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Being an ultimate source of acrylic chairs in China, Weprofab has the expertise to manufacture your selected designs. We are locally working in China for almost 20 years now. Please bear with us to receive the most imaginative acrylic sinks. We promise that you will never regret!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sink to Delight Your Customers

When looking out for a reliable acrylic sink source, Weprofab is a great choice. We present the best and complete selections of acrylic sinks products.

Wall-mounted Acrylic Sink

Weprofab really ensures to provide sufficient stocks of a wall-mounted acrylic sink for running your business. Weprofab is equipped to support the needs of your business.

Undermount Acrylic Sink

Rely on us if you are wanting more stocks of undermount acrylic sink for your business additions. We manufacturer acrylic sinks for broad mix applications.

Solid Surface Acrylic Sink

Discover more high-quality acrylic sinks finishes in the Weprofab factory. You can look for the newest, solid, and well-built acrylic sinks here!

Matte Finish Acrylic Sink

Ahead of time, discuss your ideal acrylic sinks productions to our fully committed staff. Whatever the designs, colors, and exact sizes, we are able to supply you.

Acrylic Sink Manufacturer

When wanting a reliable and excellent source for the acrylic sink, Weprofab provides countless solutions. We are dedicated to our customers in times of all acrylic fabrications.

Acrylic Double Equal Bowl Sink

Within the long years in the fabrication industry, we produce any unique styles for your ideal acrylic sinks. Check out Weprofab for the latest products.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sink Manufacturer

Weprofab is the right marketplace in China where you could find ultimate acrylic sinks for your business. We have the skills and expertise to produce high-quality acrylic sinks.

Weprofab has been in the manufacturing fields for more than 2 decades. We are operating together with our professional and well-trained personnel. And of course, in any amount of your orders, whether small or large amounts, we can completely accommodate.

Contact us now for prior delivery.


Custom Acrylic Sink to Skyrocket Your Brand

Prestige Acrylic Sink

Weprofab is proud to produce prestige acrylic sinks to satisfy your needs, whether for business or personal purposes. It’s easy to delight your customers with our productions.

Marine Acrylic Sink

We are capable to produce acrylic sinks that are intentional for marine applications. We facilitate great creations for a durable acrylic sinks.

Acrylic Medical Sink

For hospital or clinical uses, our acrylic medical sinks are important essential. Weprofab offers the newest acrylic sink designs for low rates.

Acrylic Laundry Sink

Seriously in need of acrylic sink for laundry or business purposes? No need to worry! We offer acrylic laundry solutions at friendly prices.

Acrylic Kitchen Sink

Weprofab is an ultimate manufacturer & supplier of an acrylic sink for kitchen applications. Get your ideal finishes at Weprofab!

Acrylic Double Sink

The acrylic double sink has an excellent depth and it is high quality. It has a double sink and has a bumpy textured finish. Really like it so far. This sink is exactly as we had hoped. It will surely look good with the faucet.

Acrylic Kitchen Sink

The acrylic kitchen sink is highly stain-resistant and has many shades that brighten up a dull space. Acrylic sink is lightweight and easy to install. It is primarily used in the kitchen and can be under-mounted or top-mounted.

Bathroom Acrylic Sink

The acrylic kitchen sink is highly stain-resistant and has many shades that brighten up a dull space. This acrylic sink is lightweight and easy to install. It is primarily used in the kitchen and can be under-mounted or top-mounted.

Black Acrylic Sink

The black acrylic sink can handle harsh commercial cleaners. This kind of acrylic sink has anti-condensation and noise minimization properties. It comes in black color and it does not scratch and gouges easily.

Custom Color Acrylic Sink

Custom color acrylic sink is very durable, easy to polish, and clean. It is smooth, nonporous, and prevents the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria. It has a wide array of color choices and it is perfect for a restaurant kitchen.

Decorative Countertop Acrylic Sink

The decorative countertop acrylic sink has enough room for large dishes. It has a decorative appearance and features a scratch-resistant surface. This countertop sink has an ultra-smooth surface and creates a hygienic barrier.

