• Acrylic Discs

Acrylic Discs

Weprofab is one of the best and leading manufacturers of acrylic discs in China. We highly present wide options of acrylic discs that you can choose from. And also, we provide ultimate solutions to your business especially in terms of adding profitable products. We can be your top manufacturer of every reliable acrylic discs.


Get WeProFab Acrylic Discs to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has the widest options of acrylic discs for your business advantage. If you are struggling to find acrylic discs for business, rely on Weprofab! We can supply top-selling acrylic discs to fill your requirements.

High Transparency Acrylic Discs

Weprofab has over 20 years of experience in fabrication fields. At competitive prices, you can avail of our uncommon acrylic discs with high transparency levels.

PMMA Acrylic Discs

When looking for top-rated PMMA acrylic discs, consider Weprofab as your greatest supplier & manufacturer. We can provide superb acrylic discs for lower rates.

Frosted Acrylic Discs

Internationally, Weprofab is one of the authentic suppliers of all acrylic discs types, including frosted acrylic discs. For any business, our acrylic products performed the best!

Colored Cast Acrylic Discs

You can avail of our high-quality acrylic discs that are available in custom sizes, colors, and prints. We can successfully manufacture using our high-end equipment and technologies.

Acrylic Discs Manufacturer

All of our acrylic discs are made from durable and strongest acrylic materials. At Weprofab, you can rest assured about the sturdiness and the quality of our products.

Acrylic Discs Cut-to-size

Weprofab is now supplying custom styles for acrylic discs and cut them into different sizes to fit your projects. In Weprofab, you can get all the products you want at cheaper prices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Discs Manufacturer

For the 20+ years of experience in the fabrication field, Weprofab became more skilled & popular in supplying great acrylic discs worldwide. To have acrylic discs for business is the best idea you could make.

When it all comes to acrylic products, Weprofab is a good option! Our acrylic discs are quality tested and super durable perfect for any applications.

We, Weprofab proud to presents magnificent acrylic discs at very friendly prices. We are capable enough to supply acrylic discs you need for every project.

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Custom Acrylic Discs to Skyrocket Your Brand

Triangular Acrylic Discs

Weprofab is using 100% quality materials to fabricate acrylic discs in custom shapes, such as triangular acrylic discs.

Acrylic Wheel Discs

Weprofab acrylic wheel discs can help you gain further profits for your trade industry. We can custom acrylic discs based on your taste and liking.

Fluorescent Acrylic Discs

Weprofab fluorescent acrylic discs are popular for their smooth and durable surfaces. Grab your ideal fluorescent acrylic discs for friendly costs.

Acrylic Round Discs

Weprofab offers reliable partnership. We are well-experienced fabricator that has the skills to customize acrylic discs into different sizes and shapes.

Acrylic Discs Keychain

Weprofab are popular for being the most trusted manufacturer of acrylic discs keychain. We have thousands of acrylic discs stocks, ready to import.

Clear Cast Acrylic Round Discs

The clear cast acrylic round discs have smooth edges, a high gloss finish, excellent optical clarity, and superior strength. They also have 92% of light transmission. They are great to use as cake boards, outdoor plant protectors, baby milestone discs, painting palettes, lighting filters, and so on.

Pastel Colored Acrylic Discs

The pastel colored acrylic discs come in a wide range of sizes and colors such as spearmint green, candy floss blue, orange fizz, parma violet, sour grape, bubblegum blue, and many more. They can be used for promotional items, keychains, jewelry, Christmas tree ornaments, craft projects, and other applications.

Clear Acrylic Hexagon Discs

The clear acrylic hexagon discs are ideal to use for making medals, table signs, handmade art projects, and decorations. They can also be used as painting palettes and picture frame replacements. They are designed with strong impact resistance, high light transmission, and weather resistance.

Clear Acrylic Heart-Shaped Discs

The clear acrylic heart-shaped discs are made from durable, highly transparent, and top-grade acrylic material. They have neat and smooth edges. They are also scratch-resistant, lightweight, sturdy, and anti-aging. They can be used for pendant decorations, keychain crafts, Valentine ornaments, and so on.

Gold Mirrored Acrylic Round Discs

The gold mirrored acrylic round discs can be used for cake bases, gift tags, backpack labels, souvenirs, cake toppers, medals, reception tokens, party decoration, interior design, and other decorative applications. They have an elegant design, highly reflective surface, and excellent durability.

