• Acrylic Drawers

Acrylic Drawers

Weprofab is one of the biggest producers of acrylic drawers not only in China but all across the globe. We can custom acrylic drawers based on your specifications. To receive the best acrylic drawers design, send us your sample layouts.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Drawers to Delight Your Customers

In China, Weprofab has a wide knowledge of fabricating acrylic drawers. We are professionals in creating acrylic drawers that are helpful for fast business growth.

Stackable Acrylic Drawers

At Weprofab, you can find an excellent range of stackable acrylic drawers. These help your storage neatly arranged.

Portrait Acrylic Paper Drawers

Our series of portrait acrylic paper drawers have the chance to skyrocket your business! In Weprofab, you can only receive high-quality products.

Acrylic Multi-Drawers Organizer

If you want an acrylic multi-drawers organizers from only trusted factory, we got you covered! We have selections that fit your business preferences.

Acrylic Drawers with Brushed Steel T-Handle

The acrylic drawers with brushed steel t-handle are uniquely manufactured by Weprofab. We produce with high-precisions.

Acrylic Desktop Drawers

Weprofab has over 20 years of fabrication mastery and experience. So if you require acrylic desktop drawers, we will give them to you right away!

Acrylic Cosmetic Display Storage Drawers

If you hurriedly in need of acrylic cosmetic stage drawers, we, as your ultimate provider, can produce the item you desire for business.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Drawers Manufacturer

As WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer joint-venture company, Weprofab will always satisfy you. All of your metal and plastic fabrication needs, we tend to offer one-stop solutions.

Weprofab is an excellent manufacturer of high-quality acrylic drawers in China. Being the most reliable manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing full acrylic drawers customization services.

Send us your questions in regards to WeProFab acrylic drawers!

Custom Acrylic Drawers to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic 6 Case Drawers

Weprofab highly presents different options for acrylic drawers. Our acrylic 6 case drawers can maximize your storage space.

Acrylic Case 4 Drawers

When you choose Weprofab as your reliable supplier of acrylic case 4 drawers, we will never disappoint you.

Acrylic 3 Drawers Storage

Weprofab can custom all sorts of an acrylic 3 drawers storage. If you are new to the business and need a profitable product, ask assistance from us!

Acrylic Case 2 Drawers

Weprofab is the best partner to produce your ideal acrylic case 2 drawers. There`s a lot of amazing choices in our factory.

Acrylic Case 5 Drawers

We, Weprofab has a lot of options in regards to acrylic case 5 drawers fabrications. We offer them for fantastic prices!

Large Acrylic Drawers

Weprofab large acrylic drawers can be securely stacked for vertical storage. It is a clear, stunning clean appearance. UV resistance prevents yellowing of the acrylic even when exposed to outdoor environments.

Small Acrylic Drawers

Small acrylic drawers are made of extra-thick crystal-clear acrylic. Stackable drawers are held in place by clear bumpers. Faceted pulls may be found on the drawers.

Clear Acrylic Drawers

Our clear acrylic drawers are sturdy and well-made. The organizer is pretty substantial. Drawers include all the necessary and optional features to make storing and organizing goods a breeze.

Acrylic Drawer for Clothes

Acrylic drawers for clothes are made of durable materials that make them long-lasting and ideal for storing and organizing belongings. Available in various designs, sizes, and layouts.

Acrylic Drawers for Stationery

Acrylic drawers for stationery are a neat and easy transport unit to keep all belongings in one. Standard storage solution for office materials like crayons, pen, metal clip, calculator, post-it paper, etc.

Large Acrylic Case with Drawers 

Large acrylic cases with drawers are popular and easy-to-use drawers. Ideal for storing cosmetics, accessories, and other stuff. Multiple options are available to come in a diverse range of sizes, designs, and mounting options.

Acrylic Stackable 2-Row Drawer

The acrylic stackable 2-row drawer is both durable & protective and stackable. Strong and environmentally-friendly drawers. Great for storing small items such as beads, rings, ear studs, earrings, small lego, etc.

Acrylic 5-Drawer Cosmetics Organizer

Weprofab acrylic 5-drawer cosmetics organizer has a simple yet elegant design. Made of 100% transparent acrylic, it keeps all items in one place. Convenient to use. Great use for a countertop, closet, etc.

Acrylic Makeup Storage Drawer

Acrylic makeup storage drawer is ideal for displaying and storing jewels, cosmetics, accessories, etc. It has a large storage capacity and is wide enough to accommodate a variety of objects.

