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Acrylic Raffle Box

Weprofab is a top-tier manufacturer and provider of special acrylic raffle boxes. We are experienced enough to lend you the best of best collection of acrylic raffle boxes for your personal uses. Weprofab is your leading choice for providing you the most sturdy acrylic raffle box. Choose Weprofab!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Raffle Box to Delight Your Customers

For almost 20 years of participation in this world of business, Weprofab was delegated as the most successful and popular provider and producer of acrylic raffle boxes. Consequently, our company bears a good name in this field that makes it to be on top in terms of acrylic raffle box production. Acrylic raffle box from Weprofab is your perfect selection. Rely on us! 

Acrylic DieCast Raffle Box

Weprofab is responsible for producing an outstanding acrylic diecast raffle box that is very useful for a number of purposes. It was formed through die styled to show versatility among the others.

Acrylic Suitcase Raffle Box

Made with suitcase formation to look more fashionable and attractive. Weprofab can give you various types of acrylic suitcase raffle box with lots of design and style.

Acrylic Rotating Raffle Box

A rotational raffle box that is commonly seen and used for everyone. A perfectly shaped box that is easy to transfer and a lightweight product that perfectly fits your tables and desks.

Colored Acrylic Raffle Box

A colored acrylic raffle box coming from Weprofab. Made with uniqueness, and sets full of colors where you can freely choose anything you want.

Lockable Acrylic Raffle Box

Considered as one of the safest acrylic raffle boxes because of its special feature in having a complete lock set along on it. Easier to install and can be transferred anywhere you want.


Acrylic Hexagonal-shaped Raffle Box

One of the most on-demand acrylic raffle boxes coming from Weprofab. Produce with a perfect hexagonal figure to look more alluring.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Raffle Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is a respected manufacturer and supplier of a durable acrylic raffle box specifically in China. Only associations that are set to have a huge selection of acrylic raffle boxes depend on your uses. Weprofab can give you numerous styles and designs of acrylic raffle boxes according to what you are searching for.

We are pledged to produce you an acrylic raffle box and other relevant raffle box products along with sustainability and stability. We have this satisfaction in negotiating our own produce acrylic raffle box worldwide. If you’re looking for a preeminent acrylic raffle box manufacturer, Werprofab is here ready to serve you!

Custom Acrylic Raffle Box to Boost Your Brand

Plexiglass Acrylic Raffle Box

Weprofab plexiglass acrylic raffle box was made from durable and solid crystal plexiglass materials where it can used for a long period of time. Accommodating and hassle-free to use.

Wall-mounted Acrylic Raffle Box

Weprofab dedicatedly gives you numerous types of wall-mounted acrylic raffle box with its lowest price. This acrylic box consists of huge spaces that can accommodate lots of collections.


Acrylic Cube Raffle Box

A clear finished box which is widely used in displaying tickets for big and small events. Weprofab has lots of available acrylic cube raffle boxes and can be shipped immediately whenever you need it.

Acrylic Raffle Box with Lid

Produced from ultra thick and solid acrylic materials for its stability and sustainability. Specialized for having a magnet lid to look more safe and comfortable.

Rectangular Acrylic Raffle Box

Weprofab is engaged in producing a rectangular acrylic raffle box with specific special features. Perfect use for donations, contributions, charity, and etc.

Floor Stand Acrylic Raffle Box

The floor-standing acrylic raffle boxes accommodate laser engraved, silkscreen, printing, or sticker logos. They are in rectangular shapes with customizable sizes and colors. These boxes are lightweight, convenient, and secured with screwed covers.

Acrylic Raffle Ticket Box

The acrylic raffle ticket boxes are dirtproof and water-resistant, securing the tickets. Their sizes, colors, logos, shapes, and thicknesses are open for customization. Also, they are durable and easy to handle boxes whenever changing locations are needed.

Pedestal Acrylic Raffle Box

Pedestal acrylic raffle boxes are high-quality storage boxes for promotional sales. They have customizable dimensions, depending on customers’ needs. These pedestal design boxes have a sliding door or hinged covers to hold the contents while spinning raffles.

Heart-Shaped Acrylic Raffle Box

The heart-shaped acrylic raffle boxes have suitable dimensions according to customers’ requirements. They are secured with locks with acrylic hinged covers. These raffle boxes ensure the contents from water, dust, and dirt. Also, their colors are customizable.