Glossy Black Acrylic Sink

The glossy black acrylic sink has a modern style and it is surrounded by matte black acrylic. It makes installation simple and convenient. It is very aesthetically appealing and can withstand even harsh daily usage.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Sink

Impact-resistant acrylic sink is made from durable and heavy-duty acrylic material and is expected to last for half a century. It comes with a sleek and shiny surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Milky White Acrylic Sink

Milky white acrylic sink has a stylish appearance and has a lovely look which is commonly used in the bathroom. It easily matches the area furnishings. It is very hard, unbreakable, and has a milky white color.

Modern Decorative Acrylic Sink

Modern decorative acrylic sink is made of high quality and extremely rigid material. This kind of acrylic sink is intricately designed and has a superior quality that lasts for ages. It also offers stronger endurance and enhanced sustainability.

Rectangular Double Acrylic Sink

Rectangular double acrylic sink has high hardness and it is hard to be scratched. It has good wear and impact resistance. It is rectangular in shape and has a double layer. It is energy-saving and has environmental protection.

Round Acrylic Sink

The round acrylic sink is non-porous and has a smooth surface. This sink is eco-friendly and has a round appearance. It is widely applicable in bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.

Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sink
Solid Surface Acrylic Sink
Square Single Acrylic Sink
Triangular Bathroom Acrylic Sink
Undermount Acrylic Sink
25 Products Found.

Why WeProFab Acrylic Sink

Weprofab is a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of exceptional acrylic sinks. We are excellent and skillful enough to hold your large orders of the acrylic sink.

Besides, our acrylic sink productions are designed for home, medical, laundry, and marine uses. These are available in pleasant designs to fulfill your satisfaction.

As one of the acrylic fabrication experts, Weprofab designed acrylic sink not only for home and other uses but also for helping your business gain success. Our kinds of acrylic sinks are profitable and suitable for various purposes and applications.

Acrylic Sink

Our one of a kind acrylic sinks is great for hotels, hospital, and many more applications. It is scratch-free acrylic sinks, produced to fit any suitable applications. Weprofab acrylic sink is more inexpensive than any other acrylic products.

In China, where Weprofab is doing serious operations, it provides plenty of acrylic sink designs.

Depending on the clients` requests, our acrylic sinks are obtainable in definite types, specific shapes, styles, and colors. Whatever you specified for acrylic sinks, we will create in order to achieve your satisfaction and business needs.

Acrylic Sink

Rest assures that all of Weprofab acrylic sinks productions are safe to use and cannot cause harm to the clients.

These items are already approved by international standards due to their reliable performance and quality. It is a long-lasting and eco-friendly product, which means it`s not harmful to the environment.

Weprofab has been in the manufacturing fields for more than 2 decades. We are integrated with professional and well-trained personnel.

Acrylic Sink

So, if you require highly guaranteed acrylic sinks for any kind of business, Weprofab is proudly presenting the best of the best acrylic sinks products.

In any amount of orders, whether small or large amounts, we can completely accommodate.

Weprofab is the right marketplace in China where you could find ultimate acrylic sinks for your business. We have the skills and expertise to produce high-quality acrylic sinks.

So now, are you interested in our acrylic sinks productions? You should contact us without hesitation.

Acrylic Sink: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Acrylic sink refers to a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture made of thermoplastic material and used for washing hands, dishes, and other items.

In some instances, it is known as acrylic washbowl, acrylic wash basin, or acrylic hand basin.

If you have any question about acrylic sink, you will find the answer right here.

Whether you want to learn about design, features or specifications, you will find everything right here.

Keep reading.

What Are The Common Acrylic Sink Designs Available In The Market?

acrylic sink

acrylic sink

They are available in numerous designs, both standard and tailor-made.

Ordinarily, the custom designs feature different aspects and, in most cases, depend on your specific preference.

Therefore, the availability of customized acrylic hand basins varies from one manufacturer to another, subject to customer’s needs.

Here are some of the common designs you are likely to find at WeProFab;

  • Wall-mounted acrylic sink
  • Undermount acrylic sink
  • Solid-surface acrylic sink

solid acrylic sink

solid acrylic sink

  • Matte finish acrylic sink
  • Double-bowl acrylic sink

double bowl acrylic sink

double bowl acrylic sink

  • Prestige acrylic sink
  • Marine acrylic sink
  • Acrylic medical sink
  • Acrylic kitchen sink

kitchen acrylic sink

kitchen acrylic sink

  • Acrylic laundry sink

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Sink Over Other Materials?