Acrylic 3-Drawer Storage with Lid

Acrylic 3-drawer storage with a versatile lid design makes it ideal for use in the office, bedroom, bathroom, office, closet, etc. It is constructed from durable BPA-free clear plastic.

Wholesale Acrylic Drawer Organizer

You can get it here at a more competitive price if you want to wholesale acrylic drawer organizer. Organizers come with multiple drawers that can be customized at desired drawer numbers.

Acrylic 3-Drawer Stationery Chest

Acrylic 3-drawer stationery chest may be used for a variety of purposes. It is ideal for keeping make-up, cosmetics, jewelry, and others. It can be used in the workplace or any space of the house.

Large Acrylic Cosmetics Drawers

Large acrylic cosmetics drawers are as clear as glass and have an elegant appearance. Built from superior acrylic material, more durable and thicker. Easy to clean and won’t discolor over time.

Acrylic 7-Drawer Beauty Storage

Weprofab acrylic 7-drawer beauty storage is made of excellent acrylic plastic that wipes clean. It has a beautiful appearance, protective cosmetics, and all-important stuff.

Five Door Acrylic Drawer Acrylic

This five-door acrylic drawer acrylic is manufactured of thick UV acrylic. Features multi-functional organizer, both functional and convenient. It is more reliable than typical storage boxes or cases.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Drawers

Weprofab acrylic drawers are popular to use than any polycarbonate and glass drawers across the world. Most of the manufacturers, retailers, and local distributors operating in any part of the globe decide to use acrylic because it`s an economical substance. That`s the reason why we, Weprofab also use acrylic because it has a high potential to make the drawers last longer.

Acrylic Drawers

For instance, Weprofab acrylic drawers can be designed for any shapes and sizes depending on the applications. It has various uses, especially as storage. It keeps valuable things inside the drawers protected from any danger. However, our series of acrylic drawers has magnificent weathering characteristics, helpful for preventing any unfortunate damages to acrylic drawers.

As you can see, our wide range of acrylic drawers is much durable than glasses. Aside from its unbreakable construction, it has attractive surface designs that are truly convincing. Properties of acrylic drawers include weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, shatterproof- to name a few.

Acrylic Drawers

Even exposed for a long period of time under the sun rays, we made our acrylic drawers with high UV stability so that they are continually protected. Also, our acrylic drawers can hold any amounts of make-ups, clothes, and many more. Obtainable with a different number of layers/cases, colors, and designs.

As the leading finest manufacturer operating in mainland China, Weprofab provides creative and most imaginative styles of acrylic drawers. We provide ultimate solutions if you require high-quality acrylic drawers for your business. To gain huge profits for business, consider adding acrylic drawers from our factory. However, they work best in retail industries for some attractive display applications.

Acrylic Drawers

Weprofab is an expert in producing and manufacturing various types of acrylic drawers in order to reach your precise demands.  Over the ten years in the fabrication field, we trained our staff designers and engineers to become more professional in fabrication work.

If you want Weprofab to handle fabrications for your ideal acrylic drawers, contact us and we`ll never fail you!

Acrylic Drawers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import acrylic drawers from China, read this guide.

It will help you choose high quality and modern acrylic drawers that meet your specific requirements.

So, to be an expert in acrylic drawers, read this guide.

What is Acrylic Drawer?

It is a type of acrylic furniture made of a box-shaped container that fits into a frame such that it can be drawn out horizontally.

This design is made from a thermoplastic material known as plexiglass.

You can find acrylic drawers in numerous types, including cabinets and chest of drawers among others.

Moreover, it comes in different sizes, color variations, and customization designs depending on your preference.

 acrylic drawer

 acrylic drawer

What are the Features of Acrylic Drawer?

Acrylic drawer is becoming popular in many households and commercial settings since it exhibits a wide range of excellent features.

Some of these properties include the following;

a) Superior strength – Acrylic, which is the base material for manufacturing this component, exhibits excellent tensile and impact strength.

This material is synthetic hence derives strength from its structure, which allows it to resist mechanical stress.

b) Excellent optical clarity – This furniture can control and transmit sufficient light passing through the surface material.

It allows up to about 92% of light to penetrate through its surface, giving it a classy and attractive appearance.

c) Great dimensional stability: The dimensions of the acrylic drawer hardly alter when subjected to temperature.

