• Frosted Acrylic Tube

Frosted Acrylic Tube

WeProFab Provides quality solutions for many years in this industry. We have lots of potential designer staff in manufacturing unique frosted acrylic tubes. To meet your demands, we provide the best solutions by specializes in the client’s designs. Get your ideal frosted acrylic tube now!

Get WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Tube to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab have lots of frosted acrylic tube features to offer.  We show support with our durable and effective products of frosted acrylic tubes. We delighted clients by making your own design.

Colored Frosted Acrylic Tube

In manufacturing, we manufactured many features, colors, sizes, etc. With that, we can fully support your special requirements. We have offered competitive rates as well.

Extruded Frosted Acrylic Tube

An affordable and malleable type of acrylic tubes that provide great fabrication for many applications. Select your needs at WeProFab. Awesome extruded frosted acrylic tube surely available.

Frosted Acrylic Tube Machine

With our functional and effective machines, we can create an awesome frosted acrylic tube in this industry. Providing what you need is our main purpose to create more.

Frosted Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

Finding the best manufacturer must be easy if you are vigilant. Many clients trusted WeProFab as a long term project, partner.

Large Frosted Acrylic Tube

You can purchase plenty of stocks of the large acrylic tubes at WeProFab. We can give different options according to your needs. Select your desired frosted acrylic tube.

Solid Frosted Acrylic Tube

WeProFab solid frosted acrylic tube has the capability to ensure each application safety. Accessible in different materials to select.

WeProFab: Your Leading Frosted Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

As we are one of the outstanding suppliers and manufacturers of plastic and metal production, the best solution we provide comes from plenty of experts from assembling frosted acrylic tubes, providing safety and flexible packaging, to moving quality checked products.

We fabricate plenty of colors, features, different shapes, and many more.

As an ISO 9001 certificated frosted acrylic tube provider worldwide, WeProFab strictly checked the quality of each product.

Customizing client’s demands for their orders is our main purpose in the production. Your layout must be created and followed according to your plan. Our perfect products are suited to your needs.

Custom Frosted Acrylic Tube to Expand Your Brand

Custom Frosted Acrylic Tube

As your long term partner in business, WeProFab can surely create amazing and durable frosted acrylic tubes. We can custom your orders perfectly. Your ideal customization can give you perfect satisfaction.

Square Frosted Acrylic Tube

These can be the right choice as it gives unique looks. WeProFab is the greatest provider in China which can build the best relationship with you.

White Frosted Acrylic Tube

As for you to know, white frosted acrylic tubes are the most common and eye-catching type of frosted acrylic tubes. We can customize your ideal plan based on the project’s demand of yours.

2mm Frosted Acrylic Tube

This 2mm frosted acrylic tube is an excellent material for POP displays and LED light lenses. It is coated with 2mm frosted acrylic which has superior clarity.  This type of acrylic tube offers unique coloring and blending properties.

5mm Cast Frosted Acrylic Tube

This 5mm cast frosted acrylic tube ensures long-lasting performance. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as insulators, fittings, handles, and pipes. It has a thickness of 5mm and has excellent circularity.

10mm Frosted Acrylic Tube

10mm frosted acrylic tube is commonly used for packages, lighting accessories, furniture, and decorations. It comes in a variety of shades and styles and has a 10mm thickness. It also has good tensile strength.

80mm Frosted Acrylic Tube

80mm frosted acrylic tube has an elegant and attractive surface. It has a thickness of 80mm and has the ability to diffuse the spread of light. It is also light in weight and applicable in outdoor uses due to its strength.

Chemical Resistant Frosted Acrylic Tube

The chemical-resistant frosted acrylic tube is applicable for aquarium tanks, arts and crafts, DIY projects, and other decorative purposes. This frosted acrylic tube is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Clear Frosted Acrylic Tube

The clear frosted acrylic tube has a thick wall and it is lightweight. They are capable to withstand excessive UV rays and extreme weather. It is commonly applicable in outdoor areas due to its strength.

Custom Color Frosted Acrylic Tube

The custom color frosted acrylic tube is mainly used for decorative purposes due to its various shades. It is coated with frosted acrylic and is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. It is also rigid and UV stabilized.

Custom Size Frosted Acrylic Tube

This custom-size frosted acrylic tube is available in a wide variety of styles, lengths, sizes, and thicknesses. It is stylish and easy to fabricate. It has superior performance and durability. It is the best choice for interior and exterior lighting applications.

Diffuser Frosted Acrylic Tube

Diffuser frosted acrylic tube has an excellent light transmission and has a smooth diffusion finishing. It has exceptional weather and chemical resistance. They are suited for signs, displays, and appliances.

