• Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Weprofab has been in the manufacturing industry for 20+ years now. We can contribute a lot to your upcoming projects and manufactured them untroubled. If you have your own sample drawings, that makes faster fabrications.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is you can count on with every polycarbonate mirror sheet purchase you`re planning. Polycarbonate mirror sheets are perfect for bathrooms, kitchen mirrors, and other applications.

3mm Silver Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Letting the Weprofab team manufacture your 3mm silver polycarbonate mirror sheets can help with effective business enhancement. For wide-ranging selections, start the shop now in the Weprofab market.

Circular Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The Circular polycarbonate mirror sheets Weprofab offering is made extra durable to withstand various weather status. We are full of brilliant staff, ready to assist your sheeting concerns.

Customized Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Do you want customized polycarbonate sheets for specific sheeting applications? Search no more! Weprofab is an ideal manufacturer of any plastics, polycarbonate, and acrylics sheeting.

Cut-to-size Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

To have trouble-free fitting applications, sizes are very important to consider. Weprofab offer special cut-to-size of any polycarbonate mirror sheets with friendly price.

Mercantile Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Wanting a unique mercantile polycarbonate mirror sheets type? Weprofab has the right solution! We can produce your ideal sheeting in speedy ways. Just give us 2-3 business days.

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Manufacturer

Weprofab is the most trusted manufacturer in mainland China. We are leading manufacturer of durable, clear, scratchproof, and any polycarbonate mirror sheets features.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Manufacturer

Weprofab has a unified team capable of manufacturing high-quality polycarbonate mirror sheets. We always present direct-shop solutions for all plastic fabrications.

As an outstanding plastics provider, Weprofab is you can fully put trust in. We always make sure you`ll get the authentic polycarbonate mirror sheets for your sheeting intentions.

Do you have any concerns about Weprofab Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets, contact us now!

Custom Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Searching the best shatterproof polycarbonate mirror sheets? Searching no more! Weprofab has all your requirements for the best project fulfillments.

Ultra-strong Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Weprofab made ultra-strong polycarbonate mirror sheets for your business advantages. All of Weprofab sheeting materials are offered at low-rates.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

All Weprofab sheeting materials are unbreakable. We made them unbreakable for your long-term advantages. Weprofab can help you save costs in the shipping.

Industrial Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The industrial polycarbonate mirror sheets are used as sneeze guards, decorations, lighting words, and more. They are available in bronze, yellow, blue, transparent, and green colors.

Custom Shape Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Customized shape polycarbonate mirror sheets can be circular, square, and any shapes you desire. You can also request your required thicknesses and colors for specific applications.

Reflective Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The reflective polycarbonate mirror sheets are unbreakable. They have anti-wear, anti-fog, and durability features. And suitable for building, toys, homes, architecture, and more utilizations.

Plastic Stained Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Plastic stained polycarbonate mirror sheets are ideal for office tables and furniture. They are eco-friendly materials, easy to cut, engraved, polished, and bend. These sheets have long-lasting qualities.

Embossed Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The embossed polycarbonate mirror sheets are designed for hospitals, apartments, warehouses, office buildings, malls, and other applications. They have UV-protected layers and weather resistance.

Solid Thick Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Solid thick polycarbonate mirror sheets are protected with PE films. They feature lighter weight, high impact strength, and are soundproofed. These sheets are applicable for windows, screens, walls, shower enclosures, and more.

Flexible Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The flexible polycarbonate mirror sheets have customizable thicknesses and colors. Their durability makes them suitable for furniture, advertisements, signs, and decoration applications.

High Extruded Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

High extruded polycarbonate mirror sheets are available for your logo printings. These sheets have unbreakable, substantial resistance, and insulating performance characteristics.

Gold Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The gold polycarbonate mirror sheets enhance the beauty and ambiance of your office rooms and workshops. These sheets are designed with high durability and a wide variety of applications.

