• Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional sneezeguard manufacturer. We can manufacture a sneeze guard, acrylic sneeze guard, sneeze guard divider, and many types and customization. Send your specifications and get plenty of stocks of awesome products.

Get WeProFab Sneeze Guard to Delight Your Customers

A superior acrylic sneeze guard manufacturer ensures safety. WeProFab is one of the secured and trusted suppliers and manufacturers in China that offers outstanding acrylic sneeze guards to delight customers.

Clear Anodize Sneeze Guard

WeProFab can anodize a clear sneeze guard. We have complete technology to make fabrication easier. It fabricates amazing quality sneeze guards and effective.

Clear Sneeze Guard

Clear sneeze guard at WeProFab is popular and commonly used for many applications. We have many styles and sizes available to offer for you. You can get it at a lower price.

Counter Top Sneeze Guard

WeProFab sneeze guards are applicable for countertops. You can order your ideal designs and fixtures. Satisfy your needs through our profitable sneeze guards.

Decorative Sneeze Guard

WeProFab is a leading producer of sneeze guard worldwide. We are trusted in creating different decorative sneeze guards suited for any application.

Scratch Resistant Sneeze Guard

Scratch-resistant at WeProFab for sneeze guards are accessible. We ensure the best quality to make it effective for every application.

Table Top Sneeze Guard

We have plenty of divider sneeze guards for tabletops. It helps everyone secure. It is negotiable which surely helps you expand your projects.

WeProFab: Your Leading Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

As a certified and experienced supplier and manufacturer of sneeze guard, we have passed many certifications that prove our quality service offered.

We, WeProFab are a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer great solutions to all customers for every operation.

Sneeze guard raw materials could be top graded for a long term use. It is also negotiable that helps business owners generate an amazing profit. You can benefit as well.

Framed Sneeze Guard

Framed sneeze guards applicable for mounted applications. We can custom your request. You can send your drawings.

Frame-less Sneeze Guard

Frameless is simple yet quality and elegant sneeze guards. It is suitable for table tops, countertops, food protection, etc.

Free Stand Sneeze Guard

Free stand sneeze guards are the easiest sneeze guard to apply. It is easy to move from one place to another.

Portable Sneeze Guard

WeProFab portable sneeze guards are applicable for any applications such as tabletop, countertop, food courts, and a lot more.

Sneeze Guard Table Divider

WeProFab sneeze guard table dividers are perfect for schools, food courts, and many public areas. It is perfect for protection against the virus.

4 Pax Sneeze Guard

WeProFab sneeze guard is suitable for 4 persons. It is installed in the square table is screwed, free-standing, pin-on, and more. You can choose a frame and frame-less sneeze guard.

Acrylic Buffet Sneeze Guard

Acrylic buffet sneeze guard has different styles such as flat tops. Frosted acrylic buffet sneeze guard which can be used for countertops and tables. Impact resistant and scratch proof for a longer quality appearance.

Adjustable Sneeze Guard

Adjustable sneeze guard has different styles according to your demands. Designed with adjustable heights and removable sheets. You can send your drawings to meet your customer’s ideal styles.

Foldable Sneeze Guard

Foldable sneeze guards are suitable for schools, offices, public areas, and more. Easier to carry and change the location. It has hinges folding styles with durable aluminum.

Frosted Table Sneeze Guard

WeProFab sneeze guards are available in frosted type perfect for tables. Provides everyone privacy because of frosted appearance. Pin-on acrylic frosted sneeze guard suitable for a small and long tables.

Hanging Sneeze Guard

Are you looking for an affordable but highest-quality hanging sneeze guard? You can get the best styles with different materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, plexiglass, and more. Clear are commonly used and customer’s choice.

Hinge Folding Sneeze Guard

Wepro sneeze guard can be a hinge folding type with 3 hinges on each side. Impact Resistant and durable acrylic sneeze guard. Lightweight and quality folding styles for any table size.

