• Acrylic Chess Set

Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in China. We offer the highest quality of the acrylic chess set. We are experts in providing the best standard of this product. We continue to strive in order to meet your business requirements. Excellent services and products await you!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Chess Set to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab owns huge collections of acrylic chess set in China. You can trust our reliable products and services. We are highly equipped to handle your bulk of orders with no-hassle purchase transactions.

Wholesale Acrylic Chess Set

If you are basically in need of an acrylic chess set and want to order by bulk, no problem! We provide acrylic chess set that is made from 100% acrylics.

Personalized Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab has all the acrylic chess set you want to order for business. So, don`t hassle yourself to go elsewhere! Weprofab provides the ultimate solution.

Laser Cut Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab has the solution to all your acrylic chess set needs. We always manufacture the best kinds of an acrylic chess set, like laser-cut acrylic chess set to suit your liking.

Heavy Standard Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab is not only a supplier but also the best manufacturer of acrylic chess set in heavy standard functions. It has high durability and quality perfect for various uses.

Crystal Clear Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab professionally manufactured crystal clear acrylic chess set to satisfy the needs of your business. You can save costs when choosing to purchase from Weprofab.

China Acrylic Chess Set Manufacturer

In China, Weprofab supplies a modern, flexible and stylish acrylic chess set that is functional for any rounds of games. Eyecatching designs are available for lower costs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Chess Set Manufacturer

WeProFab is a company between WeeTect Material Limited & a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We offer you a one-stop solution for metal fabrication and plastic fabrication.

For over 20 years in the fabrication industry, we put focal attention on providing solutions to get our customers` satisfaction and their projects` fulfillments. We are more focusing on providing the exact solutions for your orders.

All of our acrylic chess sets are 100% guaranteed. It has impact-resistance and attractive textures that enable you to catch the interest of your beloved customers.

Contact us for more details.

Custom Acrylic Chess Set to Skyrocket Your Brand

3D Acrylic Chess Set

Rely on Weprofab if you`re running out of 3D acrylic chess set for your business. For a fair price, you can get your specified acrylic chess set.

Smoke Gray Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab can help you save huge amounts of costs when you purchase a smoke gray acrylic chess set from our factory. Get the designs you want at Weprofab!

Neon Acrylic Chess Set

Only at Weprofab, you can rest assured of a high-quality neon acrylic chess set. It is functional for any round of chess games.

Modern Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab modern acrylic chess set is easiest to maintain. Weprofab can custom your favorite styles for acrylic chess sets.

Coloured Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab colored acrylic chess set can be stored for ease of stockpiles. Unlike fragile glasses, our set of acrylic chess won`t break easily.

Lucite Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Lucite Acrylic Chess Set is made of 100% high-quality acrylic sheet with high transparency. It is beautiful acrylic chess set with a classic and simple design. 

Luxury Acrylic Chess Set

Luxury Acrylic Chess Set features a transparent color and 20mm thickness. It is perfect for home and gift usage. This acrylic chess set is available in silk-printed, UV-printed, and engraved logos.

Professional Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Professional Acrylic Chess Set is eco-friendly, waterproof, and durable. It is ideal for checker storage and chess-playing usage.

Unisex Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Unisex Acrylic Chess Set has been meticulously manufactured to the highest standards. It has a 10mm thickness, an excellent gift for office and home usage.

Transparent Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Transparent Acrylic Chess Set is unisex acrylic chess with a clear color. It is excellent for acrylic chess entertainment usage.

Perspex Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Perspex Acrylic Chess Set is made of 100% acrylic that has a high hardness and flat surface. It features a modern, elegant and smooth surface.

Crystal Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Crystal Acrylic Chess Set is made of high-grade acrylic sheet material. It has a 95% transparency like crystal, fashionable, and beautiful.

Delicate Acrylic Chess Set

Family evenings will be a breeze with this Weprofab delicate acrylic chess set in a pleasant and robust transparent material. It is also available in customized size, color, and thickness.

Classic Premium Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Classic Premium Acrylic Chess Set is made of high-end acrylic material with well polished and smooth edges. Its color and sizes are customized.

