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Polycarbonate Siding

Weprofab was definitely endorsed by topmost companies. Because of great performance and services, we become the reliable source of plastic and metalized productions. We are your direct supplier of polycarbonate siding. We do the plastic cutting, molding, and machining the item to turn into beautifully-formed polycarbonate siding. If you want us to manage manufacturing all your desires, contact us for further details.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Siding to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has exhaustive competence in terms of manufacturing activities. We are trusted for localized services. Not just that, we did remarkable services across the world. This product is high-quality and with broad type numbers. Select yours now.

Polycarbonate Heat Resistant siding

Weprofab is your leading manufacturing assistant when comes to your polycarbonate heat-resistant siding. We surely make it more quality-built and have powerful corrosion-proof for your product to lasts for years.

Polycarbonate Hollow Siding

When you are finding the best quality yet weatherproof, Weprofab provides the necessary solutions. We manufacture your ideal polycarbonate hollow siding for your own applications and more.

Polycarbonate Siding Cut-to-size

For huge quantity orders of polycarbonate siding cut-to-size, Weprofab exactly provides what your needs. We supply foremost productions for your business enhancement.

Polycarbonate Siding Manufacturer

Polycarbonate siding manufacturers both provided waterproof and weather resistance. Weprofab create most quality and standardize finishes for great value uses. We produce it to withstand until long terms applications.

Polycarbonate Solid Siding

If you need a hand in purchasing your desired polycarbonate solid siding, Weprofab is your top option. From manufacturing until the delivery process, trusted services will experience through us.

Polycarbonate Twinwall Siding

Our polycarbonate twin-wall siding has strong endurance in such dangerous conditions. We make it sturdy reliable in terms of harmful circumstances. Enjoy using this for your next projects.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Siding Manufacturer

With so many years in this industry, Weprofab became more encouraged and inspired to do wonderful and advantageous services through OEM/ODM clients.

In between the preeminent partnership of Chinese local plastic manufacturers and WeeTect Material Limited, we enhance our capacities with regard to manufacturing and sourcing. Also, our product is well-protected from any harm and mercury-free.

To let us help you, contact me now and we`ll think about it.

Custom Polycarbonate Siding to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Polycarbonate Siding

Weprofab has quality source materials to build Clear Polycarbonate Sidings. These make your demand polished and tailored thoroughly.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Siding

Weprofab is a master in manufacturing activities, so assume that we will fabricate this corrugated polycarbonate siding as well. This has wide capacity in your intended applications.

Translucent Polycarbonate Siding

Weprofab manufactures this translucent polycarbonate siding from original and premium quality materials-maybe plastic or metals. This has the ability to protect the major equipment.

Ribbed Polycarbonate Siding

Ribbed polycarbonate siding is a translucent roofing material that can resist long-span usage. Constructed using a rigid and weather-resistant material. Arrives with a ribbed structure with varying thicknesses.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Siding

Corrugated polycarbonate siding comes with a variety of options making it suitable for any industrial space. Highly tolerant to extremely high temperatures, scratches, and damages. Lightweight and not easily breakable.

Solid Polycarbonate Siding

Solid polycarbonate siding is a perfect solution for any architectural design. Offers high transparency and can work as a sound barrier. Popular for its long service life and admirable damage resistance.

5mm Polycarbonate Siding

5mm polycarbonate siding is shatter-resistant and doesn’t age easily. Designed with UV and weather resistance. Applicable in a wide range of indoor and outdoor projects. Guarantees excellent levels of accuracy.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Siding

Light diffuser polycarbonate siding is built with unmatched durability, efficiency, and optimal quality. Suitable for distinct roofing and shading applications. Made of sturdy materials that offer consistent functionality.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Siding

Multiwall polycarbonate siding features a cellular structure that creates insulating air spaces. Engineered using an energy-efficient and impact-resistant polycarbonate. available in a variety of options.

Green Polycarbonate Siding

Green polycarbonate siding is made with a heavy-duty material that is thicker and longer-lasting than any other option. Dimensionally stable and can sustain different kinds of the temperature ranges.

