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WeProFab is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality steam inhaler. Our steam inhaler comes with different sizes, designs, and colors. WeProFab is an OEM manufacturer. We can customize your steam inhaler based on your exact specification. We export high-quality steam inhaler to different countries around the world. Wherever you are in the world, we can still meet your requirements for your steam inhaler needs! Inquire now.

Get WeProFab Steam Inhaler to Skyrocket Your Business

WeProFab is surely your best partner for your steam inhaler needs. We offer full range of steam inhaler solution. WeProFab offers cost-effective solution, great deals, and services to skyrocket your business.

Mini Steam Inhaler

WeProFab offers Mini Steam Inhaler with only 1.5W power consumption, 8ml maximum capacity, and customizable sizes.

Electric Ionic Face Steaming Inhaler

Our electric ionic face steaming inhaler offers nanometer with water ions, large volume, PTC heating device, and UV ionic reaction light.

Rechargeable Steam Inhaler Mesh Nebulizer

Our Rechargeable Steam Inhaler Mesh Nebulizer is very portable. It can only consume power up to 1.5W.

Atomizer Inhaler

This product is a mesh steam inhaler that is made from ABS plastic material. It comes with grey, pink, blue, green, and white color.

Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler

WeProFab personal sinus steam inhaler features high performance fast heater, LED power indicator light, and switch settings.

Adjustable Portable Face Steamer

Adjustable portable face steamer helps in hydration and moisturizing. It features nano water molecules, simple switch, plug-in design, and measuring cup.

WeProFab: Your Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Steam Inhaler in China

As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab offers a one-stop solution for your steam inhaler needs. We provide a wide range of steam inhalers with unlimited designs, colors, and sizes. We also offer customization to meet your requirements.

We manufacture steam inhalers through advanced technology. We also use high-quality and non-toxic raw materials to ensure safety. Here in WeProFab, we are committed to bringing the best and cost-effective steam inhalers.

For over 20 years, WeProFab has been the leading Chinese steam inhaler manufacturer. We are a manufacturer certified by international and local quality standards such as ISO, CE, RoHS, and more. Message us for more information.

Custom Steam Inhaler to Boost Your Business

Pure Steam Face Inhaler

Our pure steam face inhaler features moisturizer, deep cleansing, and nourishing. It is applicable for commercial and household application.

Multi Function Flu Therapy Machine Facial Steam Inhaler

WeProFab manufactures Multi Function Flu Therapy Machine Facial Steam Inhaler with 50ml water capacity. It comes with customizable colors, sizes, and designs.

Cool Mist Steam Inhaler Mini Nebulizer Mesh

We manufacture cool mist steam inhaler mini nebulizer mesh using ABS plastic materials. It is widely used for household and commercial applications.

Mist Steam Sprayer Inhaler

Our mist steam sprayer inhaler has a compact design, small, and portable. It can help in relieving sputum and cough on children.

Professional Steam Inhaler

This professional steam inhaler helps in moisturizing face and better penetration. It features auto function and adjustable steam level.

Personal Steam Inhaler & Warm Mist Humidifier

This product features steam inhaler function and mist humidifier function. It is a bacteria-free mist that is easy to clean and easy to operate.

Handheld Personal Steam Inhalers

Our Handheld Personal Steam Inhalers is designed with efficient atomization with less residues. It provides comfortable airflow for efficiency.

Professional Sinus Steam Inhaler

We manufacture professional sinus steam inhaler that features automatic shutdown and easy to operate controls.

Personal Cool Mist Steam Inhaler

We designed Personal Cool Mist Steam Inhaler with elegant appearance. It has low noise operation. Personal Cool Mist Steam Inhaler is powered by batteries or USB cable.

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WeProFab Steam Inhaler


Cool Mist Steam Inhaler Mini Nebulizer Mesh

If you are looking for a high-quality steam inhaler for your business, WeProFab has a lot to offer. We a rich experience in manufacturing steam inhalers. Also, WeProFab is recognized as the leading manufacturer of steam inhalers in China.

WeProFab steam inhaler is made from high-quality materials. It comes with different capacities to suit your needs. It is also customizable with your specifications like samples, designs, sizes, and colors. Just send us your requirements.

A steam inhaler is one of the best ways to open nasal passages. Thus, it can help in reducing cold or sinus infection symptoms. WeProFab steam inhaler offers temporary relief from various symptoms of common colds, flu, sinus infection, bronchitis, nasal allergies, and so on.

Adjustable Portable Face Steamer

Features of WeProFab Steam Inhalers

  • Safe and effective use
  • Sleek look
  • Up to 750W power consumption
  • Nozzle attachment
  • Easily detachable head
  • Low power consumption

WeProFab steam inhalers are widely used because of their high performance and durability. We offer steam inhalers at a competitive price. We also offer a warranty on your steam inhaler orders. We can guarantee you the best quality steam inhaler.

Multi Function Flu Therapy Machine Facial Steam Inhaler

At WeProFab, we are committed to bringing safe and high-quality health protection products. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and make your business more successful. We also offer great services and top deals to meet your requirements.

Enquire now for your next steam inhaler orders!

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