Clear Acrylic Square Discs

The clear acrylic square discs are made from food-grade, high-quality, eco-friendly, and durable acrylic material. They are commonly used as a center dowel for multi-layered cakes. They can also be used for scraping the ganache, cream, or icing. They can be designed with an optional center hole to keep the cake stable.

Clear Extruded Acrylic Round Discs

The clear extruded acrylic round discs have high light transmission, high surface hardness, and are ten times more durable than glass. These acrylic discs are perfect for table place names, table numbers, cake bases, party signage, personal ornaments, jewelry, drink coasters, and many more.

Glass Effect Acrylic Circle Discs

The glass effect acrylic circle discs have a very slight green tint and green edges that make them look like real glass. However, they are more durable, shatterproof, lightweight, and safer than glass. They can be used for tabletop protectors, home décor, ornaments, pendant decorations, and other decorations.

Colorful Glittered Acrylic Round Discs

The colorful glittered acrylic round discs are available in a wide range of colors such as pink, red, blue, yellow, and more. They are commonly used for fabricating keychains, necklace pendants, table names, Christmas ornaments, cake toppers, DIY projects, medals, plaques, and other professional projects.

Frosted Clear Cast Acrylic Discs

These types of acrylic discs have a stylish matte finish which makes them give a frosted effect. They can have a light transmission up to 85% or more. They look just like frosted glass but they are more hard-wearing, lightweight, and safer than glass. They are also recyclable, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly.

White Acrylic Round Discs

The white acrylic round discs are commonly used as cake bases. They are washable, shatterproof, sturdy, food-safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. They can also be used for making ornaments, keychains, medals, signage, game tokens, DIY crafts, and other projects.

Mirror Acrylic Hexagon Discs

The mirror acrylic hexagon discs can be used for cupcake toppers, wall décor, birthday photo props, keychains, table numbers, cake toppers, gift tags, and many more. They are durable, highly reflective, smooth, and lightweight. They are also easy to fabricate.

Frosted Glass Effect Acrylic Circle Discs

The frosted glass effect acrylic circle discs have a frosted green glass-like appearance. They have an elegant matte finish on their surface. They are more resistant to impact than glass and half the weight of glass. They can be used for plaques, cake toppers, interior design, medals, signage, table names, etc.

Black Acrylic Round Discs

The black acrylic round discs have improved weather resistance, scratch resistance, excellent toughness, and are lightweight. They are the ideal material to use for product display base, gift tags, game tokens, table numbers, tabletops, wedding place card names, home décor, ornaments, and many more.

Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Disc

The rose gold mirror acrylic discs are the ideal material for making engraved cupcake toppers, cake toppers, table numbers, bathroom decorations, gift tags, pendants, personalized ornaments, DIY Crafts, etc. They are widely used during weddings, birthday parties, Christmas, and other special events.

Colorful Acrylic Game Discs

The colorful acrylic game discs are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, opacity, and thicknesses. They are commonly used for board games, making game tokens, plastic coins, buttons, keychains, jewelry pendants, cupcake toppers, and many more. They are durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

Silver Mirror Acrylic Discs

The silver mirror acrylic discs can be used as bathroom mirrors, wall decorations, dance studio mirrors, cake bases, etc. They are also used for fabricating cake toppers, jewelry pendants, table numbers, tags, and other DIY projects. They have great impact strength, good weather resistance, and reflective surface.

Dental Acrylic Discs

The dental acrylic discs are made from eco-friendly, durable, non-toxic, and safe PMMA material. They are widely used in many dental laboratories or clinics. Moreover, they are extremely strong and vibrant. They also have an aesthetic appearance, better biocompatibility, and low cost.

Opaque Colored Acrylic Discs

The opaque colored acrylic discs are available in attractive and vivid colors such as red, pink, black, blue, green, yellow, and so on. They have a low moisture absorption rate, high impact resistance, and ease of fabrication. They can be used for table protective covers, wedding signage, POP displays, cake bases, etc.

Colored Transparent Acrylic Round Discs

The colored transparent acrylic round discs are great to use for business name cards, game tokens, product display bases, tabletop protectors, interior decoration, ornaments, pendants, and many more. These acrylic discs have good transparency, great impact resistance, lightweight design, and gloss finish.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Discs

Weprofab is making acrylic discs for over 20 years now. We create amazing designs for acrylic discs that are obtainable in various sizes, styles, and shapes. So, if you are wholesaler or retailer and you need high-quality acrylic, check out Weprofab! It is the perfect marketplace where you can find uncommon designs of acrylic discs.