It maintains its dimensional uniformity during and after processing. And it is imperative since it ability and less or no repair needs.

d) Lightweight – Generally, acrylic material is quite lightweight, often about half the weight of fiberglass of a similar dimension.

In essence, this makes it easy to shift in from one place to another and also transporting it to different destinations

e) Resistant to weather – This furniture has excellent resistant features to a wide range of weather conditions.

It can withstand excessive moisture, direct sunlight, and other unfavourable weather conditions without degrading easily.

What are the Common Acrylic Drawers’ Designs Available?

They come in a broad range of designs, both standard and custom-built designs.

The standard designs are simple and relatively easy to make since they do not entails lots of details.

On the contrary, customized designs can be a bit complicated depending on the extent of customization required.

Nevertheless, here are some of the common designs of acrylic drawers you can get from WeProFab;

  • Stackable acrylic drawers
  • Acrylic multi-drawers organizer
  • Portrait acrylic paper drawers
  • Acrylic desktop drawers
  • Acrylic cosmetic display storage drawers
  • Acrylic drawers with brushed steel T-handle

Also, you can find more customized designs for this furniture from WeProFab with a different number of drawers.

Some include Acrylic case 2-drawers, 3-drawers, 4-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers, etc.

It implies you can always get the specific design, which fits your specific requirements.

What are the Uses of Acrylic Drawers?

Majorly, acrylic drawers are used for storage since they feature sliding compartments that fit into specific framing component.

Here are some of the common uses of this furniture depending on the particular setting;

  • Bookshelf
  • Bathroom shelf
  • Lamp holder
  • Cutlery holder
  • Table
  • Under-bed storage
  • Ladder shelf
  • Pot and flower holder
  • As an ottoman
  • Jewelry holder
  • Command center
  • Storage box
  • Planter

 acrylic drawer makeup holder

acrylic drawer makeup holder

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Drawers?

Acrylic drawers provide plenty of advantages in different settings where it is used thus making it a worthy investment.

Some of these benefits include the following;

  • This material is naturally clear, making it a vital choice as far as creating a piece of appealing and classy furniture is concerned.

The advantage here is it adds upscale value to your space, which is imperative in giving you self-satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • Acrylic drawers’ exhibit exceptional longevity since the primary material used is naturally sturdy.

In this case, it is beneficial since you won’t incur unnecessary expenses in terms of repair and replacement.

  • This type of furniture enhances better organization within the respective space.

Finding belonging at times can be frustrating if you do not have proper storage space.

When you use this item, it becomes easy to arrange your surroundings and appear stylish and organized.

  • It is lightweight, making it quite convenient to shift or transport it from one place to another.

Of course, this is vital since you’ll rarely need assistance to push, pull or lift it if shifting, especially during cleaning.

  • Some of these drawers come with locks, which are integral in preventing unauthorized access to your belongings.

Once you lock the drawers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing perfectly your valuables are secure.

  • It is relatively easy to maintain acrylic drawers.

The component merely requires routine cleaning using recommended substrates, clean water, and soft cotton cloth.

  • This piece of furniture is relatively versatile.

In essence, you can use it in a wide range of settings for storing different types of items such as stationery, jewelry, clothing, etc.

How Do Acrylic and Polycarbonate Drawers Compare?

Acrylic and polycarbonate are the commonly used thermoplastic materials in making different drawer designs.

Ideally, they share various properties, thus placing them highly as the sought-after materials for this furniture.

For instance, these materials are both strong.

They have excellent impact and tensile strength, which is critical in enhancing longevity.

However, polycarbonate drawer is seemingly, stronger than acrylic drawer when both are subjected to similar conditions.

The other comparison is in regards to optical clarity.

Both materials are quite clear and also come in a variety of colors.

But polycarbonate seems to be fairly clearer since it transmits up to about 94% of light, whereas acrylic allows about 92% of light.

Of course, the difference is marginal, but it can be integral depending on the specific application of the drawer.

Also, both polycarbonate and acrylic drawers are quite lightweight.

They weigh close to half the weight f glass of similar dimensions.

This makes them somewhat convenient and portable, especially if the application entails shifting the furniture from time to time.

In terms of scratch-resistance, acrylic drawer seems to be better compared to a polycarbonate drawer.

Ideally, polycarbonate material has a softer surface making it somehow susceptible to abrasive or sharp materials.

Acrylic, on the contrary, has a harder surface thus a bit resistant to most of the abrasive elements.

Drawers manufactured from both materials are durable, resistant to weather elements, and also shatterproof.

