• Polycarbonate Light Cover

Polycarbonate Light Cover

WeProFab polycarbonate light cover has many designs, shapes, sizes, textures, and different lighting applications. It has different ideal specifications available in milky white, frosted, clear, and custom shades. It provides durability for industrial, commercial, and residential use. Polycarbonate light covers are lightweight suitable for these applications. You can send your light cover ideas now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Light Cover to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab polycarbonate light cover has accurate dimensions, and designs come with complete options. It has excellent transparency, which provides perfect lighting. Polycarbonate light cover is complex, intense, heat-resistance, and flame retardant are low-maintenance and cost-effective. It has complete and important selections as we listed below!

Clear High Bay Polycarbonate Dome Light Cover

Clear high bay polycarbonate dome light cover guarantees protection and sturdiness. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is not easy to be tarnished and simple to install.

Clear Polycarbonate Light Post Cover

A clear polycarbonate light post cover is polycarbonate that can resist extreme UV rays. It is best suited in outdoor applications as it resists tarnishing caused by harmful elements.

Custom Dimension L Profile Polycarbonate Light Cover

Custom dimension L profile polycarbonate light cover has sustained durability and excellent waterproof performance. It is mainly used outdoors because of good UV protection.

Customized Polycarbonate Light Cover

A customized polycarbonate light cover is an environmentally friendly product that has great flexibility and anti-corrosion. It is available in clear transparent at any coatings.

Extrusion Milky Polycarbonate Light Cover

Extrusion milky polycarbonate light cover is applicable for outdoor applications. It has excellent resistant to UV rays, aging, and impact. It is simple to install and frequently used in light fixtures.

Frosted Polycarbonate Light Cover

Frosted polycarbonate light covers are the most popular options and attractive appearance. It provides bright and clear lighting available in rectangular shapes for fluorescent lighting purposes.

LED Tube Polycarbonate Light Cover

LED Tube polycarbonate light cover has excellent properties and provides versatility. It has extreme optical and mechanical properties. It offers flexibility in design and is robust.

Rectangular Coated Polycarbonate Light Cover

A Rectangular coated polycarbonate light cover is used both indoors and outdoors. It prevents discoloring and is UV resistant. It is lightweight and has a gloss white finishing surface.

White Sphere Polycarbonate Light Cover

White sphere polycarbonate light cover enhances the overall visibility of the lights. It is mainly used outdoors and offers dramatic safety against possible damages and impacts.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Light Cover Manufacturer

The polycarbonate light covers production process is automated. Polycarbonate has great toughness and impact strength which provides easier fabrications to create a variety of light covers. High-technology machines for quality products are used to operate repeated processes with equal output.

WeProFab ensures the highest quality polycarbonate light covers through skilled and professional staff from different production areas. Our engineering, technical, designs, etc, are skilled with polycarbonate light covers manufacturing.

Custom Polycarbonate Light Cover to Skyrocket Your Brand

Ceiling Emergency Light Polycarbonate Cover

The ceiling emergency light polycarbonate cover is constructed with a damage-resistant polycarbonate. It has a tamper-resistant screw and has an appealing design.

Ceiling Light Polycarbonate Cover Plate

Ceiling light polycarbonate cover plate is commonly used in center indoor applications. It is highly resistant to scratches and has increased durability. It has also improved flexibility.

Custom Polycarbonate Tail Light Cover

A custom polycarbonate tail light cover can be installed quickly and resist scratches and damages. It gives an aesthetic appearance to the machine and is best suited for outdoor uses.

Customized Design Ceiling Polycarbonate Light Cover

Customized design ceiling polycarbonate light cover is mostly applicable indoors. It has high impact strength and light transmission. It is also hard wearing and pleasant appearance.

Flush Mount Polycarbonate Light Cover

The flush mount polycarbonate light cover has a white finish. It is hard-wired and most commonly used inside. It has also an excellent lumen output.

Frosted Tube Polycarbonate Light Cover

Frosted tube polycarbonate light cover is translucent and has superior electrical properties. It is unbreakable, lightweight, and has excellent toughness. Useful for indoor and outdoor applications.

Heat Resistant Polycarbonate Light Cover

Heat-resistant polycarbonate light cover can endure extreme weather conditions especially heat. It is mostly used outdoors like streets, posts, etc. It has increased stiffness, versatility, and strength.

Polycarbonate Light Bulb Cover

Polycarbonate light bulb cover is UV-resistant polycarbonate which means it can be used outside. It is secured by screws and ensures longevity and consistency.

Textured Polycarbonate Light Cover

Textured polycarbonate light cover has a specific density and is useful for both outdoors and indoor applications. It has also weather and UV resistance.

Anti-Aging Polycarbonate Light Cover

Compared to glass, polycarbonate light cover is lightweight, less damaged,anti-aging, strong, and weather resistant. it’s also nice because the color of the light cover doesn’t fade easily

Extra Large Polycarbonate Light Cover

a bigger light cover is better so that the light is brighter, it is also better if there are decorations to make the light cover look good.

