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Polycarbonate Dome

If you need clear polycarbonate sheets to custom a dome for your product, or you need DIY Geodesic domes for your hotel or restaurant. Weprofab can both satisfy your needs.

As a professional polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China, we also have our own polycarbonate fabrication house to custom polycarbonate sheets into different products like polycarbonate domes, greenhouse, roofing, etc.

Just send us your requirements for your dome, a drawing or just an idea are both ok.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Dome to Delight Your Customers

Our polycarbonate dome can be accessible in high-quality, durable, UV resistance, and can be purchase at affordable prices. We ensure all the product safety also for users and to all customers who need marine water tanks.

Clear Polycarbonate Dome

Our polycarbonate dome is available in clear color which provides maximum daylight influx and clear view to outside. WeProFab offers a high-quality and durable for having a clear polycarbonate dome.

Custom Polycarbonate Dome

WeProFab offers custom-made for your polycarbonate dome and you can select here your desire size, shapes, and designs. Just send to us your specifications and we will fabricate it.

Cut-to-size Polycarbonate Dome

Our polycarbonate dome can be cut-to-size base on what’s customer’s demand. WeProFab will provide and ensure you the affordable and perfect size for your construction needs.

Embossed Polycarbonate Dome

If you want to have better looks and gorgeous designs for your polycarbonate dome, you can trust on WeProFab. We can provide you an attractive design base on your desire at a very affordable cost.

Laser Cut Polycarbonate Dome

Here in WeProFab, we can laser cut your polycarbonate dome base on your demand either it’s for business and personal construction needs. We can provide a durable and high-quality material for your demand.

Raw Material Polycarbonate Dome

If you want to have a polycarbonate dome made with raw materials, WeProFab is your best fabricator for that. We fabricate using raw materials for your polycarbonate dome to gain long-lasting terms of use.

WeProFab: Your Leading Marine Water Tanks Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we are glad to offer you the best solution for plastic fabrication. We are also the one-stop-shop for any kind of building materials that includes a polycarbonate dome. We can provide you with a durable and affordable polycarbonate dome.

Our polycarbonate dome can be transparent or clear, can be tinted, can be patterned, can be frosted, and can be circular large. We can also provide you polycarbonate dome made with raw material, which can be laser cut and can be embossed. WeProFab offers a cut-to-size process and custom-made to gain a better result and to have satisfaction.

As an ISO 9001 certified, WeProFab manages the quality of the products. We will make sure to have good condition products and be on time in transporting products to our customers. If you want to have custom-made or purchased our polycarbonate dome products now, we have many stocks to provide.

Custom Marine Water Tanks to Boost Your Business

Circular large Polycarbonate Dome

If the circular shape and large size is your desire for your polycarbonate dome, contact WeProFab now and we will fabricate it base on your specifications.

Frosted Polycarbonate Dome

If you want to have a frosted design for your polycarbonate dome, purchase now at WeProFab since we provide a gorgeous frosted design and it is very affordable.

Patterned Polycarbonate Dome

Our polycarbonate dome is available in patterned design which makes more beauty and attraction to your polycarbonate dome, free to purchase here at WeProFab.

Tinted Polycarbonate Dome

Our polycarbonate dome can be tinted which reduces the sun’s flare. WeProFab produces tinted polycarbonate with durable material and can be long term use.

Transparent Polycarbonate Dome

If you want to have excellent visibility for your polycarbonate dome, you can count on WeProFab. We can provide you high-quality and competitive rates.

Luxury Outdoor Polycarbonate Dome

The luxury outdoor polycarbonate dome allows the users to relish the surroundings while staying in a cozy and secure private social bubble. The specifications of the dome are open for customization. It can accommodate up to six persons, depending on the needed dimensions.

Polycarbonate Modular Tent Dome

The advantage of a polycarbonate modular tent dome is that it allows individuals around the globe an observable adventure. Additionally, it is beneficial for various events, such as exhibitions, concerts, weddings, camping, parties, garden, hotel, and other related applications.

