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Matte Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of all types of acrylic sheets in China for more than 20 years. We can supply high-graded matte acrylic sheets based on each customer`s standard specifications. Great matte acrylic sheet tolerance is included in all WeProFab fabrications.

Get WeProFab Matte Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offers a widely used matte acrylic sheet type for a specified sheeting application. Here are the top 6 of high-graded matte acrylic sheet types that you can find from Weprofab.

White Matte Acrylic Sheet

In making our White Matte Acrylic Sheet, Weprofab using tough grade materials to secure that it’s not easy to break or explode unlike with other types of acrylic sheets.

Matte Black Thick Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab offers the finest Matte Black Thick Acrylic Sheet. The colors shown for translucent and opaque options represent reflected colors.

Colorful Matte Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab provides unique and custom-made of Colorful Matte Acrylic Sheet that perfect fit to the type of business you have.

Matte Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Matte Frosted Acrylic Sheet in Weprofab is meet the highest standard of customer gratification. If you are in need of Matte Frosted Acrylic Sheet for your business, check on Weprofab.

Matte Glass Acrylic Sheet

If you are looking for a Matte Glass Acrylic Sheet, Weprofab offering the best Matte Glass Acrylic Sheet for your business.

Matte Thick Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Matte Thick Acrylic Sheets are widely used in a lot of industries, and they can be cut to size to fabricate different products.

WeProFab: Your Leading Matte Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab offers a wide-ranging matte acrylic sheet for your business. It’s general-purpose tolerance and weather endurance are proudly introduced by all skillful WeProFab staff and engineers.

If you are finding the most deserving manufacturer of matte acrylic sheeting, Weprofab is the answer!

As one of the best acrylic sheet manufacturers, WeProFab has passed a lot of certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, CE and more.

Give us now your connected concerns, we will give exact answers abruptly.

Custom Matte Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Matte Acrylic Sheet

In manufacturing our custom matte acrylic sheet, Weprofab only used high-grade materials. We ensure that all of our acrylic sheets passed the standard quality.

Cut-to-size Matte Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab can do custom Cut-to-size Matte Acrylic sheets at a very competitive price.

Matte Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is an expert manufacturer of matte acrylic sheets in China. We are the world’s best manufacturer of plastic sheets.

Colored Matte Acrylic Sheet

The colored matte acrylic sheets are available in many different colors such as yellow, red, blue, pink, and many more. They are commonly used for making elegant furniture, advertising signs, illuminating signs, and for decoration purposes. They can diffuse light evenly and elegantly.

Pastel Colored Matte Acrylic Sheet

The pastel colored matte acrylic sheets are made from 100% virgin, top-quality, and nontoxic PMMA material. They will retain their beautiful colors when exposed to outdoor elements because they have great weather resistance. They can be used for making outdoor signage, indoor signage, furniture, and more.

5mm Thick Opaque Matte Black Acrylic Sheet

The 5mm thick opaque matte black acrylic sheets have excellent electrical insulation, chemical stability, great weather resistance, and scratch resistance. They are easy to fabricate and shape. Also, they are widely used for creating display stands, signage, furniture, and other items.

Acrylic Opaque Matte Pink Acrylic Sheet

The acrylic opaque matte pink acrylic sheets have a frosted surface, fantastic thermal insulation, great UV stability, lightweight design, and high impact resistance. They can be used for shop fittings, furniture, decoration, indoor signage, outdoor signage, and much more.

Purple Opaque Matte Acrylic Sheet

The purple opaque matte acrylic sheets are 15 times more durable and lighter than glass. They are fully opaque, and resistant to fingerprints, scratches, weathering, and strong impact. They can be used for creative projects, creating interior decoration, outdoor signs, display stands, and so on.

Matte Clear Extruded Acrylic Sheets

The matte clear extruded acrylic sheets are great to use for cupboard doors, privacy windows, shower doors, and lighting applications. They are produced using the process of extrusion. Also, they can diffuse light elegantly and they are very attractive when backlit.

3mm Clear Matte Acrylic Sheet

The 3mm clear matte acrylic sheets have excellent retention of paint and inks. Therefore, they are perfect to use for vinyl sign-making. They are also suitable for silk screening and hot-stamping. Also, they can be used for lighting applications.

