Acrylic Signs

WeProFab is one of the professional acrylic sign board manufacturers. As an acrylic signage maker, we can produce acrylic signage, acrylic sign holder, acrylic sign letters, custom acrylic signs, acrylic door signs, frosted acrylic sign and more. We are also an acrylic parts manufacturer.

Use WeProFab Acrylic Signs to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic signs are made from gorgeous acrylic sheet. As a professional acrylic signboard manufacturer, we are glad to manufacture an outstanding acrylic sign and acrylic signage to delight your customers.

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is an acrylic manufacturer which allows us to control the quality of raw material. At the same time, we can offer you a competitive price for your acrylic signs.

Laser Cut Acrylic Signs

Laser-cut is a popular fabrication method for acrylic signs. It can cut the acrylic signs with smooth edges efficiently. It’s no necessary to do debug.

Acrylic Sign Printing

WeProFab can offer acrylic sign printing service in multiple colors. So you can offer custom printed acrylic signs to your customers with a nice look.

Acrylic Sign Board Manufacturers

As one of the professional acrylic sign board manufacturers, WeProFab has full manufacturing capabilities such as CNC, silkscreen, drilling, bonding, and more.

Custom Acrylic Signs

WeProFab is able to custom different kind of acrylic signs for you. Such as acrylic sign holder, acrylic sign board, acrylic sign letters, blank acrylic signs, acrylic sign stand and more.

Acrylic Sign Board Assembly

WeProFab can do final assembly for your acrylic sign board. We could offer you great quality acrylic signs with neat packing according to your drawing.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sign Board Manufacturers

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab can make a different kind of acrylic sign and signage for you. Those acrylic signs include acrylic sign letters, acrylic house signs, custom acrylic signs, acrylic door signs, acrylic office signs, frosted acrylic sign, acrylic sign stand, acrylic signboard, lighted acrylic sign and more.

The raw material of your acrylic signs could be extruded acrylic sheet or cast acrylic sheet. We will choose suitable manufacturing processes to make your acrylic signs. Those processes include laser cut acrylic signs, acrylic sign printing, acrylic sign silkscreen, acrylic sign bonding, acrylic sign board assembly and more.

As an ISO 9001 certificated acrylic signage maker, WeProFab controls the quality of acrylic sign and signage strictly. We can follow up different standards such as RoHS, REACH, and UL according to your demand.

As one of the professional acrylic sign board manufacturers, WeProFab could offer the best acrylic signs base on your own drawings. Our full capacity for plastic fabrication can give you a one-stop solution. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now; we will give you back with a perfect product.

Custom Acrylic Signs to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Sign Holder

WeProFab acrylic sign holder could offer you not only a transparent and gorgeous feeling but also more durable than other acrylic signs holders.

Frosted Acrylic Sign

WeProFab frosted acrylic sign could avoid glare or reflection under sunshine or direct lighting. It can offer your customers a good experience.

Custom Acrylic Signs

As an acrylic parts manufacturer, WeProFab can custom your own acrylic signs according to your drawing, include custom acrylic led signs, custom engraved acrylic signs and custom plexiglass sign.

Acrylic Wall Signs

The acrylic wall signs can be customized and personalized with any text content. It comes in various sizes, colors, and styles. 

Acrylic Table Sign Holder

The acrylic table sign holder is applicable for offices, hospitals, restaurants, and other applications. They are available in any diameter and measurement.

Acrylic Logo Brand Sign

An acrylic logo brand sign is perfect in the different business fields. It enhances the business’s popularity and visibility.

L-Shape Acrylic Sign Holder

The L-shape acrylic sign holder is a constructor from imported and superior acrylic materials. It has a simple yet elegant design.

Acrylic Number Sign

The acrylic number sign is widely used in commercial and residential applications. It can be personalized with any number and is easy to use and clean.

