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Acrylic Entry Table

Since WeProFab is the leading manufacturer of acrylic entry tables in China, you can obtain top graded acrylic supplies from us. In running a business, we have plenty of eye-catching acrylic entry table supplies to offer. Get in touch!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Entry Table to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab develops capabilities in handling successful operations. WeProFab will surely support your processes through our skilled service staff and supplying the best quality of goods.

Custom Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab can custom your designs for acrylic entry tables. Created with great quality yet friendly cost. Available in different sizes.

Decorative Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab can bring elegance look by supplying elegant and decorative acrylic entry tables. Super attractive to all customers.

Folding Acrylic Entry Table

Folding acrylic entry tables are easy to move and set aside. It is a lightweight material and tiny size which can save more space for applications.

Scratch Resistant Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab created this scratch-resistant acrylic entry table to save cash. Many customers considered this type of entry table.

Solid Acrylic Entry Tables

Our solid acrylic entry tables can spruce up place decor. We are dedicated to fabricating standard products to provide your needs.

Transparent Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab has the capability to supply transparent acrylic entry tables worldwide. We can provide flexible packing for safety.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Entry Table Manufacturer

If you are looking for a durable and negotiable acrylic entry table, considering WeProFab is a great choice. Offering a one-stop solution for products intended for your business.

Our expert engineers can create amazing designs for the acrylic entry table. Our sturdy and elegant acrylic entry table proudly presents, simply beautiful, and suitable for the final application.

Send your layout now and get your desired products.

Custom Acrylic Entry table to Boost Your Business

Double Layer Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab offered an extraordinary type of entry table such as a double-layer acrylic entry table. You can send your design and rich your business goals.

Mobile Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab created this, so you can rearrange your mobile acrylic entry table. Your strongly wished entry table is available.

Rectangular Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab is perfect for maintaining cleanliness. For your requirements, we can supply your needs on-time and provide a hassle-free process.

Round Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab acrylic entry tables are attractive which perfect for living rooms. It organizes flower vase and any other things to be displayed.

Rounded Edges Acrylic Entry Table

If you are searching for a stylish and durable acrylic entry table, count on WeProFab. We are able to fulfill all of our client’s needs.

Acrylic Console Entry Table

The acrylic console entry table offers an elegant design and excellent weather resistance. Produced using high-quality acrylic with high hardness and luster of surface. A perfect table for an entrance area.

Black Acrylic Entry Table

The black acrylic entry table is a versatile and practical décor solution. Perfectly fit against walls and behind the sofas. Applicable in a wide range of tastes and purposes. Arrives in black color with varying sizes.

Clear Acrylic Entry Table

A clear acrylic entry table provides a cozy and rustic ambiance. Made with crystal clear and hard-wearing acrylic that perfectly matches any traditional décor. Features a sleek and modern touch.

Crystal Acrylic Entry Table

Crystal acrylic entry table comes in many shapes, dimensions, and finishes. Generally used as a dining table or bedroom vanity. Manufactured using crystallized acrylic with a range of styles that suit any interior theme.

Decorative Acrylic Entry Table

A decorative acrylic entry table is a perfect solution to display flowers, photos, and any display. The structure is durable and lightweight with a modern style. Made of a long-lasting and sturdy acrylic.

Hard Coated Acrylic Entry Table

The hard-coated acrylic entry table is crafted from clear acrylic. Features a minimalist and modern design. Engineered with a hard coated and hard-wearing acrylic. Available in a broad range of sizes, and different colors.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Entry Table

Impact-resistant acrylic entry table is renewable, recyclable, and durable. Made with an impact-resistant and long-lasting acrylic. Carefully designed with a brushed and a smooth finishing surface.

Polished Edge Round Acrylic Entry Table

Polished edge round acrylic entry table is easy to move and store. Made with lightweight material with polished and round edges. Attractive enough to be used in any display area.

Rectangular Acrylic Entry Table

A rectangular acrylic entry table makes an artistic statement for a high-end look. Rectangular in shape and offers plenty of storage space. Create a sophisticated look that fits perfectly with different interior themes.

Small Acrylic Entry Table

The small acrylic entry table is made with a thick, furniture quality, clear and small acrylic. Provides a multi-functional design and modern aesthetic for timeless appeal. Applicable in a variety of interior designs.

Tinted Small Acrylic Entry Table

Tinted small acrylic entry table features legs that are made for both beauty and strength. Has a tinted appearance in a small shape. Offers a distinctive look with unmatched resistance to unwanted elements.

Transparent Color Acrylic Entry Table

A transparent color acrylic entry table includes a storage and decor space. Commonly placed along the entryway or hallway. Ensures high transparency for added aesthetics and an attractive appearance.

U Shape Acrylic Entry Table

U shape acrylic entry table guarantees a light and airy feel to any contemporary area. Arrives with a U-shaped structure making it perfect for use as an office table, computer table, or study table.

White Solid Acrylic Entry Table

The white solid acrylic entry table provides an airy vibe and a contemporary look. Manufactured from solid and high-quality acrylic in white color. Available in different dimensions, styles, and shapes.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Entry Table

WeProFab acrylic entry table commonly placed in hallways, home entrance, and hotel entrance. The acrylic entry table is a narrow type of table in which you can be able to put something important on display such as picture frames, flower vases, and other essentials.

WeProFab is a reliable supplier in china and our acrylic entry table is known as a console or entryway table. It has the capability to help you save your space to make it more beautiful and clean.

Whether you need different types of acrylic entry tables for business requirements, WeProFab can surely fulfill your goals.

WeProFab is a leading Acrylic Entry Table Producer in China. We supply different types of acrylic entry tables in bulk. You can demand what you desired volume of orders.