High Gloss Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

High gloss polycarbonate mirror sheets are perfect for laser cutting and engraving processes. Multiple colors are available, accordion to your particular utilization areas.

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets for Greenhouse

The polycarbonate mirror sheets for greenhouses don’t fade for a long time of sun exposure. These features make them ideal for greenhouse, skylight, roofing, and awning applications.

Two Way Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The two-way polycarbonate mirror sheets are applicable for doors, windows, and roof covers. These sheets feature anti- UV rays protection and fire resistance.

Modern Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Modern polycarbonate mirror sheets have resistance to abrasion and pressure. These sheets have non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and corrosion resistance properties.

Mini Fixture Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Mini fixture polycarbonate mirror sheets have impact resistance and are perfect for lighting. They are easy to cut and mold. These PC mirror sheets are also suitable for aviation applications.

Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The anti-scratch polycarbonate mirror sheets for toys have paper, paint, or adhesive backside. These polycarbonate mirror sheets are ideal for commercial buildings, automotive parts, and more.

Cast Unbreakable Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Unbreakable cast polycarbonate mirror sheets are perfect for shop designing, showcasing, wall stickers, and more suitable applications. They have unbreakable characteristics with lasting quality.

Plate Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The plate polycarbonate mirror sheets come in various shapes, including square, rectangle, round, or customized. They are also accessible for multiple color selections, like silver, gold, black, rose gold, and more.

Laserable Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The laserable polycarbonate mirror sheets give light reflection effects, very lightweight, and rigid surfaces. They are typically used for many industries, like construction, medical, lighting, and more.

Adhesive Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Adhesive polycarbonate mirror sheets are eco-friendly materials suitable for decoration, furniture, and cosmetic utilization. Their colors, shapes, and thicknesses are customizable.

Anti-Wear Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

The anti-wear polycarbonate mirror sheets characterize anti-wear and durability. These sheets are applicable for architecture project applications. They are shatterproof, non-toxic, and lightweight.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

If you need Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets for your next sheeting projects, we have much to offer!

Weprofab is a team of professionals operates in all fabricating lines.

We have complete, improved, and fast manufacturing machines, helpful for fast fabrication procedures.

Weprofab can supply polycarbonate mirror sheets in various amounts of orders, based on the client’s demands.

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Weprofab Polycarbonate mirror sheets offering different uses, features, and aspects.

Weprofab can manufacture your desired polycarbonate mirror sheets if you allow us.

Our polycarbonate mirror sheets can be customized in varying sizes, colors, thickness, and more. Just let us know what you want specifically for your polycarbonate mirror sheet orders.

Our polycarbonate mirror sheets array is usually used as a glass replacement.

This sheeting is more durable compared to any normal glasses you see anywhere.

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

We made Weprofab polycarbonate mirror sheets with high-impact advantages, good for sports complex, prisons, gyms, and other needed sheeting areas.

Our team prioritizes the sheeting durability and its unbreakable capacity.

On the other side, the polycarbonate mirror sheet Weprofab currently offering give an important contribution to your business booming process!

The quality it has, durability, and clarity can make your business expand unexpectedly!

So, if you need a helping hand on fulfilling your sheeting projects, Weprofab is an ideal manufacturer.

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

We can assists you until you`ll be forever satisfied with the services we offer.

If you`re interested in the partnership, don`t hesitate to reach us, we`ll grateful to serve you.

Weprofab has capabilities in providing the product you desire. We use our expertise in every manufacturing process, so expect great finishes.

Ask for quotes now and we`ll right back!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Customized and designed with effective mirroring materials, polycarbonate mirror sheets serve as durable and unbreakable replacements for glass in many applications.

Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheets

 Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Easily molded into different shapes, sizes, and designs, you can get the perfect polycarbonate mirror sheet for your next project at low prices.

Mirror grade polycarbonate is nearly 200 times stronger than glass.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide on everything that you need to know about polycarbonate mirror sheets.

