• Acrylic Display Rack

Acrylic Display Rack

WeProFab can supply world-class acrylic display rack worldwide. Outstanding services guided by our professional service team, WeProFab can meet your purchasing needs. Send your inquiries and let us be part of your quick success.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Display Rack to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab can fabricate your own designs. Your own layout must be followed according to your plan. We can fabricate an acrylic display rack suitable for your project requirements.

Acrylic Box Display Rack

WeProFab Acrylic box display rack has a lot of uses. Find your ideal acrylic box display rack at WeProFab. Plenty of stocks and quality products are accessible.

Acrylic Ladder Display Rack

Commonly, the acrylic ladder display rack used to display tiny or mini products such as nail polishes and many more. Select different sizes and shapes at WeProFab.

Acrylic Rotating Display Rack

Attract the attention of your customers with the help of acrylic display racks. Any designs such as rotating acrylic display racks are available.

Clear Acrylic Display Rack

WeProFab Clear acrylic display racks are popular in many stores. If you need to order especially for displaying high-end goods, clear display racks are the best.

Decorative Acrylic Display Rack

WeProFab manufactured sturdy and durable decorative acrylic display. A long life in service and offering lower cost in every product provided with WeProFab.

Removable Stand Acrylic Display Rack

WeProFab has a lot of options when you purchase an acrylic display rack. A removable acrylic display rack can allow you to change your rack position or location.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Display Rack Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company, WeProFab only focuses on plastic fabrication for full and complete support. We have received international certifications that can prove our quality products in this industry.

As we are one of the most trusted manufacturers and providers of acrylic display rack, we provide full support by offering lower rates yet excellent quality of products.

Send your questions today, we will ensure the safest process for your satisfaction!

Custom Acrylic Display Rack to Expand Your Business

Acrylic Shoe Display Rack

WeProFab is the leading shoe acrylic display rack provider worldwide. We can supply plenty of stocks. We ensure products from assembling, packing, to move products.

Acrylic Sunglasses Display Rack

WeProFab acrylic sunglasses display rack has different styles and sizes. You can select according to your needs. WeProFab always manufactures high-quality products.

Multi-function Acrylic Display Rack

We can provide your desired multifunction acrylic display rack is a very acceptable cost. We supply a lot of stocks with different sizes, shapes, and features to choose from.

Acrylic Candy Rack

The acrylic candy rack has the latest and modern design that is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, and other stores. It is an effective way to display candy items.

Bottle Acrylic Stands Rack

The bottle acrylic stands rack is ideal for displaying and racking perfume. It is available in printing and customizing logos. Achieves an attractive and perfect surface.

Acrylic Floating Rack

The acrylic floating is perfect for various applications like organizing cosmetics, displaying nail polish, and other essential products.

Acrylic Skateboard Rack

The acrylic skateboard rack is the best solution for displaying and showcasing skateboards. It will hold skateboards and longboards with or without a truck.

Wall-Mounted Acrylic Rack

The wall-mounted acrylic rack has a good-looking, durable structure, fashionable design, and low price—one of the best choices for holding collections.

Countertop Acrylic Rack

Countertop acrylic rack can be assembled in just seconds. It is convenient and easy to assemble, making it a great option for displaying anything and everything.

Acrylic Shelve with Tweezers Rack

The acrylic with tweezers rack has an economical design. It can be used comfortably and efficiently. It is designed for graft eyelashes and other items.

Acrylic Watch Rack

Acrylic watch rack has different thicknesses, sizes, layers, and colors. It comes in popular design and features ease of assembling, dismantling, and sage to keep goods.

Acrylic Brochure Rack

The acrylic brochure rack is sustainable, eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting. It keeps the brochure organized well and easy to access.

Acrylic Jewelry Display Rack

The acrylic jewelry display rack has a compact design and is lighter in weight. Highly designed with non-toxic, durable, and safe acrylic materials.

Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Rack

The acrylic cosmetic storage rack is high-quality, thick, and transparent. Its design ensures that the items do not fall from the front or sides.

Acrylic Vinyl Rolls Rack

Acrylic vinyl roll rack is easy to install and clean. They are allowing to get the roll items easily. Mostly, the acrylic vinyl roll rack is offered at a reasonable price.

Acrylic Book Rack Shelf

The acrylic book rack shelf is suitable for holding books, brochures, plates, artworks, electronics, photos, and documents. Great for retail stores, homes, and offices.