Polycarbonate Round House Crystal Dome

The polycarbonate roundhouse crystal dome is hot-dipped galvanized coated with white paint that can last more than a decade. Also, it allows the user to personalize the dome by adding different configurations such as glass doors, skylight, stove holes, etc.

Polycarbonate Geodesic Dome

The polycarbonate geodesic dome’s specifications undergo distinct procedures to ensure a quality dome. The dome offers versatility and customization. Depending on the application, the individual pods can accommodate various objects inside to provide additional aesthetic and coziness.

UV-Proof Skylight Polycarbonate Dome

The UV-proof skylight polycarbonate dome is the most popular private bubble globally. The added configuration to this dome, the skylight, permits energy efficiency, promotes better mood and good health, and allows proper ventilation. Also, it protects individuals from the harmful effects of UV rays. 

Polycarbonate Heated Igloo Dome

The polycarbonate heated igloo dome production utilized quality raw materials and prime manufacturing procedures to satisfy user demands. Igloo dome is ideal for polar and temperate climate zones, and it comes with an electric heater that is safe and durable. 

Polycarbonate Sunroom Dome

The polycarbonate sunroom dome configurations are customizable to provide extra space and take advantage of the excellent weather. It is extra beneficial for allowing natural light while protecting you from harmful UV rays and sudden precipitations.

Modern Design Polycarbonate Dome

The modern polycarbonate dome embraces contemporary production methods, and the design alteration depends on the user’s desired application. It comprises a 100% polycarbonate sheet. The configuration makes the structure waterproof and stable under extreme conditions.

Polycarbonate Dome Tents for Resorts

The polycarbonate dome tents for resorts are elegant and long-lasting domes that allow a breathtaking 360-degrees view with optional additions. It is available in all dimensions and designs. Due to the stable structure, it renders more comfort and privacy. 

Thermoformed Polycarbonate Dome

The thermoformed polycarbonate dome is the world’s most favored 360 degrees translucent and with no frame polycarbonate dome. Due to the process involved, the polycarbonate dome is available in various specifications-customized according to your desired dimensions. 

Commercial Polycarbonate Dome

Seamless commercial polycarbonate dome design renders unlimited options to alter any retail location into a magical one- attracting more customers. It is an excellent alternative for the various industrial sectors in times of pandemic restraints.

Polycarbonate Geodome Cafe Tent

The polycarbonate geodome cafe tent is a polycarbonate structure that features a 360 degrees view experience. Depending on the user’s demands, it can be framed or frameless. The configuration of this geodome makes it a perfect addition to level up their customer’s cafe experience.

Antifreeze Polycarbonate Dome

Due to its computerized geometry, the antifreeze polycarbonate dome can withstand high precipitation, wind, sand, and snow loads. Under extreme situations, it stays sturdy, durable, and invulnerable to any environmental conditions. Moreover, the antifreeze property renders a warm abode for users.

Polycarbonate Dome Tent Planetarium

The durable polycarbonate dome tent planetarium is beneficial for private events and parties, luxurious dining, and meditation. Notably, the planetarium can accommodate an internal electric curtain system for additional personal privacy along with its transparent property.

Inflatable Polycarbonate Dome

The inflatable polycarbonate dome atmospherical structure is ideal for developing personal space bubbles in restaurants or cafes. Designed to resist any weather conditions, warm or cold, the dome is an excellent solution for outdoor recreation that features an easy installation process.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Dome

If you want to have a strong and long term use of polycarbonate dome for your construction, WeProFab is your best manufacturer for that. WeProFab is one of the entrusted fabricator of building materials in China since we are over 20 years in the industry. Our polycarbonate dome is one of the in-demand building materials now.

That’s why we have plenty of different types in our polycarbonate dome such as clear polycarbonate dome, raw material polycarbonate dome, embossed polycarbonate dome, laser-cut polycarbonate dome, and so on. Our polycarbonate dome can be great for residential and commercial applications.

Polycarbonate Dome

WeProFab polycarbonate dome is best for indoor and outdoor use and we guarantee you that our high-quality polycarbonate domes can be suitable for anything. Our polycarbonate dome gives extreme daylight influx and gives a clear view to outside. WeProFab provides a low maintenance polycarbonate dome that allows rainwater and dirt runoff.