Principally, this makes both acrylic and polycarbonate drawers safe to use in different settings.

Can You Break Acrylic Drawers?

Not necessarily under normal circumstances

The base material used for manufacturing these drawers, which is acrylic, is relatively solid.

It is derived from numerous natural elements with synthetic fibre.

This makes the material extremely strong hence difficult to break.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process, several additives are also included in the raw material to enhance its strength.

Ultimately, it becomes difficult for the material to break under normal circumstances.

However, when subjected to extremely deliberate intensive mechanical pressure, the furniture might crack.

Even so, it can never shatter into smaller pieces irrespective of the impact stress it is subjected to.

Is there a Difference Between Clear and Colored Acrylic Drawers?

The main difference between clear and coloured acrylic drawers is the colour hue.

Primarily, both colored and clear acrylic drawers are manufactured from the same material but with different shades.

A colored acrylic drawer comes in different shades, either translucent or opaque.

This is vital if you prefer acrylic drawer with a variety of rainbow colors.

It improves privacy, which is critical in some settings, such as the bedroom.

Also, colored acrylic drawer tends to maintain the hue for a very long time without necessarily fading.

It is often because the tint is chemically integrated into the surface material during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, this variant has better resistance to ultraviolet radiation attacks.

Of course, this imperative since it safeguards your valuables by protecting them from UV effects.

On the other hand, a transparent acrylic door offers high optical clarity.

Therefore, it is vital, particularly for applications, which require high optical clarity, such as in display, retail, and other commercial settings.

The essence, in this case, is to enhance visibility, which is integral in attracting clientele.

Transparent acrylic drawer is also relatively prone to scratches compared to a coloured acrylic drawer.

Abrasive marks on the former tend to be quite visible than those formed in the former.

As such, a clear acrylic drawer requires a higher level of routine maintenance than a colored acrylic drawer.

 clear and colored acrylic drawer

clear and colored acrylic drawer

How Do You Make Acrylic Drawers?

Making acrylic drawers can be simple or complex, depending on the actual design you’re making.

Nonetheless, you must ensure that you have all the relevant materials, tools, and equipment.

Here is a basic step by step process you can use to make this type of furniture;

Design the Framing Component

Ordinarily, acrylic drawers are designed to slide horizontally, in and out of a piece of furniture such as desk, chest, etc.

Therefore, you must ensure you make the frame where the drawer will slide in and out.

While at it, ensure the frame is of an ideal size depending on your demands.

Framing can be by a material such as wood or metal among others.

Cut the Sheet into Pieces

Determine the ideal thickness you need for your drawer depending on the application and cut the corresponding acrylic sheet into pieces.

The dimensions of these pieces should also correspond to the size of the drawer you need to build.

You can use different cutting tools such as metal cutting saws or laser cutting machines.

Join the Pieces

Once you cut the acrylic sheets into respective sizes, join the pieces accordingly to form a compartment.

The number of drawers you’ll need determines the pieces of acrylic sheet you’ll have.

Use acrylic adhesive to join the pieces and use tape to secure them until it dries.

Place the bottom piece perpendicular to side pieces, then glue and secure tightly using tape until the adhesive dries.

Attach the Opening Lid

To this extent, you only need to apply the acrylic adhesive around the exposed edges.

Line up the open-lid piece and press it into the glue.

Also, ensure you align the edges appropriately to prevent possible overlap.

Complete the Process

Position the acrylic drawers and decide whether you need to customize them to fit your requirements.

Fix the drawers into the frame and start using them.

As you can see, the process is relatively straightforward, especially for a basic acrylic drawer.

It can be a bit complicated, depending on the complexity of the design.

Are Acrylic Drawers Flammable?


It is relatively flammable, making it unsuitable for high-temperature places and open flame places.

Acrylic material used for manufacturing drawers is usually rated in class B2.

This class is highly flammable thus can be a safety concern in areas with open places.

Can Acrylic Drawers Yellow in the Sun?

It depends on a wide range of elements.

First, the quality of acrylic material used for manufacturing the drawer is a great determinant of yellowing.

Ideally, low-quality acrylic material, whether virgin or recycled, are likely to yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

In essence, such materials have weak molecules that deteriorate faster when attacked by ultraviolet rays.

However, drawers made from high-quality acrylic materials will rarely yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

Another determinant is whether the acrylic drawer surface material is treated using the anti-UV coating.