Fireproof Frosted Acrylic Tube

The fireproof frosted acrylic tube is extruded in advanced mechanical technology which makes it free from fire hazards. It is also maintenance-friendly and easy to fabricate. This acrylic tube has long-term durability and performance.

Flexible Frosted Acrylic Tube

A flexible frosted acrylic tube is available in a wide range of thickness and outside diameters. It works well in many innovative and structural applications. It is a flexible acrylic tube that suits well in many fabrication projects.

Frosted Acrylic Medium Size Tube

Frosted acrylic medium size tube is made of malleable frosted acrylic. It offers great fabrication in various applications. It is available in a medium-size and it ensures the safety of each use.

Frosted Acrylic Small Diameter Tube

Frosted acrylic small diameter tube is the best solution for lighting applications. It has a frosted finishing surface and has a small outside diameter. Its length and sizes can be customized upon request.

High Temperature Resistant Frosted Acrylic Tube

High temperature resistant frosted acrylic tube is durable and cannot be easy to deform. It has good air tightness and the surface can be easily painted. It can be used outdoors due to its resistance to high temperatures.

Impact Resistant Frosted Acrylic Tube

The impact-resistant frosted acrylic tube delivers brilliant quality as it can avoid scratches and damages. It is best suited for store fixtures and brand merchandising. It is a cost-effective kind of acrylic tube.

Large Clear Frosted Acrylic Tube

This large clear frosted acrylic tube is visually impressive because it is transparent. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This kind of acrylic tube is made of strong and rigid material.

Large Diameter Frosted Acrylic Tube

Large diameter frosted acrylic tube works well in aquarium design, garden design, prop making, and interior designs. It has a large diameter and has various surface thicknesses. It is also recyclable and rigid.

Large Frosted Acrylic Tube

The large frosted acrylic tube is made of high-quality and durable acrylic. They are ideal for cosmetic packaging and many other commercial packagings. This frosted acrylic tube is admirably sustainable against wearing and tearing.

Matte Frosted Acrylic Tube

The matte frosted acrylic tube is slightly textured and sandblasted. This tube is coated with frosted acrylic that contributes to extra impact strength. It can be fully recycled and it is suited for interior designs.

Milky Frosted Acrylic Tube

This milky frosted acrylic tube has long-term sturdiness and has an ideal performance ability. It works well in plumbing and in numerous industrial applications. It is known for being an advanced and innovative kind of material.

Shatterproof Frosted Acrylic Tube

This shatterproof frosted acrylic tube is made of top-quality frosted acrylic and does not shatter like glass. It is highly weather resistant which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. This tube guarantees against discoloration.

Square Clear Frosted Acrylic Tube

This square clear frosted acrylic tube is an excellent choice for applications that necessitates an optimum level of optical clarity. It is transparent and guarantees dimensional stability. It is also resistant to weathering.

Waterproof Frosted Acrylic Tube

The waterproof frosted acrylic tube features flawless optics and a perfectly smooth surface. It is commonly used in exhibition buildings and for technical applications. It has a frosted surface finish that is highly resistant to moisture.

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Why WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Tube

WeProFab manufactures different textures, shapes, colors, and even profiles for frosted acrylic tubes. It has plenty of features such as resistance, non-glare, and abrasion.

WeProFab is a leading stocking distributor worldwide. Any requirements for business, from plastic to metal fabrication, we are capable to customize your orders.

From food, oil, pipelines, fabrication works, displays, and much more processing, we have enough stocks of frosted acrylic tubes to supply. We supply a large quantity of any types of frosted acrylic tubes. You’re free to select your desired frosted acrylic tubes at our market.

WeProFab frosted acrylic tubes are good for heat, moisture, and cold. It is designed to fight any surface. It is safe even for food processing because it is created of a non-toxic nature.

For any applications for tubing, acrylics are more durable and functional. Its durability can fight against broad temperatures compared to other materials.

Commonly, it is seen at the museum displays, laboratory equipment, lighting, toys, and many other applications. It is easier to fabricate with an efficient and effective method in production.

We have a complete modern machine in our facilities. Through the help of our expert engineers and skilled service staff, we have built an outstanding relationship with our clients.

WeProFab wants to share many years of experience in this manufacturing industry. We can guarantee many advantages for our production.

WeProFab specializes in plastic or metal fabrication. You don’t have to worry to look for another provider as your long term partner in running a business.

Frosted acrylic tubes have the capability to support such processing. We did a great job with our high-skilled staff from customer service, assembling process, packaging, to moving products.