Frosted Polycarbonate Siding

Frosted polycarbonate siding is built to add privacy and scratch resistance in any application. A perfect product for home decoration applications. Comes with a frosted coating of varying sizes and colors.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Siding

Impact-resistant polycarbonate siding is a durable material that is often used for window replacements, carports, and greenhouses. Guarantees great strength and provides additional protection.

UV Block Polycarbonate Siding

UV block polycarbonate siding is built with UV protection and excellent transparency.
Highly resistant to impacts with an exceptional surface coating. A suitable material for outdoor use.

Shatter Proof Polycarbonate Siding

Shatterproof polycarbonate siding does not break even under harsh conditions. Easy to install and can also be easily cut. Structured using a shatter-proof, tough, and durable polycarbonate material.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Siding

Bulletproof polycarbonate siding is applicable in skylight roofing, commercial canopy, and greenhouse. Designed to last for a long time, eco-friendly, and is popular to be a cost-effective solution.

Clear Twin Wall Polycarbonate Siding

Clear twin wall polycarbonate siding is significantly lightweight and offers better energy efficiency. Equipped with tints that reduce solar heat. Guarantees excellent light transmission and clarity.

Transparent Color Polycarbonate Siding

Transparent color polycarbonate siding is ideal for covering greenhouses. Offers an excellent guard against the risk of breakage and damage. A well-known product due to its incredible strength and unique shape.

See Through Polycarbonate Siding

See-through polycarbonate siding is capable to withstand tough weather conditions. Provided with high-quality and hard-wearing materials. Widely used as shower enclosure and office dividers.

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Why Choose Weprofab Polycarbonate Siding

Weprofab Polycarbonate siding is highly proofed, bullet-proofed, and leak-resistant.

This helps to still be protected from any dangerous and harmful environment. Customizable as well for your free selections.

Thus, these are endorsed at most commercial and even residential installment applications.

Polycarbonate sidings are featured with translucent appealing, clear and dustproof purposes overall.

It is made to endure seasonal weather and withstand a severe way of applications.

These totally functional for roofing and siding project applications. Most intend for structural buildings and homes, this adds perfect decoration for your roofing purposes.

This brings an excellent solution for your motive implementations.

Not just that, our polycarbonate siding is also appropriate for commercial side lighting, sky lighting, and roof paneling administrations.

This polycarbonate siding gives long-term ruggedness and strong proof to cracking, peeling, and denting also.

This provides strong and high collision resistance and useful as heavy duty in hazardous way applications.

And when added for business operations, this is great and versatile in total.

Generally used for replacing siding, new construct buildings and ceiling purposes for industrials, commercials, and residential constructions.

This ability to protect significant areas and gives tightly proof against vandalism, pollution, and hazardous surroundings.

Our polycarbonate siding is totally made sturdily with UV proof.

Thus, they have fundamental benefits in siding, roofing, and paneling administrations.

For your polycarbonate siding colors to not fade easier, this Weprofab manufactured product is fitted.

This completely transmits lighting and characterized by having stable colors.

Polycarbonate sidings are available with 2.67″ x 7/8″sizes. And have durable colors of green translucent and clear white.

Additionally, our polycarbonate siding offers with a broad span proofed against dangerous impacts.

With lower non-inflammable 6 rating speeds in total. Plus, UV proofed, won`t turn yellow easily, and with brighter, stable colors.

These are practically unbreakable items with solid quality formed materials.

This can perform for over -40°F and 212°F utilized temperatures.

In Weprofab, you can find simple to manage, install, and to carry polycarbonate sidings.

And have a strong control system against solar transfer lighting. This can be protected for over 20% even without heating circumstances.

Though, this able to lessen the heat and produce cooling rates.

A perfect polycarbonate siding type to use as a replacement for your roofing necessities.

We, Weprofab has taken excellent pleasure in our sale masters and quality customer assistance act.

We have skilled and well-oriented staff, trying hard to give you the service you exactly needed. They help you find the most fitted products for your application needs.

And within the delivery schedule, a safe and precise delivery service will be performed thoroughly.