Acrylic Sign with Stand

The acrylic sign with the stand has a flawless and smooth appearance. Offer excellent styles and looks which are great for merchandise.

Acrylic Letter Sign

The acrylic letter sign is budget-friendly yet has an outstanding design. It comes in different thicknesses, colors, letters, and designs.

Gold Acrylic Sign

The gold acrylic sign has presentable and professional looks. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor signage applications. Offer at affordable and good rates.

Acrylic Sign for Business

The acrylic sign for business is well-manufactured using the finest and most reliable acrylic materials. It is available in various colors like clear, black, green, gold, and more.

Acrylic Sheet for Sign

An acrylic sheet for a sign is easy to cut, fabricate, and customize. It can be formed according to the client’s drawing and specifications.

Acrylic Outdoor Sign

The acrylic outdoor sign is good for the outdoor area of restaurants, hotels, stores, and other business areas. It can be reflective and non-reflective depending on the customer’s need.

Frosted Acrylic Sign

A frosted acrylic sign has aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for a superstore, exhibition show, and other indoor or outdoor applications.

Acrylic Decorative Sign

An acrylic decorative sign gives the best and most effective signage solution. They can be fabricated and formed n different looks based on the customer’s layout.

Acrylic Sign for Business

The acrylic sign is the best element to expose the business. Moreover, the acrylic sign for business can be personalized with the company name or business details.

Creative Acrylic Sign

The creative acrylic sign is a beautiful way to display the signage and logos. It is cost-effective and budget-friendly yet long-lasting.

Acrylic Illuminated Sign

Acrylic illuminated signs are not easy to break, damage, and deform. It gives high brightness and power saving.

Mounted Acrylic Sign

The mounted acrylic signs are easy to mount and attach to walls. It only requires a simple installation, making it the best choice for any signage application.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Signs

WeProFab acrylic signs are great to use to display useful information and drawings about your business. This signage is mostly applied for offices, stores, trade show exhibit, and even as home decor. It serves as directional and informational signage, identification sign, a sale sign, trade show sign, point-of-purchase sign, and more. The acrylic sign can be incredibly used in any position where you need to show your message.

The signage is made of an extremely versatile acrylic plastic. The acrylic sign has a high gloss finish. Therefore, if used in your signs, it will show a high-end and professional appearance for your label. Also, acrylic signs are lightweight and thin making it easy to mount on the position you desire. High-quality acrylic signs are easy to clean and maintain, thus they are built to last.

Acrylic signs can be store for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need to put up signage for your personal property signs, corporate lobby, in-office directions, acrylic signs is the perfect choice for your signage needs. In WeProFab, we offered acrylic signs in different sizes and thickness which fit perfectly for your specific application. There is also a variety of colors, shapes, style available for you to choose from.

WeProFab acrylic sign is completely customizable to your project requirements. We can develop and design signage exactly to the configuration you desire. Whether you need to customize acrylic signs for office nameplates, entrances, and premises, WeProFab has the quality to fabricate required signage.  You can avail acrylic signs at a very affordable cost. Design signage that fits well in your space layout and dimension. With WeProFab you can gain high-quality acrylic signage for your next signage challenge.

Our acrylic sign is is very useful to display your business name, logo and info. For that reason, your potential customers easily view and identify your property. A highly durable acrylic sign surely sets your means the feeling of quality and success. With WeProFab quality acrylic sign, you are near to fulfillment and succession.

WeProFab as a professional plastic fabrication manufacturer in China, you can rely on us regarding your acrylic sign challenges. Our in-house production will let you save effort and lower cost. Plastic laser cutting, plastic machining, plastic thermoforming, plastic extrusion, and acrylic polishing are the following capabilities which we could do. Plus, we can do anti-fog, super abrasion resistant, anti-glare, and other special surface treatment on the acrylic sign and all other plastic products.