A typical acrylic wash bowl offers a wide range of benefits, making it an ideal type of plumbing fixture to have in your building.

Some beneficial reasons making this component a worthy investment to consider include the following;

  • It is relatively durable than most alternative materials such as ceramic and fiberglass.
    Thus, the extended lifespan guarantees longer service, which is vital.
    It allows you to save a considerable amount of money you’d need for repairs and replacements.
  • Acrylic sink offers versatility; thus, you can use it in different settings for various washing needs. For instance, you can use it for dishwashing in a kitchen, handwashing in the living room or tool washing in a workshop setting, etc.
  • The surface material used for making this sink is non-toxic, given it is derived from natural components in an inert state.Therefore, it means it can hardly react with any substance not emit toxic fumes, making it safe and eco-friendly.
  • It is relatively cost-effective in the long run to buy and install acrylic sink given that it is durable and can serve you for many years without wearing out.
  • This plumbing fixture is lightweight but incredibly strong hence can hardly damage even when exposed to different impact pressure.The lightweight nature also makes it easy to install it without assistance.
  • Acrylic sink is arguably more attractive since it features a glossy finish and clear surface, making it visually appealing.Of course, this is advantageous because it enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your space.
  • You can easily transport acrylic sinks in bulk to different places since it is relatively lightweight. Besides, this makes it cost-effective to ship due to reduced weight.
  • Acrylic hand basin exhibits incredible resistance to various weather and environmental elements it could be exposed to.In essence, it rarely wears out easily, which is important because you tend to get value for your money.

What Are The Features Of Acrylic Sink?

Acrylic sink is becoming one of the popular plumbing fixtures in different commercial, industrial and residential settings.

The popularity of this sink is attributed to the fact that it exhibits different excellent structural and visual features.

Some of these properties include the following;


It is about 50% the weight of a fiberglass sink of similar dimensions.

Ideally, this is vital since it makes it easy to install and repair if need be, without seeking assistance.


A typical acrylic sink can hardly break because it is exceptionally strong.

Ordinarily, this plumbing fixture is about 20 times stronger than its fiberglass alternative, indicating it can rarely break.


It offers excellent chemical resistance thus can hardly react irrespective of the chemical substance it comes in contact with.

UV- Resistant

Acrylic sink offers incredible resistance to ultraviolet rays by preventing them from penetrating and weakening the molecular structure.

In the long run, this allows the component to maintain its glossy surface for many years.

Dimensional stability

The surface material of acrylic sink can withstand extreme temperature conditions without deforming or degrading.

Of course, this is critical because it means the component shall maintain its shape or configuration for longest time possible.

Excellent Weatherability

It exhibits resistance to many weather elements thus can withstand the harshest environmental conditions without wearing out.

What Is The Best Acrylic Material Variant For Making Sinks?

Ordinarily, acrylic material is available in up to about 20 different grades depending on the manufacturing process.

It means different acrylic grades exhibit varying structural and visual properties, thus determine the quality of a final product.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most suitable acrylic material variants ideal for making acrylic sinks;

Cast Acrylic

It is one of the highly regarded acrylic variants for making different sinks.

Cast acrylic is relatively lightweight and offers excellent optical clarity.

Moreover, it has outstanding resistance to different weather elements thus can withstand exposure to sunlight and weathering.

It forms durable acrylic sinks of different color shades, depending on your preference.

Continuous-cast Acrylic

This acrylic variant offers a relatively cost-effective option for making high-grade acrylic sinks.

You can easily form, mold, and fabricate this material to suit the specific configuration of your sinks.

Besides, continuous cast acrylic is available in different thicknesses, colors, and textures, giving you as many options as possible for your acrylic hand basin.

Extruded Acrylic

It is relatively affordable than other materials such as cast acrylic but offers excellent optical clarity.

You can easily thermoform this acrylic variant to produce a preferred sink design.

Furthermore, extruded acrylic variants produce durable and weather-resistant acrylic sinks suitable for different applications.

Where Do You Use Acrylic Sinks?

You can use acrylic sinks in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial settings.

Some notable areas where this plumbing fixture comes in handy include the following;

  • Kitchen
  • Washroom
  • Workshop
  • Restaurants
  • Food canteens
  • Laundry rooms
  • Hospital wards
  • Dining rooms
  • Market places
  • Construction sites
  • Classrooms
  • Laboratory

Technically, you can place acrylic kitchen sink in any environment where you’d need washing of hands or different items.