As the leading factory worldwide, Weprofab is experts in producing acrylic discs that you need to run a business. Our acrylic discs are a well-known product to use in making a keychain, souvenir, and many more. These are featured unbreakable, unlike fragile glass.

Acrylic Discs

Weprofab is the finest distributor and maker of acrylic discs working in China. Plenty of acrylic discs supplies are presented at very competitive rates. Here, there`s a lot of acrylic discs designs that you can select for your business.

We are very privileged to manufacture your ideal acrylic discs from 100% durable materials. We have the widest options when regards to acrylic items. In any acrylic discs diameters, thickness, sizes, or shapes, we can custom according to your plans and detailed specifications. Depending on your requests, we can make modified acrylic discs in a very timely manner.

Acrylic Discs

Always choose Weprofab when you are looking for acrylic discs supplier & manufacturer. We offer a one-stop-solution for your acrylic discs requirements. Plus, in Weprofab, you can rest assured of our acrylic discs` quality and functionality.

For the 20+ years of experience in the fabrication field, Weprofab became more skilled & popular in supplying great acrylic discs worldwide. To have acrylic discs for business is the best idea you could make.

When it all comes to acrylic products, Weprofab is a good option! It is high-quality tested and super durable perfect for any applications.

Acrylic Discs

We, Weprofab proud to presents magnificent acrylic discs at very friendly prices. We are capable enough to supply acrylic discs you need for every project.

We fabricate any types of acrylic discs including acrylic cake discs, fluorescent acrylic discs, acrylic discs keychain, etc.

For more details about Weprofab acrylic discs, without further ado, contact us!

Acrylic Discs: The Complete FAQ Guide

Acrylic discs refer to items manufactured using molded acrylic thermoplastic sheets to form a defined shape.

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking about acrylic discs.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Types Of Acrylic Discs Available In The Market?

acrylic discs

acrylic discs

Currently, you can find a wide range of acrylic discs designs in the market.

In essence, several manufacturers produce plenty of designs in the market, which is vital since it broadens your choice options.

Mostly, acrylic discs are available in standard designs.

However, you can also find custom designs, which entail different elements integrated into the design.

Notably, the specific custom designs available often vary from one manufacturer to another.

Here are the common types of acrylic discs you’ll find at WeProFab;

High transparency acrylic discs

  • Acrylic cake discs

acrylic cake disc

acrylic cake disc

  • Frosted acrylic discs
  • PMMA acrylic discs
  • Cut-to-size acrylic discs
  • Colored cast acrylic discs

colored cast acrylic disc

colored cast acrylic discs

  • Acrylic wheel discs
  • Keychain acrylic discs

keychain acrylic disc

keychain acrylic disc

  • Round acrylic discs
  • Fluorescent acrylic discs
  • Triangular acrylic discs

What Are The Uses Of Acrylic Discs?

Acrylic discs are used in a wide range of applications in different settings.

Some of the uses of these components include the following;

  • Cake baking
  • Souvenir
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Keychains
  • Signage
  • Decoration
  • Lighting

What Are The Features Of Quality Acrylic Discs?

Acrylic discs naturally demonstrate remarkable properties, which tend to make them quite popular than other materials.

Some of the main features of these items include the following;

Exceptional impact resistance – Acrylic discs have a solid molecular structure that can withstand intense mechanical pressure without cracking, breaking, or shattering.

Pliable – The surface material of these components is relatively flexible, making it easy to fabricate it to a preferable structural shape and design.

Good optical clarity – Base material for making these components is comparatively transparent, thus allows more light of up to 93% to pass through it.

Excellent weatherability – Acrylic discs can endure different harsh environmental and abusive handling without degrading, aging, or wearing out.

Lightweight – These discs are ultra-lightweight, given they are made from acrylic material, which is naturally lightweight.

Incredible dimensional stability – These components hardly change their respective shapes even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Non-reactive – Exhibit a high level of chemical resistance thus cannot react with any substance with chemical compounds.

Can Acrylic Discs Break Easily?


They are made using a base material that exhibits incredible resistance to impact.

Essentially, acrylic material is derived from various natural components, including petroleum and gases in synthetic form.

These natural components, upon processing, form a solid molecular structure, which is relatively difficult to break.

The primary material of acrylic discs exhibits a tensile strength of about 10,000 lbs per square inch.

Besides, in its natural form, acrylic is about 17-20 times stronger than a glass of similar size.

And during manufacturing of acrylic discs, several anti-impact additives are often integrated to reinforce strength of final product.

