• Acrylic Plastic Sheet

Acrylic Plastic Sheet

Acrylic Plastic Sheets are one of the most modern and durable materials worldwide. They are exceptionally renowned plastic materials for different applications. Specifically, WeProFab Acrylic Plastic Sheet comes with top quality, transparent, light, high polished surface finish. Shop for your Acrylic Plastic Sheet to suffice your needs today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Plastic Sheets to Gratify Your Customers

WeProFab focuses on providing top-quality materials at competitive prices to diverse patrons globally. Being in the manufacturing industry for a considerable time, we are confident that our valued customers can assure optimum product quality and exceptional services. Not only that, we endeavor to foster good rapport with our clients, guaranteeing excellent teamwork that will buoy your business in no time.

Acrylic Engraved Plastic Sheet

These plastic sheets are ideal for laser and engraving designs. WeProFab allows your customized colors and sizes for your specific applications.

Acrylic Colored Plastic Sheet

The colored plastic sheet has a glossy or frosted sides surface. They are practically used for displays, construction, signs, crafts, and other usages.

Quality Acrylic Scratch Plastic Sheet

A scratch-free plastic acrylic sheet is perfect to use as a knife handle. It has a light transmittance feature. WeProFab manufactures more than 200 hues.

Cast Acrylic Plastic Sheet

This transparent cast sheet has about 92% light transmittance. These sheets are used for bathroom furniture, displays, and kitchen decorations.

Acrylic Mirror Plastic Sheet

An eco-friendly plastic sheet has a mirrored-type surface. It has about 1mm to 6mm thickness, perfect for decorations and other suitable utilization.

Acrylic Black Plastic Sheet

WeProFab black acrylic sheet has weather and high impact resistance. You can request your needed thickness depending on your applications.

WeProFab: Your Acrylic Plastic Sheets Certified Manufacturer

WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified plastic fabrication company, which means we keep quality control from IQC, IPQC, OQC, and after-sales. Our professional workers can be of great help in optimizing acrylic plastic sheet designs that can reduce expenses. Additionally, when it comes to an actual real-life product installation, we will lend you a hand in eliminating the risk of failure.

WeProFab is a customer-oriented company which means we humbly recognize that we will not thrive unless we prioritize the needs of our customers. Consequently, we offer you a one-stop solution at an economical price. Drop us an email now for inquiries and additional product information.

Custom Acrylic Plastic Sheets to Level Up Your Brand

Hard Plastic Roofing Acrylic Sheet

This rigid plastic acrylic sheet has compressive, eco-friendly, and waterproof advantages. It is a suitable sheet for households, public locations, and outdoor applications.

High-Quality Acrylic Plastic Sheet

The high-quality sheets are available in 1mm to 50mm thickness. WeProFab offers cost-effective acrylic plastic sheets for your business.

Acrylic Colored Mirror Plastic Sheet

This acrylic sheet type is available for cutting and molding processing services. You can select red, white, gold, mirror, and silver colors.

Custom Acrylic Plastic Sheet

We customize the colors and sizes of your ordered acrylic sheet. These sheets are applicable for lighting, display stands, advertisement, and more.

Unbreakable Acrylic Plastic Sheet

These acrylic sheets are ISO9001/SGS certified approved. They are available in translucent, transparent, and opaque colors. 

Acrylic Plastic Sheet for Light Box

This sheet is also applicable for 3D letter, bending, and craft applications. You can purchase more acrylic sheets for your starting business.

Mosaic Tiles Acrylic Plastic Sheet

WeProFab mosaic tiles sheets are available in square, star, rectangle, and heart shapes. We accept OEM orders according to your requests.

CNC Acrylic Plastic Sheet

These CNC machined sheets are available in pastel colors. We provide enough quantity sheets for your productive business.

Acrylic Marble Plastic Sheet

WeProFab manufactures this easy-to-install sheet for various applications. These are designed with the high-gloss, perfect material for decorations.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Plastic Sheet

WeProFab promotes highly competitive product costs since we attained maximum volume production and low production expense. For more than two decades, WeProFab has developed to be the most advantageous companion for a profitable business, helping diverse entrepreneurs achieve maximum profit. 

Being true to our words, we keep in mind to provide you with a top-tier acrylic plastic sheet that meets crucial production requirements and is suitable for various applications. To name a few, 

  • architectural windows,
  • boxes, 
  • display racks, 
  • automobiles, 
  • miscellaneous surgical medical instruments, 
  • aquariums, 
  • craft projects,
  • signs,
  • cabinets,
  • partitions,
  • decorations
  • and so much more. 


Interestingly, if you choose WeProFab as your manufacturer, acrylic plastic sheet customization is readily attainable. Our proficient workers can supply you with products at the most reasonable price and superior quality, altered to your preferred thickness and dimensions. 

We are renowned as the leading acrylic plastic industry enterprise with an unparalleled reputation. The following are some remarkable attributes our company possess:

  • 24 years of manufacturing expertise
  • Quality Delivery
  • We value every second
  • Reliable and Stable Supply
  • Excellent cooperation
  • Diligent customer support


Our company guarantees secure and hassle-free product transport, intending to minimize transportation costs while meeting customers’ demands. 

The famous line quote stated, “Time is money, but money can’t buy time.” Hence, we guarantee that the transportation of orders is within the arranged and expected delivery schedule.

The quality of our products meets international standards. 

Also, WeProFab can do further acrylic plastic sheet processing such as:

  • anti-fog, 
  • anti-scratch, 
  • super abrasion-resistant, 
  • anti-glare, 
  • anti-reflective 
  • and other additional surface treatments 


Our advanced machinery, professional workers, and vast warehouse enable us to render extensive production. Thus, making our products instantly accessible to our customers. With that, we can satisfy bulk orders and provide an endless supply of needed materials, ensuring a smooth transaction flow. 

To provide the most satisfactory customer experience possible, WeProFab employers strive to portray empathy, sincerity, and a genuine interest in the customer’s needs. With this treatment, our shoppers feel valued and understood.

We treat our valued customers as our trusted partners. Thus, you can be sure of immediate and undivided customer support. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email now! 

Together, we will reach the peak of success.

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