With our qualified high-quality products of frosted acrylic tubes, we are certified with ISO 9001. Our manufacturing capabilities made us popular in providing negotiable products around the world.

We have offered a product which offers competitive prices. You can save your money by purchasing acceptable prices of frosted acrylic tubes with a negotiable standard.

For an urgent purchasing process, WeProFab can be your reliable supplier. We can focus only on your orders to make it safer.

Dealing with us is easy and very beneficial. We provide many advantages for tubing applications for everyone. We can support your quicker success in running a project for tubing.

More information from us is complete and well detailed. Contact us now and get our awesome frosted acrylic tubes today.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Frosted Acrylic Tube

Manufactured in different textures, colors, profiles, and shapes, the frosted acrylic tube is one of those acrylic polymer components that businesses use to boost custom processing capabilities.

From museum displays and laboratory equipment to food and oil pipelines, frosted acrylic tubes facilitate efficient and effective project solutions.

Read on to find out all the answers you need to your questions about the frosted acrylic tube.

How Is The Frosted Acrylic Tube Manufactured?

 Frosted Acrylic Tube Manufacture

Frosted Acrylic Tube Manufacture

Plastic extrusion is one of the most common methods used to manufacture frosted acrylic tubes.

Professional acrylic tube manufacturers have effective and functional frosted acrylic tube machines in place to fulfill your custom orders.

Key Manufacturing Processes:

· Selecting Frosted Acrylic Raw Material

Select high-quality frosted acrylic raw material in the form of small pieces or pellets.

Depending on your application, choose white or colored material.

You can manufacture custom-colored frosted acrylic tubes by adding colorants.

Recycled acrylic pellets cost less than virgin acrylic material.

Virgin acrylic raw material is chosen to manufacture high-performance frosted acrylic tubes with superior impact and abrasion resistance, UV, and non-glare properties.

· Frosted Acrylic Tube Extrusion Screw System

You pour frosted acrylic raw material through a hopper and it moves to a barrel containing heaters and the screw system.

The quality of the frosted acrylic tube is determined by several factors including the number of single or double screws, temperature set by the heating system, and the rotating speed of the screws.

With the right temperature, the fluid acrylic material passes though the screws and reaches the melting point needed at the compressed die section.

·  Frosted Acrylic Tube Extrusion

The screw system is now ready to push the fluid acrylic material into the die section.

You can set the die to extrude frosted acrylic tubes of predetermined diameter.

Constant airflow within the extruded tube prevents it from collapsing.

· Uniform Cooling And Cut-To-Size Frosted Acrylic Tubes

The extruded tubing is cooled uniformly.

You can then cut the extruded tubing into finished frosted acrylic tubes of specified length and size.

How Do You Cut The Frosted Acrylic Tube?

 Cut-To-Size Frosted Acrylic Tube

Cut-To-Size Frosted Acrylic Tube

Laser cutting is the most common process used to cut frosted acrylic tubes in industrial settings.

You can use a table saw, power saw, or hacksaw with a fine blade to cut the acrylic tube to custom size.

File down the edges of cut portions to remove burrs and unevenness.

This video shows you how to you can laser cut an acrylic tube with a rotary axis.

What Is The Difference Between An Extruded Frosted Acrylic Tube and Cast Frosted Acrylic Tube?

The cast frosted acrylic tube is much stronger than the extruded frosted acrylic tube, so it extensively used in applications that demand higher impact resistance.

Also, cast acrylic tubes are more resistant to chemicals.

They are preferred in chemical laboratories.

Machining cast frosted acrylic tubes is much easier.

Extruded acrylic tubes are usually cut to size and used as components in flow systems and LED lighting applications.

How Do You Machine The Frosted Acrylic Tube?

You can machine the frosted acrylic tube in different ways.

· Bending

You can cold bend or strip heat a frosted acrylic tube to achieve curved shapes.

You can watch this video to see how you can bend an acrylic pipe to the shape you want.


· Bonding Or Welding

Use heat or recommended adhesive to bond frosted acrylic tubes to similar or other surfaces.

· Drilling

You can drill holes on a frosted acrylic tube using standard machine drill bits.

The tube will not crack, chip, melt, or break through the process.

Use the recommended coolant to cool down the frosted acrylic tube after you have finished drilling.

· Printing

Professional acrylic tube printers can do screen printing on cylindrical frosted acrylic tubes of different dimensions, volume, colors, and tolerances.

You will find that they use small and large plastic screen-printing machines to meet specified quality requirements at low prices.