With great industry experience and knowledge, WeProFab is able to produce excellent products to support your business, project and special events’ needs. WeProFab acrylic sign is fabricated by our professional team and skilled workers. We guarantee that all products are manufactured and designed to the highest standards at an inexpensive rate. WeProFab as an ISO 9001 certified company, have strong quality control. Certainly, WeProFab is your one-stop-shop for your acrylic sign challenge.

For your next acrylic sign business or project needs, save WeProFab as your solution. Contact us so we could discuss further info and offer the best service we could.

Acrylic Signs: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you could be asking yourself many questions about acrylic signs:

Why you need them, how to choose best quality, where to get one, etc.

The best part – today’s guides has all answers to these questions.

It will make you and expert, by helping understand every aspect of acrylic signage.

Let’s dive right in:

What are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic sign is a transparent, colorless, and durable surface that is of cast polymer.

It offers a better alternative for delicate and easily breakable glass.

They are ideal for advertisement, office and lobby display.

You can also use them to indicate the direction to a given office or premise.

Acrylic sign

Acrylic sign

Is Acrylic Signage better than Glass Signs?


Acrylic signage offers a wide range of advantages than a glass sign.

First, it is relatively cheaper to fabricate which reduces its overall cost

Acrylic signage is versatile in the sense that you can use in a wide range of applications.

They are durable when you compare to glass signs as they don’t easily break.

What are Custom Acrylic Signs made of?

Custom acrylic signs costs of various materials depending on the specifications of the client.

Such materials include:  acrylic frame, LED lighting, customized shape, and size as well as customized size.

Custom Acrylic signs tend to fit into an individual’s application hence the varying level of materials.

Acrylic signage

Acrylic signage – Photo courtesy: Etsy

How do you make Acrylic Signs?

The process of making acrylic signs involves the following:

· Machining Acrylic

Machining involves cutting the acrylic sheet into the shape of your acrylic sign.

When doing this, you need to be careful not to destroy the entire acrylic sheet.

There are different methods of cutting laser sheets, such as laser cutting or manual cutting.

· Bonding Acrylic

In this stage, you take several acrylic sheets and bond them using a unique adhesive.

The purpose of this is to offer strength to acrylic sign and allow it to withstand different conditions.

· Polishing Acrylic

Polishing involves giving your acrylic sign a smooth and clean surface.

For proper polishing, you need to remove the dirt on the acrylic sign and apply fresh paint on it.

Allow the acrylic sign to dry, and if need be, you can apply a layer of polish for that glossy and shiny surface.

The purpose of this process is to make the acrylic sign attractive.

· Engraving Acrylic

Engraving involves drawing the signs and symbols on your acrylic signboard.

There are several ways of engraving such as laser engraving and etching.

· Printing on Acrylic

Screen printing is a popular technique in the acrylic sign manufacturing processes.

You can easily print letters, numbers or any form of drawings on your acrylic signs.

Of course, you can use other printing techniques depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

The choice of the method will depend on the cost, the design you want your acrylic sign to have, and the effect of your engraving method.

Of course, the process of manufacturing acrylic sign is not successful without a quality inspection of the final product.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Signage?

The benefits of acrylic signage include:

Acrylic sign

Acrylic signs

· Enhances Professionalism

The shiny and sleek feature of acrylic signs enhances the professionalism appeal for your business.

Professionalism commands great attention while adding a permanent impression to potential clients for your business.

· Relatively Cost-Effective

Acrylic Signage is relatively less expensive to manufacture when you compare to other types of signages.

The quality appearance of your signs maximizes on the low cost to give you maximum returns.

The use of quality plastic materials ensures you get quality services at a relatively cheaper cost.

· Versatility of Use

You have a wide range of applications that you can use for your acrylic signage.

Individual features such as water resistance and high heat resistance allow you to apply for various applications.

Acrylic signage also allows for cutting into different shapes and sizes that can fit your diverse needs.

· Customizable

Acrylic Signage allows for customization to fit your different applications.