What Are The Suitable Surface Coating Treatments For Acrylic Sink?

It depends on the specific conditions the sink is subjected to.

Ideally, acrylic hand basins are used in different settings for washing hands and various items.

It thus means they are often exposed to different mechanical, environmental, chemical, organic, and inorganic elements.

Thus, there is a need to apply different surface coating treatments to enhance the overall efficiency, reliability, and durability of this plumbing fixture.

The common surface enhancement treatments to consider include the following;

  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • UV additive
  • Anti-fog coating

What Is The Best Color For Acrylic Sink?

It depends on various factors surrounding your choice preference.

colored acrylic sink

colored acrylic sink

Ideally, acrylic materials used for making sinks are transparent in natural form.

However, you can infuse any paint color on the clear surface material to produce a specific hue.

Therefore, you can find acrylic sinks in different primary, secondary, and tertiary color shades.

Moreover, some manufacturers produce different color shades depending on what suits your specific needs.

For instance, WeProFab produces up to 50 different color shades to make acrylic sinks.

Besides, you can get multicolored acrylic sinks, which essentially have two or more colors on the same surface material.

Notably, availability of several colors increases your choice options as far as finding the suitable one is concerned.

In a nutshell, the best color for acrylic sink is primarily dependent on your taste and preference.

How Do You Determine The Quality Of Acrylic Sink?

Typically, acrylic sinks are often subjected to different quality tests and certifications during and after manufacturing process.

The essence is to ensure you get the right quality, which meets the specific minimum threshold for these items in the market.

Ordinarily, these tests and certifications are the ideal ways you can use to establish whether the acrylic hand basin meets the required quality standards.

These tests usually revolve around the structural capability and resistance of the sink to various elements.

For instance, impact-resistance tests, weatherability tests, UV-resistant tests, and pliability tests are the common ones.

However, these examinations are usually carried out in hi-tech laboratories by knowledgeable and qualified experts.

Even so, several quality standard certification agencies also come in handy in determining the quality of acrylic sinks.

But these standard certifications often vary depending on the country, region, or economic zone.

The popular ones that apply globally include the following;

  • International Standard Organization (ISO)
  • American National Standard Institute (ANSI)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • SGS Certification
  • American Society for Testing Material (ASTM International)

Essentially, confirm whether the specific acrylic sink you are buying has any of these quality standard specifications depending on your country.

It means the hand basin has undergone different quality examinations and is deemed suitable for application in different settings.

Can Acrylic Sink Break Easily?


Acrylic material used for making the sink is derived from various natural petroleum and gaseous elements in inert form.

The production process entails integrating various strength additives and compounds to reinforce the acrylic’s natural strength.

This enables the acrylic sink to form a sturdy molecular structure that is difficult to break under ordinary conditions.

Therefore, a typical acrylic wash basin can hardly break under normal conditions.

Even in extreme deliberate attempts to break it, this plumbing fixture can only crack into relatively large and dull pieces.

It is entirely shatter-proof.

How Durable Is Acrylic Sink?

Several factors determine the actual durability of a standard acrylic sink.

For instance, the type of acrylic material variant used for making the hand basin determines the actual longevity.

Ordinarily, acrylic sink manufactured using high-quality acrylic grade will outlast one made with relatively inferior quality material.

Secondly, the specific environmental and weather conditions this sink is exposed to often also influences its precise durability.

In many instances, acrylic hand basin exhibits excellent weatherability and resistance to various environmental elements.

However, when exposed to extremely harsh conditions continuously, it is likely to last for a comparatively short period.

For instance, an outdoor acrylic sink is more likely to have a shorter service life than an indoor one.

Thirdly, the overall workmanship quality integrated into acrylic sink’s manufacturing process is another ideal determinant of its exact durability.

A unit that undergoes all the required procedures and is crafted with attention to detail will outlast a substandard one.

Generally, a typical acrylic sink can last for as many as 15 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

But the actual longevity is determined by many factors, including the few mentioned above.

Are There Acrylic Sinks For Outdoor Applications?


Acrylic is naturally a hardy material, which can withstand different extreme unfavorable weather and environmental outdoor conditions.