What Are The Benefits Of The Frosted Acrylic Tube?

You can set negotiable standards for your frosted acrylic tubes based on your budget.

Non-toxic in nature, frosted acrylic tubes are safely used as food pipelines.

High impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, anti-glare, and UV-resistance are desirable properties that make frosted acrylic tubes the preferred choice for custom fabricated tubing.

You can get frosted tubes in bronze, black, red, green, yellow, and other custom colors.

You can also select round, square, solid, or hollow frosted acrylic tubes as per your process requirements.

Frosted acrylic tubes retain inherent properties after undergoing sizing, drilling, and cutting procedures.

With its excellent resistance to high temperature, the frosted acrylic tube is durable and can withstand fluctuating and extreme working conditions.

Does The Frosted Acrylic Tube Have Limitations?

The frosted acrylic tube may develop scratches unless it is coated with a scratch-resistant layer.

It has nearly 17 times higher impact resistance than glass.

If you need something that is almost unbreakable, polycarbonate is preferred where physical stress is high.

Frosted acrylic tubes cannot be used in processes that handle solvents, as these tubes may react with them.

What Are The Different Types Of Frosted Acrylic Tubes?

·  Colored Frosted Acrylic Tub

Colored Frosted Acrylic Tube

Colored Frosted Acrylic Tube

You can get a cast or extruded colored frosted acrylic tube for custom applications.

Choose from a comprehensive range of tinted, fluorescent, and solid frosted colors.

You can apply special surface coats to ready them for custom applications.

Your professional acrylic tube manufacturer may offer you colored frosted acrylic tubes with many features that fully support your system requirements.

· Extruded Frosted Acrylic Tube

Extruded Frosted Acrylic Tube

 Extruded Frosted Acrylic Tube

The extruded frosted acrylic tube is very affordable and is easily available on demand.

Highly malleable, you can fabricate this acrylic that can be fabricated to serve your specific application.

It can be extruded to custom length and specific sizes.

Durable and self-lubricating, the extruded frosted acrylic tube works perfectly well in processes where temperatures fluctuate around 160 ̊ Centigrade.

For smooth fluid flow, opt for an anti-adhesive coat over the tube that creates a low friction coefficient in the tube and increases its non-sticky property.

These frosted acrylic tubes are insulated with filler material like carbon and glass fiber to enhance insulation and anti-aging properties.

· Large Frosted Acrylic Tube

 Large Frosted Acrylic Tube

Large Frosted Acrylic Tube

Stocked in large quantities, you can get a highly-polished large frosted acrylic tube that meets your exact dimensional requirements.

This tube is diamond polished and ready to use.

It does not have to undergo additional grinding procedures.

You will find that strict quality standards are adopted to ensure minimum wastage levels.

The large frosted acrylic tube is inspected for your design, size, and color requirements before it is packed.

· Solid Frosted Acrylic Tube

Solid Frosted Acrylic Tube

Solid Frosted Acrylic Tube

Available in plain and colored frosted colors, the solid frosted acrylic tube has applications in the decoration, display, advertising, and organizer sectors.

You will find it has low molecular weight and low stiffness.

Solid frosted acrylic tubes are safe to use in applications where you need lighter solid tubes that are softer than glass.

· Custom Frosted Acrylic Tube

Custom Frosted Acrylic Tube

Custom Frosted Acrylic Tube

From custom frosted acrylic tubes for LED light to colored tubes used as fashion accessories, you can get top-quality acrylic materials from reliable suppliers at cheap prices.

You can get custom cuts to meet the exact requirements.

Laser-cut edges ensure you get custom frosted acrylic tubes with highly-polished edges.

You can also get cut-to-size lengths.

Choose a tube with a standard wall thickness of 1/16 inch for ¼ inch diameter tubes or 1/8 inch for larger-diameter tubes.

· Square Frosted Acrylic Tube

Square Frosted Acrylic Tube

Square Frosted Acrylic Tube

Ideally used in applications that need unique visual appeal, the square frosted acrylic tube is UV stabilized.

It demonstrates excellent resistance to physical stress.

You will find that the square frosted acrylic tube has good thermal stability and will not warp in hot temperatures up to 180 ̊ Centigrade.

Extruded to custom lengths, these tubes have smooth inner and outer surfaces.

. White Frosted Acrylic Tube

White Frosted Acrylic Tube

 White Frosted Acrylic Tube

Counted among the most eye-catching types of frosted acrylic tubes, the white frosted acrylic tube is available in diameters ranging from 20 mm to 250 mm.

You can ask for custom diameter frosted tubes in lengths even up to 2000 mm.