For instance, you can frost clear or have a solid color for the Acrylic Sign plate.

You can use different colors for printing your name, logo, or imprint on the Acrylic Signage.

This ensures that you get the perfect Acrylic Sign regardless of your needs.

· Ideal Branding Option

Acrylic signage offers the best branding option for your organization.

Through proper printing, you can increase the brand of your company or product.

How do you Engrave Acrylic Signs?

There are several ways that you can engrave acrylic signs, including:

Laser engraving acrylic

 Laser engraving acrylic

· Laser Engraving

Laser engraving involves the use of a laser machine to engrave a sign on your acrylic signs.

It is an effective and efficient way of engraving a sign on your acrylic signs with precise accuracy.

It allows for engraving different patterns on your acrylic sign at a relatively small-time duration.

However, there is a need for moderation of the heat when using this method since excess heat can burn your acrylic sign.

You can achieve this by either pausing during the process or having a cooling mechanism.

Also, you require a professional to operate an engraving machine, especially in regulating the temperature and the different patterns.

· Rotary Engraving

This refers to an engraving process that uses a rotating cutting tool that is within a motorized spindle.

This method is relatively cheaper when you compare to laser engraving.

However, its efficiency is relatively lower than the laser engraving.

Also, it has less applicational areas when you compare to laser engraving.

· Etching

Engraving acrylic signs using etching involves the different use of chemicals to bring out your desired acrylic sign.

The chemical is applied to the acrylic to form the sign that you want for your acrylic sign.

The etching is not as effective as the other types of the engraving process.

Furthermore, you need to check on the chemicals before using them to avoid harm to you and the acrylic.

Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Signs?


There are disadvantages to the use of Acrylic signs.

These include:

· Toxicity

The manufacturing of Acrylic signs releases toxic substances.

This is hazardous to both those who are manufacturing and the environment.

Also, during polymerization, chances are high of the Acrylic sign blowing up, which can cause severe damage.

Precaution is a necessity during such times.

· Quality

The quality of acrylic signs is relatively low when you compare it to that of glass.

They are susceptible to scratch which reduces their quality and lifespan use.

They cannot withstand high heat, which affects their usage.

Also, over time, acrylic signs tend to turn yellowish due to exposure to sunlight.

The effect of this is the transparency of the signs tends to diminish which affects its quality.

Where Can you Use Acrylic Signs?

You can use Acrylic Signs in the following areas:

Acrylic exit sign

Acrylic exit sign

i. Freestanding Signs and Cardholders

It is essential signage in offices and business premises as it helps in identifying particulars such as name tags.

ii. Illuminated Menu Boards

These are ideal for use in advertising brands to create product awareness.

They are always attractive and appealing to the eyes.

They offer a cost-effective alternative to creating awareness for your product.

iii. Retail and Restaurant Signs

Acrylic sign usage in a restaurant and retail spaces is for ease of identification and increasing attraction purposes.

The use of attractive designs and signs helps in increasing personal appeal.

iv. Name Tags and Nameplates

The use of the acrylic sign for nameplates and tags helps in the identification of people and managers within an organization.

They are also useful in the identification of individuals during conferences and seminars.

v. Informational Signs

They offer relevant information to readers to enable them to get accurate guidance over a particular matter.

For instance, they are common in libraries to guide people where to get particular books.

vi. Directional Signs

The use of acrylic signs is ideal in offering directions towards a particular place or event.

They are common in events or conferences.

vii. Exhibition Signs

They are common in the exhibition forums where one has to present their items for display.

They help in increasing awareness of the product as well as increasing the company sales value.

What are the Features of Acrylic Signs?

The features of Acrylic signs include:

1. Transparency

Acrylic signs are transparent, which allows one to read the signs and to see through them.

This enhances their appeal which in return attracts potential clients to your business.

Transparency allows for maximum cleanliness and ensures you have quality signs for your branding.