Thus, you can always use it in various outdoor spaces and attain best results.

Importantly, you need to figure out various aspects, such as color choice, when selecting acrylic sinks for outdoor applications.

What Is The Cost Of Acrylic Sink?

It varies based on a host of factors.

Usually, different companies price their respective products differently depending on brand position and other manufacturing and market aspects.

Thus, the precise cost of this plumbing fixture is highly dependent on the particular brand or manufacturer.

Also, prices of most manufacturers for acrylic sinks is usually dependent on the pieces you are purchasing.

If you buy many pieces, you are likely to get better discounts, which means you’ll get them at cheaper rates and vice versa.

Besides, acrylic sinks come in either standard or customized designs.

Ordinarily, standard designs tend to be cheaper than custom designs, thus a vital cost-determinant factor to have in mind.

The bottom line is there is no definitive price for acrylic sink. Instead, it depends on various elements, such as the above-mentioned ones.

How Do You Remove Scratches From Acrylic Sink?

It varies based on the type or extent of scratch on the surface material of this plumbing fixture.

Light scratches, often caused by sharp objects or relatively poor handling and care of this component, are easy to remove.

What it entails is cleaning the surface material and applying a small portion of ordinary toothpaste on scratched surface.

You’ll then scrub the toothpaste on the scratched spot in circular motion gently and continuously for about 30-4 seconds.

Allow the toothpaste to dry for a few minutes of up to about 4-5 minutes, then rinse it off using clean water.

Let the sink dry and apply a small portion of acrylic gel uniformly on the entire surface to restore its factory glossiness.

Is Acrylic Sink Repairable?


You can repair acrylic wash basins, but the effectiveness depends on the extent of damage.

Simple damage like scratches, which are usually common in these sinks, are easily repairable.

Fading, dulling, or yellowing are the other joint destructions you are likely to see on the surface material of acrylic sink.

They are easy to repair since you only need to do a continuous, thorough cleaning and occasional polishing.

However, severe damages such as cracks could be pricy to repair and do not essentially guarantee better results.

Thus, you always need to weigh whether repairing the sink would be more valuable than purchasing and installing a new one.

What Is The Ideal Bowl Configuration For Acrylic Sink?

They come in different shapes, which is vital since it broadens your choice of alternatives.

However, the best configuration is primarily fraught with subjectivity.

Technically, the popular shapes of acrylic sinks include round, rectangle, square, and triangle.

But you can always mold it to a specific configuration depending on your preference.

All you need is to provide a blueprint design to the manufacturer, and they will advise accordingly as long as it meets the required standards.

What Is The Suitable Capacity Of Acrylic Sink?

Essentially, you can find acrylic sinks in different sizes, which means they hold different capacities.

The sink’s depth, irrespective of the shape, is a fundamental determinant of the actual capacity it holds.

Nonetheless, the standard capacity of this plumbing fixture usually ranges from 5-20 liters.

Of course, the ideal choice is dependent on your particular needs and where it is specifically used.

For instance, a kitchen sink needs to have a capacity of at least 10 liters for efficient washing of utensils.

What Is The Ideal Material Thickness Gauge For Acrylic Sink?

It depends on numerous factors.

However, most standard acrylic sinks have a material thickness falling within 15-24 gauge.

Acrylic sinks for residential applications mostly have a thickness gauge falling within 18-22.

But for a relatively luxury acrylic sink, the ideal thickness gauge would be 16.

In a nutshell, the most suitable gauge thickness varies depending on your preference and the precise use of the sink.

How Do You Punch Extra Hole On Acrylic Sink?

Acrylic sink is solid-surfaced; thus, most of its sink-holes are drilled right on site.

In other words, it implies that irrespective of the number of holes you need or plan to have, they are drilled in your building with a hole saw.

When punching an additional hole, mark the spot, measure, and cut on the backside of the acrylic sink.

It prevents chipping or marking of the acrylic hand basin surface.

For best results, drill a pilot hole into the center to drill the extra hole.

Position the guiding bit of hole-saw inside the pilot hole to keep the saw stable as it drills the holes.

Does Colored Acrylic Sinks Fade With Time?

It depends on the precise conditions it is exposed to.

For instance, an outdoor acrylic sink may fade with time if it is exposed to extreme direct sunlight continuously.

