• Custom Acrylic Sheet
  • Custom Acrylic Sheet

Custom Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab specializes in producing custom acrylic sheets for more than two decades. We are recognized as the leading manufacturer of the custom acrylic sheet due to our excellent quality products and unmatched services. We offer custom acrylic sheets based on your requirements. Just send us your requirements so we can cater to your needs. Message us today!

Get WeProFab Custom Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab will manufacture your custom acrylic sheet according to your application needs. We can surely be your trusted business partner.

Acrylic Sheet Guard

We manufacture high-quality acrylic sheet guards that is fully customizable based on your requirements.

Custom Perspex Plastic Cast Acrylic Sheets

Our Custom Perspex Plastic Cast Acrylic Sheets comes with different sizes and thickness. It has a glossy, frosted, and more surface finish.

High Transparent Glossy Acrylic Sheet

It is manufactured through our advance acrylic fabrication processes such as cutting and molding. It comes with different colors based on your needs.

Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet

Our laser cut acrylic sheet are fully customizable. It can be used for making shapes, letters, decorations, and more.

Custom Transparent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab Custom Transparent Acrylic Sheet is manufactured with customized sizes and thicknesses. It can also be cut-to-size according to your needs.

Laser Cutting Colorful Glitter Cast Acrylic Sheet

Our Laser Cutting Colorful Glitter Cast Acrylic Sheet features 3mm thickness. It is widely used for decoration.

WeProFab:Your Dependable Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom Acrylic Sheet

In China, WeProFab is popular because of our superior quality custom acrylic sheet. Here in WeProFab, we aim to support your business and project by providing a wide range of custom acrylic sheet. We can guarantee that you will purchase custom acrylic sheet for your application.

WeProFab has a full capacity to provide your custom acrylic sheet needs. We are committed to providing you a great satisfaction from our products. We also aim to give you an effective solution and excellent customer services.

Here in WeProFab, you can surely find the right products for your application. Inquire now!

Custom Acrylic Sheets to Boost Your Business

Transparent Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab Transparent Cell Cast Acrylic Sheets are widely used for outdoor and indoor advertising, signage, and more.

Wholesale 3mm Color and Clear Acrylic Sheet

Our Wholesale 3mm Color and Clear Acrylic Sheet comes with different colors such as green, red, etc. It is widely used for furniture, advertising, and decoration.

Custom Transparent Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass Sheet Board

WeProFab offers high-quality Custom Transparente Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass Sheet Board at a competitive price. Inquire now for more information.

Cut-to-size Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

It features iridescent rainbow colors that are used for shields, barriers, windows, and more applications.

5mm Custom Acrylic Sheet

We can custom your ideal acrylic sheets in 5mm thickness. There are clear sheets, solid colors, high gloss, textured surface, matte, and more options. Featuring high UV resistance and customized tints for ideal applications.

10mm Custom Acrylic Sheet

Get the best price and quality materials for your business with 10mm custom acrylic sheets. You can order in bulk and ensure the safest packaging for long-distance delivery.

20mm Custom Color Acrylic Sheet

For your large projects, we can custom your 20mm acrylic sheets. You can request ideal colors based on your applications and customers’ selections. There are translucent and light diffuser sheets, matte, marble, and more options for you.

Bulletproof Custom Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets have great bullet resistance and suitable applications for windows, shielding, and building walls and partitions. Lightweight and easier to assemble offers customized dimensions and tints.

Custom Solid Acrylic Sheet

We can custom solid acrylic sheets based on your request from ideal thickness, textures, and more. It has various colors applicable for any applications such as constructions, furniture, and any production.

Frosted Custom Acrylic Sheet

We can custom different types of frosted acrylic sheets. There are solid frosted sheets, patterned, and twin walls suitable for any production and industry. Lightweight and easier to fabricate because of its flexibility and durability.

High Gloss Custom Acrylic Sheet

You can choose high gloss acrylic sheets for paneling applications and production purposes. It has great tensile strength, water absorption, and contraction percentage that protect from any damage.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets are impact resistant. Suitable for building constructions, productions, crafts, and more. Variety of sheet options including solid acrylic sheets, multi-wall, different textures, patterns, and more.

Light Diffuser Custom Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets can be light diffusers perfect for light fixtures and panels. Can be purchased in different thicknesses such as 2mm to 10mm. Laserable and easier to form acrylic sheets.

Multi Wall Custom Acrylic Sheet

Multiwall acrylic sheets have a variety of applications. It can be window hurricane protection panels, room partitions, roofing, and more according to its colors and characteristics. Lightweight and durable materials at a friendly cost.

Patterned Custom Acrylic Sheet

Our patterned acrylic sheets are customizable. Send your ideal colors, pattern ideas, dimensions, and more. It has a great property of resistance from huge impacts, bulletproofing, winds, and shutter storms.

Textured Acrylic Sheet

If you are looking for durable and affordable materials, acrylic sheets are the right option for your partitions and paneling applications. Lighter weight for window and door installations, light panels, and more.

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WeProFab Custom Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of custom acrylic sheets in China. We have the broadest range of custom acrylic sheets available. WeProFab manufactured custom acrylic sheets using genuine raw materials.

Custom Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Our custom acrylic sheets are one of the highest materials in the world. These are very popular because of its lightweight yet superior quality. It is also highly demanded in the market due to its high light transmission, superior optical quality, sound reflection, and weather-resistance.

Aside from that WeProFab custom acrylic sheets are ideal for making homogenous, sturdy, and rigid products. Thus, these are widely used for constructing large installations and structures. Commonly, these are used for making signage, aquariums, furniture, POP displays, and more.

Transparent Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

Benefits of WeProFab Custom Acrylic Sheets

  • Excellent impact resistance and break-resistance
  • Easy to thermoform and bond
  • Superior chemical and heat resistance
  • Premier aging and weather resistance
  • Do not fade even when exposed to sunlight

WeProFab will be pleased in customizing acrylic sheet orders. We can offer cut-to-size acrylic sheets in a broad range of sizes, grades, and colors. At WeProFab, we offer high-quality custom acrylic sheets at a competitive price.

Wholesale 3mm Color and Clear Acrylic Sheet

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or importer looking for a trusted manufacturer of custom acrylic sheets, WeProFab is your best choice! We are committed to giving you worth, value, and integrity from every product.

Send inquiries for your next custom acrylic sheet orders!

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