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WeProFab is an expert plastic components manufacturer in China. We manufacture an extensive line of plastic components for a variety of industrial uses. All our plastic component products are designed to meet and exceed strict international standards.

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Get WeProFab Plastic Components to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab manufacture plastic components with multiple choice of types, size, thicknesses, colors, and more. You can get a one-stop solution for your business need from WeProFab.

Plastic Components Manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the largest plastic components manufacturers in mainland China. You can get high-quality products at a more competitive price.

Two-color Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Weprofab offers two-color plastic injection molded parts combining two different materials and colors. We can create different layouts for you.

Plastic Moulded Components

Weprofab plastic moulded components are rigorously checked to various quality parameters. We can provide custom plastic molded components through our team of experts.

Plastic Injection Moulding Components

If you are looking for plastic injection moulding components for business or personal needs, Weprofab is your trusted source. Full-scale service will be provided.

CNC Machining Plastic Components

Weprofab CNC machining plastic components is your cost-effective choice for plastic parts. We offer high-quality plastic components completely tested before ship out.

Custom Plastic Components

Weprofab offer customize service for plastic components and parts. From the material, size, style, pattern, and other technical specs., we can tailored components based on your design.

WeProFab: Your One-Stop Plastic Components Manufacturer

WeProFab holds full capabilities to provide you a one-stop solution for plastic component fabrication. Being a joint-venture company between two company., WeeTect and a local fabrication manufacturer in China, have the advantage of the resource. We can offer you a perfect solution for your needs.

We offer a huge range of plastic components products. We will also choose suitable manufacturing processes to make your plastic components. As an ISO9001 supplier, we implement strict production control to offer you high-quality products. Send us your design now; we will give you something different!

Custom Plastic Components to Skyrocket Your Brand

Plastic Electronic Components

Weprofab plastic electronic components are designed to meet the very highest industry requirements. We can provide an OEM solution for your product.

Plastic Component for Defense

Plastic component for defense comes in a range of sizes, styles, colors, and more. WeProfab can offer a one-stop solution for your business requirement.

Lightweight Plastic Components

Weprofab offers lightweight-design plastic components with excellent stability. Through advanced technology and the best materials, we provide cost-effective components.

Medical Plastic Components

Weprofab can customize medical plastic components with your own design. Just send us your layout and we will make it real. We will choose a suitable process for your product.

Injection Moulding Plastic Components

Injection moulding plastic components by Weprofab comes in a variety of material, sizes, model type, etc., We can provide OEM service according to your market need.

Engineering Plastic Components

Weprofab engineering plastic components available in world-class quality. Wepro is your one-stop solution for your engineering plastic components from small to large.

Custom Automotive Plastic Parts

At Weprofab, we can custom automotive plastic parts as per customers’ demand. Customization includes all main product features as well as the manufacturing process to be done.

Window Plastic Components

Weprofab offers a wide variety of window plastic components, standard, and custom design. We can work new design based on your idea.

Small Injection Moulded Plastic Components

Weprofab is a professional small injection molded plastic components manufacturer. We can offer products in a range of sizes at the most cost-effective price.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Components

WeProFab is a professional plastic components manufacturer in China, offering perfect-quality plastic components and parts. We are fully capable of plastic fabrication can give you a one-stop solution.

We can deliver value to your business need and project requirement. You can send us your design, you can expect a perfect product.

We hold complete manufacturing capacities including plastic sheet manufacturing, plastic injection molding, machining process, coating technologies, and more.

Plastic Components-9

We can also provide solutions for OEM and ODM orders. If you need special plastic components, Weprofab can give them to you.

Weprofab can also integrate with plastic components and assemble finished products for you. Since the start of manufacturing, we have been a leading manufacturer of plastic components and accessories for various industries.

At Weprofab, you can find innovative plastic components in the most competitive line. We can deliver the optimum result for your requirements. The components feature superior performance, good looks, ease to handle, etc.

All of our plastic components are manufactured to meet and exceed the strictest quality certificates set by leading quality standards.

Plastic Components-10Our goal is to develop high-quality plastic components products. We can resolve your problems professionally.

Welcome to customize plastic components at Weprofab!

With more than 20 years in the field, we can be your ultimate source for plastic components. We can provide you world-class quality plastic components along with rigorous quality standards.

With a highly experienced team of engineers and state-of-the-art equipment, we can take your idea to a product.

They will be with you throughout the processes, from start to finish, they will be with you every step of the way.

Plastic Components-11

Weprofab is located in Shanghai, China. You can visit our factory so you can check by yourself our showroom and start with production.

For every individual, we offer comprehensive service so we could deliver the best solution according to their desire.

Among our customers are vehicle manufacturing, medical technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction, air and space industry, and more.

We have a broad product and service portfolio for you. We will help you transform your business structure to the next level.

Weprofab aims to help you achieve your goal. Save time, effort, and cash. We can assist you to meet your specifications that suit your budget.

Plastic Components-12

For more than years of expertise, we offer a wide range of plastic fabrication capabilities for your components. Get products at a more competitive price. Weprofab is your ultimate solution for make your design real.

As an ISO 9001 certified plastic fabrication company, WeProFab has strict control on quality, in every process, from IQC up to after-sales. Reduce the risk of failure of your product development.

If you are interested in Weprofab plastic components, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or if you have any questions, just feel free to get in touch with us.



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