The standard white frosted acrylic tube diffuses light with low inner reflection.

Durable yet attractive, these tubes have the best light transmission rates among frosted acrylic tubes.

· Frosted Acrylic Tube For Fashion Accessories

 Frosted Acrylic Tube For Fashion Accessories

Frosted Acrylic Tube For Fashion Accessories

Ranging from 1.5 mm to 300 mm in diameter, the frosted acrylic tube for fashion accessories meets all your requirements for length, thickness, colors, coatings and other custom features.

It has high corrosion-resistant properties, hardness, UV resistance, and surface smoothness.

This frosted acrylic tube is used as craft, architectural element, lighting and display items.

You can get these frosted acrylic tubes for fashion accessories in red, brown, yellow, gold, and other colors.

Unlimited length requirements are fulfilled to meet your design specifications.

OEM/ODM orders are fulfilled in quick time.

· LED Lighting Frosted Acrylic Tube

LED Lighting Frosted Acrylic Tube

 LED Lighting Frosted Acrylic Tube

Made specifically for lighting applications, the LED lighting frosted acrylic tube is available in thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm.

Light transmission capabilities are tested for tubes up to 3000 mm in length.

Customize your frosted acrylic tube in any color and include customized logos.

You will find that this tube is widely used in tank and seaweed culture applications and remains inert in fish-breeding waters.

They are eco-friendly, elegant, and durable.

· Custom Thickness LED Frosted Acrylic Tube

Custom Thickness LED Frosted Acrylic Tube

Custom Thickness LED Frosted Acrylic Tube

The custom thickness LED frosted acrylic tube is an extruded LED light diffusing tube that you can get in custom thickness, ranging from 1 mm to 80 mm.

Made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) material, this tube is offered with external diameter ranging from 5 mm to 1500 mm and can be further customized to meet your product specifications.

The custom thickness LED frosted acrylic tube is available in 2-meter lengths but can be customized to any length as per your request.

You get this in red, blue, yellow, and other colors.

Square, triangular, and oval shape variations are also available.

How Do You Remove Scratches From A Frosted Acrylic Tube?

Wash and clean the affected areas thoroughly with water.

Run wet 600-grit sandpaper over the affected portions moving in a circular direction.

Remove moisture with a piece of cloth and run dry 600-grit sandpaper over the same area.

Continue these wet and dry sandpapering processes for around 3 minutes or until all the scratches are removed.

The frosted acrylic tube can be further polished to attain a shiny look without scratches.

Frosted acrylic tubes may scratch easily but it is also very easy to remove the scratches through the process described above.

What Is The Average Thickness Of A Frosted Acrylic Tube?

The average thickness of a frosted acrylic tube ranges from 1.5 mm to 50 mm.

You can ask for frosted acrylic tubes with custom thickness based on your design and color requirements.

How Much Does A Frosted Acrylic Tube Cost?

Frosted acrylic tubes vary in cost depending on the length, color, diameter, and other features you specify.

Does A Frosted Acrylic Tube Turn Yellow on Exposure To Sunlight?

Reinforced with a UV-protective coat, the frosted acrylic tube will not turn yellow even when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Does The Frosted Acrylic Tube Break Easily?

The frosted acrylic tube has nearly 17 times the impact resistance of glass.

It will not break easily and hence can be used for more durable applications.

How Does The Frosted Acrylic Tube Score Over The Frosted Glass Tu

The frosted acrylic tube is much lighter than a frosted glass tube making it ideal for use in processes that demand light-weight components.

You can fabricate, bend, and cut the frosted acrylic tube to any size, whereas the frosted glass tube may crack or break under physical duress.

You can easily polish and remove scratches from a frosted acrylic tube with the help of a blow torch.

The frosted glass tube has a much higher melting point and will melt out of shape if you use a blow torch to polish or remove scratches.

This video shows you how to polish your frosted acrylic tube using a blow torch.


Is The Frosted Acrylic Tube Affected By Exposure To Water Over Longer Periods?

No, prolonged exposure to water does not have any effect on the performance of a frosted acrylic tube.

Allow limited exposure to cleansers, detergents, and dilute alkalis.

Avoid using this tube with strong solvents.

Is The Frosted Acrylic Tube Environmental Friendly?

The frosted acrylic tube can be recycled, so most types are environment friendly.

You can choose an environmental-friendly grade of the frosted acrylic tube.

While some acrylic materials cannot be recycled, you can easily get frosted acrylic tubes that are inert to the environment.

They are non-toxic and have high resistance to chemical reactions.

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