Contemporary Clear Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Contemporary Clear Acrylic Chess Set brings a contemporary touch to the conventional chess set. It is a sleek and modern style that works well in any setting.

High-Quality Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab High-Quality Acrylic Chess Set has excellent surface hardness and durability. It features an exceptionally long lifespan.

Customized Crystal Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Customized Crystal Acrylic Chess Set is made of 100% crystal acrylic. It features a clear and smokey acrylic board with a matte white grid.

International Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab International Acrylic Chess Set is a portable style ideal for indoor usage. It features a 100% acrylic material and 35x35cm size.

Round Stick Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Round Stick Acrylic Chess Set is made of top-quality acrylic material. It is excellent for children’s game applications with customized colors and logos.

Creative Transparent Acrylic Chess Set

Weprofab Creative Transparent Acrylic Chess Set is an educational toy checker style. It is made of lucite acrylic material with transparent and black color.

Acrylic Chess Block Set

Weprofab Acrylic Chess Block Set is a magnetic chess board that features an eco-friendly material. It is available in various colors and sizes.

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Why WeProFabAcrylic Chess Set

Internationally, Weprofab considered one of the best manufacturers and distributors of an acrylic chess set. Our factory is located in China, giving the finest quality of acrylic chess set at cheaper rates. We are an executive provider of an acrylic chess set that also possessed colorful, durable and classic board games.

Weprofab acrylic chess set is obtainable in classic colors such as smoke grey acrylic chess set, black acrylic set, white acrylic chess set, etc. They also come with clear knights, pawns, queens, kings, bishops, and rooks battle it out for the win.

Acrylic Chess Set

Regarding acrylic chess set features, there`s a lot to mention. The board is thickened with 3-layers of acrylic. It is scratch-free, sturdy, and completely a hand-made acrylic chess set! These chess sets offer flexibility and durability, making it functional and long-lasting.

As a well-known manufacturer of any acrylic products, Weprofab supplies acrylic chess set to be used in a wide array of applications. Acrylic chess set applications include in businesses such as retail, and many more. It is cost-effective and environmental-friendly products that are helpful to roar your business successfully.

Acrylic Chess Set

All of our acrylic chess sets are 100% guaranteed. It has impact-resistance and attractive textures that enable you to catch the attention of your beloved customers. We, Weprofab has expert skills in fabricating acrylic chess set based on your specifications.

For over 20 years in the fabrication industry, we are put focal attention on providing solutions to get our customers` satisfaction and fulfillment of their projects. We are more focusing on providing the exact solutions for your orders.

Acrylic Chess Set

And one more thing! Our total skills in fabrications obtained a reputation in the manufacturing industry. So don`t hassle yourself in going somewhere else to purchase quality acrylic chess sets, because, in Weprofab, we know how to give an ultimate solution! Together, we can boost your business to the highest level!

Whether you want personalized acrylic chess set, laser cut chess set, and even customized acrylic chess set, only ask assistance from your trusted brand- Weprofab.

Contact us if you`re interested in the Weprofab acrylic chess set!

Acrylic Chess Set: The Complete FAQ Guide

Acrylic chess set refers to pieces used for playing chess and a board used for playing the game.

The particular set herein is made from processed thermoplastic material known as acrylic.

This guide discusses several aspects of acrylic chess set, which are integral in influencing your purchase decision.

Keep reading to learn more:

What Are The Available Types Of Acrylic Chess Set?

acrylic chess set

 acrylic chess set

You can find acrylic chess set in various designs.

Most reputable manufacturers like WeProFab have adequate capacity to produce any design you’d wish to have.

Nevertheless, some of the common designs you are likely to find in the market include the following;

  • Custom acrylic chess set

acrylic customized chess

customized acrylic chess

  • Laser-cut acrylic chess set
  • Crystal clear acrylic chess set

clear acrylic chess set

clear acrylic chess set

  • Heavy standard acrylic chess set
  • Colored acrylic chess set
  • Standard acrylic chess set
  • 3D acrylic chess set

3d acrylic chess set

3d acrylic chess set

  • Smoke gray chess set
  • Neon acrylic chess set
  • Modern acrylic chess set

What Are The Components Of Acrylic Chess Set?

A typical acrylic chess set contains six pieces and a board.