These treatments come in different forms, chemical substrates or specialized film.

Nevertheless, the surface treatment blocks the UV rays from attacking and weakening the molecules of acrylic.

As such, the furniture hardly yellows as long as the surface coating treatment is still effective.

The bottom line is that various aspects determine whether acrylic drawers may yellow in the sun.

You need to be meticulous and ensure you get a piece of furniture designed from a high-quality acrylic material.

Additionally, it would be ideal to select an acrylic drawer with anti-UV coating, whether chemical treatment or specialized film.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Drawers?

Principally, the cost of acrylic drawers is determined by numerous variables.

One is the actual type and quality of acrylic material used for making it.

In essence, this material is available in numerous variations including, cast, extruded, reflective, perforated, engraved, etc.

They all come in different rates making the cost to vary depending on the actual one.

Additionally, the thickness of this material also influences the precise amount of money you’ll pay for the furniture.

Another cost determinant is the size of acrylic drawer you are purchasing.

Mostly, this component is available in different sizes suitable for various spaces in a wide range of settings.

The bigger the size, the higher the price and vice versa.

Again, the specific design of acrylic drawer you are purchasing influences the cost.

You can find this furniture in a standard or customized design.

Often, standard designs are relatively cheap.

On the other hand, custom-built acrylic drawers are a bit expensive, but the price is dependent on customization level.

And most importantly, the brand you are buying also plays a vital role in determining cost.

Different manufacturers price their products depending on many factors, including the positioning in the market.

All in all, the price of acrylic drawer is hardly fixed.

Instead, it varies based on these factors among many more.

Are there Limitations on Acrylic Drawers’ Sizes?

Not at all.

You can always find this furniture in different sizes depending on your specific needs.

Generally, the space you have within your setting is the major determinant of size when choosing acrylic drawer.

Also, practicality is another determinant factor of the ideal size of this furniture.

In other words, the quantity of items you want to store and aesthetic conformity to your décor defines the right size for you.

What is the Difference between Acrylic Drawer and Acrylic Box?

Acrylic box technically refers to a frameless container designed from plexiglass material commonly used for showcasing different art pieces.

At times it is known as Lucite or Plexiglass box and comes in different sizes.

Acrylic box is also used widely in commercial and residential settings such as offices, shops, retail stores, etc.

On the contrary, acrylic drawer is a box-shaped storage slot designed to slide in and out horizontally of a piece of furniture.

It is mainly used for storage of different types of valuables, whether in residential or commercial surroundings.

acrylic drawer

acrylic drawer

acrylic box

acrylic box

How Do You Verify Quality of Acrylic Drawers?

Mostly, the quality of this furniture is verifiable through specific tests to determine whether they meet the set standards.

These tests are based on the properties of the furniture when subjected to different conditions.

One of the tests includes wet and dry acrylic drawer behaviour.

In essence, this test entails determining the stress levels of this furniture in both wet and dry environments.

Temperature tolerance and Freon compatibility of the acrylic drawer are other tests used to determine acrylic drawers’ quality.

Notably, most of these tests are carried out by experts in hi-tech laboratories.

It is the reason you need to ensure you purchase this furniture from reputable suppliers such as WeProFab.

Nevertheless, there are vital industrial standards set by various national, regional, and international agencies that verify quality.

Agencies such as SGS, ASTM, and RoHS play fundamental roles in specifying, testing, and certifying the quality of this furniture.

Ideally, such agencies make it easy for suppliers and end-users to verify and determine the best quality acrylic drawers.

Why Use Laser Cutter in Fabricating Acrylic Drawers?

Laser cutter is an ideal technique to use when fabricating acrylic drawers since it offers a wide range of advantages such as the following;

Exceptional Accuracy and Precision

Naturally, acrylic material edges are often a bit rough.

Using a laser cutter, in this case, guarantees precision and a fine surface since it cuts clean the edges and surfaces.

In the end, you get smoother finishes, which is imperative in acrylic drawers.

Ideal for Cutting Defined Areas

A laser cutter is often within the confines of defined sections of the acrylic material.

In essence, you do not need any additional heat, making it a suitable method for slicing narrower parts of the material.

Offers Versatility

The laser cutter is quite versatile, and it can cut through acrylic sheets of different thicknesses.

As such, you can cut through and provide accurate results when cutting the pieces of this component.

What is the Most Suitable Adhesive for Bonding Acrylic Drawers?

The best type of adhesive for bonding acrylic drawers is dependent on various elements.