Our polycarbonate dome reduces the sun’s flare, has incredibly strong, and safe to use. It also provides high impact strength which can withstand blows and force. Our polycarbonate dome is unbreakable because of its strong and sturdy material that can take a lot of force without breaking.

We can guarantee you with our polycarbonate dome can be long term use since it provides a UV layer that protects from sun damage and great to place anywhere. Our polycarbonate dome withstands all conditions so you can assure with WeProFab. You can choose from our standard polycarbonate dome products since it is available in a wide range of transparent, frosted, tinted, patterned, and circular large.

Polycarbonate Dome

WeProFab has plenty of options for your polycarbonate dome you can have our laser cut, cut-to-size, embossed process, or want to have raw material in fabrication. We also offer to customize for your polycarbonate dome, just send us your desire sizes, shapes, and designs. We can assure you to have a durable and high-quality custom polycarbonate domes.

If you want to have a polycarbonate dome for your construction or want to have a custom polycarbonate dome, WeProFab is your best manufacturer and supplier. We perform product processes like thermoforming, laser cutting, and more to achieve the desire specifications of every customer demand. For further questions about our polycarbonate dome products, please message us now to get a quick response from us.

Polycarbonate Dome: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you find the best polycarbonate dome.

Whether you want to know why you need polycarbonate dome, material type, features, designs or quality, you will find all information here.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Is Polycarbonate Dome?

To understand better you first need to understand that polycarbonate is a transparent thermoplastic material.

It offers a distinctive combination of properties.

It is the top plastic material used in engineering owing to its valuable features.

That said, a polycarbonate dome refers to a dome-shaped architectural structure made from a polycarbonate material.

It is not only used in commercial but also domestic buildings.

 polycarbonate dome

polycarbonate dome

If you want natural light in your space coupled with other useful features, having a polycarbonate dome would be an ideal selection.

Why Do You Need Polycarbonate Dome?

Polycarbonate dome is well known for its useful features and this explains why it’s beneficial in several aspects.

Here are some reasons why you should also consider having a polycarbonate dome.

Durability –

As compared to glass, polycarbonate is 250 times stronger.

Owing to this, a polycarbonate dome has a greater resistance to impact.

This makes it a suitable protective material from adverse weather conditions, vandalism, or flying debris.

Offers UV Protection –

It has a high-quality UV layer on one or both sides that prevents discoloration caused by direct sunlight.

Lightweight –

Polycarbonate material weighs half the weight of glass.

This in turn reduces costs associated with shipping, storage as well as moving the polycarbonate dome.

Light Transmission –

Owing to the ability of polycarbonate to transmit natural light;

A polycarbonate dome is often well lit with natural light.

Versatility –

Polycarbonate domes can be used in several ways for different purposes making them quite versatile.

Customization –

It is easy to have your polycarbonate dome designed based on your choice and preferences.

This includes;

the colors, design, size, patterns, or even additional features that you might find important to incorporate into your space.

Thermal Insulation –

Polycarbonate domes come in different types of thickness and the thicker the dome the more the thermal insulation.

Multiple Colors –

Polycarbonate has not less than 12 different colors.

That said, you can easily select a polycarbonate dome based on the color that would benefit you.

Easy To Install-

Polycarbonate is easy to cut and shape thus facilitating easy installation.

This explains why polycarbonate domes are easy to install.

Value Addition –

A polycarbonate dome will add value to your existing property.

Are There Limitations of Polycarbonate Dome?

In as much as polycarbonate dome has a variety of benefits, there are some limitations to it.

Below are some of them;

  • Sensitivity to scratches -Polycarbonate domes are not spared when it comes to scratches.

Owing to this, it’s always advisable to avoid cleaning them with rough objects, brushes, and abrasive cleaning solutions.

Soft sponges and neutral cleaning agents are recommended.

  • Polycarbonate dome can expand and shrink causing damage to your structure.

How Does Polycarbonate Dome Compare to Polycarbonate Enclosure?

As you can tell, both polycarbonate enclosure and polycarbonate dome are made of polycarbonate material.

polycarbonate dome

polycarbonate dome

The main difference between these two is;

A polycarbonate dome takes a dome shape.