These pieces include the following;


It is regarded as the lowest-value piece on acrylic chess set.

They are eight per player and often known as pawn-structure as arranged on the chessboard.


This piece is considered minor, worth 3 points.


Knights make up relatively minor pieces in acrylic chess board together with bishops.


It is regarded as a major piece of a chess set, and it’s worth five points.


This is the most valuable piece in the entire chess set.

It is also a key component in is numerous chess strategies.


The king is the most critical piece of a chess set.

In a typical chess game, the player must always find strategies for protecting the king while threatening the opponents.


It is the surface where all the pieces are placed and moved in different directions.

Chess board features 64 square marks.

These square marks are marked using two distinctive colors to form 32 squares each.

What Is The Ideal Size Of Acrylic Chess Set Board?

Ideally, there is no definite size of acrylic chess set board since numerous factors determine the actual dimensions.

World Chess Federation, which is the body regulating rules of this game, however, recommends an acrylic chess board of 16 by 20 inches.

This organ also recommends the squares to be 2-2.5 inches.

A chessboard of this size is arguably comfortable for playing on various table surfaces in many homes.

Moreover, the design helps store it when not in use.

Even so, you can always go for custom designs to get the specific size that meets your demands.

Besides, the ideal size of acrylic chess board is also determined by the size of the respective pieces.

Relatively big pieces will require a somewhat large chess set board to fit properly and vice versa.

The most important element is understanding that acrylic chess board sizes often vary from one country to another.

Thus, it is vital first to establish size required in your respective country, particularly for chess competitions.

What Is The Suitable Height Of King In Acrylic Chess Set?

It varies, especially depending on the overall size of the acrylic chessboard.

Also, whether you are using it for fun or competition would determine the suitable height of this chess piece.

Nonetheless, most manufacturers often use the recommended dimension provided by World Chess Federation, which is 9.5cm (3.75 inches).

What Is The Recommended Square Size In Acrylic Chess Set Board?

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) recommends a square size of 1.97-2.36 inches (5-6cm)

Other chess federations, such as the United States Chess Federation (USCF), recommend a square size of between 2-2.5 inches.

In a nutshell, there is no definite square size for acrylic chessboard.

You can always get slightly smaller or bigger square sizes, mostly depending on the actual size of the pieces.

Does Acrylic Chess Set Break Easily?


Acrylic material used for making this component is, ideally, strong and exhibits excellent impact resistance.

Technically, the base material has a sturdy molecular structure making it difficult to break under ordinary conditions.

Besides, the manufacturing process of this item is quite involving and entails the integration of different impact-resistant additives.

In the end, it makes it shatter-proof and difficult to break even when subjected to immense mechanical pressure.

Does Acrylic Chess Set Emit Chemical Odor?


Usually, the acrylic material used for making a chess set is derived from natural petroleum and gas components in an inert state.

This makes it non-reactive thus can hardly emit any chemical odor irrespective of the substances it is exposed to.

In essence, this makes it safe to use among different cadres of people, including kids.

How Heavy Is Acrylic Chess Set?

Generally, acrylic chess set is lightweight.

The primary material used for making the entire acrylic chess set is relatively lightweight.

Of course, the actual weight is dependent on the specific dimensions of acrylic material used in designing it.

Additionally, the material thickness also influences the actual weight of the ultimate acrylic chess set.

However, it is generally lightweight, given the material is about half the weight of glass of similar dimensions.

It is fundamental since it makes the chessboard quite portable and easy to move around to different places.

How Does Acrylic Chess Set Compare With Wood Chess Set?

Ideally, acrylic thermoplastic and wood are the commonly used materials for making different chess set designs.

wooden chess set

wooden chess set

However, these materials tend to vary on many grounds, including the following;


Wood chess sets are relatively expensive than acrylic chess sets.

In many instances, the cheapest basic wooden chess set starts from around $50, depending on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

On the other hand, acrylic chess set is affordable with a starting price of about $20 based on manufacturer.


Acrylic chess set exhibit incredible resistance to harsh environmental and abusive mechanical conditions.

It can withstand abrasive handling without wearing out, breaking, or deforming for the longest time possible.