Acrylic Cell Phone Holder Rack

The acrylic cell phone holder rack protects the phone from scratches and bumps. It is stylish and made from clear acrylic materials.

Acrylic Store Display Rack

Acrylic store display rack is applicable for storing and displaying nail polishes, perfume, and other popular items. It can hold a lot of bottled items.

Acrylic Stand Hat Rack

The acrylic stand hat rack is designed from 100% acrylic materials. It holds hat items that are widely used for malls, supermarkets, stores, and other households.

Ball Acrylic Rack

The ball acrylic rack is perfect for supporting ball products. It is suitable for holding balls like basketballs, baseballs, softballs, and soccer balls.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Display Racks

Acrylic Display Rack

WeProFab acrylic display racks designed to provide a unique and elegant display for every product. It can support every business to give the most eye-catching product display.

WeProFab fabricates sturdy and durable acrylic display racks. It has offered long-lasting usage for any business.

It can be great for you to save your cash because it is a very affordable and profitable type of acrylic display racks.

We have different colors available. Different designs and sizes are also fabricated suitable for supporting for any applications. Our acrylic display racks can be able to highlight product display.

WeProFab acrylic display racks are easy to install or disassemble. Versatile for your desired product display such as jewelry, cosmetics, and many more with a cost-effective offer.

Acrylic Display Rack2

Commonly in many stores, like department stores, acrylics display racks are popular. From phone, pieces of jewelry, shoes, books, and many more displays. It is more comfortable to use because of non-heavy materials. It can carry lots of products while your racks are secured from damages.

WeProFab acrylic display rack is also a professional-looking display rack. It is more usable than glass racks which can carry a lot of items. Unlike glass racks, acrylic display racks have long-lasting capabilities. It can be easy to customize as well, and scratches will be polished easily.

Lesser maintenance is also the reason why many people choose acrylic display racks. You can only use tissue paper for cleaning. Anywhere your desired locations for displaying products, acrylic display racks can be placed anywhere. You can save more money and effort with our acrylic display racks.

We offered engraved and customized acrylic display racks. You can also send your own desired designs.

Acrylic Display Rack3

Acrylic display racks are also providing lots of benefits. It prevents any dangerous accidents, unlike glass display racks.

Now you know why there are many people in business prefer our acrylic display racks. If you need to order our acrylic display racks, we can be able to supply anything you want.

We are able to support all the processes to make it quality safe yet friendly cost. WeProFab has a lot of staff to guide the whole of the process may take. We can make sure a flexible packing for safety.

Our acrylic display racks are weather resistant which can strongly fight any weather conditions. We have perfect and complete selections at our market so you can choose your ideal display racks.

Acrylic Display Rack4

If you urgently need to orders acrylic display racks, WeProFab can support you. We can focus on your purchasing process to ensure safety. Send your question today and let us guide your expandable business.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Display Racks

Acrylic display racks can be used to display your favourite artwork, a showpiece, books, or even to use it as a shoe rack.

Crafted with acrylic sheets, they are impact-resistant and can withstand any weather conditions, so you do not need to worry about its durability.

If you have ever had a question about acrylic display racks, this guide will have all the answers you need.

An Acrylic display rack

An Acrylic display rack

Are Acrylic Display Racks Only Used In Homes?

No. Acrylic display racks can be used in your home and for your business.

You can find them in many stores and malls other than homes.

What Are Acrylic Display Racks Used In Malls For?

Acrylic display racks are used in malls by businesses to display items or products that are marked for sale.

A rotating acrylic display rack

A rotating acrylic display rack

For example, a cosmetic store would use it to display cosmetics, or a footwear store would use these racks to showcase the latest fads in footwear.

How Can You Distinguish Between A High Quality And A Low Quality Acrylic Display Rack?

It is quite easy to distinguish between a high quality acrylic display rack with a low quality one.

You will find that a low-quality acrylic display rack looks unclear and has a somewhat cloudy appearance.

You will also find flaws such as rough edges and surfaces of a poor quality acrylic display rack.

A good quality rack is not too heavy to hold and looks polished and smooth.

How Heavy Are Acrylic Display Racks?

Compared to other materials, acrylic display cases are lightweight and durable.

You can easily move them around your home or business and yet with high tensile strength they are strong enough to support a lot of weight from the items you play on it.

Glass display racks are much heavier for the weight that they support.

Which Kind Of Acrylic Display Racks Are Preferred To Display Fruits?

Stair-like acrylic display racks can be used to display various fruits.