While a polycarbonate enclosure can come in a variety of shapes ;

such as rectangle, square, and triangle among others.

polycarbonate enclosure

polycarbonate enclosure

Which Are The Available Polycarbonate Dome Designs?

Some of the available polycarbonate dome designs are not limited to;

  • Pyramid dome design
  • Polycarbonate skylight dome
  • Polycarbonate roof dome
  • Polycarbonate dome multiwall sheets

How Long Will Polycarbonate Dome Last?

One popular feature exhibited by polycarbonates is their durability. Polycarbonate domes can last for up to 10 years and more with proper maintenance.

Keep in mind that polycarbonates also have a warranty.

Why Is Polycarbonate the Best Material It is for Making Domes?

Polycarbonate is considered the best material for making domes owing to its unique features which include;

  • It has greater resistance to impact as compared to glass.

Polycarbonate can withstand thirty times more impact than glass making it a stronger material for domes.

  • Polycarbonate is durable material since it is designed to last 25 years or more.

Thus, your domes are prone to lasting longer no matter the conditions.

  • Polycarbonate material is also designed with a UV layer.

This protects the dome against discoloration and health problems caused by direct sunlight.

  • Polycarbonate is a lightweight material making installation an easy job.
  • Depending on the purpose of the dome, privacy might be essential.

That said, polycarbonate is an ideal material to use when making domes. If so you want to block sound and maintain privacy be it for conference rooms or office cabins among others.

  • Due to its lightweight, it is easy and cheaper to transport polycarbonate material cutting down the costs involved.
  • Polycarbonate material lets in adequate natural light thus eliminating the need for artificial light in the dome during the daytime.

This in turn reduces the general costs associated with maintaining or owning a dome.

  • Another important feature is the heat resistance that polycarbonate material offers.

Thus, the space underneath remains cool during hot weather.

  • Polycarbonate material can be colored to suit your theme or design preferences.
  • It is easy to cut and shape polycarbonate material making it a suitable material for the construction of domes.

How Does Polycarbonate Dome Compare To Glass Dome?

Polycarbonate dome and glass dome are two similar structures constructed with different materials.

Of the two, the polycarbonate dome stands to be the preferred one owing to its useful features.

glass dome

glass dome

As compared to glass, polycarbonate is designed to withstand higher impacts making polycarbonate domes stronger than glass domes.

Polycarbonate domes have an impact resistance of 200 times more than glass domes

Also, polycarbonate has insulation properties which lower energy costs in polycarbonate domes.

It has been concluded that polycarbonate provides insulation of up to 60% more than glass.

Glass domes lack insulation features.

In as much as glass is classic, it lacks UV protection.

Instead, you will need to add a UV protection layer onto your glass dome to prevent harmful UV radiation.

As with polycarbonate, you don’t have to worry about this since it comes with the UV protection layer thus doesn’t require any modifications.

Glass is more resistant to scratches as compared to polycarbonate domes which can easily get scratched.

Though both polycarbonate and glass domes are transparent and allow natural light through, glass domes are clearer.

Polycarbonate domes are easier to construct as compared to glass domes.

 polycarbonate dome

polycarbonate dome

 Not only can they be easily cut but also drilled.

Is Polycarbonate Dome UV Resistant?


Polycarbonate material comes equipped with a UV absorbing layer.

It prevents harmful UV radiation from accessing the dome.

A very thin sheet of polycarbonate can absorb harmful UV radiation and provide better protection than any sunscreen.

This is one of the top features that make polycarbonate stand out among other types of domes.

You would require additional UV protection layers installed.

This also explains why polycarbonate is a popular choice when it comes to the construction of both residential and commercial domes.

How Much Do Polycarbonate Dome Cost?

The cost of Polycarbonate domes will depend on the size of the dome.

This is normally measured in square feet and thus the more the square feet the higher the price.

A polycarbonate dome can range from as low as $1500 to as much as $37,000 per set.

The price will also depend on the number of domes that you are purchasing.

Most online market platforms such as Alibaba will sell at lower prices (From $1500) if so, you purchase several units.

