• Home Medical Suction Devices

Home Medical Suction Devices

Weprofab is a professional home medical suction devices manufacturer in China. We manufacture reliable and heavy-duty devices for a range of applications. Get the best product for your specific needs; Weprofab will provide the oral suction devices product that fits your needs.

Get Weprofab Home Medical Suction Devices to Delight Your Customers

 WeProFab can manufacture a high-quality medical suction device for home-use with your brand. Our heavy-duty medical technology will provide comfort to all patients.

Portable Suction Device

Weprofab offers a portable suction device for emergency medical situations; provide effective ventilation to all patient.

Oral Suction Devices

Weprofab oral suction devices come in a range of sizes. It is used to extract fluids from the mouth.

Home Suction Machine

Weprofab home suction machine comes with added DC & battery power capabilities.

Medical Suction Machine

Medical suction machines can be used in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ clinic, and other medical settings.

Portable Dental Suction Machine

This portable dental suction machine is both durable and lightweight. Weprofab designs quality products for dental procedures in a temporary setting.

Quiet Portable Suction Machine

Weprofab quiet portable suction machine is developed for reliable and portable operation; 50% reduction in sound.

WeProFab: Your Leading Home Medical Suction Devices Manufacturer

WeProFab home medical suction device conform with safety measures. It can be operated simply and it’s very safe. If you are looking for the best and powerful machines in the market, Wepro is your trusted source. 

All home medical suction device is tested before ship out, durability and performance were strictly checked. It comes in a variety of sizes and strengths, therefore, you will have vast options to meet your needs. 

As a professional home medical suction device supplier, WeProFab controls the quality of each product, from start to finish. We boast to be one of the reliable home medical suction device manufacturers all over the world. Delight every patient with a powerful Weprofab home medical suction device.

Custom Home Medical Suction Devices to Boost Your Business

Portable Suction Machine Battery-operated

At Weprofab, you could find portable suction machine battery-operated at amazing discounts and offers.

Portable Mucus Suction Pump

If you want a portable mucus suction pump for your project needs, Weprofab is your best choice. We have the best options for you, home and hospital use.

Multi-functional Medical Suction Device

Weprofab multi-functional medical suction device used to remove infectious material from a patient’s airway. There are wide options await for your need.

Heavy-duty Suction Machine with Accessories

Our heavy-duty suction machine with accessories is perfect solution for all your suction needs. Wepro is dedicated to providing you best after-sale service.

Portable Surgical Suction Pump

Weprofab portable surgical suction pump provides easy-to-use, highly mobile suction for patients, can be used for various applications.

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Why WeProFab Home Medical Suction Devices


Weprofab is a professional manufacturer and supplier of home medical suction devices. We have the widest range of products conform with safety requirements.

Weprofab home medical suction devices are very safe and simple to operate. If you are looking for a compact device to assist your patient at home, our medical suction devices are your best choice.

Home Medical Suction Devices-1

At Weprofab, we offer the best and powerful machines to the market. Our machines come in a range of portable and non-portable aspirators, suction tubing, catheters, canisters, and yankauers.

As one of the leading home medical suction device manufacturers, we can help you get the type of product you need. Our selection of home medical suction devices will meet your brand requirements and budget.

Our home medical suction devices come in a variety of sizes and strengths. Get the most durable and high-performance medical suction unit at Weprofab. We specially design units to satisfy most home-care suction requirements.

Home Medical Suction Devices-2

Its high-performance capabilities and compact design effectively fit customers’ styles of today. Delight your customers with a one-the-go medical unit.

Whether they have an elderly patient or infirm, Weprofab medical units will complete their needs.

Weprofab is a professional supplier dedicated to helping customers with cost-, and time-saving solutions. Leveraging technology and streamline our operations, we provide our customers with low prices.

Weprofab manufactured home medical suction devices to offer help to all practitioners maintain the airway of patients under surgery.

Home Medical Suction Devices-3

These products come in a variety of sizes, strengths, and designs.  If you are looking for home medical suction devices with a hand-powered emergency pump, Weprofab manufactures these devices.

We also produce home medical suction devices with built-in charge, integrated vacuum regulator, and replaceable battery. Our product is lightweight, compact, with suction cup legs, and has 115V 60H power.

If you are looking for home medical suction devices with a vacuum gauge, power cord, bacteria filter and hose, connection tubing, and other tools, Weprofab can provide them for you.

Weprofab manufactures home medical suction devices for companies that showcase their brands and products.

Home Medical Suction Devices-4

With the help of our professional engineers, we are able to produce products that comply with the customer’s needs.

Weprofab home medical suction device exceeds international performance standards and developed with world-class performance.

We can also produce these products with a wire basket holder, control panel, power cord, soft carrying case, and bacterial filter.

Weprofab makes sure that our product is reliable and convenient to use. It has easy-grip handles and has permanent lubrication.

Health care experts can use it for surgical procedures, thoracic drainage, gastric drainage dental suction or nose, and throat drainage. These products only give us good reviews from our satisfied customers.

Weprofab only produces products like home medical suction devices that offer benefits for both distributors and buyers.

Quality and performance are 100 percent guaranteed and tested. Satisfaction is our main goal in manufacturing each product.

We strive to develop and create products that help enhance people’s health and conditions. Weprofab is so happy to offer good services and products to your business. Rest assured, all your needs are meet and all your orders can be handled perfectly.

If you some upgrades for your home medical suction devices or other products, just send us your designs and specifications. We can produce tons and tons of orders and we have the full capacity to deliver it in no time.

Contact us today to find the best home medical suction devices for your requirements!

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