Polycarbonate Siding: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In case you have any question on polycarbonate siding, your answer is here.

Today’s guide covers everything on polycarbonate siding – from features, benefits, cutting process, installation to designs, amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in polycarbonate siding, read this guide:

What is Polycarbonate Siding?

It refers to a type of surface commonly used in a wide range of structures as covers or parts or wall supplementary.

In some cases, it is often known as multiwall or twin-wall polycarbonate sheet.

You can install polycarbonate siding on various surfaces, both in residential and commercial structures.

Polycarbonate siding for green house

 Polycarbonate siding for green house

How does Polycarbonate Siding compare to Glass Siding?

  • Polycarbonate siding is extremely stronger, up to 200 times than glass siding.
  • It has excellent resistance to impact, corrosion, UV, temperature, and dimensional stability more than glass siding.

Twin wall polycarbonate siding

Twin wall polycarbonate siding

  • Polycarbonate siding has better optical clarity than glass siding. It allows up to about 92% of light to pass through compared 84% of the light that glass siding permits.
  • Glass siding is relatively heavier than polycarbonate siding. The latter is extremely lightweight, almost half the weight of glass.
  • Glass siding also has better resistance to scratch than polycarbonate siding.

Glass siding

Glass siding

Why choose Polycarbonate Siding?

This material is an ideal investment worth considering for your project(s) because it offers a wide range of benefits.

Some of the reasons why you’d need to choose it to include the following;

Saving space – when using polycarbonate siding, you are guaranteed to have enough space in your structure.

The sidetrack on this component helps in creating more space, albeit illusional.

Eco-friendly – Polycarbonate siding is also friendly to the environment since it does not corrode or react with different elements that might be around the surrounding.

The fact that it also made from natural substances and it is also recyclable makes it a better option for conserving the environment.

Energy-efficient – polycarbonate siding enhances energy saving in numerous ways.

This is essential because it helps in providing more insulation, particularly during the scorching summer heat.

This component also allows natural light to pass hence reducing the need for using electricity during the day.

Stylish – This component gives different contemporary structures a smart and modern appearance.

It comes with aesthetics that is difficult to beat hence increasing the overall visual appeal of the project.

Durable – One of beneficial reasons for choosing polycarbonate siding is the fact that it is incredibly durable.

For obvious reasons, polycarbonate is naturally a strong material, which resists impacts irrespective of the intensity.

And this is fundamental since it shows that in the long run, you’ll be cutting costs.

Lightweight – Polycarbonate siding is lightweight, which is essential because it allows for easy handling, transportation, and installation.

Easy to install – Since this material is lightweight, it is relatively easy to install it without the need for any significant support.

In most DIY projects, you can quickly fix this component without the support of a professional.

UV resistance – Polycarbonate siding has excellent resistance to UV rays, thus making it suitable to enhance protection from such radiations.

At the same time, it prevents the surface material from yellowing, fading, or discoloring.

How does Polycarbonate Siding Work?

The mechanism of polycarbonate siding depends on the specific application.

It is attached to frames, then fixed on the walls.

The weight of the entire polycarbonate siding is suspended on these frames.

Some, however, can be used as windows, which implies that they merely work like the traditional windows.

So this component is installed to act wholly or partly as the wall on the particular structure.

Where can you use Polycarbonate Siding?

You can use this component in a broad range of areas, but the most common areas include the following;

Interior rooms – In many modern commercial and residential structures, you can use polycarbonate siding in different interior rooms.

They help in illuminating such spaces and, at the same time giving it ideal aesthetic value.

Hallways – You can as well use this component in hallways, given that such spaces often require enough light.

Shower cubicles – It is also possible to install polycarbonate siding as a shower cubicle.

This helps in enhancing bathing experience in such rooms.

Office dividers – Many modern offices are partitioned using polycarbonate siding.

The fact that they are transparent, more durable and resistant to impact make them ideal for this application.

Wardrobes – You can design your closet and fit a suitable polycarbonate siding on it.

It gives the room an appealing appearance.

Backyard – In many residential homes, you can use polycarbonate siding in your patios and backyard.

