• Acrylic Hamster Cage

Acrylic Hamster Cage

Searching for the best cage for your hamster? Great news! WeProFab fabricates an acrylic hamster cage that best for your hamster pet. Our acrylic hamster cage has open-air, large space, safe, and easy to clean. Just choose the right and best for your hamster cage, since we produce plenty of types in our acrylic hamster cage.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Hamster Cage to Delight Your Customers

Our acrylic hamster cage has a very delicate design that will make the little friend of yours feel like home. Don’t bother and pick the right and desire design for your hamster.

Clear Acrylic Hamster Cage

Our clear acrylic hamster cage has a very nice and gorgeous cage for your hamster. It has a crystal clear appearance in which you can see your pet hamster.

Custom Acrylic Hamster Cage

WeProFab provides custom-make for your acrylic hamster cage which you can choose your design, colors, and sizes. We produce an acrylic hamster cage base on your specifications.

Large Acrylic Hamster Cage

To sustain your hamster happy and lively, try our large acrylic hamster cage. The larger the better when it comes to hamster cages since it has enough space to run and play.

Open Air Acrylic Hamster Cage

At WeProFab, the open-air acrylic hamster cage has plenty of benefits. That includes easy to clean and has extreme airflow allows the cage to regularly have fresh air.

Transparent Acrylic Hamster Cage

Our transparent acrylic hamster cage is perfect to use for beginners’ hamster. It has a crystal clear appearance. It is a sturdy, safe, and comfortable habitat for your hamster.

Waterproof Acrylic Hamster Cage

Our waterproof acrylic hamster cage holds off the water and wet so your hamster pet cage stays safe and will last longer. It can assure your hamster has a nice and shield.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Hamster Cage Manufacturer

WeProFab acrylic hamster cage is very perfect for those hamsters lovers there. We have fabricated various types of acrylic hamster cage for you to pick what’s best for your hamster. Our acrylic hamster cage is very applicable in every need so we can offer the best for you.

Since we are exceeding 20 years in the industry, we have plenty of experience and ample capabilities about fabricating acrylic products. So you can assure with our acrylic hamster cage products.

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Custom Acrylic Hamster Cage to Expand Your Business

3D Acrylic Hamster Cage

If you want to have a moving picture show in your acrylic hamster cage, we can produce it for you.

Decorative Acrylic Hamster Cage

You can choose various types of decoration for your acrylic hamster cage. WeProFab produces the best decoration for your cage.

Multicolor Acrylic Hamster Cage

Here in WeProFab, you can free to choose the desired color for your acrylic hamster cage and we can provide it to you.

Single Acrylic Hamster Cage

Our single acrylic hamster cage can be ideal for traveling with your hamster since it is close-packed and durable.

Tiered Acrylic Hamster Cage

If you want to have layers on your acrylic hamster cage, just send us your specified layers and we can produce it for you.

Acrylic Hamster Cage with Ladder

Acrylic hamster cage with ladder provides a warm and lovely home for hamsters. Arrives with a ladder and ensures safe feeding for the pet. Available in a broad range of styles, dimensions, and configurations.

Acrylic Hamster Cage with Rooms

Acrylic hamster cage with rooms is surely long-lasting, safe, and comfortable. Designed to keep the hamster safe and arrives with rooms for each of the pets. Comes with a unique design and a large size.

Extra Large Acrylic Hamster Cage

Extra-large acrylic hamster cage allows clear visibility and has sufficient depth and size to accommodate numerous hamsters. Features a large and convenient front door access. Made with hard-wearing acrylic.

Free-Air Acrylic Hamster Cage

Free-air acrylic hamster cage features flexible and durable tubes. The construction provides a huge space for different kinds of hamsters. Offers excellent air circulation and is easy to clean. Made with fully transparent acrylic.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Hamster Cage

Impact-resistant acrylic hamster cage is made of high quality and durable acrylic. Easy to install, non-toxic, and easy to carry. Can be used in a wide range of applications and can resist high impacts.

Large Acrylic Hamster Cage

A large acrylic hamster cage is made of eco-friendly acrylic. arrives with a large size that can accommodate numerous small and big hamsters. Has the capability to expand and is completely compatible in any location.

Moisture Proof Acrylic Hamster Cage

Moisture-proof acrylic hamster cage ensures high quality and unmatched durability. Washable, reusable, and odorless. Can withstand extreme moisture and also feature a locking mechanism.

Small Acrylic Hamster Cage

A small acrylic hamster cage can accommodate small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, and many more. Features durable and sturdy holes that provide full air circulation. Small in size but functions efficiently.

Solid Color Acrylic Hamster Cage

A solid color acrylic hamster cage is ideal for small hamsters. Made with solid and transparent acrylic that is easy to assemble. Will not crack easily and is very convenient to use. Can last for a long time.

Three-Layer Acrylic Hamster Cage

Three-layer acrylic hamster cage arrives with 3-full levels and access doors. Features a deep base for more hamster playing areas. Made with a see-through, expandable and customizable acrylic.

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Why WeProfab Acrylic Hamster Cage

WeProFab is the outstanding fabricator of acrylic products in China. Exceeding for 20 years, we produce plenty of different types of acrylic products. One of our latest products that suits all the hamster lover there is the acrylic hamster cage. We produce various types of acrylic hamster cage that includes open-air acrylic hamster cage, large acrylic hamster cage, transparent acrylic hamster cage, and more. We have plenty of types in our acrylic hamster cage that suits your necessity and aspiration for your pet hamster.

Acrylic Hamster Cage

Our acrylic hamster cage has special designs like tier, multicolor, decorative, 3D, and single acrylic hamster cage. In using our acrylic hamster cage you can assure your pet will be safe and feel comfortable with it, since it is a durable, comfortable, and safe habitat for your hamster. Our acrylic hamster cage welcomes your hamster and makes sure it stays at relief in its new pleasant and comfortable home.

Acrylic Hamster Cage

Also, it provides captivating habitat for your pet since it has a gorgeous design and it has open-air so your hamster can breathe nice and fresh air. Since our hamster cage is made of acrylic so it can be easy to clean. WeProFab acrylic hamster cage includes a house, water bottle, food bowl, ladder, and a hamster wheel. Our acrylic hamster cages provide the requirements for your hamster cage and gain better care for your hamster.

Acrylic Hamster Cage

WeProFab acrylic hamster cage is easy to polish, it has a door panel with lock, new designs, safe to use, it has a side door, safe and healthy. It can be washed directly. It also has a delightful design that will make your little friend of yours feel right at home. You can pick your sizes, designs, colors, and layers for your acrylic hamster cage since we offer to customize the acrylic hamster cage. We perform a production procedure like CNC cutting and thermoforming.

As an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly manage the quality of our products before transporting to you. Don’t bother if you think hassle for delivering the products since we also strictly follow the scheduled date of our delivery to you. You can always count on WeProFab. We fabricated plenty of acrylic products and we can do more for your acrylic hamster cage.  Feel free to contact us!


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