2. Durable

Acrylic signs are durable when you compare to glass signs.

This is because glass signs easily break, causing you to spend a lot replacing them.

However, the durability of acrylic signs ensures that you get maximum service from them while reducing the overall cost.

3. Affordable

They are relatively cheaper than glass signs.

This is due to their low manufacturing costs as well as low design costs.

You get to save a lot by purchasing these signs since their painting and installation cost is relatively low than that of glass signs.

4. Rigid

Acrylic signs are much flexible when you compare to glass signs.

The flexibility of Acrylic signs allows for a wide range of applications.

You can fabricate Acrylic signs into the shape and design that fits your needs.

5. Versatile

the use of Acrylic Signs offers a wide range of applications when you compare to other types of signs.

They have quality characteristics that allow you to use even in harsh environmental conditions.

6. Resistant to Severe Weather Conditions

Acrylic signs can withstand various environmental conditions.

These include extreme cold and warm temperatures.

As such, you don’t need to worry about the environment that you are using your Acrylic signs.

7. Lightweight

Acrylic signs are relatively lightweight when you compare to glass.

This allows for its easy use and manipulation during the designing process.

You can saw acrylic signs quite quickly when you compare to a glass which you have to score it first

Are there Special Components of Acrylic Signage?


There are unique components for Acrylic Signage.

Their function is to offer support for the effective working of the acrylic signage.

These components include:

· Acrylic Sign Frame

The acrylic sign frame is the outer part of the acrylic sign that holds it in position.

It comes in different shapes and sizes.

You can have different materials for the acrylic frame; however, the choice of the material should match your acrylic sign for the best effect.

Their function is to offer protection to the acrylic sign and ensure it remains in good shape while you are using it.

It also adds decoration to your acrylic sign.

If you are to design an acrylic frame properly, it adds beauty and attraction.

Acrylic sign frame dimensions

Acrylic sign frame dimensions

· Acrylic Sign Holder

The acrylic sign holder holds it in position during the mounting and installation period.

You can get different types, sizes, and designs for the acrylic signs.

The acrylic sign holder does not have explicit material.

However, when selecting an acrylic sign holder, you need to ensure that it is durable and that it can withstand the weight of the acrylic sign.

Acrylic sign holder

 Acrylic sign holder

Which Types of Acrylic Signage are there?

The main types of Acrylic Signage available include:

a) Individual Cut Acrylic Letters

This signage involves mounting a stud directly to the wall or using spacers to allow for the “floating” of the sign.

The effect of this design is that it offers a shadow effect which adds interest and depth on your sign.

b) Crystal Ice Finish

In this arctic signage, there is the frosting of the edges and faces of the material while you have to paint the back with any colors.

The painting option is complete with a metallic ice finish.

c) Cut Acrylic Logo Sign

This option entails cutting your sign from an acrylic sheet, painting it to the colors you want.

The last option involves pin mounting the sign to create a “floating” effect on each letter of your sign on the wall.

d) Metal Laminate Letters

Metal laminate letters entail the addition of metals and lamination of faces using brushes or polished brass.

This happens on each of the acrylic sign’s letters and the logos.

e) Acrylic and Metals Sign Letter

This involves the mounting of the acrylic signs on a metal panel to increase dimension and depth.

This offers a different technical appearance.

It involves assembling the individual letters of the acrylic signs on a panel, which is of different materials, colors, and various finishes.

f) Frosted Acrylic Sign

A frosted acrylic sign is the most cost-effective option for your acrylic sign.

It allows the acrylic sign to float off your walls using unique stand-off hardware.

g) Backlighting

Backlighting involves the use of LED lights on your acrylic signs.

It enhances the visibility of your acrylic signs while reducing the overall cost of using these signs.

Can you Cut Acrylic Sign to Size?

Yes. You can cut Acrylic signs into different sizes.

There is also the option of customizing your acrylic sign into the shape and size you want.

