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Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab is a premier manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate hurricane panels in China. We supplied plenty of stocks of different styles, customizations, sizes, which is perfect for every target project. Contact us now! We can custom your sent designs.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer of polycarbonate hurricane panels that offers an excellent solution. We are professionals in controlling and developing great products to give an excellent standard of the product we supply.

Clear Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab clear polycarbonate hurricane panels are perfectly fit for your application. It is accessible in any style which attracts attention.

Laser Cut Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

You can choose polycarbonate hurricane panels with a perfect and suitable laser cut for your project. We will perfectly custom your orders.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Manufacturer

If you’re searching for a manufacturer who guides the whole process, WeProFab is a better choice. We will supply your request.

Resistant Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

We manufactured different polycarbonate hurricane panels with durable resistance. It has acceptable rates according to the customization.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

If you find scratch-resistant polycarbonate hurricane panels, WeProFab amazingly designed this type of hurricane panel.

Sound Proof Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab has an amazing benefit for polycarbonate hurricane panels. You can choose this soundproof type which is perfect for any season.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional fabrication expert of plastic including metal. We fully support and give a wide range of polycarbonate hurricane panels which is offered at a great total cost. We are always in support of giving a one-stop solution for every customer’s design.

WeProFab has a lot of capabilities that you will surely love the output. We can easily and perfectly fabricate polycarbonate hurricane panels through our complete machines.

We are a plastic fabrication company which is certificated with ISO 9001. We are capable to control the standards from IQC, IPQC, and OQC. WeProFab polycarbonate hurricane panels can generate an outstanding profit that leads our business into a success.

In one word, we are a customer-oriented enterprise. We will prioritize your request!

Custom Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels to Boost Your Business

Door Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab designed durable and effective polycarbonate hurricane panels for doors. Send your wanted sizes then WeProFab will make it.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

If you need to order durable polycarbonate hurricane panels, WeProFab has to offer. We have a multi-wall with many colors and features to offer.

Rolled Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

We can customize rolled polycarbonate hurricane panels for customers’ orders. This will help your growing business popular.

Window Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

If you want to order a polycarbonate hurricane panel for windows, WeProFab is the best for your choice. A competitive and excellent offer is benefited.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab bulletproof polycarbonates are the safest for hurricane panel applications. Grab our lower-cost offer.

5mm Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

One of the picked polycarbonate panels for windows is 5mm in thickness. Great flexibility and durability which strongly fight storm impact. Choose the complete selections for your customers.

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate panels are anti-fog. Provides an amazing appearance without distracting the view. Get the best price offer but durable polycarbonate panels featuring high property of resistance.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Corrugated polycarbonate panels have great durability and storm shutters’ performance. Great impact resistance than other types of materials because of its flexibility.

Flat Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

You can choose flat polycarbonate hurricane panels. Lighter weight than other materials which offers easier installations. Pleasant colors and attractive appearance for your customer’s selections.

Heat Proof Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate panels are heat resistant. Protect not only from storms but also from sunlight. Lightweight for easier installations stronger than plywood sheets. The suitable thickness that provides great protection are attainable in the lowest price.

High Gloss Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate panels are also high gloss. Provides a great appearance and durability for any type of weather. Scratch-resistant and high quality yet attained at the lowest price according to its dimensions.

Ribbed Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

One of the popular and fashionable polycarbonates is ribbed panels. Accessible in various thickness, flexibility, and characteristics. Suitable for different applications that protect window openings.

Scratchproof Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate is preferred over wood for hurricane protection panels. Widely use multi-wall polycarbonate panels for stronger protection and resistance from impact. Available in solid, corrugated, ribbed, and multi-wall panels.

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate panel is durable hurricane protection for windows. Variety of dimensions and styles such as corrugated, ribbed, and flat panels. Competitive price offers are perfect for your expandable business.

Smash Resistant Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate panels are suitable for hurricane window paneling. Great property of resistance such as smash resistance. Anti-thief panels and secure from in earthquakes and accessible in a cheaper rate.

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate panels are suitable for hurricane window paneling. Great property of resistance such as smash resistance. Anti-thief panels and secure from in earthquakes and accessible in a cheaper rate.

Wind Proof Polycarbonate Hurricane panel

Polycarbonate panel provides excellent protection in strong storm featuring windproof that provides noise barriers to minimize the wind sound. Has different panel types, transparency, and thickness.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab polycarbonate hurricane panels are perfect for rainy seasons, especially when the storm is coming. It is durable to protect windows and doors from strong wind.

This will be perfect for any condition because of its toughness and impact-resistant capabilities. WeProFab created this with a lot of research for perfect production.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab polycarbonate hurricane panels are protective panels that are tested by many people for their homes. It is incredibly created fitted for many applications. Our expert engineers are highly skilled and professional in making plastic fabrication for many years.