Swimming pools – It is also common in numerous swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor.

Shopping malls – You can also use polycarbonate siding on different spaces within the shopping malls.

It is common in partitioning different retail stores within the mall.

What are the Types of Polycarbonate Siding?

They are two major types that you’ll always find in many applications include the following;

Twin- wall polycarbonate siding –It is the type of siding that features some of the superior physical properties you’ll ever find in any other kind of thermoplastic siding.

It mostly resembles two reinforced polycarbonate sheets with uniformly spaced strips, thus forming a cell-like appearance.

It is lightweight, has excellent impact resistance, extreme temperature tolerance, and non-corrosive.

It is mostly used for windbreaks, window replacements, carports, and light covers, among others.

Twin wall polycarbonate siding

Twin wall polycarbonate siding

Multiwall polycarbonate siding – This is a high impact polycarbonate siding that features excellent optical clarity, durability, and functionality.

It also resembles twin-wall polycarbonate only that it offers extra protection by providing more plastic reinforcement within the cells.

It also has an ideal insulation ability, which means that it can tolerate extreme temperatures accordingly.

Multi wall polycarbonate siding

Multi wall polycarbonate siding

How do you choose the Best Polycarbonate Siding for your Project?

You need to look into various factors as a way of making sure that you get the best for your project. Some of these factors include the following;

Application; it primarily refers to where and how you’ll use the siding

Customization needs; this is the extent of personalization that you need to attain

Cost; the amount of money you’ll spend in tandem with your budget

Thickness; the depth of the siding material

Color; the specific shade, which suits your application and preference

How do you Size Polycarbonate Siding?

You can use different techniques, of course, depending on how you want the final product to look as well as how fast and accurate you want to accomplish it.

But some of the most popular techniques to use include the following;

Cutting – It is an ideal method, especially for DIY projects.

It is easy to execute and requires some basic tools, including power saws such as circular and band saws.

Cutting is all manual, and for better results, you need to ensure that you have and are using the right cutting tools.

CNC machining – It is arguably the best technique you can use to size polycarbonate siding.

It produces smooth finishes on both sides of this component.

You can also use it to attain the best results in sizing both irregular and curved polycarbonate siding.

Also known as CNC routing, this method provides high accuracy hence ideal for sizing polycarbonate siding for relatively mega projects.

Milling – It is the other popular method that you can use to size polycarbonate siding.

Primarily, it involves removal of surplus or unwanted pieces of the sheet using the milling cutters.

It is also a suitable technique for sizing polycarbonate siding for mega projects.

However, it is often comparatively costly and requires advanced tooling.

What Features can you Incorporate into Custom Polycarbonate Siding?

Print – It is also possible to design and incorporate some graphics or texts on the surface of polycarbonate siding.

And in many instances, this is usually ideal in commercial applications since it helps in branding.

Tint – You can as well apply different types of tints on the surface of the polycarbonate siding material.

Several techniques are often used to apply tint on this component, especially at the manufacturing stage.

Anti-reflective coating – It is a surface coating, which helps in preventing excess or unwanted light from getting through the siding.

Often, polycarbonate siding occupies large areas hence the need for ensuring that possible excess light is eliminated.

Which is better between Clear and Opaque Polycarbonate Siding?

Different shades of polycarbonate siding

Different shades of polycarbonate siding material

The efficiency and functionality of either choice is wholly dependent on the application of the component.

In other words, each choice, in this case, stands out as an ideal option depending on where and what you are using it for.

Opaque polycarbonate siding is better in applications that require excellent privacy but, at the same time, offering the necessary benefits.

It is more or less translucent; hence it becomes difficult for intruders to view the happenings on the other side.

Clear polycarbonate siding, on the other hand, provides unmatched clarity and consequently allowing enough light to get through to your space.

Mostly, clear polycarbonate siding seems to be better than an opaque one.

Many users always prefer using the former to guarantee enough light and a clear view of the happening on both sides of the component.

What is the Cost of Custom Polycarbonate Siding?

