasters are seemingly better than wooden coasters in many aspects, but the preference is fraught with subjectivity.

Are Acrylic Coasters Food-safe?


Technically, acrylic material is one of the safest thermoplastic materials humans can ever use.

Your acrylic coaster will hardly emit harmful toxins or substances when if the liquid spills on it.

Moreover, it can never react even when it comes in contact with hot drinks since it is inert.

Acrylic coasters are also BPA-free.

In essence, it means the surface material of these components can never emit toxin materials when heated or exposed to drinks or beverages.

Thus, these items cannot cause any form of coronary, cancerous, or respiratory illnesses.

How Long Do Acrylic Coasters Last?

Many years.

Acrylic coasters, in many instances, are hardly exposed to extreme environmental or mechanical conditions.

Therefore, they are bound to last for as many years as possible without degrading or showing signs of wearing out.

Generally, a typical acrylic coaster can last for at least 10 years when regularly used.

If infrequently used, it can last for more than 15 years without wearing out.

Nevertheless, the actual durability of acrylic coasters is primarily dependent on the particular conditions it is exposed to.

For instance, those used to hold hot drinks and beverages tend to have shorter durability than those used for holding moderate or cold drinks.

Also, the longevity of this component is based on the specific acrylic grade used in making it.

Low-grade acrylic coasters have a shorter lifespan than a high-grade acrylic coasters.

Nevertheless, you are guaranteed a reasonable duration worth the price and service of acrylic coasters.

How Do Acrylic Coasters Compare To Polycarbonate Coasters?

Acrylic and polycarbonate materials often share a wide range of features.

In other words, you can always use one in place of another and still attain the ideal results.

Technically, polycarbonate coasters tend to be marginally superior to acrylic coasters in a few aspects.

For instance, polycarbonate coasters are slightly stronger than acrylic coasters.

The former is about 250 times stronger than glass compared to the latter, which is about 20 times stronger than glass.

Also, polycarbonate coasters have better optical clarity than acrylic coasters.

On the other hand, acrylic coasters have better scratch resistance than polycarbonate coasters.

Acrylic has a relatively hard surface material making it more tolerant to scratchy components than polycarbonate.

In terms of weight, both polycarbonate and acrylic coasters are more or less equal.

Nonetheless, you can always use either of these coasters in similar applications and still obtain desired results.

polycarbonate coaster

polycarbonate coaster

Can Acrylic Coasters Scratch Easily?

Not necessarily, but it depends on several elements.

The surface material of acrylic coasters is relatively hard to a certain extent.

Thus, it can withstand light scratchy elements from forming marks on the surface.

However, the scratch resistance of acrylic coasters is also dependent on whether they are coasted using anti-scratch surface treatment.

Ideally, this surface treatment is vital in preventing different abrasive components from forming marks on the component.

Also, the acrylic grade used to manufacture the coasters determines their scratch resistance.

Coasters made using low-grade acrylic can easily scratch when subjected to scratchy elements, unlike those manufactured using high-grade acrylic.

Technically, modern acrylic coasters rarely scratch.

Even so, they can scratch if deliberately subjected to various scratchy items.

How Can You Prevent Acrylic Coasters From Scratching?

An ideal way that guarantees best scratch-free results is by applying an anti-scratch surface treatment.

Ideally, this surface treatment is often integrated during manufacturing process of these items.

Alternatively, you can find aftermarket anti-scratch surface coating films to apply on these coasters.

Another suitable technique for preventing these coasters from scratching is proper handling and maintenance.

Always ensure you handle your acrylic coasters non-aggressively, especially when washing.

Items like knives and folks can scratch the surface material if washed together in same sink.

Thus, make sure when washing you separate the coasters from other relatively sharp objects like knives.

How Can You Customize Acrylic Coasters?

You can use several customization ideas on acrylic coasters, including the following;

Painting – It involves applying a particular preferred color shade on the surface material of the coasters to attain an ideal one for your needs.

Labeling – This entails printing the name, logo, or symbol on the acrylic coasters surface material. Labeling is essential, particularly for business, since it enhances the brand.

Surface coating – You can apply different surface coating treatments on these items to enhance performance, efficiency, and durability.

Lighting – It entails putting LED light on the surface material of acrylic coasters to enhance their appearance and attractiveness.

customized acrylic coaster

customized acrylic coaster

Are Acrylic Coasters Expensive?

Not really.

Of course, expensive is relative.

However, acrylic coasters are generally affordable by all standards.

Mostly, they come in batches, which you can find for as low as $15, depending on the specific dealer you are buying from.

Nevertheless, the actual price of acrylic coasters is determined by various factors, including the following;

  1. Design construction – Customized acrylic coasters are relatively expensive than standard designs.
  2. Brand – Different manufacturers, price their acrylic coasters differently depending on company pricing policies.

