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Weprofab is your one-stop provider of infusion set tape from China. As the most trusted manufacturer, Weprofab offers the best quality and durable infusion set tape ideal for medical missions.

We also create custom design for infusion set tape depending on your special requests. Send us now your own designs and let us do the rest processing.

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Get WeProFab Infusion Set Tape to Delight Your Customers

For more than 20 years, Weprofab has gained deep knowledge and experience in manufacturing and delivering customers with our ultimate infusion set tape solutions. We have friendly staffs to provide assistance when it’s hard for you to pick the right infusion set tape for your applications.

Disposable Infusion Set Tape

Our disposable infusion set tape provides efficient performance for medical, clinical, hospital, and any applications. It is available in various lengths and colors.

Custom Fit Infusion Set Tape

Weprofab made custom fit infusion set tape with superior and high-end quality. These are long-lasting and waterproof even especially in the shower or sweaty moments.

Fray-proof Infusion Set Tape

Our fray-proof infusion set tape is perfect for hospital and laboratory applications. This has also a customizable length to fit customers` needs. It is very sticky.

Infusion set IV3000 Transparent Adhesive Film

We offer an infusion set IV3000 transparent adhesive film with affordable costs. These are available in different styles and even custom-made to fit client needs.

Sweat-proof Infusion Set Tape

Our range of sweat-proof infusion set tape is manufactured using medical-grade materials. These are commonly used in clinics, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

Universal infusion Set Tape

Weprofab universal infusion set tape have a high-end quality perfect for different infusion set.  They are guaranteed to stick longer and provide maximum length.

WeProFab: Your Leading Infusion Set Tape Manufacturer

Weprofab will cover all your needs regarding heavy-duty infusion set tapes. We provide the infusion set tapes that remain sticky for a long period of use. All are cost-effective and able to secure your glucose monitoring tools from dust, water, or rain.

All our infusion set tapes offer reliable and efficient performance. These are widely applied in laboratories, medical, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and more. It complies with the safety and quality standards to satisfy your needs.

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Custom Infusion Set Tape to Skyrocket Your Brand

White Infusion Set Tape

Our white infusion set tapes come with custom lengths to fit your medical applications and medical relating business. It provides breathable and non-irritable features.

Sweatproof Adhesive Infusion Set Tape

Breathable and flexible comfort are the basic benefits of our sweatproof adhesive infusion set tape. It made using natural cotton and synthetic fiber materials.

Surgical Disposable Infusion Set Tape

Weprofab surgical disposable infusion set tapes are typically designed to provide both convenience and safety. Our products are made using natural cotton and synthetic fibers as well.

Infusion Set Pre Cut Adhesive Patch

At Weprofab, you will find an infusion set pre cut adhesive patch with several features including quicker drying, sticky, and provides maximum comfort.


Hospital Grade Infusion Set Tape

Our range of hospital grade infusion set tape has the highest quality and safe to use features. If you have your ideas for this product, we consider them.

Highly Breathable Infusion Set Tape

For any business relating to hospital products, you can add our highly breathable infusion set tape. It is custom-made to fit customer needs and market requirements.

Black Tie Floral Infusion Set Tape

Weprofab is a 20-years expert manufacturer of black tie floral set tape. This product passed the international quality standards to guarantee quality.

Camo Infusion Set Tape

Our selection of camo infusion set tape is used mainly in various injectable preparations. Usually applicable in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and any medical missions.

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Why Choose WeProFab Infusion Set Tape

Infusion set tape

Weprofab is an expert infusion set tape manufacturer based in China. We friendly offer efficient and reliable infusion set tapes. If you want a non-hassle and a one-stop solution for your required infusion set tape, Weprofab is your first choice.

Our professional engineering team manufactures high-end and super-quality infusion set tapes. They feature waterproof and long-lasting through sweaty and shower moments.   They are guaranteed to stick longer and provide maximum length.

Flexible comfort and breathability are the benefits of infusion set tape. Weprofab made them using the combination of synthetic fibers and natural cotton material. As what have mentioned, our infusion set tapes are sticky, dries quickly, and allow to move the patient`s body with maximum comfort. Having them on infusion sets will never give you irritations.

Furthermore, we guaranteed each and every infusion set tape we offer is made 100% latex-free. For that reason, we can ensure that in every use, you will be rash-free!

Infusion set tape

Mostly, Weprofab infusion set tapes are used by those diabetic people who like exercising. It will also remain sticky even you are running, swimming, basketball, tennis, hiking, or any active sports, whether indoor or outdoor activity.

Weprofab will cover all your needs regarding heavy-duty infusion set tapes. We provide the infusion set tapes that remain sticky for a long period of use. All are affordable and have the power to secure your glucose monitoring tools from dust, water, or rain.

Our complete options of infusion set tapes are commonly used in injectable preparations at hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and any medical activities. It also passed the international standards to ensure reliability and quality.  If you are interested in this product to complete a medical mission or you have a business relating to hospital products, you are free to ask Weprofab for stocks.

Weprofab has more than two decades of experience in supplying and manufacturing infusion set tapes based on customers` needs and market demands. We can ensure to provide you the highest quality and safe to use infusion set tapes.

Infusion set tape

We also exported our products to different countries all over the world. Our customers nationwide have been satisfied through our products and services. So as a result of giving us feedback, it helped us become the most trusted manufacturer in China. We become a well-respected manufacturer for giving good quality infusion set tapes that comply with your needs.

As the premier manufacturer working for 20+ years, Weprofab offers OEM/ODM services to our customers. We can help you expand your company’s capabilities!

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