All these primarily explain how strong acrylic discs are thus can never break easily even when subjected to high impact pressure.

In a nutshell, acrylic discs can never break at all under ordinary conditions.

How Much Does Acrylic Discs Cost?

The cost of acrylic discs often varies based on a host of factors such as the following;

Order quantity – Typically, when you order many pieces of acrylic discs, you are likely to spend less than when you order few pieces.

Most manufacturers including WeProFab usually offers a higher discount for large quantity purchase and vice versa.

Material thickness – Ordinarily, acrylic discs with relatively thick wall surface are priced highly than those with thin wall sizes.

Material quality – Since acrylic material is available in many varieties and grades, the price is usually determined by the exact material quality.

Acrylic discs made using higher quality acrylic material are costlier than those manufactured using relatively inferior material.

Customization – Standard designs are usually cheaper than custom pieces. Often, custom units tend to incorporate additional details, making them relatively costlier than standard designs.

Manufacturer – Different manufacturers also price their respective acrylic discs differently based on several factors.

Some of these factors include prevailing cost of production, brand reputation, and positioning in the market.

The bottom line is there is no fixed price for purchasing acrylic discs.

You can always negotiate with the manufacturer or supplier based on the above-mentioned factors among others.

What Are The Common Shapes For Acrylic Discs?

The traditional shape for most acrylic discs, as the name suggests, is round or circular.

However, over time and different users’ innovations, various shapes have emerged.

Other than round or circular-shape, the common shapes available include the following;

  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Diamond-shape
  • Heart-shape
  • Square

Of course, the shape variation is significant because it allows you to find the specific one, which suits your taste and preference.

How Durable Are Acrylic Discs?

Acrylic discs are very durable.

Typically, the structural design and material used for making these components make them relatively durable.

Additionally, most acrylic discs’ applications are less aggressive, which generally increases the overall longevity of this product.

The manufacturing process of these components integrates different strength-additives to reinforce the strong molecular structure.

As such, these items can withstand different harsh conditions for long without wearing out, breaking, or degrading.

With a naturally reinforced strength, it means it can last for as many years as possible, mostly not less than 20 years.

However, the actual longevity is subject to various elements such as the following;

  • Quality of workmanship integrated during manufacturing process
  • Specific surrounding conditions it is subjected to
  • Quality of acrylic material used for making the discs
  • General handling of the items

Are Acrylic Discs Scratch-resistant?

Yes, to a great extent.

These discs are made using acrylic material, which naturally has a somewhat surface.

Now during manufacturing process, the materials is usually coated using a reliable anti-scratch treatment.

This coating allows it to resist any form of scratches from relatively sharp or abrasive objects.

You can also apply an aftermarket anti-scratch film on the surface of these components to prevent them from scratching.

Besides, acrylic discs made from high-quality acrylic material rarely scratch unless subjected deliberately to scratchy objects.

Moreover, most of the applications of these components are less abrasive.

The uses do not expose them to different environments where they are likely to scratch.

In essence, these items, especially modern ones, tend to have excellent resistance to scratches.

Are Acrylic Discs Tolerant To Extreme Temperatures?


The base material used for making these components often have better endurance to extreme temperatures.

Essentially, they have incredible dimensional stability, which allows them to withstand extreme temperatures.

As such, they rarely deform, degrade or wear out even when exposed to extreme temperature conditions.

However, acrylic material has a specific temperature level it can withstand before it melts.

But such temperatures are usually in the highs of 210° C, which is typically rare for most acrylic discs application.

How Can You Customize Acrylic Discs?

There are numerous ways you can use to customize acrylic discs.

Ideally, the essence of modifying these components is to enable you to attain uniqueness.

And this is vital since it makes it possible for your acrylic discs to stand out in various applications.

customized acrylic discs

cuztomized acrylic discs

Some of the customization ideas you can integrate on these discs include the following;

  • Labeling – It involves printing texts, symbols, logos, or names on the surface material of these items.This customization technique allows you to have personalized discs, which is important for standing out.
  • Coloring – You can infuse the specific paint colors on acrylic discs to allow you to attain the right shade that meets your needs.
  • Engraving – This technique involves etching a wide range of patterns on the surface material of acrylic discs to make them aesthetically appealing.
  • Surface coating – It entails infusing different types of coatings on the surface of these components.Different surface coatings are designed for various purposes fundamental for performance enhancement.
  • Cutting-to-size – This method involves reducing the size of acrylic discs to meet the required or preferred dimensions.
  • Polishing – The intention for this customization method is usually to restore or enhance the glossiness of acrylic discs’ surface material.