WeProFab polycarbonates are unbreakable materials for hurricane panels. We have a wide variety of stocks which is very applicable in any customization. Whether you want to install temporary or permanent polycarbonate hurricane panels, we can customize your ideal installment.

Our polycarbonate hurricane panels are sliding, folding, rolled up, and rolled down. You can select styles right for your business desire.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

In searching polycarbonate hurricane panels, we have also different unique colors on the options.

WeProFab polycarbonate hurricane panels are more durable and lighter than other materials for hurricanes. It provides more elegance because of transparency. Polycarbonate hurricane panels are never rusted.

We have created this type of hurricane because of its strong capability. WeProFab made it easier to install even without tracks. A polycarbonate hurricane panel has a secured fixture that provides the best value for every home.

WeProFab polycarbonate hurricane panels provide excellent security for possible storms.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

WeProFab carries a large order and holds the operation safely. We can provide safety packing for your polycarbonate hurricane panel orders. We have our team to make it possible all the time.

WeProFab can guarantee a great quality supply of polycarbonate hurricane panels.

If you urgently need it, we can focus on your operation processes. We can provide quick action for your satisfaction.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Polycarbonate hurricane panels refer to components used in hurricane mitigation for protecting houses and other structures from damage caused by storms.

These components prevent windows from breaking due to flying objects often associated with storms.

In some instances, they are referred to as polycarbonate hurricane shutters.

This guide will answer all your questions on polycarbonate hurricane panels.

At What Wind Speed Do You Need Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel

Polycarbonate Hurricane panels need to meet the standards for storm panels. According to standard building codes, it requires a product to withstand 110MPH wind.

How Do You Install Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are the easiest to install. You only to follow the steps below for installation to be done;

Step One

First, you begin by measuring the place you want to install and add 8 inches round to the height and width. If it’s a window sill, accommodate for it by only adding 4 inches to the height.

Step Two

Next step, you need to measure, mark using a circular saw with a fine-tooth blade. You will cut the panels for each window or door. Then mark holes 6 inches from the corners and 1 inch from the edge.

You need to make sure you’re lined up with the studs. Then mark along every edge 12 inches, always make sure the holes line up over the surface of the house.

Measure and Marking the Panels

Measure and Marking the Panels

Step Three

Here you are now ready to drill the holes into the panes. Before you drill, make sure the UV side is facing outside. You will center the panel in place over the window.

Make the hole’s location from the panel directly onto the house.

When done, you will set the panel aside and drill the holes. Drive the anchors at the same point for you to get it right.

Drilling the Holes

Drilling the Holes

Step Four

In stage four, you will remove the panel’s interior protective plastic seal. Place the panel over the anchor to cover your window. Secure the wingnuts and the washers.

Panels can now be placed on the doors, vents, or another vulnerable opening that you need to put them. For large windows, you can cover using an H-panel connector, which will allow two panels to join together.

Remember never to overtighten the wingnuts and the washers as they may damage your panels.

Removing protective Plastic Seal

Removing protective Plastic Seal.

Step Five

To make things easier for you, place the panels on a piece of furniture and mark each one of them to match the appropriate opening. Put them one by one and screw them up slowly.

Bolts Screwing Process for the Panels

Bolts  Screwing Process for the Panels

Step Six

You will start to install each one of them slowly as per the labels of every window or door. From here, you are good to go. The Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are fixed to their positions.

Panels Installation

Panels Installation

How Do Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels And Impact Windows Compare?

A standard Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel will withstand an extreme pressure generated by hurricane forces wind.

But it might shatter if struck by airborne debris. Impact windows are constructed with heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass.

When your house has standard windows, Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels can affect the appearance of your home.

On the other hand, the impact window usually does not require any added protection, leaving the home appearance unaffected.

Impact Windows

Impact Windows

What Are The Technical Features Of Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels have several technical features.

However, the specific features usually vary. Some of the features include;

  • Easy to install, move and store off-season.
  • For translucent multiwall, it allows high light transmission.
  • Virtually unbreakable and high impact resistant.
  • It also blocks virtually 100%of harmful UV rays.
  • Their sleek, flat surfaces will not decay like others.

Why Should You Invest In Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Well, Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels offer the highest level of storm damage protection in the market. It creates a permanent hurricane mitigation barrier. Besides that, installing the panels helps in increasing the value of your home or property.

For the security purpose, is also another reason to invest in Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels. Since they are bulletproof, they will help you tighten security in the house.

Are Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels’ Burglar Proof?

Not really.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels will reduce the odds of this happening. They are made with strong materials that make it hard for thieve to break through them.

Besides, the manufactures normally offer a theft warranty cover for anything stolen during a break-in. So we can’t call them burglar-proof.