In essence, the UV rays attack and weaken the molecular bond of the surface material, making it start fading or discoloring.

Also, poor care and maintenance may lead to fading of this sink; it happens continuously for a long time.

Ordinarily, debris, dirt, and dust accumulate and stick on the surface material.

If this happens for a long time, the debris forms a coat-on surface material, fading away from the original color of the acrylic sink.

Therefore, proper care and maintenance prevent this plumbing fixture from discoloring in the long run.

Besides, if you place it in a space with limited exposure to direct sunlight, it will hardly discolor.

How Do You Disinfect Acrylic Sink?

Often, debris and other remnants from different substances accumulate and stick on the surface material of the acrylic sink.

Some would be stubborn, making it difficult to remove them by regular cleaning.

Disinfecting becomes an ideal alternative, which you have to undertake meticulously.

To get best results when disinfecting this plumbing fixture, always ensure you use organic compounds such as vinegar and baking soda.

Mix the compound with hot water to form an ideal detergent and add the solution into a locked sink to avoid draining off.

Fill the sink with this solution and let it settle for about 2-3 hours.

Scrub gently using a soft microfiber cloth and drain off the solution.

Rinse with clean water thoroughly to remove any remnants or debris from the surface material of the sink.

For in-depth disinfection, let the solution stay inside the acrylic sink overnight.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Acrylic Sink?

They are quite a few and include the following;

  1. It is relatively costly than most of its alternative materials offering same solution, especially the customized unit.
  2. It is prone to scratches, particularly when exposed to abrasive and sharp objects.

What Is The Suitable Thermoplastic Material To Use In Place Of Acrylic For Sinks?


Technically, acrylic and polycarbonate materials are more or less the same.

They share different structural and visual properties.

For instance, they are structurally strong and exhibit excellent optical clarity.

Polycarbonate and acrylic are also lightweight and relatively flexible, thus easy to mold or thermoform.

Therefore, you can use polycarbonate as an alternative material to acrylic for making sinks.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Sink?

There are numerous ways of maintaining acrylic sink.

First is by frequent cleaning using non-abrasive detergents.

Regular cleaning is essential since it removes debris and remnants from sticking on the surface material of the sink.

Moreover, frequent cleaning allows the sink to stay in good shape for the longest time possible without appearing old.

Another suitable maintenance technique for this component is occasional polishing.

It is vital since it restores the sink’s surface into factory condition, especially as far as gloss is concerned.

Polishing also helps to remove scratches, which tend to be common with most acrylic sinks.

Also, you can occasionally apply acrylic gel on the surface of acrylic links, especially after removing scratches.

It enhances the overall gloss of this component and makes it always appear new.

Disinfecting it is also an ideal way of maintaining acrylic sink to make it appear hygienic all the time.

Are There Taps That Match Acrylic Sinks?


You can order acrylic taps that match the acrylic sinks.

In essence, this is vital because it enhances the aesthetics of the entire unit when installed on a particular surface.

Is There MOQ When Buying Acrylic Sink?

It depends on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Some manufacturers peg a specific MOQ when purchasing acrylic sinks.

However, most companies tend to offer flexible MOQ, especially when purchasing different designs of acrylic sinks.

The most important thing is inquiring from a particular manufacturer to determine the precise MOQ before committing to the order.

Why Should You Consider Importing Acrylic Sinks From China?

Buying acrylic sinks from China offers a wide range of benefits such as the following;

  1. You are likely to get the specific acrylic sink design you need, whether standard or customized. Chinese manufacturers offer a wide range of designs, making it easy to find the exact one that suits your needs.
  2. The cost of acrylic hand basins is quite affordable in China.
    Ideally, you can window shop in many companies and supplier outlets and negotiate with as many as you can to find the best deals.
  3. In China, the production turnaround time for acrylic sinks is relatively flexible.
    In essence, it makes it possible for you to receive your order within shortest time possible irrespective of the quantity.
  4. Most Chinese manufacturers partner with different players in the industry to facilitate efficient order fulfillment.
    Thus, they can link you up with various shippers and customs agents when importing from China.
  5. There is flexible MOQ when purchasing acrylic sinks from China.
    You can always negotiate with the suppliers to arrive at an ideal MOQ based on your budget and other needs.

For all your acrylic sink from China, WeProFab offers a perfect solution for you – contact us now.

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