What Is The Suitable Size For Acrylic Discs?

It varies based on different elements, including your preference.

Ideally, acrylic discs are available in a wide range of sizes based on what suits your needs or your project demands.

Since acrylic material is soft and pliable, it means you can easily cut the respective discs into the necessary sizes.

Moreover, you can also weld different acrylic discs’ to give you a larger piece if there is a need to.

In essence, a suitable size of acrylic material is what suits your needs and preference, and there is no fixed size.

Do Colored Acrylic Discs Fade With Time?

Not really.

However, it depends on many factors, including the quality of acrylic material used for making the discs.

Naturally, a low-quality or grade acrylic material is usually susceptible to fading since it has a relatively weak molecular structure.

Therefore, when exposed to a few harsh conditions, it is likely to fade or dull due to a weakened molecular bond.

Secondly, the type of surface coating treatment applied on acrylic sheet for making the discs also determine whether it fades.

Mostly, clear acrylic would dull when exposed to sunlight where UV rays penetrate and attack the surface material.

A surface treatment such as anti-UV coating ensures little or no ultraviolet rays’ penetration on these components.

And this is vital in reducing chances of colored acrylic discs fading.

And more importantly, the overall routine maintenance undertaken on this component also determines whether they fade.

Well-maintained and carefully handled colored acrylic discs will hardly fade irrespective of conditions they are exposed to.

What Is Ideal Thickness For Acrylic Discs?

It is fraught with subjectivity.

In other words, the suitable thickness for acrylic discs often depends on your preference.

You can also choose thickness depending on the specific application of the acrylic discs.

Since most applications of these components rarely involve intense pressure requirements, an ideal thickness of 5-20mm would be ideal.

However, you can always go for customized thickness, which guarantees efficiency and reliability of the acrylic discs in the respective application.

How Do Acrylic Discs Compare With Fiberglass Discs?

In many instances, acrylic and fiberglass are the leading material used for making different designs of discs.

However, they vary based on structural and functional features, which set them apart, thus determining the preferable one.

fibreglass discs

fibreglass discs

Here are some of the ways these two materials compare when used for making discs;

  • Acrylic discs are naturally stronger than fiberglass discs.The former is about 17-20 times stronger than the latter depending on the specific grade or quality used.
  • In terms of weight, acrylic discs are more lightweight, almost half the weight of fiberglass discs.
  • Regarding optical clarity, acrylic discs tend to be clearer than fiberglass discs.Acrylic permits at least 93% of light to pass through it compared to glass, which allows about 88% of light to pass through it.
  • When it comes to flexibility, acrylic discs exhibit incredible pliability thus easier to fabricate or mold than fiberglass discs.
  • In regards to safety, acrylic discs are seemingly safer than fiberglass discs.The former hardly break irrespective of the pressure exerted. The latter, however, can break into sharp edges when subjected to extreme stress.
  • Fiberglass discs have relatively better scratch resistance than acrylic discs.The surface material of fiberglass is somewhat harder than that of acrylic, thus making it better in terms of scratch resistance.
  • In terms of overall weatherability, acrylic discs exhibit better features than fiberglass.Thus, the former guarantees more durability, sustainability, efficiency, and functionality than the latter.

What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Discs Over Other Materials?

Here are the advantageous reasons that make purchasing acrylic discs more worthwhile than other alternative materials;

  1. Aesthetic appeal – You attain class, style, and ambience when using acrylic discs, which is not necessarily guaranteed in other materials.They are shiny and available in both clear and different colorful shades.
  2. Easy to maintain – All you need is often to clean and polish them, and you are guaranteed they’ll maintain the ideal lustre.Thus, maintenance enables them to retain their glossiness and appear as new always.
  3. Lightweight – This makes them easy to carry around, handle, or even transport them to different places in bulk without feeling the weight.Of course, this enhances convenience and also reduces costs related to transportation.
  4. Long-lasting – Acrylic discs made from high-quality material can serve you for more than 15 years while still looking clean and new.
  5. Weatherability – You can expose them to different harsh weather and environmental conditions.But also  they’d still endure and serve efficiently and durably.
  6. Affordable – Acrylic discs are always available in different designs to cater to all budgetary needs.Therefore, you can get these items whether you are working on a tight budget.

Are Acrylic Cake Discs Food Safe?


Ideally, acrylic material used for making these components is one of the safest thermoplastics humans can use.

These cake discs hardly emit toxic substances since they are non-reactive.