In particular, the thickness of the acrylic material you are bonding is the greatest determinant of a suitable adhesive to use.

However, acrylic cement, also known as acrylic glue, is the leading type you can always go for.

This glue is a solvent, which acts by welding and fusing acrylic pieces.

To attain the best results when using this glue, ensure there is no space between acrylic pieces you are joining.

Nonetheless, you must always ensure you adhere to safety measures when using this adhesive to bond acrylic drawers.          `

What Components can You Include in Acrylic Drawers?

Handle – It is vital since it aids in easy sliding the drawer in and out of the furniture, desk, or chest among others.

Lock – You can include it on the drawer and use it to secure your valuables by locking and preventing access.

Tint – It is a thin coloured film often available in different colour shades.

Tint enhances privacy and also complements your décor, thus increasing the aesthetics of the space.

What are the Advantages of Customized Acrylic Drawers?

Going for made-to-order acrylic drawers offers a lot of advantages, such as the following;

  1. Makes it easy for you to arrange your belongings and space.

This is necessary since it allows you to attain a well-organized space, which is vital in enhancing practicality and appearance.

  1. Allows you to incorporate various elements designed to fit within your requirements.

The essence here is that it improves class and sophistication, which is vital in enhancing self-gratification.

  1. Increases efficiency in the particular setting you use the acrylic drawer.

It is possible since the different aspects of this furniture are designed to specifically fit the setting.

  1. It becomes easy to maintain a customized acrylic drawer since it is designed within specific dimensions and thickness of the application.
  2. In the long run, it becomes cost-effective since you will not need to modify it from time to time to suit your needs. This also gives you peace of mind.

How Do Acrylic and Fiberglass Drawers Compare?

Acrylic drawers are stronger than fibreglass drawers.

Ideally, the former is about 20 times stronger than the latter, thus guaranteeing durability.

In terms of optical clarity, a transparent acrylic drawer is clearer and glossier than a glass drawer.

Essentially, the former allows more light to pass through it compared to the latter.

Regarding breakage, glass drawer is more prone to cracking than the acrylic drawer.

The latter is made from synthetic material, which rarely breaks and never shatters, unlike the former.

The acrylic drawer has better resistance to numerous environmental and weather elements like temperature and ultraviolet rays.

On the contrary, fiberglass drawer is also resistant to such elements but to a limited extent.

 fiberglass drawers

fibreglass drawer

Acrylic drawer

 Acrylic drawer

Are Acrylic Drawers Scratch-Resistant?


In many instances, this furniture is usually manufactured from high-quality acrylic material.

Ideally, such materials are often treated using various types of anti-scratch surface coating substrates.

These substrates are chemically infused into the material to enhance the scratch resistance abilities.

In the end, the furniture becomes resilient and rarely gets marks even when scratched using an abrasive material.

This is in addition to the fact that acrylic material is naturally hard-surfaced thus has better scratch resistance.

Moreover, there is an anti-scratch specialized film, which you can also integrate on the surface material of this furniture.

The film protects acrylic drawer from different types of scratches.

Do Acrylic Drawers have Any Shortcomings?

Yes, but a few, and they include the following;

a) They are highly flammable, thus not ideal to use in open flame places or high-temperature settings.

b) Depending on the size, thickness, and customized design, they can be a bit expensive than other alternative options in the market.

Can You Polish Acrylic drawers?


Polishing is a major technique you can always use to restore acrylic drawer to its original state if it fades or yellows.

There are three main techniques you can use to polish this furniture, which include the following;

Vapor polishing – It entails subjecting the surface material of this furniture to chemical vapor.

This vapor causes the surface to flow, thus making it smooth and improving its clarity.

Fire polishing – Involves exposing the surface material of acrylic drawer to heat or flame.

Surface tension smoothens the material once the heat briefly melts it.

Buffing – It uses an abrasive work-wheel by scrubbing a buffing paste on the surface material of the acrylic drawer.

It removes the residue and any unwanted elements from the surface of this furniture, making it glossy and clearer.

Are Acrylic Drawers Eco-Friendly?


A processed acrylic, which the primary material used for manufacturing acrylic drawers, is friendly to various environmental elements.

It hardly reacts with chemicals nor emits toxic fumes when exposed to different compounds.

Moreover, you can fully recycle acrylic drawer, albeit it takes a lot of energy to completely achieve it.

Now, in case you have any question about acrylic drawers, contact the WeProFab team now.

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