How Are Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Made?

Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheet Manufacture

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheet Manufacturer

After the polycarbonate sheet is extruded or molded to the required size and thickness, it forms the substrate on which a thin film of aluminum protected by a clear coat is applied.

Polycarbonate mirror sheets are opaque with thicker coats and highly-reflective outer surfaces.

Two-way polycarbonate mirrors are semi-transparent with thinner coats and offer two-way visibility.

Depending on the application, these lightweight and extremely strong polycarbonate mirror sheets are reinforced with scratch-resistant, anti-glare, UV-protection, and other features.

Where Are Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Used?

Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheet Uses

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheet Uses

Polycarbonate mirror sheets are extensively used in locations where mirrors with high impact strength are needed.

Hospitals, gymnasiums, sports arenas, prisons, and horse stables prefer the much stronger and shatterproof polycarbonate mirrors to glass or even acrylic mirror sheets.

The marine-grade polycarbonate mirror sheet is a premium option for use in yachts, boats, and other marine applications.

How Do You Install Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheet Installation

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheet Installation

As it’s easier to drill through polycarbonate mirror sheets, your cut-to-size polycarbonate mirrors will have holes at the desired locations for easy installations.

Fix the polycarbonate mirror sheet on an MDF or wooden flat surface to prevent warping due to extreme weather conditions or if the sheet is not thick enough.

Polycarbonate adhesives that bond with other materials are available.

Use the adhesive suggested by the manufacturer before mounting polycarbonate mirror sheets on the wall.

You can watch this video to find out how to install your polycarbonate mirror sheet.

Can You Print On Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheet Printing

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheet Printing

A great deal of expertise is needed to effectively print on polycarbonate mirror sheets.

This is usually done on a completely flat polycarbonate sheet using the best modern machinery to achieve desired printing results.

The printed polycarbonate substrate material is then coated with brushed aluminum for matte finish, gold vinyl for warm glow, or silver vinyl to retain a more aesthetic reflective coat.

How Do Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Differ From Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Comparisons are often made between these reflective sheets made of two different materials.

Standard acrylic has 17 times more impact strength than standard glass.

In comparison, standard polycarbonate has 200 times the impact strength of standard glass with the same dimensions.

Acrylic can crack when extreme force is applied, but polycarbonate is almost unbreakable.

Acrylic is more brittle and is therefore bent with the application of heat using a blow dryer or convention oven.

Polycarbonate is softer and more flexible.

Lower-gauge polycarbonate mirror sheets can be brake bent to 90 degrees.

The thicker 1/8”, 3/16”, and ¼” polycarbonate mirror sheets are cold bent to specified minimum radiuses.

Polishing the softer polycarbonate requires more effort than the more brittle acrylic. It’s easier to sustain a highly reflective acrylic mirror sheet than a polycarbonate reflective sheet.

Polycarbonate mirror sheets are costlier than acrylic mirror sheets.

You can watch this video to find out how to bend your polycarbonate mirror sheet.

Can You Get Bulletproof Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Yes, it is possible to get bulletproof polycarbonate mirror sheets as protective two-way mirrors used in surveillance and bullet-proof safety equipment.

Professional polycarbonate sheet makers combine several sheets of specified thickness to create bullet-proof mirror sheets.

This sheet smothers the penetrative capability of a bullet to prevent it from passing through to the other side.

The bulletproof feature also makes it possible for polycarbonate mirror sheets to withstand heavier impacts from other solid objects.

You can watch this video to find out how your polycarbonate mirror sheets can protect your items.

These sheets can be fabricated to meet the exact protective requirements of your custom application.

What Are The Different Types Of Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

· 3mm Silver Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

3mm Silver Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

3mm Silver Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Designed as effective business enhancement tools, 3mm silver polycarbonate mirror sheets are cut to size, glued, and shaped as creative elements for decorative applications.