Wooden chess set, on the other hand, is likely to wear out faster if subjected to harsh conditions such as aggressive handling.


Ordinarily, acrylic chess set is lightweight but still exhibits excellent weatherability features, including high impact resistance.

Wood chess set is relatively heavy compared to acrylic option thus can be comparatively challenging to carry it around all the time.

Optical clarity

Apparently, acrylic material has enhanced features of glass, and one of them is exceptional optical clarity.

This makes it pretty attractive to use and have around.

Some wood designs are also attractive but hardly exhibit any extent of optical clarity.

Dimensional stability

Acrylic chess set can never break, chip, deform or shatter irrespective of the mechanical pressure it is subjected to.

The material offers better dimensional stability even in harsh conditions such as extreme weather conditions.

The edges of wood chess set, on the contrary, can chip, deform or shatter depending on quality of construction and type of wood used.

Basically, the preference between chess sets made using these two materials is fraught with subjectivity.

How Much Does Acrylic Chess Set Cost?

A host of variables determine the exact amount of money you’ll pay when purchasing acrylic chess set.

First, the overall quality of its construction influences the exact cost. Ideally, a basic design would be relatively cheap than an advanced design.

Secondly, the actual design you are going for is also a key cost determinant.

A standard design is obviously cheaper than a custom design.

Thirdly, the quantity you are purchasing at once plays a critical role in the actual price of this item.

Most companies offer better discounts on higher quantities than fewer pieces.

Lastly, cost is also pegged on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Different acrylic chess set brands cost differently depending on specific company policies or price standards.

Nevertheless, the starting price of a basic acrylic chess set often starts from about $20 in many outlets.

An advanced design, on the other hand, would cost from $100 also depending on where you are purchasing it.

Can You Buy Pieces Of Acrylic Chess Set Separately?


Most manufacturers and suppliers have the provision of purchasing different pieces of acrylic chess set separately.

It is essential since different people often have needs for various single pieces of chess sets.

However, you must know the size of the piece you could seek relative to the king’s piece.

Thus, any measurement you provide for specific piece you are looking for should be in tandem with king’s size.

In other words, when providing the details of pieces you are replacing, always use the measurement of the king’s piece as the basis.

How Do You Choose Most Suitable Acrylic Chess Set?

When looking for the right acrylic chess set, it is important to consider a number of fundamental factors.

Some of these crucial elements you need to look for include the following;

Discernibility Of Pieces

Ideally, it is important to find distinguishable styles and pieces.

It is usually annoying to always have a conscious attempt to determine what piece is which during playing.


In this aspect, it merely refers to choosing your board based on whether it is for casual or tournament use.

Mostly, tournament acrylic chess sets have specific stipulations they must adhere to, especially dimensions.


It is also important to purchase this component from a reputable manufacturer.

Mostly, this guarantees quality and, in many instances, a warranty.

Buying it from a reputable supplier or manufacturer gives peace of mind even when making and awaiting order shipping.


Acrylic chess set is available at different costs depending on numerous elements.

Therefore, you need to shop and evaluate as many options as possible as far as price within your budget is concerned.

Material Quality

Essentially, acrylic material is available in different grades, all exhibiting different features

Quality material plays a critical role in determining the durability and efficiency of this component.

Thus, you need to ensure you choose the proper chess set made of high-quality acrylic material.

What Is The Ideal Material Thickness Of Acrylic Chess Board?

The suitable material thickness of acrylic chess set is entirely fraught with subjectivity.

You can find custom designs with different material thicknesses depending on your requirements, especially for casual play.

However, a professional acrylic chess board should be at least .075 inches according to the recommendations of the game’s governing body.

Can Acrylic Chess Set Dull With Time?

Not easily.

The base material of this component is naturally glossy and allows a sufficient amount of light to pass through it.

During the manufacturing process, different additives such as anti-scratch and anti-UV are often integrated.

This ensures the surface material remains shiny throughout irrespective of the abuse of aggressive handling it could be exposed to.

Nevertheless, in extreme circumstances, the acrylic chess set begins to dull or fade you can quickly restore the surface material’s glossiness.

Thorough cleaning using recommended washing detergents and polishing are some of the ways you can use to restore glossiness.

