Overlay panel + Metal

Product Name: Overlay panel + metal.

Key Functions: Laminate overlay on aluminum and final combine the PCB

Used Capabilities: Silk screen+CNC

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: 500pcs for each model per month/ 3 models in total. The customer expected stable silk screen and  contrapuntal accurate

Client Detail Requirements:

The client requires the overlay anti-scratch, UV resistant, anti-rain, anti-oil

The overlay should combine well with the aluminum, they should have good tolerance to fit PCB and handle

WeProFab Solution


Material Choose: PET+Aluminum

mental 3

Thickness:  1.9mm aluminum sheet + adhesive + thin overlay piece

Color, Surface Treatment: High reduction color + Good Appearance


WeProFab Capabilities on Overlay Panel + Metal

WeProFab Overlay Panel Composite Metal, we can customize the different colors and sizes according to your requirements and manufacture the suitable product according to your drawing or actual sample. We also support small batch customization. Please send us the drawing or sample, we will support you to start your business.

As for metals, we have corresponding surface treatment plans to prevent rusting and have a better appearance. The Overlay Panel we used can resist ultraviolet rays, high temperatures and humidity, scratch resistant, and good resistance to chemical solvent corrosion. Good color clarity during printing and excellent tactile sensation.

Manufacturing Processes:

CNC Machining, Screen Printing, Die-cutting, Adhesive bonding.

Manufacturing Equipment:

CNC, UV printing machine, Screen printing machine, Die-cutting machine, Positioning fixture.

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

Customized or related product concept incubation


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