In addition to that, the type and design of the polycarbonate dome you choose to purchase will also influence the final price of the product.

For instance, a customized polycarbonate dome would cost more as compared to a normal one.

And it’s easy to see why.

As with a customized product, extra materials plus labor will be needed thus shooting the price higher.

You also need to know that polycarbonate domes come in a variety of qualities.

Therefore, you should expect to pay more when purchasing high-quality polycarbonate domes.

All in all, the bottom line to purchasing polycarbonate domes at the best prices would be buying in bulk directly from the factory.

What Are The Uses Of Polycarbonate Dome?

Polycarbonate domes are used in both residential and commercial buildings for several purposes which are not limited to;

  • Greenhouses –

Owing to their strength and insulation properties, polycarbonate domes can be used as greenhouses.

  • Hot tub dome enclosure –

Polycarbonate domes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also prevent harmful UV radiation.

Hence are suitable for use in a hot tub enclosure.

  • Offices – Polycarbonate domes have a great sound blocking feature which makes them suitable for use as offices.
  • Conference rooms – Just like offices, conference rooms need privacy as well as silence.

Since Polycarbonate has a sound barrier feature, it makes it an ideal option when constructing conference rooms.

  • Airbnb- Polycarbonate domes can be used for Airbnb as glamping domes.
  • Pop-up café and restaurant –

A polycarbonate itself is a marketing tool that could otherwise lure people into your café or restaurant business.

  • Hotel rooms –

Some hotels make use of polycarbonate domes to create unique staying spaces for their guests.

  • Tradeshows or events –

Polycarbonate domes can easily make your space a center of attention during events or trade shows.

The ability of polycarbonate domes to withstand impact, block sound, and let in natural light;

Are some of the reasons why they are used for the above purposes.

Remember, you can also introduce a polycarbonate dome in your residential space.

You can use it as a resting or relaxation space with friends and family.

This way you will enjoy outdoor beauty at the comfort of your dome.

What’s more, polycarbonate domes can be transformed into homes to form what’s commonly referred to as Dome homes.

Does Polycarbonate Dome Come As A Single Product Or Assembly Takes Place Onsite?

Polycarbonate domes don’t come as a single product but are instead assembled onsite.

Assembly of a polycarbonate dome takes a relatively shorter time as compared to other types of domes.

Polycarbonate is easy to cut and install and therefore with the required tools and manuals the assembly process shouldn’t be a hassle.

Why Should You Buy Polycarbonate Dome From China?

There are several reasons why most if not all polycarbonate dome owners or businesses import from China.

Below are some of the benefits of buying polycarbonate dome from China;

  • Uniqueness

China takes the lead in terms of technology and innovations and this reflects in the products being made.

It is easy to find unique polycarbonate dome designs.

Which could in turn make your business compete effectively or make your space unique.

  • Customization – Most if not all Chinese manufacturers offer customization to goods. This allows you to design your polycarbonate dome based on your taste and preferences.
  • Whether it’s the color, patterns, shape, or any design Chinese manufacturers are open to realizing your design ideas.
  • Cost-effective – The price of polycarbonate from China is relatively lower as compared to importing from other destinations.

Furthermore, you can bargain your way up to 10 times lower than the initial price. This way, you are sure to gain more profits for your business and compete effectively.

  • Good quality – Several people have a mentality that products made in China are of low quality.

Well, the truth of the matter is that this is FALSE! China is a key player on the global scale when it comes to manufacturing.

In one way or another, almost all households globally have a product that has been made in China.

Big, well-known brands also have their products manufactured in China.

This explains why it’s also easy to get high-quality polycarbonate domes from China.

  • High-profit margin –

Once you purchase a polycarbonate dome from China, it is easy to sell it more than thrice the buying price.

This, in turn, results in high-profit margins for your business.

Should You Use Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Or Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet To Make Domes?

For you to get the best results, select the polycarbonate sheet based on your application and requirements.

To decide this, let’s first understand the difference between these two.

A multi-wall polycarbonate sheet has several layers of polycarbonate panels that have different uses.