Impact Resistant Sneeze Guard

Sneeze guards are impact resistant. Available in any type of plastic such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and more. Available in different thicknesses and styles based on your business needs and applications.

Screwed Sneeze Guard

A sneeze guard can be installed with a screw. A durable screw installation is available in various dimensions and sheet thicknesses. You can get the best price offer Here at WeProFab.

Shatterproof Sneeze Guard3Portable Sneeze Guard

WeProFab sneeze guards are shatterproof. It prevents breaks from any disaster such as an earthquake. Lightweight and safe sneeze guard suitable for countertop and table purposes.

L Shape Sneeze Guard

L shape sneeze guards are easier to transfer and carry. Perfect use for libraries, offices, schools, and hospitals. Can be used for office room partitions in large dimensions. High quality and durable sneeze guard but affordable rates to save your budget.

Large Pin-on Sneeze Guard

WeProFab offered an affordable pin-on type, large sneeze guard. A useful flat tops with two wholes and hinges folding styles. Choose the right thickness for your orders. We can offer great customizations for you.

Single Person Anti-Fog Sneeze Guard

You can choose heavy-duty plexiglass or sneeze guard selection. Designed for single person suitable for table and counter applications. We can custom your designs from any dimension, style, and more.

Small Free Stan Sneeze Guard

Small free-standing sneeze guards are applicable for counters and tables. Flexible and lightweight applicable for counter applications. You can send your ideal styles, dimensions, features, and more to meet your business needs.

Long Table Sneeze Guard

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting sneeze guard for your long table, WeProFab can meet your needs. We can custom your orders from any type of tints, styles, shapes, and applications.

Pin-on Sneeze Guard

Pin-on sneeze guard is suitable for any table size installation, countertops, and long table. Hinges folding sneeze guard featuring scratch resistance

Anti-Fog Sneeze Guard

Sneeze guards are available in acrylic and polycarbonate featuring anti-fog. It has an excellent appearance and great durability and offered a longer life span. A friendly price offer but quality sneeze guard at different styles and tints.

Whole Body Length Sneeze Guard

Whole body length sneeze guard can be fixed, framed, frame-less, free standing, and mobile. Suitable for any applications and uses such as public areas. Lightweight and easier to assemble.

Polycarbonate Flexible Sneeze Guard

Polycarbonate are flexible sneeze guard. A free standing flexible polycarbonate sneeze guard are long lasting which provide great protection for everyone. Suitable for any industry perfect for business purposes.

Flat Topped Acrylic Sneeze Guard
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Why WeProFab Sneeze Guard

WeProFab sneeze guards designed to provide perfect protection especially of these days. It is applicable for table and counter applications for restaurants, food courts, hotels, and a lot more public areas.

WeProFab sneeze guards are plastic which is lightweight and easy to install. We have framed and non-framed sneeze guards. It is accessible in different styles and fixtures.

Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

WeProFab sneeze guards are perfect protection from contaminating foods. It securely prevents the virus from many people in and out. Our sneeze guards are perfect for personal business installations, supplying, wholesaling, or if you have handled factory.

There is a different application you could choose from. We can offer mounted applications which are applicable for tables, counters, and food display protection. Whether it is framed or not framed, it will surely fit on your project.

We have sneeze guard for permanent applications. Also hanging or suspended sneeze guards, it is suitable only for countertop and food protections. WeProFab is supplying products from hotels, different food courts for schools, hospitals, and malls.

Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

If you are searching for a portable sneeze guard, WeProFab has plenty to offer. It can be applicable and suitable for any usage.

WeProFab sneeze guards have a lot of usages to offer. Just send your desired styles and customizations. WeProFab can create your specifications.

If you have struggles in finding a better provider for your special needs in business, it is better for you to depend on WeProFab. We are one of the best plastic fabricators in this industry. WeProFab can assure you to fulfill your needs and guide a safe operation.

WeProFab is a certified provider in more than 20 years. There are many businesses that grow rapidly through the help of our products and most especially our 24/7 support. Build an excellent relationship with us. We will help you expand your business.

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