WeProFab acrylic entry table adds some storage options in living rooms. This is the most attractive decor that enhances the look of every living room as well.

Commonly, the acrylic entry table should be two and a half to three feet high. For your requirements, you can order any size based on the size of the wall application.

As 20 years of experience in manufacturing, we developed our process more successfully. We offered affordable rates according to the features of every product.

If you are a newbie in terms of searching acrylic entry tables, WeProFab skilled workers will guide you. You can get our acrylic entry table overwhelming varieties.

You can surely rich your goals if you always identify the products you get. A customer always prefer WeProfab on dealing with us and establish their great relationship with us.

To make it all possible, from safety process, satisfying services, and receiving negotiable and reliable acrylic entry table products, always count on WeProFab.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly service staff and let us hold the rest of the possible operation and process to take. Send your inquiries and get complete instructions for safety.

What is an Acrylic Entry Table?

It is an entry table that is made of durable acrylic plastic. The acrylic entry table is also known as acrylic entryway table.

The acrylic entry table is commonly found inside the home, especially in the front doorway, hallway, or living room.

What are the Uses of Acrylic Entry Table?

The acrylic entry table has multiple uses.

Its main use is for display or decoration purposes. Adding an acrylic entry table to your home will make it look elegant, stylish, and beautiful.

Also, the acrylic entry table is sometimes used for storing items such as purses, hats, keys, scarves, sunglasses, and other small items.

Other types of acrylic entry tables have also a lower shelf. The lower shelf of it can be used for storing bags, shoes, or any items that need to be close to the doorway.

Moreover, the tabletop of the acrylic entry table can be used for holding a lamp if you need light.

The acrylic entry table is also used as a landing pad for books, picture frames, coffee, foods, plants, decorative vases, and other decorative items.

Additionally, the acrylic entry table can be used when you are doing your homework or drawing. It is also used as a table for holding laptops.

What are the Features of Acrylic Entry Table?

The acrylic entry table has a lot of features such as:

  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Great durability
  • Modern design
  • Space-saving design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% clear acrylic
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Smooth surface
How Tall are the Acrylic Entry Tables?

The height of the acrylic entry table ranges from 28 inches tall to 40 inches tall.

However, they have an average height of around 30 inches tall.

Custom sizes of acrylic entry tables are also available.

What are the Different Types of an Acrylic Entry Table?

There are a lot of types of an acrylic entry table such as:

  1. Transparent Mirrored Acrylic Colorful Entry Table
  2. Clear Acrylic Modern C-Style Vertical Entry Table
  3. Rectangular Acrylic Entry Table
  4. Round Shape Acrylic Entry Table
  5. Square Acrylic Entry Table
  6. Oval Acrylic Entry Table
  7. Acrylic Entry Table with Drawers
Do the Acrylic Entry Table Needs Assembly?

No, the acrylic entry table does not need assembly.

The acrylic entry table is already assembled.

Which is Better: Glass Entry Table or Acrylic Entry Table?

We will compare the two in some factors to know which is better.


In terms of their durability, the acrylic entry table is much more durable than the glass entry table.

In fact, the acrylic entry table has 6 to 17 times the impact resistance of the normal glass. They are almost unbreakable.


When it comes to lightness, the acrylic entry table is much better.

The acrylic entry table weighs lighter than the glass entry table.

Therefore, the acrylic entry table is also easy to move around because of their weight.

Shatter Resistance

The acrylic entry table is also leading when it comes to shatter resistance.

If the glass entry table breaks by accident, it will shatter into many and tiny pieces.

And that broken pieces may cause injury to the skin, especially to the children.

But, it is very rare for the acrylic entry table to break because of its strength.

However, if the acrylic entry table did break, it will break into dull-edged or large pieces.

Therefore, you do not have to worry when the acrylic entry table if it breaks.

The broken acrylic entry table will not injure the human skin.

For that reason, the acrylic entry table is safer to use than the glass entry table.

To answer the question above, we can tell that the acrylic entry table is much better when it comes to shatter resistance, durability, safety, and lightness.

Where Can You Place the Acrylic Entry Table?

There are many places that the acrylic entry table can be placed. You can place the acrylic entry table in:

  • Home (study room, living room, bedroom, entryways, and more)
  • Office
  • Hotel
What is the Right Way of Cleaning an Acrylic Entry Table?

Cleaning the acrylic entry table properly is important to maintain its transparency, durability, and longevity.

Below are the steps on how to clean an acrylic entry table.

  1. Use a soft microfiber cloth.
  2. Then, wet the cloth using a mild soap and warm water. Do not use any cleaning solutions that have ammonia.
  3. After that, wipe the acrylic entry table gently. Do not apply too much pressure when wiping it. Or do not rub it. Also, avoid the use of abrasive cleaners.
  4. When you are done wiping the acrylic entry table, dry it using a dry and soft microfiber cloth.
Which is Better: Wooden Entry Table or Acrylic Entry Table?

To tell which is better between them, we will compare them in some factors.


The acrylic entry table is better because they are lighter than the wooden entry table.

The wooden entry table is usually thick. Because of that, they will also have a heavy weight.

Using a lightweight entry table is a great benefit because it is also easy to move.

That is why using an acrylic entry table is a good choice.

Style Options

The acrylic entry table is also better in terms of style options.

The wooden entry table does not offer a lot of color and style options. They have usually brown color and rustic design.

However, the acrylic entry table comes in a variety of attractive styles and color.

The acrylic entry table is suitable to use for any occasion or party.

It has a lot of style choices that will be suitable for a certain event such as weddings.

To sum up all, we can say that the acrylic entry table is better when it comes to weight and style options.


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