The main cutting options for acrylic signs include:

Cutting acrylic

Cutting acrylic

· Standard

The standard cutting option entails cutting the Acrylic signs into shapes that have sharp and pointed edges.

Such sizes include rectangle, square and triangle among others as per your requirements.

· Rounded

This involves the shapes having round edges with a clean and elegant appearance.

Such shapes include circles.

· Outline

In the outline cutting option, the acrylic sign is cut precisely into the shape of the acrylic sign design without leaving any borders along with the design.

· Overline

This cutting option entails cutting the acrylic signs precisely into the shape of your acrylic sign design.

Special consideration is needed while cutting to ensure there is an extra border along with the cuttings.

What are the Best Printing Options for Acrylic Sign?

The best printing options for acrylic signs include:

· Standard Printing Option

Standard Printing Options entails printing graphics directly on one of the face parts of the Acrylic Sheet. this can be clear, black, white or frosted.

The printed side of the Acrylic sign has a matte finish typically.

· Second Surface Printing Option

In this printing option, there is mirror printing of the graphics on a clear acrylic sign’s back.

The effect of this is that the printing appears to be inside the acrylic signs.

It offers a glossy finishing since the graphics are at the back of the acrylic sign, which leaves a shiny and clean face.

· Double-sided Printing Option

This is an ideal option if you want sharp and opaque visibility of your acrylic signs.

This option involves the printing of the image on both the back and front sides of the acrylic signs.

This results in the acrylic signs having a matte finish.

Can you Laminate Acrylic Signage?


You can laminate acrylic signage.

The purpose of laminating your acrylic signage is to increase its lifespan and its appearance.

There are different materials that you can use to laminate your acrylic signage, depending on the effect you want to have.

Are Acrylic Signs better than Polycarbonate Signs?

Both Acrylic and Polycarbonate signs have their weakness and strength when you compare them using various variables.

That includes:

Acrylic sign

Acrylic sign

· Color Display

Acrylic signs offer better color display than polycarbonate signs.

Also, it is possible to polish the edges of Acrylic signs, which enhances the color display.

On the other hand, it is difficult to polish the edges of a polycarbonate sign, thereby reducing the color display.

· Impact Strength

Polycarbonate signs have a high impact strength than acrylic signs.

A polycarbonate sign has up to 50 times impact strength than an acrylic sign.

Polycarbonate signs are shatterproof, which increases its high impact feature.

· Light and Clarity

Acrylic signs have a high clarity level at 92 percent than polycarbonates which has a clarity level of 88 percent

· Cleaning

Both polycarbonate signs and acrylic signs are easier to clean using cotton cloths or microfibers.

· Cost

Acrylic signs are relatively cheaper than polycarbonate signs.

This is because of the more affordable price of materials for the manufacturing of acrylic signs.

· Aesthetics

Acrylic signs feature a sleek and glossy exterior for your brand.

The glossy appearance adds ambiance to your business translating to an increase in brand recognition.

· Weatherability

Polycarbonate signs offer better strength against certain environmental factors such as temperature and heat.

Exposure to sunlight overall causes Acrylic signs to turn yellow, affecting their visibility.

This reduces their lifespan as opposed to polycarbonate signs.

Do Acrylic Signage Scratch?


Acrylic signage scratch is easy.

That is why you need to handle acrylic signage with care.

This includes installation, maintenance, and care.

For instance, you need to clean using a damp, non-abrasive cloth.

How do you Mount Acrylic Sign?

There are three methods that you can use to mount an Acrylic sign on your wall.

Whichever the method, you need to have a drill, a lever, a ruler, and a screwdriver.

These methods are:

Installing acrylic signs

Installing acrylic sign

· Placing Standoff Bolts

This method involves placing your acrylic sign on the wall and using a lever to ensure the sign is upright.

Mark four points on the wall using a pencil.

Then, use a drill to carefully drill four holes on the edges of your acrylic sign as well as on the wall.