Orange Peel Matte Textured Acrylic Sheet

The orange peel matte textured acrylic sheets are commonly used for outdoor furniture, shower doors, home furnishing products, indoor display, and more. They can also be used for lighting applications, as they can diffuse the light excellently.

Matte Translucent Acrylic Sheet

The matte translucent acrylic sheets are the ideal material for lighting applications such as fluorescent light fixtures, ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED panel luminaires, and many more. They have features such as anti-scratch, light diffusion, and high light transmission. They can make the extremely bright light soft.

30mm Thick Matte Frosted Acrylic Sheet

The 30mm thick matte frosted acrylic sheets have strong surface hardness, high light transmittance, excellent electrical insulation, and lightweight design. They can be used for creating advertising signs, windows, shower doors, room dividers, and many more. They are suitable to use for outdoor and indoor applications.

Milky White Matte Acrylic Sheet

The milky white matte acrylic sheets are an excellent light diffuser material that has outstanding weather resistance, energy efficiency, and excellent LED light hiding ability. They are suitable to use for LED panel lights, linear lights, downlights, fluorescent light fixtures, and so on.

Opaque White Matte Acrylic Sheet

The opaque white matte acrylic sheets have the ability to block the light transmittance. When they are lit, they will glow a little depending on their thickness. They have excellent resistance to impact and weathering. They are suitable to use for shelving, pedestals, store fixtures, signage, and many more.

Green Matte Acrylic Sheet

The green matte acrylic sheets are manufactured with many features such as outstanding weather resistance, excellent strength, lightweight design, and good chemical resistance. They are easy to fabricate and can be used for furniture, interior design, signage, lighting, barrier, and so on.

Glass Green Matte Acrylic Sheet

The glass green matte acrylic sheet has a glasslike appearance. Just like glass, they are see-through yet more lightweight and sturdier than glass. They are ideal to use for interior design, furniture, DIY projects, shower doors, office dividers, and more. Also, they are UV protected so they can be used for outdoor applications.

Matte Grey Acrylic Sheets

The matte grey acrylic sheets are great to use for interior design, furniture, shower doors, windows, room dividers, signage, shelving, and so on. They are suitable for exterior and interior use. Also, they have a translucent and frosted effect. They resist high levels of impact, scratches, and flex.

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Why WeProFab Matte Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer and supplier of matte acrylic sheet. We can deliver superior quality matte acrylic sheet to anywhere in the world through our excellent customer relationship and impeccable services.

For all kinds of matte acrylic sheets you need, Weprofab can produce and distribute depending on your requirements. Send us your ideal acrylic sheet and we are glad to deliver all your acrylic sheet needs.

Weprofab can manufacture different colors of the matte acrylic sheets such as white matte acrylic sheet, matte black acrylic sheet, colorful matte acrylic sheet, matte frosted acrylic sheet, matte glass acrylic sheet, and more.

Our Weprofab matte acrylic sheet is manufactured with certain functional aspects and resources that offer insulation and heat reflection, and also light diffusion.

Weprofab matte acrylic sheet is widely used in a variety of applications. You can use our matte acrylic sheet for lighting, signs, photography, privacy screens, and many more.

Same as all acrylics, Weprofab matte acrylic sheet can be easily formed, cut, and fabricated.

We manufacture Weprofab matte acrylic sheet that offers optical characteristics, light stability, thickness tolerances, and low internal stress levels for consistent performance.

Weprofab matte acrylic sheet is made to last. We specifically manufacture matte acrylic sheet to the same high-quality standards used for decades.

All of our matte acrylic sheets and other plastic sheet meets and exceeds industry standards such as ISO 9001, CE, UL, and RoHs.

Weprofab matte acrylic sheet is excellent to fill the needs of your business regarding with acrylic sheet.

Weprofab is one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to matte acrylic sheets in China.

We create and modeled design to meet the exact needs of our valued customers.

As one of the premier matte acrylic manufacturer, we provide different standard colors, sizes, and thickness for you.

At Weprofab, you can choose full matte acrylic sheet sizes or specially priced pre-cut sizes. Also, a cut-to-size matte acrylic sheet is also available at a competitive cost.