Can You Use Polycarbonate Chess Set Instead Of Acrylic Chess Set?


Polycarbonate materials offer more or less similar features to acrylic.

Thus, you can consider it as an ideal substitute for acrylic in making chess sets.

Ultimately, you’ll attain better results, including more extended durability, excellent optical clarity, increased impact resistance, etc.

Is There Color Limitation For Acrylic Chess Set?

Yes, albeit a few, and they include the following;

  1. Can scratch easily, especially if it is exposed to abusive or excess handling.This often happens due to the relatively soft surface material of acrylic material.However, you can always prevent this by ensuring you purchase a high-quality acrylic chess set properly treated with an anti-scratch surface coating.
  2. Cost can be relatively expensive depending on the design, size, and brand you are purchasing.

colored acrylic chess

colored acrylic chess

Does Acrylic Chess Set Surface Scratch Easily?

It depends on a few elements, including the following;

  • Quality of base material – Acrylic material is available in different grades based on properties and overall quality.A low-grade material is usually susceptible to scratching compared to a higher grade, which portrays higher resistance to scratches.
  • Handling – Poor handling often expose acrylic chess set to numerous abrasive and sharp elements.These items will always scratch the surface material, thus forming marks on it.

Nonetheless, proper maintenance and handling prevent this item from scratching for as long as possible.

Besides, it is easy to remove scratches from the surface material using numerous methods such as cleaning and polishing.

What Is The Ideal Performance Enhancement Coating To Integrate Into Acrylic Chess Set?

They are quite several, but the main ones include the following;

Anti-reflective coating – The essence of this enhancement surface coating is to eliminate or reduce excess or unwanted light from reflecting on the component.

It is a crucial enhancement coating, especially when using the chess set in well-lit areas.

Anti-scratch coating – It safeguards the surface material of acrylic chess board from abrasive and sharp objects that would cause scratch marks on it.

Anti-fingerprint coating – Ideally, the essence of this surface coating is to prevent fingerprint marks from sticking or remaining on the item.

And this is vital since it is primarily handled throughout the game time.

UV additive – It prevents UV rays from attacking, penetrating, and weakening molecular structure of acrylic chess set.

Thus, it can hardly dull or yellow even when exposed to sunlight.

What Makes Outdoor Acrylic Chess Set To Yellow In The Sun?

In most instances, acrylic chess set is likely to yellow when exposed to direct sunlight constantly.

UV radiation often penetrates on the surface material, attack and weaken the molecules leading to yellowing.

Besides, there are other elements, which may lead to yellowing of acrylic chess set in the sun, such as the following;

Poor quality acrylic material – Ideally, a chess set made from low-grade acrylic material can easily yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

Low grade acrylic cannot necessarily withstand effects of UV rays attack on its molecular structure leading to yellowing.

Inferior workmanship – Failure to properly integrate different elements during the manufacturing process of this chess set also causes yellowing.

Generally, it becomes susceptible to yellowing when exposed to sunlight.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Chess Set?

The best routine maintenance tips for acrylic chess set include the following;

  • Don’t expose it to direct sunlight for long, especially when you are using it outdoors.This reduces chances of yellowing likely to occur due to UV radiation penetration to surface material.
  • Always wipe the surface material using a clean microfiber cloth gently.It removes accumulated dust and any accidental spillage from the component.
  • Store in a relatively cool and dry place.
  • Polish it using applicable methods often to enhance the glossiness of its surface material.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Acrylic Chess Set Over Other Materials?

Acrylic chess set offers several advantages, including the following;

  1. Comparatively lightweight, making it convenient to carry in your backpack.
  2. It offers incredible strength guaranteeing better durability, thus making it cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Easy to maintain since it majorly requires cleaning using non-abrasive washing detergents.
  4. Available in various designs, colors, and sizes, which is essential in broadening your choice options and ensuring you attain the right one.
  5. It is attractive thus important in enhancing style and class, which influences the psychological aspect of players.
  6. Exhibits resistance to numerous weather and environmental elements thus can withstand abuse and aggressive handling without wearing out.

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture a range of acrylic chess sets, depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

Contact us today for all your acrylic chess set.

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