Hanging Polycarbonate Light Cover

There are various styles and designs of polycarbonate light covers for hanging applications. It can be a chandelier, pendants, linear, lanterns, drums, and lanterns. It is secure from any damage that causes impacts because of its durability.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Cover

Polycarbonate Material Is Strong, tough, and stiff. Thinner And Lighter than plastic, polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and provide UV protection, making them the optimal choice for kids and active adults.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Light Cover

Polycarbonate light cover is produced with a textured finish on one side optimized to transmit and diffuse light while reducing glare.

Outdoor Polycarbonate Pole Light Cover

Outdoor light cover is used outside of your house or gate. It is beautiful outside your house so that the path is bright.

Polycarbonate Small Light Cover

A small light cover is incredibly useful for applications requiring transparency and impact resistance. it’s a lighter alternative to glass and a natural filter, it is often used in eyewear.

Polycarbonate Translucent Light Cover

Polycarbonate translucent light cover is a popular alternative to glass because it offers a high amount of light transmission. And it has a lighter weight, is less expensive, and is impact resistant than glass.

Frosted Polycarbonate Light Cover

Frosted light covers are extensively used in the lighting field as the main contributor or making a hazy, elegant, and romantic atmosphere. it is a light cover that is not very obvious inside, and the light is not very strong. It can avoid pain in our eyes.

Wall Mounted Polycarbonate Light Cover

You can send your ideal designs and styles of wall-mounted polycarbonate light covers. It has a variety of finishes, colors, decors, and characteristics. Offers longer life span featuring high impact resistance, anti-color aging, and more.

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Custom Polycarbonate Light Cover

WeProFab is a polycarbonate light cover manufacturer in China.

We manufacture using our high-tech machines like CNC machining. We can do laser cutting, molding, drilling, and more.

Polycarbonate light covers are the most cost-effective form of plastic illumination cover available. They provide lighter weight, quick solution covering nearly every fluorescent bulb cover requirement. It comes in multiple sizes to fit many drop-in ceiling structures and several standard fluorescent lighting systems.

Polycarbonate light covers are used in the lighting industry will provide picture convenience and quality. The closed-cell layout supports free air movement, leading to lower temperature ranges, which extends the life of the ballast and enhances lamp effectiveness.

They are available in a variety of touches and shades and are suitable for use in business and residential settings such as bathroom and kitchen fittings, underground bunkers, office buildings, schools, garages, and recreation rooms.

Why WeProFabCustom Polycarbonate Light Cover

WeProFab has developed to become a major producer of polycarbonate light covers in China with configurable size, milling service, and OEM facility for thousands of clients from different countries with over a decade of experience in mass production polycarbonate light covers.

To provide adequate light transmission, we retract polycarbonate light covers with varying degrees of frost and diffusion. We are ISO certified, and our light covers are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards.

Custom Polycarbonate Light Cover Benefits

There are plenty of benefits provided with polycarbonate light covers.

Here are the following:

  1. Diffusing light

The layered polishing we generate has different surface formations on the face of the sheet, which optimizes the transmission of light and dispersion.

When used in conjunction with lighting, it reduces glare.

  1. Extremely durable.

Our polycarbonate light covers are extremely robust and impact resistant.

The cover is appropriate for lighting applications requiring strength and safety.

  1. Withstands fire

Polycarbonate light covers with a UK class 1 fire rating are available from us.

Polycarbonate is resistant to fire and can be used in public buildings that require a high fire rating.

  1. Resistance to ignition

For high-powered LED lighting systems, polycarbonate light covers give excellent combustion resistance.

Polycarbonate is one of the few clear plastic resins that provides the necessary ignition resistance for such important applications at an affordable price.

  1. Flexibility in design

One of the benefits of our polycarbonate light covers is the flexibility it provides manufacturers in product design.

Plastic materials, which are used to house or cover the LED source, can be created into an infinite number of shapes and sizes.

Custom Polycarbonate Light Cover Features

WeProFab is a Chinese company that specializes in producing high-quality polycarbonate light covers with the following characteristics:

  1. Guarantee for Life
  2. Will not split, crack, or warp.
  3. There has been no insect damage, and it is ready to be installed.
  4. Readi-Finish Factory Applied
  5. Easy to care for
  6. Material that is resistant to moisture and termites
  7. • Paintable with Oil or Latex Paint• High Energy Efficiency
  8. Does not encourage the growth of mold or mildew.
  9. Installs using common woodworking tools.

Custom Polycarbonate Light Cover Material

WeProFab, as a reputable Chinese supplier, works with a wide range of materials. Polycarbonate is one of them.

Polycarbonate is a popular material preference since it has successfully addressed most of the industry’s greatest tough tasks. The material’s potential and capacity to apply properties results in an amazing choice for manufacturer and molder requirements.

Custom Polycarbonate Light Cover Applications

WeProFab custom polycarbonate light covers are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is primarily used as cover protection for downlights, panel lights, advertisement billboards, printed circuit board light covers, office lamps, kitchen lights, and fluorescent lights.

Among the many uses for polycarbonate light covers are:

  • Light fixtures for industrial use
  • Luminaires in high-risk areas
  • Lights for the sea
  • Light fixtures that use fluorescent bulbs
  • Lenses for Lighting
  • Light tiles for the ceiling

Polycarbonate light covers are widely used in different industries. It is proven and tested because of its high durability and strength.

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