Once this is over, place the acrylic sign on the wall while ensuring the holes on the acrylic sign are in line with those of the walls.

Insert the standoff bolts on the holes and tighten using a screw.

· Hanging Using a Wire

Hanging acrylic sign

Hanging acrylic sign

For this process, you will need a hook for hooking the acrylic sign on the wall.

First, you need to place the acrylic sign on the wall and align it using a lever to ensure it is upright.

Next, use a ruler to mark the halfway point for the acrylic sign on the wall.

Drill a hole at this point and screw your hook. Use your screwdriver to tighten it.

Place a wire on two topmost edges of your acrylic sign and hang it on the hook that is on your wall.

· French Coat Installation

Position the mount back on the wall and use a lever to adjust the position it evenly.

Using a pencil, mark two points on the mount where you will drill the anchors.

Drill these holes, ensuring they are in line with the earlier marks.

Once you are through with this, you need to drill the anchors onto the walls.

The drilling of the anchors should be in line with the holes that you have drilled.

The next step involves placing the back mount on the wall.

You need to correctly position the back mount to prevent it from falling off the wall.

The screw holes should also be in line with the mount back.

Tighten the mount ack using a screwdriver.

The next step involves changing the acrylic sign on the wall by sliding the sign on the ack mount.

The acrylic’s beveled side should be in line with the back mount’s beveled side.

How much does Acrylic Signage Cost?

Various factors affect the cost of an acrylic sign.

They include:

· The design

A simple design with standard requirements will cost less than a customized design with complex needs.

Such conditions include color variations, letter count, and use of images.

· The size

The size of your acrylic sign will affect its cost due to the size of the material for manufacturing.

· Additional Accessories

Additional accessories for your acrylic sign include the frame design and the installation option.

Though they are not a must option for your acrylic sign, they add ambiance to them making them attractive and eye appealing.

An acrylic sign with these accessories will cost more when you compare to one that does not have them.

How can you Clean Acrylic Signs?

Cleaning an acrylic sign involves the use of a damp cotton clothing.

You can also use mild soap detergent and lukewarm water.

After washing your acrylic sign, you need to dry it using a soft dry cloth.

You can achieve this by blotting the acrylic sign using the soft fabric.

However, you need to take care when cleaning your acrylic sign to minimize damage to it.

This includes not using any cleaning solution containing ammonia or chemicals that will react with your acrylic sign.

Avoid using glass cleaner to clean your acrylic sign.

Also, do not use a rough scouring material to clean your acrylic sign.

The use of such materials may cause the dirt on your acrylic sign to spread over it.

Avoid using a dry cloth to clean your acrylic sign since it may result in dirt spreading over it.

Removing such dirt becomes difficult which affects the quality of your acrylic sign.

Which Grade of Acrylic is Suitable for making Acrylic Sign Board?

All two grade types (extruded acrylic and cell cast acrylics) are ideas for making an acrylic signboard.

However, they have different results.

Cell cast acrylic is a high-quality acrylic, meaning the final acrylic signboard is of high quality.

Is there Size Limitation for Acrylic Signs?

No. there is no size limitation for acrylic signs.

The choice of which size to use depends on the application you are using it and the effect you want it to have on potential clients.

Can you Polish Acrylic Signs?

Yes. It is possible to polish acrylic signs.

However, the polishing solution to use should not react negatively to your acrylic sign.

You must, therefore, ensure that you ask your manufacturer on the best polishing solution to use before you decide on that.

How long will Acrylic Signage Last?

The durability of acrylic signage depends on the environmental conditions in which you place them.

Too much exposure to sunlight will result in yellowish on the edges of the acrylic sign affecting its lifespan.

Improper cleaning and polishing also reduce their usability.

For your acrylic sign to the last longer, you need to ensure that you maintain it in favorable conditions.

What are the benefits of LED Acrylic Signage?