For all your acrylic sheet needs or any plastic sheet needs such as polycarbonate sheet, ABS sheet, HDPE sheet, you can trust Weprofab.

Weprofab acrylic sheet can be fabricated to a lot of products such as acrylic box, acrylic display, acrylic shoe box, etc. Just send us your requirement, we will custom any types of acrylic products for your business.

We are your reliable and one-stop solution for all matte acrylic sheet needs!

All in all, Weprofab is aligned with the world’s best manufacturer of all plastic sheets in China for more than 20 years of experience.

Contact us today for a custom quote!

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToMatte Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets come in many variations.

The differences include the type of finish and texture, the color, and the opacity of the sheet.

One such variation is the matte acrylic sheet, also known as P95 acrylic.

As the name suggests, matte acrylic has a lightly frosted finish on both sides of the sheet.

A matte finish allows for lower passage of light compared to a shiny finish.

Matte acrylic sheets

Matte acrylic sheets

If you have a question about matte acrylic sheets, you have come to the right place.

This ultimate FAQ guide will tell you everything you need to know about matte acrylic sheets.

What Are The Features Of Matte Acrylic Sheets?

Matte acrylic sheets are cost-efficient, and you can find it a lower price than other materials such as glass or polycarbonate.

It has 17 times the impact resistance of glass.

You will not need to worry about discoloration or yellowing of matte acrylic sheets as high quality matte acrylic sheets will not yellow.

It is a thermoplastic so it can take a significant amount of heat without breaking.

You can also bend or cut matte acrylic sheets.

You will not see any prominent fingerprints, smudges, or scratches on a matte acrylic sheet.

It can easily retain paint and ink for a long period of time.

You will find a variety of color options for matte acrylic sheets.

It is known for diminishing the reflection of light because of its matte nature.

White Matte Acrylic Sheet

White Matte Acrylic Sheet

What Are The Disadvantages Of Matte Acrylic Sheets?

Matte acrylic sheets tend to scratch easily.

This means these sheets require more maintenance than other materials.

These sheets stain quickly from grease or oil.

You will need to keep cleaning the sheet to avoid any long-term stains.

Matte acrylic is highly bendable and tends to distort in case of any construction work.

Customizing a matte acrylic sheet can also be costly.

What Are Some Use Cases For Matte Acrylic Sheets?

Matte acrylic sheets are used in a variety of industries.

· Architectural

One of the main uses of the matte acrylic sheet is in the architecture industry.

You can use this material for the windows of buildings.

Its thermoplastic character, along with the ability to reduce light reflection, makes it suitable for application in windows.

Matte acrylic not only reduces light and inside temperature of a building but also gives an elegant exterior appearance.

You will also notice this in balconies along with public walkways.

As an alternative for glass, matte acrylic sheets are cheaper, more durable, and efficient.

They require less maintenance as well.


Matte acrylic sheets in architecture

· Artwork

Artists use matte acrylic sheets for displaying their creativity.

With its slightly frosted finish, the material is suitable for paint works as well as crafts.

You can use this material to make wall hangings with oil colors.

Some artists also use matte sheets for framing their work.

· Furniture and Home Décor

Manufacturers use matte acrylic sheets for making several kinds of furniture articles.

You will find table tops, chairs, and cabinets as some of the most prominent furniture items made out of matte acrylic sheets.

You can also buy shelves, cupboard doors, and roof sheds made from matte acrylic material.

Using a matte acrylic sheet over the terrace garden curtails the heat and light coming into the space.

Matte acrylic sheets usage in furniture

Matte acrylic sheets usage in furniture

Departmental stores use matte acrylic sheets to create partitions and shelves for display.

Matte acrylic sheets are also used in different home décor items.

From wall stickers to lamps, the material is used to make different home décor pieces.

You can find aesthetic lighting articles and skylights made of matte acrylic.

People also opt for a matte acrylic sheet for a decorative addition to their gates and doorways.

Matte Acrylic Sheet in Lighting

Matte Acrylic Sheet in Lighting

· Signage

Every commercial space needs signage.

The physical appearance is one of the distinctive features of good signage.

You can use a matte acrylic sheet as a durable alternative to glass over your signage.

Another quality that makes matte acrylic a suitable choice for signage is its ability to minimize any smudges and fingerprints on the sheet.