Acrylic material used for making cake discs is also BPA-Free.

In essence, it means it cannot cause any coronary, cancerous, or respiratory ailments when it comes in contact with food.

Moreover, resistance of this material to impact also makes it safe since it guarantees zero breakage, thus reducing cases of cuts.

Are Acrylic Discs Reusable?


You can reuse acrylic discs as many times as you can.

The most important thing is making sure the discs are clean, well-maintained, and properly stored after every use.

Always use recommended non-abrasive detergents.

It enhances their durability allowing you to reuse them as many times as possible.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Discs?

Generally, wiping the surface material of acrylic discs using a damp microfiber cloth and cleaning detergent would be enough.

However, this often varies based on the specific type of acrylic discs you are cleaning.

For instance, acrylic cake discs would need gentle washing in relatively warm water to remove the sticky cake remains.

Nonetheless, it is recommended to hand-wash acrylic discs since it guarantees safety.

Also, ensure the detergent you are using is non-abrasive.

As much as acrylic discs have better resistance to abrasive elements, continuous washing with such substances gradually degrades the surface material.

Refrain from washing these items using a dishwasher unless recommended by the manufacturer.

How Do You Differentiate Acrylic Discs from Polycarbonate Discs?

There is a slight variation between acrylic discs and polycarbonate discs.

In other words, these two sets of discs tend to share a wide range of features, making it difficult to distinguish one from another.

polycarbonate discs

polycarbonate discs

Nevertheless, here are some of the basic elements you can use to differentiate acrylic discs from polycarbonate discs;

  • Strength – Polycarbonate discs are relatively stronger than acrylic discs.The former is about 300 times stronger than glass compared to the latter, which is about 20 times stronger than glass.
  • Optical clarity – Polycarbonate discs have marginally better optical clarity than acrylic discs. Ideally, the former allows more amount of light of up to 95% to pass through it, while the latter permits up to 93% of light.
  • Flexibility – Acrylic discs are somewhat less flexible than polycarbonate discs though the difference is quite marginal.

What Is The Suitable Surface Coating Treatment For Acrylic Discs?

It is subject to the specific use of acrylic discs.

For instance, discs used for culinary purposes, ideal surface coating would be an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

The suitable surface coatings for a wide range of general acrylic discs, however, include the following;

  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Anti- scratch coating
  • Anti-UV coating

How Do You Prevent Acrylic Discs From Cracking?

Technically, acrylic discs hardly crack.

The surface material used for making these components is shatterproof thus can hardly crack under ordinary conditions.

Nevertheless, an ideal way of preventing them from any possible cracking, even in extreme cases, is storing them appropriately.

You must ensure you keep them in safe places when not in use away from unprecedented heavy objects.

Alternatively, integrating anti-impact to reinforce the natural strength is an ideal way of preventing these discs from cracking.

What Is The MOQ For Purchasing Acrylic Discs?

It varies from one manufacturer to another.

Typically, all companies have different stipulations as far as minimum order quantity for acrylic discs is concerned.

Some manufacturers tend to look into numerous aspects before deciding on a particular MOQ.

In most cases, standard designs rarely have specific MoQ; thus, you can buy as few pieces as possible.

Custom pieces, however, are always tagged based on specific MoQ since they are unique and often made to fit the demands of a particular user.

Nonetheless, many manufacturers usually offer flexible MOQ subject to various factors.

Thus, you need to engage, negotiate and agree with your preferred manufacturer to get the ideal MOQ, which suits your needs and budget.

Are Acrylic Discs Eco-friendly?


They are non-reactive thus can never emit any toxic fumes when they contact different substances such as chemicals.

Secondly, the base material used for making these components are 100% recyclable, albeit they utilize a lot of energy.

Therefore, it means you will rarely find them disposed of in landfills.

Ultimately, this prevents environmental degradation.

Can You Polish Acrylic Discs?


Polishing acrylic discs is an ideal way of restoring the glossiness of their surface material.

It also allows you to infuse clarity of the surface material where the components were dulling, fading, or discoloring.

However, you need to determine the right polishing technique to use on the particular acrylic disc.

Mostly, you can use buffing, vapor polishing, or flame polishing since they all offer desired results.

But the ideal choice is subject to the specific acrylic grade the discs are made of.

Polishing acrylic discs is a straightforward process, and it is important since it also enhances the attractiveness of these components over time.

If you’re looking for high quality acrylic discs, WeProFab offers perfect solution for you.

Contact us now for all your acrylic disc needs.

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