The benefits of using LED Acrylic signage include:

LED light acrylic sign

 LED light acrylic sign

· Improved Safety

LED Acrylic Signage improves the physical appearance of your signs when you compare to traditional LED signage.

They are safe-to touch alternatives, and they don’t shatter like glass when they break.

· Cost-effective

LED Acrylic signage is a cost-effective option for your business, as opposed to LED glass Signage.

They are easy to fabricate and their materials cost is relatively low.

When should you Choose Colored Acrylic Signs?

You can choose colored acrylic signs under the following circumstances:

· Emergency Display

You can select colored acrylic signs when you are displaying emergency signs such as in hospitals.

Such display allows for maximum readability and ensures people nearby take the necessary caution.

· Marketing Strategy

The use of colored acrylic signs can act as a marketing strategy.

This is to help in ensuring the maximum number of people get to identify the products you are offering and get attracted to them.

Colored acrylic signs are ideal for increasing revenues for a company through marketing.

· Information Purposes

You can use colored acrylic signs to provide certain information to your clients or people.

How can you Create Perfect Color for Acrylic Signage?

There are four options that you can use to create a perfect color for Acrylic signage.

They include:

i. Standard Colors

This option involves the use of a combination of more than two standard acrylic colors.

These results in a different range of standard colors such as opaque, translucent and transparent.

It offers a cost-effective option for creating a perfect color for acrylic signage.

ii. Colored Vinyl and Acrylic

Colored vinyl and acrylic color options are ideal when placing Acrylic signs close to other branded components.

This option offers the best alternative for creating color in acrylic signs.

Colored vinyl and acrylic have three methods for a perfect color for an Acrylic sign.

Is there Minimum Thickness for Acrylic Signs?

No. There is no minimum thickness for your acrylic signs.

The thickness of your acrylic sign depends on the application, the design, the printing option, and its size.

However, it is essential to note that the thicker your acrylic sign is, the more durable it is.

Can you Print on Both Sides of Acrylic Signage?

Yes. You can print on both sides of an Acrylic Sign.

That is, on the front and back of the Acrylic sign.

It is an ideal option if you want sharp and opaque visibility of your Acrylic signs.

This option involves the printing of the image on both the back and front sides of the Acrylic signs.

This results in the acrylic signs having a matte finish.

What are Shape Options available for Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are available in virtually all types of shapes.

It will depend on what you want – whether it is square, rectangular, round or any irregular shape.

Can you Drill Holes on Acrylic Signage?


It is possible to drill holes on Acrylic Signage.

It involves using special drills with acrylic drill bits to make this possible.

However, you need to take care when drilling the acrylic signs to avoid the tiny acrylic bits from damaging you.

If possible, wear protective gear such as safety goggles when drilling acrylic signage.

How do you Remove Protective Film on Acrylic Signage?

You need to identify one edge of the acrylic signage where the protective film lies.

Gently pull the protecting film with the acrylic signs resting on a flat surface.

The protective film will easily peel off the surface.

How can you Specify Acrylic Signs?

The specification of an acrylic sign depends on the purpose, the design of the acrylic sign, the size, and the customization requirement of the client.

Can you Recommend Acrylic Sign Design Ideas?

The commonly recommended acrylic sign design ideas that you can use include:

  • Addition of borders and stripes on your acrylic signs
  • Application of multiple colors on your letters
  • Integrating a graphic symbol or a logo
  • Use of numerous acrylic layers for enhancement of the image
  • Applying a 3-D effect on your acrylic signs.
  • Custom design applications
  • Minimize the use of non-glare acrylic which helps in reducing glare issues
  • Use of bent easels

As you can see, acrylic signs offer a perfect solution in many industries.

It offers a perfect solution when it comes to signage.

If you were worried about how to get one, now I know you can definitely choose the best acrylic signage.

And, if you have any doubts, talk to WeProFab team now for assistance.

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