Luxury Acrylic Raffle Cube Box

The luxury-style acrylic raffle cube boxes are secured with cam locks with square covers. They are available in various solid colors with customizable thicknesses and sizes. These boxes are eco-friendly, easy to clean, scratch-resistance, and convenient. 

Church Charity Acrylic Raffle Box with Lock

Church charity acrylic raffle boxes come in various dimensions and styles. Their contents are protected with padlocks. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and transport. These box designs are also suitable for church collections, donations, and charities.

Acrylic Raffle Box with Sign Holder and Lock

The acrylic raffle boxes with a sign holder and locks have printed or engraved custom logos. They have high light transparency like glass. These boxes feature chemical resistance, stable colors, durability, and maximum weatherability. 

Multifunctional Acrylic Raffle Drum Box

According to requests, the multifunctional acrylic raffle drum boxes have customizable sizes and shapes. They have a rotating body drum box, making them easy to raffle the contents. These boxes are easy to assemble and transport due to their lightweight features.

Acrylic Lucky Draw Raffle Box

The acrylic lucky draw raffle box comes in various colors, dimensions, and thicknesses options. They have a large round hole on the top for accessible contents inside. These environmentally friendly boxes can be cubes, cuboids, or customized as per requests. 

Fundraising Acrylic Raffle Receipts Box

The acrylic raffle receipts boxes for fundraising are available in transparent colored appearance. They are usually used for exhibition halls and memorial halls. These acrylic raffle boxes feature durability, water-resistance, non-toxic, and glossy surfaces. 

Custom Prints Acrylic Activity Raffle Box

Customized prints for acrylic activity raffle boxes are available. They are perfect for parties, foundations, lotteries, and charities. Also, these acrylic raffle boxes have screws to secure every edge. They are also available in different shapes, including rectangular and heart.

Desktop Acrylic Raffle Box

The desktop acrylic raffle boxes have unique design tops with numerous color selections. They have a sliding bottom secured with locks. These acrylic raffle boxes have customizable sizes and thicknesses, ideal for desktop placements. 

Department Stored Acrylic Raffle Box

The acrylic raffle boxes for departments stores are eco-friendly. They are easy to mount, clean, and transport. These boxes have polished edges, making them safe for customers and users. Also, their dimensions are customizable to save department store space.

Square Acrylic Raffle Box with Pockets

The square acrylic raffle box with pockets has hinged ends. They can also be used as comment cards, ballots, suggestions, and raffled ticket holders. These boxes are durable, easy to clean, and offer a glassy appearance. Their acrylic composition makes them resist corrosions.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Raffle Box

Weprofab is devoted to lending you the best formulation of acrylic raffle boxes. We are chosen to be the best manufacturer and supplier of this acrylic raffle box throughout China. Our team is fully equipped to generate and meet your standards and concerns.


Weprofab’s acrylic raffle box is one of the most called products due to its perfect formation and creation. Widely used for charity, ballots, collections, suggestions, donations, etc., and a hand-held object. 

This acrylic raffle came from solid, sturdy, and best-chosen quality materials that make it more versatile and can withstand for longer years. It was done through deep examination and deep process in order for it cannot easily be broken and free from possible cracks or gaps.


One of the specialties of our company’s acrylic raffle box is that it bears strong protection against stealing. Can stand even in the worst weather and keeps all the items clean and dry inside. Most common and popular box where you can see everywhere.

At Weprofab, you can rely on your trust in us. Moreover, you can witness lots of acrylic raffle shields just like the Acrylic DieCast Raffle Box, Acrylic Suitcase Raffle Box, Acrylic Rotating Raffle Box, Colored Acrylic Raffle Box, Lockable Acrylic Raffle Box, Acrylic Hexagonal-shaped Raffle Box, and many more.


If you are seeking an acrylic raffle box with an epitome appearance, Weprofab is ready 24/7 to serve you the best we can do. Being a trusted and reliable acrylic raffle box manufacturer, Weprofab can ensure to provide all this product accurately and properly. 

Weprofab is doing its best to meet your expectations and demands for your satisfaction with the acrylic raffle box. Weprofab is available anytime.

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