How Can You Mattify An Acrylic Sheet Manually?

There are many ways through which you can mattify an acrylic sheet on your own.

One of the best methods for doing this is to use sandpaper or a ball of scouring wool like Scotch-Brite.

To begin the process, you need to remove the protective masking.

Prepare a mixture of water and a liquid detergent.

Spray this mix throughout the sheet and rub the sandpaper all over.

An important thing to note is that you must alternate your hand movement while rubbing the sandpaper.

This will help in avoiding a visible pattern on the resulting sheet.

Wipe the water off after a considerable amount of rubbing the sheet.

Repeat these steps until you achieve the desired level of the matte finish.

Once you are done and satisfied with the texture, apply some antistatic cleaner to give a clean finish to the sheet.

How Can You Mattify An Acrylic Sheet Mechanically?

You can also mattify an acrylic sheet with the use of machines.

This process, however, requires more skill and knowledge of the instruments involved.

To do this mechanically, the process is almost the same, except that it involves an electric sander.

You cannot use water since water can harm the electric tools.

Rub the surface with a ball of scouring wool to make the surface rough.

Once you are done with this step, run the sander at the minimum speed with the lowest pressure.

You must exercise the highest degree of caution while operating the sander to avoid destroying the sheet.

After achieving the desired texture, clean the sheet with some water, and apply an antistatic cleaner.

Do Matte Acrylic Sheets Yellow In The Sun?

Plastics usually tend to degrade after lengthy exposure to sunlight.

However, acrylic is a unique thermoplastic polymer with special properties for protection against sunlight.

High quality matte acrylic sheets are capable of resisting any degeneration caused by ultraviolet light.

This implies that it can take continued exposure to the sun without showing any signs of yellowing or discoloration.

With proper maintenance, you can keep your matte acrylic sheet from discoloring for over ten years.

You can easily get your hands on quality cleaning solutions for matte acrylic material.

Using a polish occasionally is also a good practice to keep its color intact.

How Can You Cut A Matte Acrylic Sheet?

Matte acrylic sheets are known for its sturdiness.

However, you can cut a matte acrylic sheet with a few household tools.

However, you need to factor in a few specifications before going for it.

Thickness is one of the primary elements to consider which method you will use for cutting the sheet.

· Heavy Thickness

The thicker the sheet, the easier it is to cut.

You can cut a thick sheet by scoring.

Use a metal ruler and a scoring knife to carve a deep line into the sheet.

After creating a considerably deep line, turn the sheet over, and repeat the process until you can cut the two parts.

· Medium Thickness

Cutting a medium thickness matte acrylic sheet involves the use of a power saw.

Experts consider the scroll saw as the best tool due to its ability to emit less heat than others.

Less heat ensures that the sheet does not incur any damage during the process.

An important thing to keep in mind is the blade of the saw.

Choose a blade that has fine teeth and at least ten teeth for every inch.

You must also ensure that you are dressed up in all the protective gear needed for operating a saw.

Keep a spray bottle of water near you, in case things get heat up.

· Less Thickness

A thin sheet of matte acrylic is fragile.

It is vulnerable to heat and prone to chipping.

While cutting a thin sheet, ensure that your sheet is positioned safely on the worktop.

To get a clean-cut, make a line on the sheet with a pencil or erasable marker.

Your cutting tool should not exceed a limit of 10,000 and 15,000 RPM.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut your matte acrylic sheet.

· Adding The Finishing Touch

Once you are done with the cutting, you need to give the sheet a smooth and polished finish.

You can add the finishing with the help of a few tools:

  • Several pieces of sandpaper
  • A block of wood
  • A power drill and a buffing pad
  • A polish suitable for plastics

Soak the sandpaper for fifteen minutes or more.

Leaving it in water overnight is also a great idea.

Soaking the sandpaper helps in achieving a good degree of smoothness.

Apply the polish all over the sheet and buff the material till you get the desired level of finish.

How Can You Remove Scratches On A Matte Acrylic Sheet?

The matte acrylic sheet can sustain some scratches over time depending on what you use it for.

If you are worried about some scratches on your sheet, then you can remove it in two ways.

The first method is for scratches which are not very prominent or deep.