Meaning, it’s more versatile and resistant to impact making it a powerful material.

On the other hand, a solid polycarbonate sheet resembles a glass panel.

That said, a multi-wall polycarbonate sheet stands to be the ideal choice for projects that need protection from sunlight as well as other environmental factors.

Multi-wall polycarbonate would therefore be a good choice when making domes.

Is There Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet?


Tinted polycarbonate comes in colors such as light grey, bronze, and dark grey.

Tinted polycarbonate sheets are designed to reflect up to 70% of solar energy thus ensuring the inside space is not heated during hot weather.

Tinted polycarbonate is popular for use in places that experience heavy impact and adverse weather such as in factories and schools

Why Is Extruded Aluminum Best For Making Polycarbonate Dome Frame?

Not only is extruded aluminum resistant to corrosion but also environmentally friendly.

In addition to that, extruded aluminum is a strong material owing to the additional alloying elements added to it.

Some of these alloying elements are not limited to iron, magnesium, copper, chromium, and manganese.

Aluminum is a lightweight material thus matching polycarbonate material which exhibits the same feature.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t fade away.

The fact that extruded aluminum is a strong material making it capable of being used on high load applications including making polycarbonate domes.

Extruded aluminum also has plenty of options.

When it comes to doing the finishing allowing you to easily customize your structure and improve its appearance.

Will Polycarbonate Dome Withstand Snow And Wind?

Yes. A polycarbonate dome is capable of withstanding snow and wind due to the strength of the polycarbonate sheet.

It can withstand up to 900 kg per 1.5m radii of snow and up to 230kh/hr wind speed.

How Do You Verify Quality Of Polycarbonate Dome?

Verifying the quality of polycarbonate dome should begin from the time you decide to make the purchase.

Choosing a reputable manufacturer or factory to purchase from should be the first step.

Reputable companies often offer their clients the best quality to retain them and uphold their brand name.

Also, the thicker the polycarbonate used in making the dome the higher the quality.

That said, any Polycarbonate that is less than 4 and 6mm is a low-quality polycarbonate.

Check whether the polycarbonate dome offers UV protection.

Most polycarbonate sheets used to make the domes should come with UV protection and lack of it signifies a low-quality polycarbonate dome.

Another important factor to confirm is the warranty.

Keep in mind that most if not all polycarbonate domes come with a warranty whose period is decided based on the quality.

What this means is that low-quality polycarbonate domes will often have a shorter warranty as compared to high-quality ones.

What Are The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Dome With Wooden Frame?

Polycarbonate domes often use wooden frames or extruded aluminum frames.

Some of the key benefits of using wooden frames are not limited to;

  • Beautiful aesthetic –Wooden frame would blend in well with the surroundings if your polycarbonate dome will be located in the woods or any natural setup.
  • Increase in value – Owing to the pleasant aesthetic, wooden frames increase the value of polycarbonate domes if you happen to sell them later.

How Do You Install Polycarbonate Dome?

Polycarbonate domes come with an installation manual making it easy to install the structure.

However, here are a simplified summary of installation steps to follow;

  • Ensure that the surface is leveled. Polycarbonate domes stand on a flat surface and therefore it’s important to level any uneven surface.
  • Install the rail system – The rail is the narrow path around your dome that offers support to your polycarbonate dome.
  • Assemble the polycarbonate dome structure- To start with, construct the frames by joining them together.

It’s after this process that you will see a meaningful structure forming.

After completing the installation of the frames, install the polycarbonate panels.

  • Fix the door of your polycarbonate dome – At this point, you are almost done with your installation.

The only phase remaining is the installation of locks and doors.

Before fixing the locks, carefully assess the screws, nuts, and bolts to know the appropriate fastening tool to use.

Remember, different manufactures will have different locking systems for their polycarbonate domes.

Therefore, make use of your manual for proper accuracy.

As you proceed with the installation process, it’s important to be cautious when handling the materials provided since they don’t come in extras.

In case you doubt your skills, it’s always advisable to seek professional assistance.

  • Test – Conduct tests to ensure that everything is working as desired.

Once you confirm this, your polycarbonate dome will be ready for use.