What Is The Cost Of Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels vary in price on type and size. Furthermore, every application is a little different, so for an accurate quote.

Always contact manufacturing Inc. to receive an onsite estimate.

Here are Some Rough Estimated costs

Type                                                                                 Cost (Per square foot)

Steel Panels                                                                     $5.00 -$7.00

Accordions   Panels                                                         $15.00 – $20.00

Roll Down Panels                                                            $20.00 – $25.00

Bahama Panels                                                               $30.00 – $35.00

How Thick Should Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Be?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels should at least have a thickness of 16mm or 5/8 – inch for a small opening.

On the other hand, 3/8 – inch thickness Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel is recommended for a larger opening.

Are Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Bullet Proof?

Yes, Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are one of the best bulletproof panels known.

It’s one of the thinnest ballistic protection options that are available internationally.

It can meet UL level 1 bullet resistance at just ¾. Furthermore, the panel is strong and lightweight. It’s also too soft compared to other bulletproof materials.

What Factors Do You Look For When Buying Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

When you want to buy Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels, you need to consider the following;

Corrosion Resistant

This is one of the major factors that you need to consider when choosing Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels.

The ability to resist corrosion from the sea’s salty water. However, corrosion-resistant Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel will serve you many years without the salty water affecting them.


After every 40 years, buildings in most countries are usually inspected to ascertain whether they are up to standards.

Most cases of condos are required to replace the high-impact glass of the doors and windows.

This is a very costly structural undertaking that you don’t want to experience.

Hence, make sure that your panel has met the necessary standards so that it can last for decades after the inspection.

With this factor in mind, you will be sure to buy durable Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels without failure.

Level Resistance

You are checking the resistance level on the Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels. It is an important factor that you should know if you are learning panels to choose from.

Different hurricanes stick every season in the year.

So it’s upon you to make sure Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel can withstand any level of Hurricane that will come along.

Adherence To Building Codes

It’s very important to be on the right side of the law with the national and local government.

You will do that by making sure you buy the panels that meet the local building codes.

Considering this factor might be of be a help when buying Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels.

Buy Locally Manufactured Panels

This will come with a bigger advantage since local manufactured Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels have already met the necessary building codes.

They also meet the environmental and climatic conditions. This means your panels will be able to withstand any conditions.


By buying locally manufactured, panels mean you are cutting on tax and stamp duty-related expenses. You will also eliminate transportation costs by buying locally.

However, it is important to highlight that Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel is building panels available at premium prices.

By paying a higher price in the market, you guarantee yourself the high quality and durable Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels.

How Many Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Do You Need For A Typical Window?

For a typical window, you will measure from outside of the opening, they are normally less than 36,” and they use 3 Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel.

Widow with exactly or slightly more than 36″ then you should consider using 4 Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel.

Do Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Have Color Limitation?


Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel has no color limitation. You can decide to paint to match the color of your window /door frames.

On the other hand, you may choose to let the panel be clear and transparent without any color or tinting. For the color, the choice will be yours to make.

How Are Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Tested For Hurricane Protection?

All Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Manufacturing Inc. are always engineered and tested to meet or exceed the Building Codes for Hurricane Panels.

The testing lab assures that panels undergo several tests, including wind load, cyclic pressure, and missile impact.

What Is The Most Suitable Time For Installing Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

The best time for you to install the Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels is when your home is being built, making them part of your design.

Always keep in mind that Hurricane runs from early June to late November every year.

Most installation companies are typically busy during hurricane season, so we recommend that you budget for installation as soon as possible.

The best time to get your Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels installed is during off-seasons from December to the end of May.

What Is Are There Insurance Benefits For Installing Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Of course, there are insurance benefits you get on installing the Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels.

The benefits mostly differ greatly depending on your insurance company.

Some insurance companies can no longer provide insurance without Hurricane protection that covers all the openings.

The panels are the best protection and can take 8% to 10% to save off premiums.

What Are The Available Designs Of Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels come in different designs. Below are the types of panels available;

Accordion Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

In this design, just as the name suggests, the panels normally look somewhat like an accordion. The panels roll across tracks that are installed at the top and bottom of an opening.

When closed, the Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel is usually stored in boxes located by each side of the door or windows. In addition, for you to open, the two sides are drawn together and snapped into place.

Accordion Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel comes along with some pros and cons;


  • Installation is very easy and can be done by one person
  • They are permanently installed, so no extra storage space is needed.
  • Some of their models come along with locks for additional security.


  • They may not be appealing for some house styles and may look bulky at the same time.
  • Their external parts have the potential to break compare to other designs.

Roll- down Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

These panels are mounted on the structure around the opening and protected with rails on both sides. They can be lowered manually or automatically. You may do that by pushing the button and lock in place for storm protection.