Use a good polish compound appropriate for plastics.

Apply the polish over the scratched area.

If this does not remove the scratches, then use the second method.

It involves the use of a power drill with a buff pad.

Use sandpaper to buff over the scratched area and restore the original finish.

400-grit sandpaper is capable of removing deep scratches.

Once you are done with the process, rub wet sandpaper over the area or apply the polish.

You can watch this video to find out how to remove scratches from your matte acrylic sheet.

How Can You Smooth The Edges Of The Sheet?

Sometimes, the edges of a matte acrylic sheet are just too sharp.

Exposure to such sharp edges can lead to frequent cuts or a more serious injury.

Instead of keeping it as it is, you can smoothen the edges with the help of 100-grit sandpaper.

Hold the sandpaper over the sheet at a 45-degree angle and rub the edges till you feel the smoothness.

Using sandpaper for smoothening matte acrylic sheet

Using sandpaper for smoothening matte acrylic sheet

How Can You Clean and Maintain A Matte Acrylic Sheet?

Cleaning an acrylic sheet requires some caution.

You need a gentle cloth along with a mixture of water and mild soap or cleaning liquid.

Using any ammonia-based solution will cause irreparable damage to the matte acrylic material.

If you need to polish any uneven edges of your matte acrylic sheet, you can use scraping, sanding or flame polishing.

If you have recently cut your matte acrylic sheet and wish to fix the uneven or jagged ends, then scraping is the right method.

Use a sharp razor to scrape out any excess acrylic ends you find.

Angle the tool at ten degrees to avoid digging deeper than required.

You can also use sanding and buffing for not only removing any scratches but also for maintaining the sheet’s texture.

Make sure that you practice the use of the buffing tool before using it on the sheet.

Flame polishing involves the use of a hydrogen-oxygen torch.

Flame Polishing

Flame Polishing

You can smooth any sharp edges or clean your sheets with the help of slight heat.

Since this method involves flames, only an experienced person should use the device.

Otherwise, there is a high risk of harming your sheets with heat exposure.

You can watch this video to find out how to do flame polishing for your matte acrylic sheet.

Can You Use Laser Cutting On A Matte Acrylic Sheet?

Yes, you can laser cut a matte acrylic sheet depending on your specifications.

What Are The Benefits Of Matte Acrylic Sheet In Comparison To Glass?

Matte acrylic is more suitable for windows since it reduces the reflection of light while also providing privacy.

Matte acrylic is far more durable and stress-resistant than glass.

That makes it a preferable choice since it will not break very easily.

Moreover, you will not incur any major injuries even when the sheet breaks since it will not shatter into millions of tiny pieces.

Instead, you will see large cracks or the matte acrylic sheet will break into large pieces that you can pick up safely.

You can also easily bend a matte acrylic sheet into a shape of your choice using heat.

It is also comparatively easy to cut and maintain.

You can do the cutting part by yourself without the need for any major tools.

How Can You Drill A Hole In A Matte Acrylic Sheet Without Cracking The Material Around The Hole?

Many times, people wish to drill their matte acrylic sheets for several purposes.

Drilling the sheet is a simple process and requires some caution.

You can get any drilling tools for the purpose.

There is a huge variety of tools like portable drills, automatic multiple-spindle drilling units, drill presses, CNC routers, lathes, and machining centers available in the market.

Along with the drilling tool, you need to choose the right drill bits.

Manufacturers create drill bits in several options:

  • High-speed steel (HSS)
  • HSS with carbide tips cobalt
  • Solid carbide

You should not use standard drill bits made for metalwork since it will chip and damage your matte acrylic sheet.

Carefully placing the sheet for correct drilling

 Carefully placing the sheet for correct drilling

You can make certain modifications in the drills to make it fit for drilling a matte acrylic sheet.

To begin with the procedure, place your sheet over a medium-density fiberboard.

This will help in drilling the sheet to the very bottom.

Use a slow feed rate to help the drill get inside the material without any damage.

Keep any air or liquid coolants handy since the drilling process constantly emits heat.

Using coolants will help in giving a better shape to the holes.

Drilling a Hole in a Matte Acrylic Sheet

 Drilling a Hole in a Matte Acrylic Sheet

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