Stepped acrylic display rack

Stepped acrylic display rack

It is also convenient for consumers to choose and buy the one that seems the right choice.

These stair-like racks also provide clear visibility of the product from every angle and are easy to take out rather than disturbing the whole lot.

How Can You Display Pens With Acrylic Display Racks?

Acrylic rack for pens

Acrylic rack for pens

Stacked acrylic display racks can be used as penholders or a display rack to sell a wide variety of coloured pens.

What Can You Display With Stair-Like Acrylic Display Racks?

Stair-like acrylic rack for fruits

Stair-like acrylic rack for fruits

You can use these display racks to display smaller items such as makeup and cosmetics or small figurines and sculptures.

More and more people are using acrylic display racks nowadays due to their cheaper importing costs and more extended durability.

Why Do Most Customized Cosmetic Stands Use Acrylic Display Racks?

A cosmetic acrylic rack

A cosmetic acrylic rack

You will find that many customized cosmetic stands are created with acrylic display racks.

This is because acrylic display racks are not porous and are waterproof.

It is easy to wash acrylic display racks of any makeup stains and keep them clean.

Can Using Acrylic Display Racks Give You Cuts?

Acrylic display racks usually have smooth edges and it is unlikely that you can get cuts from using them.

Even if you break an acrylic display rack, they will not shatter.

Instead, they tend to break into larger pieces that are safer to pick up without getting cuts.

You can get minor scratches from acrylic display racks.

This is unlike glass which shatters into very tiny pieces that can give you deep cuts if the pieces are not picked up carefully.

Are There Rotating Acrylic Display Racks Available?

Double layered acrylic rotating rack

Double layered acrylic rotating rack

Yes. There are rotating acrylic display racks, which are available in the market.

You will find them very useful as displays for smaller items such as keychains, cosmetics, or jewelry.

You can also place them next to the cashier for a customer to browse while he or she pays for her items.

Do Acrylic Display Racks Break Easily?


Acrylic display racks do not break or shatter easily.

This is because the material has high tensile strength and impact strength.

Are There Acrylic Display Racks For Placing Jewellery?

Acrylic display rack for jewellery

Acrylic display rack for jewelry

Acrylic display racks for jewelry may have several shelves to store different types of jewelry including earrings and necklaces.

You will find they also help to organize jewelry so the owner can easily find the jewelry they need.

Can You Custom Print An Acrylic Display Rack?

Yes. It is relatively easy to custom print an acrylic rack.

You can use screen printing or digital UV printing to print your design on the acrylic sheets before assembling the acrylic display rack.

To do screen printing, you need to mix an emulsion that reacts with light and coat it on a mesh screen.

You place your design printed on film on the mesh screen and expose it to light.

The light will harden the emulsion and when you wash the emulsion off, the hardened emulsion in the shape of your design will be left on your acrylic display rack.

Can Laser Engraving Be Done On An Acrylic Display Rack?


Laser engraving is possible in an acrylic display to stand for various purposes, such as for branding designs and personalized logos.

You need to first create your design on computer programs, then place it into a laser engraving machine and choose the strength of the laser and depth of the engraving.

The laser engraving machine will then start to engrave your design onto your acrylic display rack.

Are Acrylic Display Racks Suitable For High Traffic Areas?

Yes. Acrylic display racks are perfectly suitable for retail stores that fall under high traffic areas as many people walk by the area regularly,

which increases the chance of the product making a high impact or sale.

What Can You Display With Acrylic Display Racks?

· Sunglasses

An acrylic display rack for sunglasses

An acrylic display rack for sunglasses

Many optical shops use acrylic display racks to place their sunglasses or specs collection at the window pane.

This is an easy way to display all the sunglasses on sale and attract customers to browse the selection of sunglasses.

· Bakery items

Acrylic display racks are an obvious choice when it comes to displaying food items that need preservation but need to appear well-presented.

Most of the bakery items are placed in acrylic display racks.

· Accessories

Acrylic display rack for accessories

Acrylic display rack for accessories

You will find that acrylic display racks are a great way to display any types of accessories you may be selling including hair accessories, small pieces of jewellery or keychains.

· Shoes or footwear

An acrylic display case for footwear

An acrylic display case for footwear

Stepped shoe acrylic racks are common in many footwear stores.

You will find they are larger than typical acrylic display cases in order to fit different types of footwear.

As acrylic display cases are strong, they can support the weight of many shoes.