This 3mm polycarbonate mirror sheet is widely used in applications where glass and acrylic mirrors do not meet impact strength requirements.

Made with mirror finishes on one side, 3mm silver polycarbonate mirror sheets come with protective covers that can be removed at site during the installation process.

Competitively priced, the 3mm silver polycarbonate mirror sheet is delivered with polished edges, radius corners, and a hardened back surface.

Use this highly appealing silver polycarbonate mirror sheet as an alternative to your glass mirror.

· Circular Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Circular Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Circular Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Made for extra durability, circular polycarbonate mirror sheets can withstand different weather conditions without losing out on reflective quality.

Add aesthetic value to any room with this circular mirror designed for brushed gold and other designer frames that match the décor of your room.

Easy to install, circular polycarbonate mirror sheets have tremendous impact strength.

These sheets do not shatter or break on impact.

These circular mirrors go through many different levels of inspection and are backed by authenticity certificates.

OEM/ODM orders are fulfilled in modern and simple designs with custom diameters to fit into different kinds of frames.

· Customized Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Customized Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Customized Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

If you have specific mirror sheeting applications, then customized polycarbonate mirror sheets offer flexible non-glass, shatterproof decorative mirror options.

These sheets are designed with UV and dimensional stability, high impact strength, and excellent heat resistance capabilities.

Customized polycarbonate mirror sheets are available in multiple thicknesses, sizes, and shapes.

Wholesale orders are often placed for vehicle interior trims and accessories, security shields and inspection mirrors, and compact magnifying mirrors used in dentistry.

Get custom free-standing self-portrait mirrors, self-adhesive sticky mirrors, designer multiple wall sticker sets, and other customized polycarbonate mirror sheets with geometric designs.

· Cut-To-Size Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Cut-To-Size Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

 Cut-To-Size Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Manufactured to implement trouble-free fitting applications, cut-to-size polycarbonate mirror sheets come at friendly prices in custom colors, thicknesses, and dimensions.

You can get high-quality 1/8” and ¼” thick cut-to-size polycarbonate sheets as fully reflective mirrors or see-through mirrors of your choice.

These lightweight and durable cut-to-size polycarbonate mirror sheets have glue applied on one side covered with white or some other colored protective film.

Remove this protective cover and paste it directly on the wall or other flat surface.

Entire wall designs can be printed on these polycarbonate mirrors.

Display the design over a custom number of cut-to-size polycarbonate mirror sheets.

Use them to replace glass mirrors in multiple applications with decorative elements in place.

· Mercantile Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Mercantile Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheets

Mercantile Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Ready for OEM/ODM orders with short 2- to 3-day lead times, mercantile polycarbonate mirror sheets are made for fast deliveries.

These polycarbonate mirror sheets are custom cut to your specific requirements and fulfill both residential and commercial applications.

Layered with brushed gold and other attractive mirror coats, mercantile polycarbonate mirror sheets are masked with protective covers on both sides.

Additional features like scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and weatherproof coatings are applied to meet custom application demands.

From marketing holder mirrors to DIY craft mirrors, you can get any kind of mercantile polycarbonate mirror sheets with rounded corners that blend with your existing architectural designs.

·  Shatterproof Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheets

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Designed to break into dull, blunt pieces, shatterproof polycarbonate mirror sheets are lightweight options for the heavier unbreakable glass mirrors.

Made of high-quality polycarbonate material, these mirror sheets can be formed, fabricated, and cold bent to achieve intricate shapes.

You can order shatterproof polycarbonate mirror sheets in flexible grades with less rigidity.

Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals including gasoline, shatterproof mirror sheets can withstand high temperatures up to 240 °F without melting.

Drill on this soft material without fear of cracking the sheet.

It also has a low level of flammability.

Though they are more expensive than acrylic mirrors, shatterproof polycarbonate mirror sheets are offered at highly competitive prices.

· Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheets

Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Hard coated to create mirrors that are difficult to break, ultra-strong polycarbonate mirror sheets are ideally used in security environments.

These ultra-strong reinforced mirror sheets are nearly 30 times stronger than acrylic mirrors and nearly 250 times stronger than glass mirrors of similar dimensions and thicknesses.

Standard 2440 X 1220mm mirror sheets are available with the option to get CNC-routed and laser-cut ultra-strong polycarbonate mirror sheets.

Use them in applications that need sheets with high impact strength to avoid breakages and damages.

· Unbreakable Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheets

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Virtually impossible to break, unbreakable polycarbonate mirror sheets have significantly higher impact strength than standard polycarbonate mirror sheets.

This unbreakable polycarbonate sheet is manufactured in ultra-modern facilities with the toughest possible protective back coating the industry can offer.

You can get mirror sheets in 3mm, 6mm, and custom thicknesses with reduced visual distortion in higher thicknesses.

Some typical applications include horse stables, law-enforcement centers, prisons, hospitals, and gymnasiums.

· Solid Surface Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Solid Surface Polycarbonate Mirrored Sheets

Solid Surface Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Designed to fit on to shower walls, solid surface polycarbonate mirror sheets are light transmitting sheets with two-way visibility.

These sheets can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 120 °C and are surface coated with ultraviolet coextruded films that prevent yellowing and resin fatigue.

Weighing half the weight of glass, these solid surface polycarbonate mirror sheets can be thermal shaped as well as cold bent to required angles.

Mirror polycarbonate sheets with solid surfaces are classified as Class B2 fire-retardant material with superb thermal insulation capabilities.

Solid surface polycarbonate mirror sheets are excellent sound barriers and integrate well with other materials in a wide range of applications.

Why Should You Invest In Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

There are several benefits offered by polycarbonate mirror sheets that you must consider to make an informed investment decision.

Polycarbonate mirror sheets are extremely lightweight.

They can be easily transported from one location to another and installed more easily than glass mirrors.

They are made of pliable material that can be shaped to meet intricate mirror designs that increase aesthetic value.

Based on the application, polycarbonate mirror sheets can be coated and treated to improve light reflection, UV, moisture, and weather resistance.

Cleansers that are easy to find make it simple to clean polycarbonate mirrors without implementing sophisticated cleansing procedures.

Care must be taken to avoid impact with sharp objects to prevent scratches.

You have greater flexibility in choosing the exact thickness, color, design, and dimensions for your polycarbonate mirror sheets.

The professional polycarbonate mirror sheet producer offers cost-effective designs to suit your custom application.

If you choose a two-way mirror, then you can decide on the light transmission to reflectivity ratio to satisfy your design requirements.

Are Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Fire Resistant?

Yes, polycarbonate mirror sheets are fire resistant.

With a fire rating of Class 1, these sheets will catch fire at temperatures in excess of 580 ° C and then self-extinguish when the original source of fire is removed.

How Much Heat Can Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Withstand?

Even if these polycarbonate mirror sheets are exposed to temperatures around 270 °C for several hours, they will not distort.

In fact, these polycarbonate sheets can absorb short bursts of heat up to 1166 °C without breakage or distortion.

How Do You Determine The Quality Of Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Remove the protective cover and look at the mirror surface of your polycarbonate mirror sheet.

If you find blemishes, scratches, or bubbles across the mirror surface, the sheet if of inferior quality.

In two-way mirrors, observe the transparency from both sides.

They should meet specified light-transparency levels.

Also, see if the reflective surface appears yellowish in color.

Reflections must be true to the original images.

How Do You Clean Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Clean polycarbonate mirror sheets with a clean cotton cloth dipped in a solution of mild soap and warm water.

Dip a piece of clean cotton cloth in isopropyl alcohol and rub lightly to remove stubborn paint or grease from the surfaces of these polycarbonate mirror sheets.

Remove cleaning stains with soap and warm water.

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