The price of this component varies depending on numerous factors. One element is the brand of the particular polycarbonate siding you are selecting.

Different suppliers, of course, price their products at varied rates.

The other element is the size and thickness of the component.

The sizes and thickness also vary, thus necessitating cost variance.

The extent of customization also plays a significant role in determining the value of this component.

Shipping and related taxes are the other elements that define the overall cost of polycarbonate siding, among many more.

In a nutshell, there is no definite cost of custom polycarbonate siding.

Even so, reliable suppliers such as WeProFab often offer the best deals in the market for this product ideal to consider.

Can you Repair or Replace Polycarbonate Siding?

Absolutely yes! In most instances, polycarbonate siding never breaks or shatters.

This implies that the need for repair won’t necessarily revolve around these elements.

In many cases, the need to repair this component always surrounds scratching and discoloring.

Polycarbonate is a material with a relatively soft surface.

Therefore, it is highly sensitive to abrasion from different objects, which tend to create light or deep marks.

Also, exposure to high-intensity sunlight for many years subjects this component to possible fading and discoloring, commonly known as yellowing.

For such reasons, it would always be ideal for repairing this material as a way of restoring its stature to the original form.

There are specific techniques used for repairing polycarbonate siding.

When it comes to replacement, it is also possible, but in most cases, after several years, or when you feel you merely need a change.

What Coating Treatment can you add on Polycarbonate Siding?

UV treatment – It is the surface treatment coating that enables the component to resist UV rays and to prevent them from penetrating the surface of this material.

The essence of UV coating is that it enhances the durability of polycarbonate siding and, at the same time preventing it from yellowing or fading its clarity.

Anti-fog treatment – It is an ideal surface coating to add, specifically on polycarbonate siding for outdoor applications.

It merely helps in preventing moisture spotting on the surface of this component.

Anti-scratch treatment- This surface treatment is quite necessary for polycarbonate siding.

It prevents the surface from getting scratches as a result of abrasion from different objects.

This is essential because it enhances the durability of this component and, at the same time, reducing the need for repairs and replacement.

Anti-reflective coating – This refers to a type of surface treatment that allows the surface material to prevent excess light from penetrating the component.

It is also vital because it helps in creating a conducive environment, particularly during summer.

How is Polycarbonate Siding made?

You can use several methods, but the major techniques are;

Are Polycarbonate Siding Doors Secure?

Yes, and in many aspects. The fact that they are made from polycarbonate, which naturally is a strong and unbreakable material, shows that they are secure.

It becomes difficult for a burglar to break this material hence making it suitable for security.

On another security aspect, this component does not corrode with any element within the surrounding or emit any chemicals.

For that reason, it also becomes safer for the environment and the users hence an ideal choice.

What’s more is that polycarbonate siding doors are also resistant to UV radiations, which is essential in keeping the users safe from such harmful rays.

In short, polycarbonate siding doors are secure.

What are the Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Siding?

Some of the common shortcomings of polycarbonate siding include the following;

Relatively expensive – It is arguably one of the most significant disadvantages of this particular component.

Typically, polycarbonate is quite an expensive material, thus making this component more costly than other available options.

It, therefore, limits its use, especially if you are using it on a larger surface.

Low resistance to scratch – Polycarbonate siding tends to scratch easily with a slight abrasion.

This is disadvantageous because it compromises the clarity and aesthetic value of the component.

High maintenance – This component also needs high maintenance from time to time compared to other available alternatives.

The fact that it is sensitive to abrasion also makes it a bit necessary when it comes to maintaining and repairing it.

Possible fading – Polycarbonate siding tends to fade, discolor or yellow with time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight for several years.

This compromises its aesthetic appeal and would thus necessitate a replacement.

Alternatively, it would require buffing or polishing of the surface, which at times can be costly and inconvenient.

What is the Thickness of Polycarbonate Siding?

The thickness of polycarbonate siding varies depending on your preference as well as the particular application.

In general, though, the thickness range for this material is usually between 3mm and 12mm.

In some instances, especially for customized polycarbonate siding, you can as well go for 15mm thickness or beyond.