  3. Quantity – Ideally, the more pieces or batches you buy at once, the higher the likelihood of getting better discounts and vice versa.

  4. Material quality – Acrylic coasters made using high-grade materials are costlier than ones made using low-grade acrylic.

Can Acrylic Coasters Shatter?

Not at all.

The design construction of acrylic coasters makes it difficult for the surface material to shatter.

Notably, the manufacturing process involves high quality and intensive artistry to ensure they meet required standards.

Secondly, the base material used for making these coasters is derived from natural components, including petroleum and gases.

Thus, these materials form a solid molecular structure preventing the surface of these components from shattering.

In deliberate attempts, acrylic coasters can break or crack when subjected to extreme mechanical pressure.

However, they can hardly shatter irrespective of the pressure and instead cracks into somewhat large and dull pieces.

What Are The Common Shapes Of Acrylic Coasters?

You can find acrylic coasters in virtually any geometrical shape you can think of.

Acrylic material is pliable, making it easy to mold or fabricate into any preferable shapes for your coasters.

The common acrylic coaster shapes you can find around in the market include the following;

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Diamond-shape
  • Heart-shape
  • Eclipse-shape
  • Star-shape

Can Acrylic Coasters Endure High Temperatures For Long?

Ideally, acrylic material used for making most coasters can withstand high temperatures up to a particular extent.

Most acrylic materials are not necessarily good resistant to extremely high temperatures.

Nonetheless, most drinks or beverages often have a particular boiling point, which acrylic coasters can withstand significantly.

However, continuously exposing these items to extremely high temperatures tends to degrade the overall quality.

Moreover, the general service lifespan of acrylic coasters reduces to a certain extent.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Coasters?

Acrylic coasters are the most straightforward items to clean.

First, you need to ensure you use clean water and mild soap detergent.

Use a piece of microfiber cloth to rub on the surface material gently, then rinse using clean water.

Allow these items to air dry.

Alternatively, you can use a dishwasher to clean acrylic coasters.

However, it is important to establish first whether the manufacturer recommends a dishwasher as a cleaning option.

Notably, not all acrylic coasters are dishwasher-safe; thus, the essence of figuring out from the manufacturer before attempting.

Is There Color Limitation For Acrylic Coasters?

Not at all.

Acrylic coasters are available in as many as 50 colors or more, depending on the specific manufacturer you are buying from.

Technically, acrylic material is pretty easy to infuse with different paint colors to yield the ideal one for your needs.

Therefore, it makes it possible for you to attain the right color suitable for your acrylic coasters.

Besides, you can find these items in multicolored shades.

These are primarily designs with more than one color on the surface material.

In essence, this is ideal since it broadens your choice options as far as finding acrylic coasters with preferred shade is concerned.

Can Acrylic Coasters Chip?

Not easily.

The surface material is quite solid, making it difficult to chip easily.

Moreover, the material used for making these coasters has incredible strength and impact resistance.

Also, the edges have a strong lining hence cannot easily chip.

Are Acrylic Coasters Dishwasher Safe?

It depends on many factors.

For instance, the specific acrylic grade material used for making the coasters is the most significant determinant of whether it is dishwasher safe.

Secondly, some coasters are integrated with different additives, which may not be ideal for dishwashers.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer often indicates on the package whether the acrylic coasters are dishwasher safe.

If uncertain, it would be best to inquire from the manufacturer to get accurate information.

What Is The Suitable Thickness Of Acrylic Coasters?

It depends on what suits your needs and preference.

Some users prefer acrylic coasters with relatively thick surface materials, whereas others prefer the opposite.

Nonetheless, acrylic coasters should have a minimum thickness of 5mm.

Are Acrylic Coasters Environmental Friendly?


You can reuse acrylic coasters as many times as possible.

This is important since it reduces wastage disposal that would otherwise be in the landfills.

Secondly, acrylic coasters are 100% recyclable, albeit the recycling process is intensive and utilizes more resources.

It is vital because these items can be renewed and the material used to make other acrylic components like plates.

Moreover, acrylic coasters are non-reactive and can hardly emit toxic substances to the air.

In all these aspects, it implies they are eco-friendly.

What Quality Standards Do Acrylic Coasters Comply With?

There are several quality standard certifications, which acrylic coasters comply with.

However, these standards and certifications often vary based on the specific target market, country, or economic region.

The importance of these standards is they guarantee the coasters meet the stipulated minimum quality requirements.

Some of the common quality standards acrylic coasters comply with and are accepted worldwide include the following;

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM International)
  • SGS Certification

For all your acrylic coaters, you can trust WeProFab.

We offer competitive prices and support OEM as well – contact us now.

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