Do Polycarbonate Domes Have Doors?

Yes. Polycarbonate domes have doors that are fixed with locks to enhance security and privacy.

Can You Use Polycarbonate Dome To Cover Swimming Pool?

Yes. A polycarbonate dome can not only be used to cover a swimming pool but also a hot tub.

However, you can also choose to use several available polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures in the market to cover your pool.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a polycarbonate dome.

Do Polycarbonate Dome Have Warranty?

Yes. All polycarbonate domes have a warranty that can range from 10-20 years.

Can You Add Lighting Systems In Polycarbonate Dome?

Yes. You are free to introduce different types of lighting in your polycarbonate dome space as per your preferences.

polycarbonate dome with lighting

polycarbonate dome with lighting

To make your polycarbonate dome functional as soon as the sun sets, introducing lighting would be a brilliant idea.

Be sure to select a type of lighting that matches the purpose of your polycarbonate dome. For instance, if your dome will be used as a hot tub enclosure, having colored bulbs would be a suitable option to match certain moods or themes.

Are Polycarbonate Domes Thermally Efficient?

There are four types of thickness exhibited by polycarbonate domes;

  • Single skin domes
  • Double skin domes
  • Triple skin domes
  • Quadruple skin domes

More practically, the thicker the polycarbonate skin the better the thermal efficiency of the dome.

Single skin domes– Are ideal for use in spaces that are uninhabited such as porches, sheds, and lean to roofs just to mention some.

Since single skin is thinner, they have little thermal efficiency and thus it will provide limited insulation.

In as much as single skin domes offer plenty of light, the accumulation of heat causes condensation problems.

Double skin domes -These types of domes have a U-value that’s half that of single skin domes.

Double skin domes are suitable for dome replacements.

Triple skin domes – New constructions will need to have a triple skin dome to comply with part L of Building regulations.

To comply, the U-value needs to be a certain figure. A U-Value of 1.78w/m2k is required to be met by Triple skin polycarbonates.

Quadruple skin domes – These types of domes offer the best energy efficiency.

They are capable of maintaining both warm and bright conditions in the space below them. Owing to this, they are suitable for areas that are regularly occupied.

What Are the Safety And Security Features Of Polycarbonate Dome?

Polycarbonate domes also have safety and security features that are not limited to;

  • Dome mirrors –

Dome mirrors help the dome users to see around corners especially in high-traffic areas where people are operating wheeled equipment.

Some of the types of dome mirrors include;

  • Half dome mirrors
  • Full dome mirror
  • Quarter dome mirror
  • Warranty – Most if not all polycarbonate dome manufacturers offer warranty for their products.

Warranty serves as a security feature in any product not excluding polycarbonate domes.

They assure end users that the product is made of high quality and that they are free to make returns in case of dissatisfaction after purchasing.

  • Doors and locking mechanism –

Polycarbonate domes have doors as well as a locking system to enhance not only the security but also privacy of the dome.

Keep in mind that different polycarbonate domes from different manufacturers will display a different locking system.

This is as per the manufacturer’s preferences.

  • Polycarbonate domes offer protection against harmful UV radiation which might otherwise cause health problems.

Polycarbonate sheets are designed to block harmful UV rays from accessing the polycarbonate dome thus keeping the users safe.

  • Polycarbonate domes also have a higher impact resistance.

This feature ensures that the polycarbonate remains intact during adverse weather conditions or any other heavy impact from the outdoor surroundings.

This in turn keeps the Polycarbonate users safe and allows them to enjoy the dome without worries.

Are There Embossed Polycarbonate Dome?

Yes. Embossed polycarbonate domes are unique domes that are made from embossed polycarbonate sheets which are often used as decoration.

This is because of its unique surfaces, strength, and lightweight features.

Owing to the nature of its surface (particle surface), an embossed polycarbonate dome can disperse sunlight thereby minimizing light pollution.

With that in mind, an embossed polycarbonate dome would be a suitable choice if so, you want a decorated space.

Not only do embossed polycarbonate domes have efficient transmission of light but also are lightweight and have UV resistance.

Contact us today for all your polycarbonate dome from China.

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