Are there viable Alternatives for Polycarbonate Siding?

Most definitely. Acrylic is always touted as the ideal alternative for polycarbonate siding, especially in the thermoplastic family.

Acrylic siding offers relatively, more or less similar features of polycarbonate siding such as the following;

This material displays excellent dimensional stability similar to polycarbonate siding.

It tends to absorb a relatively low amount of moisture and has an amorphous structure, which allows it to experience slight elongation, specifically when subjected to high stretching.

It has excellent impact resistance, which is essential for many applications given that you are guaranteed the component will not break easily.

It also shows that the component can withstand high-intensity pressure such as earthquakes and storms without shattering.

Acrylic siding is also resistant to fogging, UV, as well as corrosion and, has an outstanding tolerance to extreme temperatures.

In other words, it means that this component does not compromise its quality, efficiency, and functionality even when exposed to such elements.

Acrylic siding also has excellent optical clarity, which is a critical aspect when it comes to this component.

Just like polycarbonate, acrylic also permits light of close to 90% to pass through it, which is vital in enhancing visibility.

Another aspect of acrylic siding is that it is also lightweight.

And this is necessary because it makes it easy to handle, transport and install it accordingly.

Similar to polycarbonate siding, you do not necessarily need significant support to install acrylic siding, especially for DIY projects.

And above all, acrylic siding is relatively affordable, which makes it a perfect alternative for polycarbonate siding.

Acrylic siding on houses

 Acrylic siding on houses

What is the best Frame for Polycarbonate Siding?

The choice here also narrows down to the specific application, preference, and budget.

In most instances, though, you can use aluminum, steel, and wooden frames for polycarbonate siding.

For example, if you’re using it for wardrobes, wooden frames would be ideal.

If you are using it on hallways and shopping malls, steel or aluminum frames will suffice since they also reinforce security.

Are there Design Considerations for Polycarbonate Siding?


It is always critical to consider design options for this component.

Some of the common considerations include the following;

Application – Your design should suit the specific application.

The essence of polycarbonate siding is to provide an ultimate solution to the specific application.

Size – It is another vital polycarbonate design consideration.

The size of your application matters when it comes to choosing the specific design.

Color – Polycarbonate siding comes in a wide range of color variations.

It is thus vital to ensure that you consider it depending on what suits your preference.

Thickness – It is also essential in determining the ideal design for your polycarbonate siding.

Thickness is vital when it comes to strength requirements.

Does Clear Polycarbonate Siding Dull over time?

To some extent, yes. What happens is that over time, the polycarbonate molecules become weaker.

And once they weaken, the surface starts to dull or fade and ultimately reducing the clarity of this component.

However, there is always a pre-surface treatment that helps in preventing or reducing the dulling of polycarbonate siding.

Can WeProFab offer Kinds of Polycarbonate Siding for OEM?

Yes. WeProFab, as a reliable supplier, can OEM a wide range of polycarbonate siding.

How does WeProFab ensure Quality of Polycarbonate Siding?

Before it releases the products to the market for end-users to purchase, WeProFab ensures that all its polycarbonate sidings are taken through thorough tests.

All these tests ascertain the quality of the product and ensuring they meet the minimum requirements.

WeProFab also ensures that its products conform to all the relevant quality standards stipulated by different organizations.

Some of these standards include ISO, UL, CE, REACH, and ASTM, among others.

How does Hollow Polycarbonate Siding compare to Solid Polycarbonate Siding?

Hollow polycarbonate has a unique design, which features aeration spaces between different layers of the polycarbonate siding material.

It also features dividing walls, which are necessary for support and are categorized based on number of walls, such as twin or triple walls.

On the other hand, solid polycarbonate siding features a high impact and excellent optical clarity design.

It does not have airspaces between the polycarbonate siding sheets, but it is nonetheless lightweight.

It also has excellent insulation ability against extreme temperatures.

Clearly, choosing polycarbonate siding requires that you evaluate a range of factors; from the choice of material, installation to quality specification.

At WeProFab, we will help you choose high quality and reliable polycarbonate sliding.

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