  • They are permanently affixed above the windows and do not require extra space for storage.
  • One person can easily install it.
  • It offers some of the best protection.


  • It’s an expensive design.
  • The push-button-operated roll-down panels require a battery backup system to raise and lower the panes during power shortages.

Bahama Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

These louvered panels usually come with a horizontal slat, set at 45 degrees angle. It helps to keep out rain and direct light while allowing ventilation during the storm. You need to install it at the top of the window propped over it when you are not using it.


  • They are attached permanently to your house.
  • One individual can install it.
  • It also gives shade and privacy when open.


  • They are weaker than other designs.
  • The panels may block too much light.
  • It cannot also be used to protect the doors.

Storm Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

This design has three different types of panels, which comprise overlapping steel. They come with tracks and bolts installed above, beside, or at the button of the window.


  • They are cheap
  • They are durable
  • You can use them for both windows and doors.


  • The panels are not permanent thus require additional space.
  • They are hard to install; hence one person cannot install them.
  • They often do not line up properly
  • At times may have sharp edges.

The Most Suitable Thermoplastic Alternative To Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Acrylic sheets

Acrylic sheets

The most suitable thermoplastic alternative for Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels will be Acrylic sheets. They are suitable for both commercial and residential contractions. The acrylic sheets are durable and also may be used as home décor.

Acrylic sheet has some advantages like;

  • They came with a variety of finishes.
  • Easy installation
  • They are cheap.
  • The sheets can be replaced easily.

Are Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Repairable?

Absolutely yes, when your Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are damaged or broken, you need to involve a professional to fix It for you.

There are recommended professionals available for every manufacture internationally to assist where necessary.

The panels come with a manual of contacts of professionals for every country. If you need a repair done, you need to check your country code and contact us for repair cases.

How Long Do Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Last?

The Polycarbonate Hurricane panels can last for a lifetime if you buy the best quality and best maintained.

The panels that last longer are very expensive but durable.

Do Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Fade Over Time?


Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are resistant to extreme cold or hot temperatures, snow, rain, and sunlight.

With these, it enables the panel to last for many years without discoloring or fading and remain damage-free from any impact.

How Do You Maintain Hurricane Polycarbonate Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are very easy and cheap to maintain. Below are some   guidelines on how to maintain them;

  • Always keep the panels and tracks clean. At least every week, you make sure to wipe the dust around the panes for them to be durable.
  • Lubricate the tracks at least twice a year by using clear silicon spray like Permatex Superlube. The spray lubricant can be found at any hardware store.
    You should note a very important thing to avoid using WD-40 or any other oily lubricant since dirt and salt may build up faster with this type of lubricant.
  • You need to operate the panes once a month by closing and opening them. This will always ensure it moves smoothly any time you need to use it.
  • If you get any damages on the panels and tracks, make sure you contact a professional to come and fix it. They are the best people to handle since they are experts in the field and know the Polycarbonate Hurricane panes much better.
  • Wash with soap and warm water twice or thrice a year using a soft brush. You have to wash the salt and the hinges connecting the salt.
    It would help clean the panels and tracks both inside and outside and the folded positions to better remove the dirt. Avoid abrasive cleaners, pads, or even hard bristle brushes as this may damage the panes.

What Are The Common Quality Requirements For Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels need to have the following quality standards certifications;

  • Heavy-duty designs for security protection must meet codes for forced entry resistance.
  • Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels has double reinforced corrugated ribs for maximum strength.
  • Ensure the panels effectively protect against storm, rain, direct sunlight, and strong wind.
  • To enhance the value and longevity of any property while protecting
  • The frame Depth is a 3″ Wall outside the panels.
  • All orders for Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are made to fit your openings perfecting.
  • To Meet or exceed hurricane panel building codes.

What Is The MOQ For Ordering Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

We Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels, we have a flexible MOQ. This means with valid reason. You can negotiate the MOQ of the panels you need.

Are Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels Eco-Friendly?

Yes, Polycarbonate Hurricane panels, with their intrinsic qualities, are a suitable material with minimum impact on the environment. The panels are fully recycled at the end of their life span.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels?

Well, Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel is one of the best, but it also has shortcomings. Some of them include the following;

  • It is sensitive to scratch if misused – when dealing with the polycarbonate Hurricane Panel, you need to be very careful to avoid scratches on it.
  • They are very expensive – Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels are too expensive due to their production cost and the product quality.
  • The panels may at times expand after installation, depending on the duration you installed them. If you installed about many years ago, then the chances of expanding are very high.
  • Polycarbonate Hurricane Panel needs a lot of concertation during installation. When you drill the panels in the wrong places, it might cost you the whole panel again.
  • Depending on the design, some panels have very sharp edges, which might be dangerous for the people living inside the house.

For all your polycarbonate hurricane panels, contact WeProFab now.

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