Can Acrylic Racks Be Used As Bathroom Shelves?

Acrylic display rack for bathroom purposes

Acrylic display rack for bathroom purposes

Absolutely. Acrylic display racks are water-resistant and thus can function as bathroom shelves.

You will find they provide a clean appearance that fits in with the rest of your interior and are highly functional for keeping toiletries too.

You can watch this video to find out how to make your own acrylic display rack for bathroom use.

Alternatively, you can always purchase one from your supplier if you do not want the hassle of building one.

What Are Acrylic Display Racks With LEDs Used For?

Acrylic rack with LEDs

Acrylic rack with LEDs

Acrylic display racks with LED lighting are used primarily in malls and stores to give customers the perfect viewing of the object even at night.

These are helpful to showcase the features of your product vibrantly even in the dark.

Bars or restaurants with dim lighting may use acrylic display racks with LED lights to highlight their drinks or food for customers.

How Can You Clean An Acrylic Display Rack?

Your acrylic display rack might go dirty due to the dust in air or oil, which makes it look greasy and fuzzy.

It is easy to clean it with these simple steps below.

Soak a soft cloth in a soap solution and gently wipe down the surface of the acrylic rack.

Do not try to rub the dirt as it will only scratch the surface of the acrylic display rack.

If the dirt remains after wiping the surface with soft cloth, mix mild detergent which is non-abrasive and use it to wipe the acrylic display rack.

Polish the rack with liquid polishing wax and make it shine.

Can You Clean The Surface Of An Acrylic Display Rack With Ammonia?


Do not use Ammonia or ammonia-based solutions to clean the surface of acrylic display racks as it will corrode the surface.

Only a mild solution of soap in water with non-abrasive detergent should be used to clean an acrylic display rack.

How Can You Remove Scratches From An Acrylic Display Rack?

Removing scratches may be important so that your acrylic display rack continues to gleam and shine and look attractive to prospective customers.

If the scratches are deep, rub the surface with a 600 grit wet sandpaper and then 600 grit dry sandpaper.

Rub the scratches with sandpaper for about 3 minutes.

Continue doing the same process with 800 and then 1200 grit sandpaper until all the scratches are gone permanently.

Dry the area and then use acrylic polish to polish the surface and bring shine to your acrylic display rack.

This video shows you how to remove scratches from your acrylic display rack.

What Are The Different Sizes In Which Acrylic Display Racks Are Available?

Acrylic display racks are available in several sizes and shapes.

There can be big display racks for bakery items, and there are also small acrylic racks for pens and books too.

You can talk to your supplier to find out their standard sizes, or you can have a custom-built acrylic display rack to your specifications.

Why Choose Acrylic Display Racks?

acrylic display rack used to keep toys and artworks

Acrylic display rack used to keep toys and artworks

Acrylic provides you perfect clarity and helps in showcasing the brilliance of the object more brightly.

A good display can help you draw the attention of your prospective customer and showcase your products well.

If your product appears well-presented, it will definitely attract more sales.

Are Acrylic Display Racks Reliable For Commercial Use?

Acrylic rack to place mobile phones

 Acrylic rack to place mobile phones

Yes. Acrylic display racks are reliable displays for commercial purposes.

You will find they are lightweight, durable, and a more economical option compared to acrylic display racks made of other materials.

Acrylic racks used for placing books

Acrylic racks used for placing books

Can Acrylic Display Racks Be Mounted On Wall?

Yes. Acrylic display racks can easily be mounted on walls.

Acrylic rack mounted on the wall

Acrylic rack mounted on the wall

It is quite easy to do so.

Some acrylic display racks come with hinges to enable you to mount them on the walls at your desired places.

They can be mounted on the walls of your bathrooms, your living room, your shop and more.

Are There Acrylic Display Racks With Locks Available?

Yes. Acrylic display racks can be locked if they are designed to accommodate a lock.

Since acrylic is a durable material, they will not be easily broken into unlike glass.

Acrylic rack with lock

Acrylic rack with lock

Are Acrylic Display Racks Expensive?


Acrylic display racks are not expensive compared to display racks made of other materials.

Is It Alright To Use Acrylic Display Racks For Liquor Bottles?


It is perfectly fine to use acrylic racks to display liquor bottles.

Acrylic display rack for liquor bottles

 Acrylic display rack for liquor bottles

Acrylic is strong enough to support the weight of liquor bottles so you will not have to worry about your acrylic display rack falling off and your liquor bottles getting smashed.

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